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Treasure Planet Home on the Range
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Brother Bear 2
Disney's Brother Bear - iTunes DVD Poster


[People chattering]
[Speaking foreign language]
Man: This is a story from long ago, when the great mammoths still roamed our lands.
It's the story of my two brothers and me. When the three of us were young. We were taught the the world is full of magic.
The source of this magic, is the everchanging lights that dance across the sky.
[Man continues speaking in foreign language]
Man: The shaman woman of our village told us that these lights are the spirits of our ancestors, and that they have the power to make changes in our world. Small things become big.
Winter turns to spring. One thing always changes into another. But the greatest change I ever saw, was that of my brother, a boy who desperately wanted to be a man.
Kenai: Get down!
Sitka: What?
Denahi: Kenai!
[Kenai coughs]
Kenai: Never try to milk a caribou. [Laughs]
Denahi: [Spiting]
Kenai: Don't. No. Come on.
Sitka: Will you two knock it off?
Kenai: That's all right, Sitka. After today, he won't treat me like that anymore.
Denahi: Right. The big manhood ceremony. It doesn't matter what the spirits say. You'll always be our baby brother.
Kenai: Oh, yeah? Well, wait until I get my totem.
Denahi: Baby brother.
Sitka: Hey, I said knock it off. Now, the quicker we get these fish, the faster we're going to get to your ceremony, so let's all just try to get along for a few hours. OK, Denahi?
Denahi: Whatever you say.
Sitka: OK, Ken..
Kenai: So, what are we waiting for?
Denahi: [Grunting]
[Sitka laughs]
Kenai: Whoo!
Both: Whoo!
[Great Spirits by Tina Turner playing]
Tina Turner: [singing] ♪ When the earth was young, and the air was sweet, and the mountains kissed the sky. In the great beyond, with its many paths. Man and nature lived side by side. ♪
♪ In this wilderness of danger and beauty. Lived three brothers, bonded by love. Their hearts full of joy, they ask now for guidance. Reaching out to the skies up above. Great Spirits of all who lived before. Take our hands and lead us. Fill our hearts and souls with all you know. Show us that in your eyes we are all the same. Brothers to each other in this world, we ramain. Truly brothers all the same. Give us wisdom to pass to each other. Give us strength so we understand. ♪
♪ That the tings we do, the choices we make. ♪ Give direction to all life's plans. ♪ To look in wonder at all we've been given. In a world that's not always as it seems. Every corner we turn, only leaders to another. A journey ends, but another begins. Great Spirits of all who lived before. Take our hands. Take our hands and lead us. Fill our hearts. Fill our hearts and souls with all you know. You know, you can show. Show us that in your eyes, we are all the same. Brothers to each other, in this world, we remain. Truly brothers all the same. ♪
Child: Kenai's back! Are you excited about getting your spirit rock today?
Kenai: It's not a rock. It'll be my totem.
ALL: Ooh.
Kenai: Yeah, I'll probably get, like, a saber-tooth tiger. For bravery or strength or greatness. You know, something that fits me.
Denahi: How about a mammoth for your fat head? Just make sure you get that basket tied up.
Kenai: Don't worry. No stupid bear is going to get anywhere near this fish.
Denahi: Just tie it up.
Kenai: [Imitates] Just tie it up.
Man: She's back! Hey, everybody, Tanana's back!
Sitka: Come on!
[Children shouting and cheering]
Child: Come on, Kenai, let's go!
Kenai: Come on.
Child: Tanana's got your rock! Come on!
Tina Turner: [singing] ♪ Great Spirits of all who lived before. Take our hands. Take our hands and lead us. Fill our hearts. Fill our hearts and souls with all you know. You know, you can show. Show us that in your eyes, we are all the same. Brothers to each other, in this world, we remain. Truly brothers all the same. Brothers all the same! ♪
Girl: Nana.
Tanana: What?
Girl: Hey, Nana. [Giggles]
Tanana: Well, hello there, sweetheart. What a big girl.
Tanana: When each of us comes of age, the great spirits reveal to us a totem that helps guide us through our lives. Some of us use courage to guide us.
Man: [Chuckles]
Tanana: Others, patience. And some of us, beauty. Kenai. You nervous?
Kenai: Phew. Excited.
Tanana: [Giggles] Ooh, you should be. It's a good one. Kenai, I have been to the mountain, where the lights touch the earth, and the great spirits have realvealed to me your totem. To become a man, your actions must be guided by one thing. Your totem is... Love.
Kenai: What?
Tanana: Yes, love.
Kenai: The bear of love?
Tanana: A love that connects and unites all living things.
Kenai: Who wants to trade?
Tanana: There is no trading. Oh, Kenai, love is the most precious of totems. It reveals itself in unexpected ways. Let love guide your actions. Then one day, you'll be a man, and will place your mark next to those of our ancestors.
[All cheering]
Tanana: Oh!
Denahi: There he is. Come here, lover boy.
Kenai: Leave me alone.
Denahi: Kenai, wait. I'm sorry.
Kenai: What?
Denahi: Your totem: I think it's really great.
Kenai: You do?
Denahi: Yeah. And I made you something.
Kenai: Really?
Denahi: Now when you skip around loving everybody, you'll smell so sweet.
Kenai: [Groans]
Sitka: Well, isn't this nice? Instead of fighting, you're giving each other flowers.
Denahi: Yeah, isn't it lovely? He's so in touch with his totem already.
Sitka: Hey, dog breath, go take care of the fish.
Denahi: Sure. Kenai loves me, he loves me not.
Sitka: Kenai.
Kenai: Someday, I'm going to just... He's just such a...
Sitka: Hey, bonehead. Just because his totem is wisdom, doesn't mean he's wise. I mean, look at him.
Denahi: Kenai love me, he loves me not.
[Yelps and barks]
Girls: Hi, Denahi.
Denahi: Oh, hi.
Both: Ooh.
Denahi: [Screams] Let go!
Kenai: Yeah, I guess the spirits messed up on both of our totems.
Sitka: You know, I felt the same way when Tanana give me mine.
Kenai: Get out of here.
Sitka: No, really. I said, "The eagle of guidance?" What does that mean? But now that I'm older, I know it's about being a leader, and keeping an eye on you two.
Kenai: I just want to get my handprint on that wall.
Sitka: Just be patient, Kenai. When you live by your totem, you will.
Kenai: Really?
Sitka: Guarantee it.
Kenai: [Chuckles] But, come on. The bear of love? I mean, a bear doesn't love anyone. They don't think. They don't feel. I mean, they're...
Kenai: They're thieves.
Denahi: You didn't tie it up, did you?
Kenai: Uh...
Denahi: You should've got the totem of pinheads.
Sitka: Knock it off. We'll just make another basket.
Denahi: We? Oh, no. It took me two weeks to make that basket. You get lover boy to do it. He's the one that's messing things up all the time. Typical Kenai.
Kenai: All right. I'll go get your basket.
Sitka: Kenai, wait. [Sighs]
Denahi: What?
Kenai: [Panting and groans]
[Bear growls]
Sitka: Kenai! Where'd he go?
Denahi: If we're lucky, far away. Huh.
Kenai: [Shouts]
Denahi: Kenai!
Sitka: Kenai!
Kenai: Sitka, no! You got to get out of here!
Sitka: What?
Kenai: The bear! Look behind you!
Sitka: [Yells]
Denahi: Hey, bear, come on! Over here! Come on, bear! Come this way!
Kenai: Denahi! Hold on! Come on!
Denahi: Pull.
Sitka: [Panting]
Kenai: [Grunting]
Sitka: [Yelling]
Kenai: Sitka.
[Ice cracking]
[Roaring and howling]
[Birds chirping]
Denahi: Sitka?
Kenai: Come on! Sitka! Where are you?
Denahi: Kenai!
Kenai: No. Sitka! Denahi let's find you! Where are you?
[Man singing in foreign language]
[Chorus singing in foreign language]
[Man continues singing]
Kenai: You ready?
Denahi: For what?
Kenai: I'm going after the bear.
Denahi: I know what you're feeling, but killing that bear is wrong.
Kenai: Wrong? Our brother is dead, and it's because of that monster.
Denahi: I don't blame the bear, Kenai.
Kenai: I see.
Denahi: Killing that bear won't make you a man.
Kenai: Now you're trying to be wise.
Denahi: I'm trying to follow my totem. Why can't you do the same?
Kenai: You really think love has anything to do with being a man? A man wouldn't just sit here and do nothing.
Denahi: Kenai. Don't upset the spirits.
Kenai: [Scoffs] Spirits. Thanks for your wisdom.
Denahi: I've got to stop him.
Tanana: You left too soon, Sitka. Your brothers need your guidance.
Kenai: Ha.
[Bears roars]
Kenai: [Yells]
[Growls and snorts]
Kenai: [Gasps] [Shouting]
Denahi: Kenai.
[Bear roars]
[Thunder rumbling]
Kenai: [Screams]
[Voices whispering language]
Kenai: What?
[Woman singing]
[Chorus singing]
[Chorus continues singing]
Kenai: Sitka?
[Wind whistles]
Denahi: Oh!
[Thunder crashing]
Denahi: No.
Denahi: I don't blame the bear, Kenai.
Kenai: A man wouldn't just sit here and do nothing.
Kenai: [Groaning]
Tanana: So, Kenai, you've decided to join the living. That's quite a bump you've got there. That must've been one heck of a ride down those rapids, huh?
Kenai: Tanana? [Moaning] Ooh. [Gasps] Nana, you won't believe this. I was at the top of this huge rock... and all of a sudden, this.... [Grunting and growling]
Tanana: Kenai, honey. Shh-shh-shh. I don't speak bear.
Kenai: No. No, no! No! [Bell tinkling] [Screaming]
Tanana: All right, all right. Will you settle down? Kenai! This isn't going to work. [Sighs] Kenai, listen to me. Sitka did this. Hmm. Strange. Spirits don't usually make these kind of changes. Oh, my. Sitka must have something really big planned for you. Yep, yep. You're going to get a whole new perspective on things. Oh! Do you see in black and white or color? Hey, listen to me. You got yourself into this mess. If you want to change, take it up with your brother's spirit. You'll find him on the mountain, where the lights touch the earth. He'll help you make up for what you've done wrong.
Kenai: But I didn't do anything wrong. Tanana? Wait! I didn't do anything wrong! I don't even know how to get there.
Squirrel 1: What happened to them?
Squirrel 2: I don't know.
Squirre 1: Well, they were right here a second ago, and now they're gone.
Squirrel 2: Yeah. That's pretty weird, huh?
Squirrel 1: So, you're telling me, you didn't eat them, and you have no idea where they are?
Kenai: Hey, you. You just talked.
Squirrel 1: [Stammering] Just back away, real slow-like.
Kenai: How'd you do that?
Squirrel 1: I knew you had them.
Bird 1: Are we there yet?
Bird 2: Don't make me turn this formation around.
Kenai: Hey, wait! Come back! I'm trying to find where the lights--
Tuke: What's he getting all worked up about, eh?
Rutt: Gee, I don't know. Maybe the gulls popped on him, eh?
Tuke: Oh, gee, I think he's looking over here. Let's beat it. This way.
Rutt: No, this way.
Tuke: Thank you very much.
Rutt: OK, just stay still, eh.
Kenai: Hey, you two.
[Both gasp]
Tuke: Head down.
Rutt: Oh, gee, I think he's seen us, eh. Now what?
Tuke: Act like we're not here.
Rutt: We're not here.
Tuke: Shh! What are you doing, eh?
Rutt: Well, you said ro tell--
Tuke: Don't say anything. Shh.
Rutt: OK.
Tuke: I said don't say anything.
Kenai: Um, excuse me.
Both: [Shouts]
Tuke: Please don't eat us!
Rutt: You wouldn't like us. We're really gamy.
Tuke: Yeah. Eat hoof-for-brains over there.
Rutt: Nice, pine-cone breath.
Tuke: Crusty tail.
Rutt: Twig legs.
Tuke: Big nose. [Gasps] Sorry.
Rutt: You went too far that time.
Tuke: OK, I'm sorry.
Kenai: Guys.
Rutt: Besides, yours is bigger than mine.
Kenai: I'm not eating anybody.
Tuke: Oh, whew! That's mighty decent of you, eh.
Rutt: Yeah. Hey, my name's Rutt. This is my brother, Tuke.
Tuke: How's it going, bear?
Kenai: [Scoffs] Don't call me that.
Tuke: Sorry, [Stammers] Mr. Bear?
Kenai: No, I mean, I'm not a bear. I hate bears.
Rutt: Well, gee, eh? You're one big beaver.
Tuke: No kidding?
Kenai: Do either of you know where the lights touch the earth?
Rutt: Yee...ahh... No. Uh, no. Sorry, bear. Or beaver.
Kenai: I'm not a beaver. I'm a bear. No, I mean, I'm not a bear. I'm a man.
Rutt: Excuse me?
Tuke: [Laughing]
Kenai: I was transformed into a bear magically. I was lifted into the sky by my brother.
Tuke: Uh-huh... [Sneezes] You're crazy!
Rutt: Gesundheit.
Tuke: No, a fruitcake! [Sneezing]
Rutt: Are you OK?
Tuke: [Coughing] No! That bear over there! He's crazy!
Kenai: I am not crazy!
Tuke: Well, who ever said you were? We understand.
Kenai: You do?
Tuke: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, you see, we're not moose, either.
Kenai: We're not?
Tuke: No. Heh. We're lime... We're like squirrels. Yeah.
Rutt: Oh. Oh, yeah. Beauty, eh? Well, he's actually the squirrel, eh? I'm more of a pure-bred wolverine. Look at these cuspids! [Growls]
Tuke: Give him a little room.
Kenai: Ugh! Why am I even talking to a couple of dumb moose?
Tuke: No, we're squirrels?
Rutt: Wolverine.
Kenai: I'll find it myself.
Rutt: Oh, I wouldn't go that way.
Tuke: Why not, eh?
Rutt: Uh, well,here was a reason.
Tuke: You brought it up.
Rutt: I'm trying to, but you're talking...
Kenai: [Shouts] Ow! [Grunting]
Tuke: So, you think of it yet?
Rutt: Well, no, but it's driving me nuts too?
Kenai: Ow.
Koda: Psst. Hey. Is the coast clear?
Kenai: What?
Koda: Are they any hunters around?
Kenai: Uh... No.
Koda: Oh, good! How you doing? Guess you didn't see the trap, huh? I saw it from a mile away. You must be pretty embarrassed. Don't worry. [Whispers] I won't tell anyone.
Kenai: What?
Koda: You need to get down. Let me help.
Kenai: Wait! Ow!
Koda: Hold still!
Kenai: No, just! Stop that! If you just.... Give me... Stop it!
Koda: It's no use. The only way to get down is to chew your own foot off.
Kenai: I don't need some stupid bear's help. I just need the stick.
Koda: OK, here.
Kenai: No. I'll do it myself. Put it back. No, where you found it.
Koda: Oh.
Kenai: To the left. By the little rock.
Koda: Here?
Kenai: Yes!
Koda: OK. Boy, that tree is strong, huh? You know, when I was little, I was really into climbing trees, all kinds of trees. I climed pine trees, oak trees, fig trees, maple trees, birch trees, willow trees... My eyes were watering, and my tongue was swollen, and from that moment on, I was more careful about what I lick.
Kenai: [Straining] Ha! See? It's all about, using your head. Oh!
Koda: Ooh! That was funny! Do it again!
Kenai: Don't you have someplace to go?
Koda: Yeah, the salmon run. How about this? I get you down, then we go together. Deal?
Kenai: Yeah, OK, fine. If you can magically get me down, I'll go with you to this...
Koda: Salmon run.
Kenai: Whatever. But if you can't, you turn around, walk away, and never come back ever.
Koda: You swear?
Kenai: Yeah.
Koda: Pinky swear.
Kenai: Yeah, sure, fine. Pinky swear. But this is a human trap, and you're just a dumb little bear. So there's really no way you're gonna be able to... [Gasping] Aagghh!
Koda: OK, so what I'm thinking is, we travel by day and sleep by night. My bedtime is an hour after sunset. Or I think... [Sniffs] Run!
Kenai: Yeah, good riddance! [Sniffing] Denahi, you found me! [Roaring] You wouldn't believe what a nightmare this has been! Denahi? It me, Kenai!
Denahi: [Yelling and shouting]
[Ice cracking]
Koda: Is he gone? I think he was going...
Kenai: Shh!
Kenai: Whew.
Koda: Hello? I can't breathe. [Sighing]
Kenai: Why is he chasing me?
Koda: That's what they do.
Kenai: But it's not like him.
Koda: Yeah, well, lucky for him he didn't find us, 'cause when I get into a fight, I go all crazy, and I'm a raging ball with brown fur. [Grunts]
Koda: I mean, I don't want to brag or nothing, but I got some moves.
Kenai: Oh, really?
Koda: Yep. This first one... Well, it's just a little thing, I like to call, "The Slasher"! And this one I like to call "Flying Fury of Death"!
Kenai: Uh-huh. He's coming back!
Koda: Where?
Kenai: [Scoffs] Typical.
Koda: Yeah, well, the next time we run into that hunter--
Kenai: There is no "we," OK? I'm not taking you to any salmon run.
Koda: What?! But you pinky swore.
Kenai: Yeah, well, things change. See ya, kid.
Koda: Wait. The truth is, I got separated from my mom, and now with this hunter around...
Kenai: Kid, I got my own problems.
Koda: Come on. Please? Can't we just go together? There's a lot of bears and a ton of fish, and every night we watch the lights, touch the mountain, and last year...
Kenai: Wait, what'd you say?
Koda: There's lots of bears and tons of fish.
Kenai: No. You know where the lights touch the earth?
Koda: Yeah, it's at the top of the mountain right by the salmon run.
Kenai: You're kidding me.
Koda: No, no. They're pratically next door. Come on, I'll show you. It'll be great. I promise to help you escape from every trap you walk into.
Kenai: I'm not gonna walk into any more... Traps.
Koda: Come on. What do you say?
Kenai: You're sure you can take me to where the lights touch the earth?
Koda: Yeah, no problem.
Kenai: [Sighs] If you slow me down.
Koda: I won't. I promise.
Kenai: All right. We leave the first thing tomorrow. And keep all that cuddly bear stuff into a minimum, OK, kid?
Koda: My name's not kid. It's Koda. What's your name?
Tuke: [Yawns] Good day.
Rutt: How's it going eh?
Tuke: Beauty. So, we got a lot to get done today. You want to get started?
Rutt: Yeah, just give me one sec?
Tuke: OK.
Rutt: [Inhaling] Woo-oo-hoo... Could you just help me crack this?
Tuke: All right.
Rutt: Ah.
Tuke: You ready now?
Rutt: Almost.
Tuke: Oh, gee.
Rutt: [Exhaling] Just want to do, dog facing foward.
Tuke: Oh, come on!
Rutt: Good. OK.
Tuke: And go This is a nice patch here.
Rutt: Oh, gee. Don't go near this patch here. Something went here.
Koda: Hmm! Ahh!
Koda: Skinny, fat.
Kenai: Hey, I've got a mountain to get to. Come on, kid.
Koda: I told you before, my name's Koda. Say it with me. Ko...Da.
Kenai: Sure your mom didn't ditch you, Ko...duh?
Koda: Humph.
Tuke: [Gulps] Rutt?
Rutt: Go away? I'm eating twigs. You're breaking my concentration?
Tuke: We should start running.
Rutt: How come?
Tuke: Like, now!
Rutt: I can't. I'm still digesting? I'll get cramps. Whoa, gee! He's after us!
Tuke: Come on, little brother!
Rutt: [Groaning] Cramp!
Koda: Actually, if you really want to know, how me and my mom got separated, I was saving this story for the salmon run, but I'll tell you. It was propbably the fifth of sixth most coldest day in my entire life.
Kenai: Oh, this sounds good. You should definitley save it.
Koda: You think so?
Kenai: Oh, yeah, for your friends.
[On My Way by Phil Collins playing]
Koda: Well, I have this other story...
Kenai: Tell you what. How about no talking?
Koda: OK. Then I'll sing.
Kenai: No, no, no.
Koda: [singing] ♪ Tell everybody I'm on my way. ♪
Kenai: Will you stop it!
Koda: ♪ New friends and new places to see. ♪
Kenai: Come on, quit it. Shh! Koda, stop singing.
Koda: ♪ With... [Muffled] Yes, I'm on my way. And there's nowhere else that I'd rather be. ♪
Phil Collins: ♪ Tell everybody I'm on my way. And I'm loving every step I take. With the sun beating down, yes I'm on my way. And I can't keep this smile off my face. Cause there's nothing like seeing each other again. No matter what the distance between. And the stories that will tell, will make you smile. Oh, it really lifts my heart. So tell 'em all I'm on my way. New friends and new places to see. And to sleep under the stars, who could ask for more? With the moon keeping watch over me? Not the snow not the rain, can change my mind. The sun will come out, wait and see. And the feeling of the wind of your face can lift your heart. Oh, there's nowhere I'd rather be. ♪ Cause I'm on my way now. ♪ Well and truly. ♪ I'm on my way now. ♪
Rutt: Hold on! Wait up. How's it going, bear boy?
Tuke: And, smallish bear.
Rutt: Gee, I didn't know you had a little brother. He's cute, eh?
Kenai: Well, actually, he's just a...
Rutt: OK, there's this hunter, following us, and I was-- we was thinking. If we could maybe nust kind of hang out with you guys...
Tuke: Yeah, just hang out. That's right.
Rutt: Yeah. It'd be fun, you know? I mean, if the hunter who's going to catch up-- and-- and--
Tuke: Then you eat him.
Rutt: Right. Well, that's what we was thinking.
Kenai: We lost the hunter back under the glacier.
Rutt: So, you don't think he'll follow those?
Tuke: They are quite nice.
Kenai: I've got an idea.
Koda: OK, this is really weird.
Tuke: Get out, eh. I'm driving.
Rutt: When can I have a turn, eh?
Tuke: It's not as easy as it looks. Now just watch what I do, OK?
Rutt: Well, let's get a backseat or something. I look like you hunted me. Oh.
Phil Collins: ♪ Tell everybody. Tell everybody I'm on my way. ♪
Koda: Hey, come on.
Phil Collins: ♪ I'm on my way. And I just can't wait to be there. I'm on my way. ♪ Just can't wait to be there. With blue skies ahead, yes I'm on my way. And nothing but good times to share. So tell everybody I'm on my way, and I just can't wait to be home. Just can't wait to be home. With the sun beating down, yes I'm on my way. And nothing but good times to show. I'm on my way. ♪
Koda: ♪ Guess I'm on my way. ♪
Rutt: Beauty, eh?
Koda: OK, here's how I remember it. If the snow is white, then it's all right. Yellow or green, it's just not clean. I learned that one the hard way. Oh, that reminds me. Last year at the salmon run, my friend Bucky totally dared me, but I'd heard about this other cub who stuck his tongue to an iceberg, and then he started to float away. And so to save him, they had to, like, rip off his tongue. And so now he has to talk, like this all the time and...
Kenai: Do you ever stop talking?
Koda: Whoa, look. The night rainbow. You can see the spirits from here.
Kenai: You know about the great spirits?
Koda: Yeah. My grandma's up there and my granddad. Mom says the spirits, make all the magical changes of the world, like how the leaves change color, or the moon changes shapes or tadpoles change into frogs.
Kenai: Yeah, I get. You know, for a change, maybe they could just leave things alone.
Koda: What do you mean?
Kenai: My brother's a spirit. If I wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here.
Koda: You have a brother up there? What happened to him?
Kenai: He was killed by a by a monster.
Koda: What's your brother's name?
Kenai: Sitka.
Koda: Thanks, Sitka. If it weren't for you, I would've never met Kenai. I always wanted a brother.
Rutt: So, you want to play I spy?
Tuke: All right. I'll go first. 
Rutt: OK.
Tuke: I spy something green.
Rutt: Tree? My turn?
Tuke: Yeah.
Rutt: OK, I spy something tall.
Tuke: Tree.
Rutt: OK.
Tuke: I spy, something with bark.
Rutt: Tree? OK, I spy something uh, a vertical log.
Tuke: Tree.
Rutt: Yeah.
Tuke: Rutt, I spy something...
Rutt: Tree. OK, my turn.
Tuke: Tree.
Rutt: No, I got...
Tuke: It counts.
Rutt: I didn't even spy anything.
Tuke: It counts.
Rutt: OK. Tree.
Tuke: Let's play something else.
[Kenai and Koda snoring]
Kenai: Koda, come on. Wake up.
Koda: Two more months, mom.
Kenai: [Sighs]
Koda: [Yawns]
Kenai: So, where are we? Well, which way?
Koda: I think it's that way.
Kenai: You think or you know?
Koda: That way?
Kenai: Why wasn't I turned into a homing pigeon? Come on.
Koda: Hey, riding mammoths was your idea. Thanks for the ride, guys. See you. Lucky for you I've been lost worse than this before. Last summer, I was digging for roots with Buck...
Kenai: Enough with the stories. I don't care about the time you and Binky found, you know, the world's biggest pine cone ever.
Koda: First of all, his name's Bucky, not Binky. Second, it wasn't a pine cone. It was a pine nut, and it was huge, even bigger than your fat head.
Rutt: Oh, gee, our big guardian bear is leaving, eh?
Tuke: Yeah, yeah, we better follow. Come on.
Rutt: I can swing your leg...
Tuke: I can't get off.
Rutt: Me, neither. OK, you guys! I guess we'll just catch up with those guys later?
Tuke: Good trip?
Rutt: Beauty. You know, I was thinking. Now might be a really good time, for me to drive, eh?
Tuke: Just relax and enjoy the ride.
Rutt: Yeah. OK. Whee.
Koda: I'm sorry we're lost, OK? Even though it's pretty much your fault.
Kenai: My fault? Ugh! That's it.
Koda: Just remember, if it weren't for me, you'd still be hanging upside down right now.
Kenai: Yeah, well, better than being stuck, in the middle of nowhere with you and your blabbering mouth. [Mockingly] "I'm lost. I can't find my mommy. Will you take me to the salmon run?" Why don't you just grow up?
Koda: Fine. I'll just go on my own, then.
Kenai: Fine. Go ahead.
Koda: Fine.
Kenai: Fine.
Koda: Fine.
Kenai: [Sighs]
Kenai: Koda? Koda.
Koda: Whoa.
[Chorus singing language]
Koda: Those monsters are really scary. Especially with those sticks.
Kenai: Come on. Let's go. So, you recognize anything yet? Or maybe you can't see past my fat head.
[Both laugh]
Kenai: So, do you really think I have a fat head?
Koda: Well, if you hunched your shoulders a little, it wouldn't seem so big.
Kenai: Oh, you mean like this? Or like this? How about this?
Ram 2: Oh, my. That was good.
Koda: Hey, maybe they can give us directions.
Both: [Both grunt]
Ram 1: Oh, that clears up the sinuses.
Ram 2: Oh, it does.
Ram 1: OK. Hit me again. I think she's looking. Hello, sweetie.
Ram 2: Oh, yes. She's checking me out, all right. Hey, baby.
Ram 1: What? No, no, no. Come on, you nitwit. Are you out of your head? She's looking at me. Look at that.
Ram 2: Right. Like she's looking at your ugly mug? Come on.
Ram 1: My, excuse me, miss. One second. It's go time, baby.
Ram 1: Oh, you want to go.
Ram 2: Come on, bring it on.
Ram 1: Horns up.
Ram 2: Hold on.
Kenai: Excuse me.
Ram 2: [Echoing] What do you want? What is that? Who is that?
Ram 1: Just a minute, bear. Hey, shut up! [Echoes] No, you shut up!
Ram 2: No, you shut up!
Ram 1: Hey, will you shut up?
Ram 2: No.
Ram 1: Just shut up! [Echoing continues]
Koda: I think their horns are screwed on too tight. Wait a second. I know this place.
Kenai: You do?
Koda: Yeah. The salmon run's not far.
Kenai: [Chuckles]
Koda: We just have to go through here. What?
Kenai: Hey, you sure you know where you're going?
Koda: Yeah, follow me.
Kenai: Koda!
Kenai: Koda! Koda? Where are you? [Sniffs]
Koda: Yah!
Kenai: Ah!
[Koda laughing]
Kenai: Don't do that.
Koda: Scared you, didn't I?
Kenai: There's scared, and then there's surprised.
Koda: And you were both. Nice try. Uh, you got a little spit right there. [Gasps] Kenai!
Kenai: [Chuckling] You're not getting me this time.
Koda: No, Kenai, look out!
Kenai: No.
Koda: Come on!
Denahi: [Yelling] [Cries out]
Koda: Kenai, where are you? Left! No, the other left!
[Tree creaking]
[Denahi grunts]
Kenai: Whoa! Whoa!
Koda: Kenai!
Denahi: No!
Koda: What are you doing? We got to get out of here!
Denahi: Ah! [Panting] [Shouting and yelling]
Koda: Why do they hate us, Kenai?
Kenai: We're bears.
Koda: So?
Kenai: So, you know how they are. They're killers.
Koda: Wait a minute. Who's the killers?
Kenai: Bears.
Koda: What? Which bears? I'm not like that, and you're not like that.
Kenai: Well, obviously not all bears. I mean, you're OK, but most bears will look for any excuse to attack the human.
Koda: But, Kenai, he attacked us.
Kenai: You know, you're just a cub. When you're older, you'll understand.
Bird 3: [Birds chirping] Fish!
Koda: We made it! We're here! Come on!
Kenai: What? Koda....
Birds: Fish, fish!
Kenai: Get away from me! Go on. Shoo!
[Breathing heaily]
Kenai: [Screaming] Huh!
Bear 1: Hey, you're stirring up the water, dude.
Tug: Yeah. Try not to scare off the fish there, buddy.
Kenai; Uh...
Koda: Tug!
Tug: Hey, Koda, come here.
Koda: Look at you. Tug, have you see my mom yet?
Tug: No, as a matter of fact, I haven't seen her.
Koda: Me and my friend Kenai beat her.
Tug: He's with you?
Kenai: Uh... Hi.
Tug: Huh. I've never seen you at the run before. Where are you from?
Kenai: [Stammers] Well, I mean...
Koda: And see, Kenai? There's the mountain, just like I promised. The lights touch the top every single night. It's going to be a lot harder getting up there, than it was riding those mammoths.
ALL: Mammoths?
Bear: Are you kidding me?
Tug: That's kind of weird.
Koda: Yeah. He does a lot of weird stuff, like the way he drinks water with a leaf. He never sharpens his claws on a tree. He's never hibernated before.
Kenai: Koda. Koda! [Clears throat] Can I talk to you for a second. Excuse us.
Tug: Hmm. He's kind of jumpy, isn't he?
Kenai: OK, OK. Koda, I, uh... I got to get going.
Koda: Well, when you come back, we can go and...
Kenai: I.. I won't be coming back.
Koda: What? Why not?
Kenai: Because... Well, it's hard to explain.
Tug: You're leaving?
Kenai: No [Stammering] Well, I mean, yes. Well, it's just that I... I don't belong here.
Tug: Don't belong? Every bear belongs here. Come on, buddy. Let's have some fun.
[Welcome by Blind Boys of Alabama playing]
Blind Boys of Alabama: [singing] ♪ Everyone's invited, this is how we live. We're all here for each other happy to give. ♪ All we have we share, and all of us we care, so come on! Welcome to our family time. Welcome to our brotherly time. We're happy giving and taking to the friends we're making. There's nothing we won't do. Welcome to our family time. Welcome to our happy to be time. This is our festival. You know and best of all, we're here to share it all. There's a bond between us, nobody can explain. It's a celebration of life, and seeing friends again. I'd be there for you, I know you'd be there for me too. So come on! Welcome to our family time. Welcome to our brotherly time. This is our festival. You and best of all, we're here to share it all. Remembering love once departed someone dear to your heart. Finding love, and planning a future. Telling stories and laughing with friends. Precious moments you'll never forget. This has to be the most beautiful the most peaceful place I've ever been to. It's nothing like I've ever seen before. When I think of how far I've come, I can't believe it, and yet I see it. In them I see family I see the way we used to be. Come on! Welcome to our family time. Welcome to our brotherly time. We're happy giving and taking to the friends we're making, there's nothing we won't do. Welcome to our family time. Welcome to our happy to be time. This is our festival. You know and best of all. We're here to share it all. We're here to share it all! ♪
[All laughing]
Bear 2: Yeah.
Tug: All right. Settle down, everyone. Hey! Don't throw your fish bones over there. Somebody could choke on that. Look, OK, I'll go first. OK, let's see. The most interesting thing that happened to me this year. Hmm. [Mutters] Oh, I know. Listen to this. I'd say it was when I finally knocked down that tree... that was blocking the view from my cave. Now I got a family of chipmunks staying at my place. [Clears thorat] Yeah. All right, everybody, come on, let me see some paws in the air. Who's going to be next? Come on.
Bear 3: Tug, Tug, I got one!
Tug: Watch me, watch me. Hey, got you.
Bear 4: This year, I lost my dear husband Edgar.
Edgar: Quit telling everyone I'm dead!
Bear 4: Sometimes I can still hear his voice.
Koda: I'm getting the next one.
Bear 5: [Growls and shouts]
I nearly froze to death when I stepped 

over the huge icy passage. That was something 

I barely survived. BARELY!!!

ALL: Oh, yeah.
Koda: This is it. I got it!
Bear 6: I guess it's our turn. This is the year I met the most gorgeous...
Bear 7: No, you're gorgeous.
Bear 6: You're gorgeouser.
Tug: Get a cave.
[Groans speaking foreign language]
Bear 4: If only Edgar was alive.
Edgar: I told you, woman! I'm right here!
Bear 8: I love you, buttercup.
Koda: This has got to be it.
Kenai: Here you go, Koda.
Koda: You got to tell it, Kenai.
Kenai: What?
Tug: That's right, Kenai. You caught it, you tell it.
Koda: Didn't you play this game when you were a cub?
Bear 9: Come on, Keno.
[All chattering]
Kenai: OK, all right, already, all right. You want to know what I did this year?
Crowd: Yeah!
Kenai: I went on the longest, hardest, most exhausting journey I've ever been on, with the biggest pain in the neck I've ever met. What do you expect from a little brother? OK, buddy, your turn.
Tug: Let's hear it, Koda.
Koda: OK, OK. Here we go. [Clears throat] This year I watched my mom in a life-and-death struggle, against all odds battling possibly, the most fiercest creature on the face of the earth. OK, who's next?
Kenai: What?
Tug: Wait a minute. I think we all want to hear the rest of that one, Koda.
Koda: I thought you might say that. Let's see. It was probably the fifth or sixth most coldest day, in my entire life. Me and mom were eating fish, having a great time, when all of a sudden, she pushes me into the bushes, and tells me to be real quiet. She says, "I smell something," so I started sniffing. There was something in the woods, running right toward us, getting closer and closer.
Bear 10: [Gasps]
Kenai: [Chuckles]
Koda: And then, out of the trees, jumps the hunter!
Others: [All gasping]
Koda: And now there's nowhere for mama to go. The monster has her backed up against this giant glacier! The monster attacks! But mom's too quick for him. And before he can do it again, she stands up real big and yells, "Go away!"
Kenai: [Screams]
Sitka: Kenai!
Koda: Then mom smells more of 'em. There's a whole pack coming right at us!
Kenai: Sitka, no! The bear!
Koda: She runs out to stop them, before they can get to me. And all around they're poking her with sticks. The whole thing broke, and they fell into the water. There was ice everywhere! She couldn't hold her breath any longer before, pow! She burst out of the water. I've never been so scared in my life.
Kenai: I'm going after the bear.
Bear 11: Koda?
Denahi: Sitka wouldn't want it.
Kenai: Sitka's not here, because of that monster.
Tug: Whoa! Fell off a glacier? I've never see anything like that. Can you imagine?
Koda: Kenai? What's the matter, Kenai?
Bear 12: Koda, so what happened next? Was she OK?
Tug: Hey, Kenai, what's wrong? Where you going?
Koda: She got out of the water OK, but that's how we got separated. Right after that, I met Kenai?
[Chattering and laughing]
Koda: [Roars] Scared you again, huh?
Kenai: Yeah.
Koda: Where have you been? You look horrible.
Kenai: Koda. My mom says when you eat too much fish, you should just lie down...
Kenai: There's something I, you know that story you told me last night?
Koda: Yeah.
Kenai: Well, I have a story to tell you.
Koda: Really? What's it about?
Kenai: Well, it's kind of about a man, and kind of about a bear. But mostly it's about a monster, a monster who did something so bad...
[No Way Out by Phil Collins playing]
Phil Collins: [singing] ♪ Everywhere I turn, I hurt someone. But there's nothing I can say to change the things I've done. I do anything within my power, I give everything I got. But the path I seek is hidden from me now. ♪
Kenai: Koda, I did something very wrong.
Phil Collins: ♪ Brother Bear, I let you down. ♪
Koda: I don't like this story.
Phil Collins: ♪ You trusted me, believed in me, and I let you down. ♪
Kenai: Your mother's not coming.
Phil Collins: ♪ Of all the things I hid from you, I cannot hide the shame. ♪
Koda: No. [Crying]
Phil Collins: ♪ And I pray someone, something will come. ♪
Kenai: Koda!
Phil Collins: ♪ To take away the pain. There's no way out of this dark place. No hope, no future. I know I can't be free. But I can't see another way. And I can't face another day. ♪
Kenai: Koda! Koda, I wish I could... If there was just some way... I'd give anything if, I could just... [Sighs] I'm sorry, Koda. I'm so sorry.
[Wind whistling]
Denahi: I'm sorry, Kenai. I don't know what I'm doing anymore. I need help.
Denahi: Sitka?
Tuke: [Exhaling] Look, I am sorry.
Rutt: If I was driving, this never would've happened.
Tuke: Just stop it.
Rutt: You ever let me drive, you never let me do nothing.
Tuke: Trample off? I said I was sorry. Let it go.
Rutt: I can't believe you totalled a mammoth.
Tuke: Come on. That mountain came out of nowhere.
Rutt: I'm afraid I cannot accept your apology.
Tuke: It was in my blind spot.
Rutt: Hey, look.
Tuke: What?
Rutt: It's that little cub. Gee, something's bugging him.
Tuke: What's wrong, smallish bear?
Koda: Nothing. I'm fine. [Sniffles]
Rutt: Good. Now, where were we? You're a big selfish, reckless hoofer, and you're never gonna change.
Tuke: What?
Rutt: I'm fed up with it? From now on, he's my new brother.
Tuke: You can't do that!
Rutt: Sorry, you've been replaced with my dear brother... I forget your name. What's your name again, little bear?
Koda: I don't want any more brothers.
Rutt: See, he's had enough of you?
Tuke: Come on. I promise I'll change.
Rutt: Trample off. You'll never change. Being a brother means nothing to you.
Tuke: Of course it does.
Rutt: Like what?
Tuke: What about the time your hooves froze in the pond? Who sat with you all winter, eh?
Rutt: You did.
Tuke: And who showed you where the good grazing is? I mean the really tender stuff, all covered in dew?
Rutt: Now, why do you think I did that?
Tuke: Because I... Because I love...dew.
Rutt: Excuse me? I don't believe I heard what you said.
Tuke: I said I love dew.
Rutt: I love dew, too.
Tuke: Hey, I can change.
Rutt: Go away, eh.
Tuke: Come on. I can change.
Rutt: Go away. Don't touch me.
Tuke: I can change!
Rutt: Hey! Not there, that's the spot. [Laughing]
Tuke: Like, we'll see you later, smallish bear.
Rutt: Yeah. Good day. Hey, you know what this calls for? A pile of delicious barley and amber weed on a cool bed of malted hops?
Tuke: I like it.
[Wind blowing and howling]
[Grunting and panting]
Kenai: Sitka! Sitka, are you there? Sitka! Please. Please, Sitka. I don't knw what else to do. Sitka? Denahi.
Denahi: [Yelling and shouting]
Kenai: Sitka, hurry! Change me back! Where are you, Sitka?
[Kenai roaring]
Kenai: Denahi, please. Koda?
[Breathing heavily]
Kenai: No! Leave him alone! Koda! [Shouting and echoing]
Denahi: Kenai? Sitka?
[Koda yelps]
Kenai: Koda, don't be afraid. It's me.
Kenai: He needs me.
Denahi: You know, he did look better as a bear.
Kenai: But... Denahi.
Denahi: It's all right, Kenai.
Sitka: No matter what you choose, you'll always be my little brother.
[Chorus singing]
Denahi: Oh. Did I say "little"? [Laughs]
Koda: Kenai!
Kenai: [Roars]
[Drums playing]
Man: My brother Kenai, went to live with Koda and the other bears. He taught me that love is very powerful. And, I passed on the wisdom of his story, to our people: The story of a boy who became a man, by becoming a bear.
Tina Turner: [singing] ♪ Great Spirits of all who lived before. Take our hands. Take our hands and lead us. Fill our hearts. Fill our hearts souls with all you know. You know, you can show. Show us that in your eyes, we are all the same. Brothers to each other. In this world, we remain, truly brothers all the same. Brothers all the same! ♪
Koda: [Karate yells]
Rutt: So, like uh, what are doing there, smallish bear?
Koda: I'm practicing my moves. Want to see one?
Rutt: Sure, this ought to be good, eh?
[Birds chirping]
Kenai: Listen to me. I was a man that was changed into a bear. No beaver. Man into bear. That's it.
Rutt: Oh, yeah. So, before that you was probably, like, a goat?
Tuke: Hey, bow about a water buffalo?
Rutt: No, he's a rabbit. Look at his ears and his furry little feet. Watch out for the rabbit.
Tuke: No way.
Rutt: OK, now, everyone. [Inhales] Take a big inhale? And then on the exhale... [Exhales] Shift into salutation to the sun.
[All groaning]
Ram 2: No, you shut up! [Echoing]
Ram 1: [Grunting]
Both: [Sighs]
Kenai: [Chuckles] How you doing over there, Koda?
Koda: Oh, pretty good.
[Both laughing and growling]
Koda: [Clears throat] In the accordance with all federal and state wildlife regulations, no fish were harmed during in the making of this film.
Fish: [Shouting and laughing] No! He's gonna eat me! [Shrieking]
Koda: [Nervous laughs] Cut. Cut.
Fish: Somebody help me!
Koda: Ooh!
[Burping and belching]
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