• Beast Boy: [to Jericho, rapidly] I told Robin we shouldn't separate, but he sent me up here and I just climbed up this big mountain and so here's your stupid communicator, and if bad guys come, you know what to do! [collapses in exhaustion] Beast Boy to Robin, can we go home now?
  • Beast Boy: Great idea, Robin, giving communicators to everyone. Could this Jericho guy live any farther away?
  • Robin: Madame Rouge, I thought Hot Spot took care of you.
    Madame Rouge: You thought wrong. Hot Spot could not stop me..YOU cannot stop me!
  • Monsieur Mallah: We can no longer follow the Titans every move!
    Brain: We no longer need to.
  • Robin: (captured and restrained by Madame Rouge) The Brotherhood of Evil will be defeated! Brain: No, Robin. It is YOU who has been defeated. I have captured the king. Your pawns cannot save you. YOU have lost.
  • Robin: Tramm, help Aqualad! [Tramm runs to the ocean, but XL Terrestrial jumps in the way and forces him to fight him. The next scene cuts to Más and Menos escaping from Johnny Ranchid, but they get beaten by Cinderblock who bursts out of the ground]
    Menos: MÁS!
    Más: MENOS!
    [Next scene cuts to Bushido fighting Katarou]
    Katarou: [after Bushido punches him] AH! ERH!
    Bushido: [removes his katana to battle him and they both jump] HEYAH!
    [next scene cuts to Speedy fighting Cheshire, but she fools him with her invisibility and she was too quick for him]
    Speedy: [after Cheshire knocks the communicator off his hand and is about to finish him off] AH! [Cheshire uses her hair-whip and knocks him out]
    [next scene cuts to Pantha talking to Robin on the communicator with Atlas in front of her]
    Robin: Pantha, you're closest to Speedy! Go to Sector 11!
    Pantha: I can't!
    [she charges at Atlas and wrestles him. Next scene cuts to Jericho being chased by Private H.I.V.E. and Fang. The next scene cuts to Herald listening to Robin in his communicator]
    Robin: Herald, help Jericho in Sector 19!
    [Herald is about to open a portal, but another portal opens behind him and a large eye hits him.]
    Herald: AGH! [the portal behind him opens and See-More and Warp come out to capture him. Next scene cuts to Cyborg fighting Mammoth]
    Robin: Cyborg!
    [Cut to Raven fighting Psimon]
    Robin: Raven!
    [Cut to Beast Boy facing Kardiak]
    Robin: Beast Boy!
    [Cut to Kole and Gnarrk fighting Billy and Gizmo]
    Robin: Kole!
    [Cut to Killowat facing Control Freak and The Puppet King]
    Robin: Killowat!
    [Cut to Pantha wrestling Atlas and Adonis]
    Robin: Pantha!
    [Cut to Lightning stopping Overload]
    Robin: Lightning!
    [Cut to Thunder facing I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R. and Steamroller]
    Robin: Thunder!
    Thunder: [he blasts sound waves at them] HA!
    I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R.: [he jumps to grab Thunder] HERAH!
    Thunder: AGH!
    Robin: Anyone?!
  • Madame Rouge: Your communicator is of no use. Robin: The communicator. The Brain has been tracking our every move with the communicator I gave to Hot Spot! Madame Rouge: Don't you mean the communicator you gave to me? Robin: It's my fault. I'm the one who got us into trobule. Madame Rouge: Game over. Robin: Not yet! I can still warn the others!
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