Steve: Hi, out there! It's me, Steve! Have you seen Blue, my puppy?

Kids: There she is!

[Blue comes out of her hiding spot and barks happily]

Steve: Come on in!

[Blue throws the ball over to Mailbox before throwing it back at her, Blue barks before running through the doggy door]

(Steve opens the door and is wearing a black bow tie and has a white towel on his left arm)

Steve: Hello. You must be here for lunch. Wonderful. Right this way. 

(Steve goes to the living room)

Steve: I’m practicing to be a waiter. (he comes to their restaurant area which has two tables that Blue is setting up) Cause Blue and I are opening a restaurant, just for today. It's called, Cafe Blue.

(Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper come in with two bags of groceries)

Steve: Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper are the chefs. 

Mr. Salt: We're making lunch!

Steve: Hey, will you be a waiter, Blue and me? Great! Because, we have to finish getting everything ready, and we have to ask our friends what they want to eat and we have to bring them their food. So, Blue. Is everything ready?

Blue: No.

Steve: Ooh! That table has no chairs!

(Steve goes to Blue at the right table where there aren't any chairs)

Steve: So, how many chairs do you think we need?

Kid: Two!

(Blue gets two chairs)

Steve: Oh, right. Two chairs for one, two place settings. Thanks. Hey, Blue. I think our restaurant, is ready for business. See? We set the tables. (Blue comes up with their menu) We uh, made our menus. (Blue opens the menu to show what they're serving) Our menu, shows what we're serving for lunch. (clears throat) Our beverage today, is an apple juice. For our main course, we have two choices: a cheese sandwich, neatly cut into triangles, or spaghetti, topped with a tomato sauce. Each comes with a side dish of crispy, crunchy carrot sticks. And our dessert today, is a… For dessert we have a…

(there is no dessert on the menu)

Steve: Hey, Blue, we forgot to add dessert to our menu! (Blue covers her eyes) Well, what do think we should make for dessert?

(Blue leaves paw print on the right side of the screen)

Steve: Ooh! (comes up to the screen) We'll play Blue's Clues to figure out what we should make for dessert. What a delicious idea.

 We are gonna play Blue’s Clues

 Cause it’s a really great game, yeah!

Steve: So remember, Blue’s paw print will on the clues: Blue’s Clues. Oh, oh! (takes towel off his arm) We certainly can't have, our customers dining with a big… (he wipes the paw print off with her towel and misses a little spot)  blue paw print up here. There. Now our restaurant is, (gets the spot he missed) squeaky clean. Hey, you know what we need to play Blue's Clues. Our handy-dandy…

Kid: Notebook. 

Steve: Notebook, right. Come on. 

(Steve goes to Side Table Drawer)

Side Table: Here's your notebook, Mr. Waiter. 

(Side Table opens her drawer and Steve realized that he's the waiter because of his bow tie)

Steve: Oh, right! (he laughs as he takes his bow tie off) Thanks, Side Table. 

(Steve gets his notebook out, and the music begins)

Steve: To play Blue's Clues, we got to find a...

Kids: Paw print!

Steve: Oh, a paw print, right. And that's our first...

Kids: Clue!

Steve: A clue?

Kids: A clue!

Steve: Then we put it in our...

Kids: Notebook!


 Cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues

 We got to find another paw print,

 That's the second clue

 We put it in our notebook,

 Cause they're whose clues? 

 Blue's Clues!

 We got to find the last paw print,

 That's the third clue

 We put it in our notebook

 Cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues

 You know what to do

 Sit down in our Thinking Chair

 And think, think, think

 Cause when we use our minds,

 And take a step at a time

 We can do anything...

Blue: Ba-bow!

Steve: That we want to do! (does jazz hands) You know, I can tell I’m really gonna need your help today, trying to figure out what dessert we should make. You will help, right? Great! So, uh, did you see which way Blue went?

(Blue comes from the left and leaves)

Kid: That way. 

Steve: That way. Let's go. 

(Steve goes looking for clues)


 We are looking for Blue's Clues

 We are looking for Blue's Clues

 We are ...

(as Steve comes to their restaurant area, he sees Pail wearing a hat, Shovel wearing a tie, Periwinkle wearing a tie, and Tickety wearing a purple flower)

Periwinkle: Excuse me, waiter. 

Pail: Is the restaurant open?

(Steve tells them to wait a minute)

Steve: (to the viewers) We have customers. (calls) Blue! Customers. (he puts his bow tie on) Hello. And welcome, to Cafe Blue. Please, have a seat. (Everyone sits at the tables. Shovel and Pail sit at the table on the left and Periwinkle and Tickety sit at the table on the right) And, we'll get you some water, while you look at the menu. 

(Blue gives everyone a menu)

Steve: Okay. So how many customers do we have? Let's count and see. 1, 2, 3, 4. Four. So we need four cups of water. 

(Blue holds up a bowl of pretzels which is their appetizer)

Steve: Oh! And as an appetizer, some pretzels. Each one lightly salted and shaped like a knot. Enjoy.  

(Steve goes to the kitchen. Steve puts on a waiter apron)

Steve: Water. Okay. Uh, ah! One…

(Steve finds four cups of water, just what he needed. Then he puts on a round plate and reveals the first clue on a cookie)

Kid: A clue, a clue!

Steve: Right. 1, 2, 3, 4 cups of water. 

Kid: No, a clue!

Steve: Yeah. They're for Shovel and Pail and Tickety and Periwinkle. 

Kid: A clue!

Steve: Oh, you see a clue?

(Steve puts the cups of water down and spots the clue and she gets a closer look at it)

Steve: There's a clue, and it's on this, cookie. It looks like an oatmeal cookie. Hey, know what we need, our handy-dandy…

Kid: Notebook. 

Steve: Notebook, right. (opens notebook) So, a cookie. 

Steve drawing: Let's draw an oval, and then some squiggly lines like this. There, a cookie. 

Steve: So, we're trying to figure out what to make for dessert. And our first clue is a cookie. What could we make with a cookie? Do you know? Awesome idea. I guess we'll have to find two more clues. 

Mr. Salt: Psst, Steve! 

(Steve gets up from the thinking chair, and he saw Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper have chef hats on)

Mr. Salt: We have a problem. We're out of ingredients to make spaghetti sauce! (Steve and Blue look at each each other in shocked) How will we make spaghetti?

Steve: Well, uh, maybe, no one will order spaghetti. And they'll just order cheese sandwiches instead. 

Mr. Salt: I hope so. Let's us know. 

(the chefs leave)

Steve: There's no spaghetti sauce! Wh-heh…

(Steve and Blue go to their restaurant area)

Steve: There we are, four cups of water. 

Customers: Thank you. 

Steve: Oh, you're very welcome. (he gets his order pad out of his apron) Okay. Now it's time to write down everyone's food order, in our order pad. Will you help. Great. 

(Steve goes to take Shovel and Pail’s order at their table on the left)

Steve: (clears throat) May I take your order, please? I recommend the cheese sandwich. 

Pail: I’d like spaghetti, please. 

Steve: Spaghetti. Okay. (writes it down) One, spaghetti. (to Shovel) Did I mentioned how tasty the cheese sandwich is?

Shovel: May I have spaghetti too?

Steve: Sure. So that's, (Blue takes their menus) two orders of spaghetti. 

(Steve goes to the other table to take Periwinkle and Tickety’s order)

Steve: I beg your pardon. (clears throat) May I please take your order? We have a lovely cheese sandwich on the menu today. 

Periwinkle: May I have, spaghetti?

Steve: I see. (writes it down)

Tickety: (right before Steve was about to say something about the cheese sandwich) Me too. 

Steve: Okay. So that's, (Blue takes their menus) two more orders of spaghetti. (nervously) Thank you. (he goes up to the viewers) So, uh, how many orders of spaghetti is that all together? Let's count and see. (holds up order pad) 1, 2, 3, 4. Four orders of spaghetti. O...kay. 

(Steve nervously goes to the kitchen and Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper were getting the cheese sandwiches together)

Steve: Hello, chefs. I have the lunch order. 

Mr. Salt: Great! What is it?

Steve: Well, it's uh, it's uh, it's four orders… (nervously gets ready to say it) of spaghetti!

Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper: SPAGHETTI?! 

Steve: I know! I know! But everyone kept saying spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti, and I, I didn't know what to do!

Mrs. Pepper: But we are out of the ingredients for spaghetti sauce!

(Blue gets an idea and leaves)

Steve: Blue?

(Steve and Mr. Salt follow Blue to the refrigerator and then Blue skidoos into a picture of the grocery store on the refrigerator)

Steve: Hey! Blue just skidooed, in, into the grocery store.

Mr. Salt: Great idea! Come on, Steve. We can get ingredients for the spaghetti sauce!

(Steve thought that was a great idea)

Mrs. Pepper: I'll start cooking the spaghetti. 

(Steve tells her thank you. Then he gets in his position to skidoo with Mr. Salt)

Steve and Mr. Salt: 

 Blue skidoo, we can, too

(Steve and Mr. Salt both skidooed into the grocery store. Mr. Salt has a shopping cart)

Mr. Salt: Attention shoppers! The first ingredient we need is green peppers. That way! To the peppers!

Steve: To the peppers!

(Steve pushes the cart, and they come to two cartons of green peppers)

Mr. Salt: I think, we'd better get the carton with more peppers. 

Steve: Okay. 

(Steve looks at the two cartons of peppers)

Steve: Okay so, which carton looks like it has more peppers?

Kid: That one! (the second carton)

Steve: Right. That one does look like it has more peppers. Let's see. Uh, this one has, (counts the second carton) 1, 2, 3, 4 peppers. And this one has, (counts the first carton) 1, 2 peppers. So, right! (Mr. Salt picks up the second carton) This one does have more. 

Mr. Salt: Great work, shoppers!

(Mr. Salt puts the peppers in the shopping cart)

Mr. Salt: Next ingredient we need is canned tomatoes. Onward! To the tomatoes!

Steve: To the tomatoes!

(Steve pushes the cart, and they came to the can section and find three different sized cans of tomatoes)

Mr. Salt: We need the can that holds, the most tomatoes. 

Steve: The most. 

(Steve goes behind the three cans of tomatoes. He stands behind the first one that's tall and very wide)

Steve: So, (stands behind the second one that's tall and thin) which can, do you think, (stands behind the third one that's short and thin) holds the most tomatoes?

Kid: That one! (the first one)

Steve: Oh, yeah! This one! (Mr. Salt picks up the first can) Because it's pretty tall and really wide. It must hold the most. 

Mr. Salt: It's perfect. (Mr. Salt puts it in the cart) Okay. The last ingredient we need is mushrooms. To the mushrooms!

Steve: To the mushrooms! (he pushes the cart to the mushrooms) Mushrooms. 

(they come to three cartons of mushrooms)

Mr. Salt: We need the the carton with the smallest number of mushrooms. The carton with the least. 

Steve: The least. Okay. 

(Steve looks at the three cartons of mushrooms)

Steve: So, which carton looks like it has, the smallest number of mushrooms?

Kid: That one. (the one on the right)

Steve: This one. You think? Well, let's count and see. Okay. This one has, (counts the one on the right) 1, 2, 3, 4. This one has, (counts the one in the middle) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. And this one has, (counts the one on the left) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. So, this one has the least!

Mr. Salt: That's just right. (Mr. Salt puts the mushrooms in the cart) We have all the ingredients that we need!

Steve: To the cash register!

Mr. Salt: To the cash register!

(they come up to the ice cream display)

Kid: A clue!

(Steve lets go of the cart and the cart and Mr. Salt stop right at the cash register)

Steve: Yes, yes. Without further ado, to the cash register!

Kid: No, a clue!

Steve: Oh! Oh you see a clue. Where?

Kid: Right there!

(Steve looks in the ice cream display, and sees a clue on a picture of a scoop of ice cream on an ice cream tub)

Steve: There is a clue! Right there! On that, scoop of ice cream! Wait a minute. (calls) Hey, Mr. Salt, we found a clue!

Mr. Salt (calling): Wonderful! I'll meet you at home!

Steve: (calls) Okay. (to the viewers) You know what we need, our handy-dandy…

Kid: Notebook!

Steve: Notebook, right. So, a scoop of ice cream. 

Steve drawing: Let's start with a round shape like this, with a curvy line for the bottom of the scoop. There, ice cream. 

Steve: So, what was our first clue?

Kid: A cookie!

Steve: A cookie, right. And now our second clue is, a scoop of ice cream. So, what dessert could we make, that has a cookie and a scoop of ice cream? Maybe. But, I think we better find our last clue. Come on.

(Steve goes back to where the way back home is, he does the skidoo dance.)


 Blue Skidoo, home I go!

(Then Steve skidoos back to the kitchen. When he got back, Mr. Salt is pouring the tomatoes into a pot)

Mr. Salt: Thanks for your help. 

Mail Time, Mail Time, Mail Time, Mail Time, MAIL TIME!

Steve: The mail’s here! You're welcome. 

(Steve goes to the living room for Mail Time)


 Here's the mail, it never fails.

 It makes me want to wag my tail,

 When it comes, I want to wail, “Mail!”

(Mailbox comes in and Steve sits in the Thinking Chair)

Mailbox: Hiya, Steve. How's the restaurant business?

Steve: Busy. But, uh, I enjoy the work. How's the mail business?

Mailbox: Can't complain, here's your letter. 

(Mailbox opens and Steve gets his letter out)

Steve: Thanks, Mailbox. 

Mailbox: You're welcome. Bye. 

Steve: We just got a letter.

 We just got a letter

 We just got a letter

 We just got a letter

 Wonder who it's from?

Steve: Look, it's a letter from our friends. 

Children: Hi, Steve!

Girl: We're helping the chef make pancakes. 

Chef: We need 3 cups of flour. 

Girl: 1, 2, 3 cups of flour. 

Chef: We need one cup of milk, Valerie. 

Valerie: One cup of milk. 

Boy: Two eggs. 

Girl: 1 tablespoon of oil. 

Valerie: Now I'm mixing it. 

Chef: That looks great. We're ready to make the pancakes. 

(the chef pours the batter on the grill, flips them over, and they put them on a plate, and puts blueberries on it looking like a happy face)

Children: Bye, Steve!

Steve: Bye! (puts letter away)

Steve: Hey, let's go see how our chefs are doing.

(Steve and Mr. Salt head to the kitchen and the chefs have 4 plates of spaghetti ready)

Mr. Salt: Whew! Lunch is ready. 

Steve: Okay. We have 1, 2, 3, 4 plates of spaghetti. This looks incredible. 

(Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper puts the plates on the food serving trolley and Blue pushes it to their restaurant area) 

Steve: Let's serve lunch. 

(Steve goes to their restaurant and Blue gives everyone their spaghetti)

Steve: Lunch is served. Four plates of spaghetti, with carrot sticks on the side. 

Shovel: Spaghetti!

Pail: Thanks!

Tickety: Thank you. 

Periwinkle: Thanks. 

Mrs. Pepper: Fresh pepper?

Steve: Ooh, If you need anything please don't hesitate to ask. Bon appétit. Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper taught me that. It's French. It means enjoy your food. 

Pail: Um, excuse me, waiter?

(Steve goes over to Shovel and Pail’s table)

Steve: Yes. 

Pail: May I please have more spaghetti sauce? I want to have the same amount of sauce as Shovel. 

Steve: Ah, yes. Well, we'll take care of that, right away. (he gets lower) So, Shovel has 1, 2 scoops of sauce. And Pail has, one scoop. So, how many more scoops does, Pail need, so that they both have the same amount?

Kid: One. 

(Blue adds one more scoop of sauce to Pail’s)

Steve: Oh, yeah. See? Now Pail has 1, 2 scoops of sauce. 

Pail: Just like Shovel. Thanks!

Steve: No problem. (he stands up) Bon appétit. 

Periwinkle: Excuse me, waiter. 

Steve: Yes?

(Steve goes over to Periwinkle and Tickety’s table)

Periwinkle: Um, may I please have some more carrot sticks? I want to have the same number as Tickety. 

Steve: But of course. (she gets lower) So, Tickety has 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 carrot sticks. And Periwinkle has, 1, 2, 3, 4 carrot sticks. So, how many more carrot sticks, does Periwinkle need, so that they have the same amount?

Kid: Two. 

Steve: Two?

(Blue adds two more carrot sticks to Periwinkle’s plate)

Steve: Oh, yeah! See? Now Periwinkle has 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 carrot sticks. 

Periwinkle: The same number as Tickety! Thank you. 

Steve: Hey, good counting. (he stands up) Well, bon appétit. 

Shovel: Excuse me, waiter!

Steve: Yes?

(Steve goes back over to Shovel and Pail’s table)

Shovel: May I please have the same amount of juice as Pail?

Steve: Uh, of, of course. 

(Steve gets lower and then Periwinkle comes in with his cup of juice)

Periwinkle: Waiter, I would like the same as Pail, too. Please. 

Steve: Oh. Okay. So, Shovel has less juice than Pail, and Periwinkle has more. So, what could we do so that they both have the same amount as Pail?

Kid: Pour some of that one in there!

(everyone thought that was a great idea)

Steve: That’s brilliant!

(Periwinkle takes his cup of juice and pours some of it into Shovel’s cup)

Steve: We could pour some of Periwinkle’s juice into Shovel’s cup, and that way all would have the same amount. 

Periwinkle: Thank you!

Shovel: Thanks!

Steve: You’re welcome. (Steve gets up and goes into the view of both tables) Bon appétit. 

Tickety: Excuse me, waiter. What’s for dessert?

(when Steve heard that he comes up to the viewers and was worried because we don’t know what the dessert is yet)

Steve: They’re asking about dessert! We don’t know what it is yet! What should we tell them? (the viewers tell him to tell them that we’re still trying to figure it out) Yeah. Yeah, we can tell them that we’re still trying to figure it out. Right. (clears throat) Actually, uh, we’re still trying to figure out what dessert we’re going to serve. Bon appétit. 

(Steve goes to bedroom to find the third clue and was really worried)

Steve: We’d better find our third clue. 

Kid: A clue! A clue!

Steve: Yeah, I know! What are we gonna do?

Kid: No, a clue!

Steve: Huh? Oh, oh! Oh, you see a clue. Where?

Kid: Right there!

(Steve looks on the bedroom desk and he sees the last clue on a picture of a cookie)

Steve: Oh, yeah! There’s a clue, right there! And it’s, it’s a cookie. It’s another oatmeal cookie. You know what we need. Our handy-dandy…

Kid: Notebook!

Steve: Notebook, right. So, another cookie. 

Steve drawing: So, a cookie is an oval, and then some squiggly lines like this. There, another cookie. 

Steve: Hey, we have all three clues! You know what that means, we’re ready to sit in our…

Kid: Thinking Chair!

Steve: Thinking Chair, right!

Periwinkle: Waiter, is dessert ready yet?

Steve: Let’s go. 

(Steve goes to the Thinking Chair and sits down)

Steve: Okay. Now that we’re in our Thinking Chair, let’s think. You will help, right? Great. So, we’re trying to figure out what dessert we should make. And our clues are: a cookie, a scoop of ice cream, and another cookie. So, what dessert could we make with a cookie, a scoop of ice cream, and another cookie? Well, maybe, maybe we could put the scoop of ice cream on one of the cookies. Yeah. But, then what would we do with the other cookie? Oh! Yeah. Maybe, maybe we could put the other cookie on top. And then, um, what would we have?

Kid: An ice cream sandwich!

Steve: An ice cream sandwich! Yeah! Because, an ice cream sandwich is a dessert that has two cookies with a scoop of ice cream in between! We just figured out Blue’s Clues!

 We just figured out Blue's Clues

 We just figured out Blue's Clues

 We just figured out Blue's Clues

 Cause we're really smart!

Steve: Come on, Blue! Let’s go make and serve dessert. 

(Steve and Blue go to the kitchen and Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper were making four ice cream sandwiches)

Mrs. Pepper: We heard the news, Steve, ice cream sandwiches!

Steve: Yup. 

Mr. Salt: This time we have all the ingredients!

Steve: Hey, remember when we went to the grocery store with Mr. Salt, and we found all the ingredients for the spaghetti sauce?

Mrs. Pepper: Here you go. Four desserts. 

Blue: Ooh! 

Steve: Thanks. These look amazing. 

(Steve gets a dome shaped lid and puts it on the ice cream sandwiches. Then he picks them up and her and Blue go to their restaurant, and he puts them on the serving cart)

Steve: Ladies and gentlemen, dessert, is served.

(Steve takes off the lid and reveals the ice cream sandwiches to everyone)

All: Ooh. Wow. Yummy.

Periwinkle: Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Steve: Each Ice Cream Sandwich Is 2 Deice Baked Oatmeal Cookies.

Made Up For Ones Go And 1 Scoop Sweet Vanilla Ice Cream. You Wouldn’t Enjoy.

Bon Appetite.

Blue: Bow, Bow! 

Steve: Wow! Our Restaurant Was A Big Success Everyone Love Lunch And Dessert.

You’re A Great Waiter.

Hey Thank You So Much For All You Help Today.


 Now it's time for So Long

 But we'll sing just one more song

 Thanks for doing your part

 You sure are smart

 You know, with me and you

 And my dog, Blue

 We can do anything 

Steve: That we want to do!

Bye-bye. See ya later. Bye.

Where do you wanna get to eat?


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