Breaking Point is a 2005 animated film.

Vert: I don't know what's happening to me. I won the World Race, I'm supposed to be the best...

Then why can't I win now?

I couldn't save Kadeem in the Storm Realm...


Kadeem: Grraah!

Kadeem: I'm... trying... to get my-


Vert: I couldn't make it to the end of the Swamp Realm.

Vert: Other drivers won Accelechargers.

Vert: But not me.

Vert: The future of the world depends on beating the Drones...

Vert: And I failed. They're probably doing better without me...


Lani: Karma, have you seen Taro?

Karma: I've got another Drone in front of me!


Karma: Got him.

Lani: That's from Karma's onboard camera.

Taro: Some of the video is missing.

Lani: Gig said some kinda glitch erased a part of the recording.

Taro: You mean it disappeared, like the Accelecharger I saw Kurt win.

No-no-no-no, Dr. Tezla checked Kurt's car for traces of Accelecharger energy, he didn't-

I know what I saw!

Lani: Something happened in the Ice Realm didn't it? Between you and Karma?





[Silencerz Theme]


[Acceleracers Theme]

[Quiet Techno Music]

Nolo: I guess Shirako's gonna ride his motorcycle till he gets his car rebuilt.

So has Tezla heard anything from Vert?

Lani: No...

Are you sure he didn't say anything before he left?

He just turned up missing, along with a motor..cycle...

Lani: Hey, I hear Porkchop's building a motorcycle!

Porkchop: Grragh!

Give me a wrench Monkey,

Porkchop: Heh-heh, a monkey wrench.

Ahh. Huh?

Monkey: His name's Sparky! Say hi, Sparky!

Sparky: [Robotic voice] Hello!

He's made out of parts from from that racing drone that got smashed!

Yeah, he can help us out around the garage.

Here, let me show you.

Sparky! ...Sparky!

Lube Porkchop's motorcycle!

Porkchop: Huh!?

Sparky: Hello!


Monkey: RUN SPARKY!!!

Porkchop: I'M COMING FOR YA!

[Unintelligible grumbling]

Sparky: Hello!

Mark: Ready.

[Obnoxious eating sounds]

'This food greasy, or is it just me?

  • ​sigh* How come Lani never eats with us?

Porkchop: [Burps]

Beats me.

Pass the salt.

Hey, Nolo, I know what's bothering you. It's what happened in the Metro Realm, isn't it?

You can't forgive Tork for saving your life, and spoiling your revenge.

Hey, I saved his life, too.

Mark: Grrrrr...


You're not keeping me from racing in the Realms anymore!

You can race, as soon as you put winning ahead of settling a score with your brother.

GRRAH! [Slam]

I'm challenging you Tork! One race, anything goes!

Mark: If I win, i'm the new leader of the Metal Maniacs!

When and where?

When the next Realm opens then-

Taro: Why not settle it tonight? In the desert.

To Tezla's old headquarters and back.


[Racing Drones Theme]

Gelorum: A Drone exists for only one purpose, to race.

[Drone scream]

That's why the Accelerons created us, but then they began to fear us.

They were afraid because we would do anything to win.

Even if it meant destroying our creators.

The Accelerons left us behind when they returned to their own world. Left us stranded here on the Earth.

The Wheel of Power is the key that will open the way back to the Accelerons.

But only humans could get the Wheel.

So the drones waited deep inside the Earth.

Dormant for thousands of years.

Waiting for humans to learn to use what the Accelerons had left them.

We waited so long.



...What did they leave for us?

Do you really not know?

Tezla hasn't told you.

He doesn't know.

Soon, you'll know everything.

No... NO... GELORUM!


Kurt: You're gonna ruin your life Markie, hanging out with these Maniacs!

My life's already ruined. Whose fault is that?

[Rock Music]

You proved you could drive, with anybody. So why do you want to be a Metal Maniac?

Because I've got nowhere else to go.


[Rock Music]

Monkey: Wooah!

♪ Feel a certain force under the pressure, feel a cetain force under the pressure ♪

Porkchop, Monkey: [Laughs, chuckling]

Gig: What do you think you're doing?

Porkchop: Uh, watching a race.

What do you think we're doing?

Taro: Wylde challenged Tork, the winner gets to be leader of the Maniacs.

Gig: And to you that seems a logical way to choose a leader?

Gig: Now I see why you're called Maniacs.

Oh! Hey-hey there's the road!

[Crash, skids]

Grr! Hey!

Back off Wylde!

Nobody tells me what to do!




Grr! [Slam]

Tezla: I understand there's some difficulty between you and Taro, over something that happened in the Ice Realm.

-- I never saw Taro in the Ice Realm.

Never? Are you sure?

I don't see things that aren't there.


No, of course you don't...

And neither does Taro...

[Alarm blaring]

Karma: Another Realm is opening.


Gig, where's Dr. Tezla?

Gig: I've been unable to contact Dr. Tezla.

Okay, I'll select the drivers for the Realm.

Gig: Tork and Wylde are unavailable.

The following drivers will enter the Realm:




Porkchop, Taro, Monkey.

Monkey: She picked me! She thinks I'm a good driver!

Maybe she hopes you won't come back.

Ah... Oh...




Gig: I don't know the meaning of this symbol...

-- Will Dr. Tezla please come to the control room.

Lani: Dr. Tezla to the control room.

Woo-hoo! I'm a ROAD HOG!

[Beep Beep]



[Techno Music]

Porkchop: Woohoo-hoo!




Monkey, INVERT!


This time, there is no escape.

[Racing Drones theme]

Aaah! A sweeper!




[Drone screams]

Monkey, you need to save your booster fuel!

Hey! I'm trying to save me!

Step on it, Monkey!

There's something wrong with my booster!

Monkey: It must be outta juice!


Draft with me, Monkey.

They aren't gonna make it...



[Metal Scrape]




Karma: Not for long.

Why not?

Because the pipeline is getting smaller.


Ha-ha YEAH!


Gig: Don't expect the drones to give up.

Let's lose some of these drones, Teku!

Hey Lani, this is Porkchop.

Porkchop: Who won the race?

Tell him he won, see if he'll believe it.

Uh... The race is still going on Porkchop,

You're in it, remember?

No! I'm talkin' about Tork and Wylde!

Porkchop: Are they back yet?

Where did that car come from?

Gig: It's Doctor Tezla.

What? Why is Dr. Tezla taking a car into the Realm?

Did you know about this?

Gig: Doctor Tezla is reluctant to confide in anyone, even those he should trust.




Yo, I'm cool!





Nolo: Full-throttle Karma, we have to stay ahead of those doors!

They're using an Accelecharger to get through.

Lani: We've timed the doors closing, you can outrun them,

but you need to draft together to improve the airflow around your cars!

Two cars are faster than one.


[Drone Scream]

[Rock Music]


Tork: Back off Wylde, or I'll send you into the cliff!

-- Try it, Tork! It's the only way you're gonna beat me!


Ha-ha WOO-HOO!


You're scrap, Tork! Now I'm the leader of the Metal Maniacs.

Hey, where is everybody?

Woohoo! PORK!



[Drone Scream]

Let's find a way out of here.

[Power up]


[Electricity Crackling]

Lani: Are you alright Taro?

Taro, can you hear me?



Aw yeah!

I'm gonna love this! Ha-ha-haaa!





[Drone Scream]


[Drone Scream]


[Muffled Music From Car]

Yo, something's messing with my tunes...


Tezla: You can't get away.

Oh man!



Yes, I've warned all the drivers Dr. Tezla, except Taro.

Lani: I'm still getting his onboard camera, but I think his radio's out.

Tezla: Then he has no idea what he's facing.


[Bike Beeps]

[Beeps faster]


[Transmitting Beeps]

[Camouflage transform]

Taro, that isn't Karma!

Gig: He can't hear you.

Payback for the Ice Realm.

Gig: He's going to attack!

Do it!




[Engine sputters, shuts down]


[Silencerz Theme]

[Wind blowing]

Another force besides the Racing Drones has secretly been entering the Realms.

They've been racing against you with great skill.

And they've been winning Accelechargers.

They've used their ability to disguise their cars, to turn us against each other.

You'll have to be on guard against them.

Kurt: Who are they?

For want of a better name, we'll call them the Silencerz.

Their holographic camouflage can be penetrated by intense polarized light.

How are they getting inside the Realms?

Gig: We must assume that they're using a portal generated by a hologram of the Wheel of Power.

Gig: Just as we are.

Any more questions?

Yeah, how did they get a copy of the Wheel,

and why does the car you were driving look so much like theirs?

The explanation is simple.

They've been stealing technology from me.

Mark: Maybe one of us is a spy.

You know what I mean, the kind of scum who would stab his own brother in the back.

Grr! [Slam]

We have no time to waste.

The Silencerz will strike with everything they have now, winning will be even more difficult.

I suggest you prepare your cars for the next Realm, and get some rest.

You're going to need it.

[Suspensful Tones]

The Silencerz hit you in the Ice Realm, but you thought it was me.


-- So why didn't you try to get even with me in the Pipeline Realm?

I don't know.

You used to be with Lani.

Why not now?

-- She said I'm hard to talk to.

Huh, she's right.

Jack: Vert?

Hey dad, I found the note you left about your squadron being called up.

I didn't think you'd be back so soon.

I just came back to get a few things.

Is that a new motorcycle?

Uh yeah, it's just borrowed. My car got...

Banged up a little.

You should be more careful.

Huh? That's what mom used to say to you... Everytime you left.

"Be careful".

Do you know how sorry I am?

That I had to be away so much?

But duty had to come first.

That's the real challenge in life...

Choosing between two things, when both of them mean everything to you.

-- Well, what if somebody else could do the mission better than you?

What if you thought you couldn't do it? What would your duty be then?

What have you been doing, son?

-- Just... Racing with the Teku.

I never liked you being with those street punks.

They're not punks.

-- What if I said, I want you to stay here until I get back?

Heh, what are you grounding me?

I'm saying, you should quit what you're doing son.

Gelorum: It doesn't matter that a new force has entered the Realms...

It doesn't matter how many drivers are sent against us. We will eliminate them all.

[Loud Truck Engine]

Monkey: I fixed up Ol' smokey with a Nitrox booster! And an EDR!

The works!

What? Why!?


[Engine turns off]

What if car breaks down or something inside a Realm? Now we can go in and tow it out!

No, no, no, your time would have been better spent making more of your Nitrox 3½!

That's okay, I taught Sparky how to make it!


You got Sparky working with a highly flammable fuel?!

Ah, it's okay, he's really smart.

He's already got the tanker half full-






Gig, I should try standing on my own.

Gig: You're still healing Doctor Tezla, and... you looked tired this morning.

I dreamt about the drones again... That they had all the Accelechargers.

Gig: Your bio-suit is fully functional.

Gig: An intruder is approaching the Acceledrome!

Gig: There!

Tezla: When you left, you endangered not only your fellow drivers,

but the whole effort to stop the Racing Drones.

I left because I didn't know if I could beat the drones...

And now you think you can?

I don't know, but I can see now that I was...

I was wrong to quit trying.

[Alarm Blaring]

Gig: Doctor Tezla, here-

Why should I let you drive, if you have no confidence in yourself?

I used to be the best...

Maybe I can be again.

The following drivers will enter the Realm.

Shirako Takamoto.

Mark Wylde.

Mark: Aw yes!

Kurt Wylde.


Tork Maddox.

Taro Kitano.

Vert Wheeler.

Gig: You gave him the impression that he wouldn't drive again, why?


Mark: Hold it, Tork!

I'm the leader of the Maniacs, now I decide who drives.

Mark: Porkchop, you go in instead of Tork!

My hog's burned up.

[Chuckle] Sparky was helping him work on it, and it kinda... You know.

-- It's in hog heaven...

Take Tork's car.

Taro: Porkchop.

Don't do it.

Hey, I'm not taking Tork's place.

Hey, don't look at me!


It takes more than winning a race, to make a leader.



I don't need you losers anyway, any of you!

Let's move some metal.


I feel sorry for anybody that gets in front of him today.


Aw, I'm sorry I left without explaining, I-

Hey, are you here to talk, or to drive?

We saved you a car.

Aw, sweet!


You earned this, not me.

We've all earned it. Now get out there and win another one!

You're starting to sound like your brother.

♪ The party don't start until I hit the scene ♪

♪ Girls you know me how I make 'em scream, Straight to business in this game to win it ♪

♪ Premises getting crossed as I pass the finish, it's official ♪

♪ Special delivery when I send it, And I send it like a fresh new car when you get it ♪

♪ Come on come on, give it all you got, cause when the tough gets going it's the beat that gets dropped ♪

♪ Come on come on, you know we mad crazy, Smash anything in our path ♪

♪ Come on come on, give it all you got, cause when the tough gets going it's the beat that gets dropped ♪

♪ Come on, come on ♪

[Suspensful Music]

This time, no one escapes.

I'm switching to off-road tires.

Mark: Switch back to slicks, Tork.

I decide what kind of tires the Maniacs-- Whoa!




Lani: Dr. Tezla says you should use off-road treads.



Aw man, I should have gone into this Realm.

It's beautiful!

Lani: Your data readout show a tire failure Wylde, you need to use the-

-- I know how to change a tire!

Is there any sign of the Silencerz?

-- I haven't seen anything.

Then they must be there.



Lani: Uh Vert, what's happening? Are you alright?

Just... catching a lift.

[Metal creaking]

[Magnet power down]

Vert: Whoaa!


[Loud Motor Activation]

I didn't come back to end up HERE!

[Music Levels Rising]

[Techno Music]


[Glitchy Comms Audio]

Ooh, better back up-

What was that, Shirako?


[Kurt Grunts]

Use the Mega Bass, Kurt!

[Loud Warbling Bass]


[Mega Bass Turns Off]



You see that, Taro?

-- What?

There are three of them now!

[Wylde yells]

Porkchop: Gah. I'm taking your car.

Monkey: But Pork--

I'm gonna go help 'em.


[Porkchop grunts]

Monkey: Whoaah!

They're sweepers, Porkchop. A car can't take them on!

Yeah... Yeaahahahah.

[Truck Horn]

[Truck Horn]

Sparky: Hello!


What are they doing?!

Monkey & Porkchop: ♪ We're driving ol' Smokeeyy! ♪

♪ Porkchop's at the wheel! ♪

Both: ♪ When we hit the Junk Realm, we'll make the drones squeal! ♪

Porkchop: Hahahaha! That's my little Monkey!

Monkey: Oof! Hahahaha... Easy, Porkchop.

You can't take a big rig through the portal!

Don't worry Lani, we've got it under control. Ten-four.


Monkey: What-- What's the matter with you?

It's the Nitrox 3 1⁄2. It's sloshing around.

Monkey, you'll never get that thing to the end of the track before the Realm closes.

-- It's okay. We'll use the EDR to get back!

You hear that, she's worried about me.

I know it's dangerous Lani,

But when you live with danger every day like I do, I...

Tezla: Monkey, the EDR was designed to bring back ONE driver.

It may not work with two people.


Uh.... Hey big buddy, y-you know why don't we think over this whole thing y'know?

Porkchop: Hahahahahahahah! Uh.... Hey big buddy, y-you know why don't we think over this whole thing y'know?

I love the smell of burning rubber in the morning.


Monkey: PORKK-


Monkey: Nooooo!

Monkey: Turn the wheel!!

[Truck horn grows distant]

[Drone Screeches]

Sweeper drones!

[Drone Grunt]

[Drone Scream]


[Metallic Clunk]


[Alarm Blares]

[Drone Yelp]

[Drone Sound]

What do we do, Taro?

-- You're the leader, Wylde.

[Truck Horn]

[Truck Horn]

Porkchop: Get outta my way!

I'm braking right, Porkchop.

Taro, Wylde, brake left.

Ram ol' smokey, right down their throat!


Let's get out of here!

-- Not. Yet.




[Drone Scream]




Porkchop: Ye-he-hehaw!


Huh? Where'd he go?



Tork: Did they make it through?

They're all right!

Ol' Smokey went out like a real hero. [Sniff] Uh.. Monkey.


...Why'd you wait so long to press the EDR?

Well, I wanted to see the look on those drone's faces.

Like this?

[Porkchop laughs]

Let's go win this race.

They're in the Realm...


Hey, I want to congratulate you Metal Maniacs.

Kurt: You guys did a great job handling those sweepers.

Kurt: Especially since you did it without a leader.

I've had enough of you!

We're gonna settle this once and for all!

You mean who's the best driver? I thought I settled that a LOONG time ago...


We're gonna settle everything...

We've got a--!

[Junk Realm Monster Roar]

Uh...! I don't know what it is!





[Techno Music from Bassline]


We're splitting up, Taro.

See you in the real world.

Twelve minutes...

Karma: They can still... *sniffs*

...Make it...


Monkey: Hey.

Taro: Dead-end.

I'm gonna have to backtrack.

The Accelerons believed in going forward...

He's found a Hyper Pod!

Vert: Just stay with me Kurt, I can get us through this.


Can you hear me?

[Camouflage transform]




[Silencerz bloops]


[Silencerz communication]

Vert's back online.

I think I know how to get through!

You have to drive the perfect line, hit the right apex in every turn!


Hit the! Apex!

What's a ”apex”?

It's where your inside wheels run closest to the inside of the turn.

Lani: Where you go from driving into a turn, to driving out of a turn?



The Silencerz are close again.

Kurt: [Echoing] What are you worried about Markie? If this deal wasn't cool, I wouldn't go anywhere near it.

And if something does go wrong, we'll be in it together.

[Cell door lock]





Back off!




You can blame me for this too, Markie.

You always do.



I'm gonna finish this race!

[Sparks, crackling]

[Car starts]


♪ Accelerate - Acceleracers OST ♪

Put up like, can I park right here? ...

[Silencerz Camouflage]

Nice car.

Thanks for the lift.

Interesting problem...





[Drone Screech]


Do you have it!?

Tezla: Do you have the Accelecharger?

Hey, Taro, How did you know which one of us was the silencer?

What makes you think I knew?

...I still can't get in touch with-


Shirako: Yo, Monkey!

Sparky: Hello!

Broughtcha somethin'!

Sparky! [Hello!] You've got legs!

[Higher Pitched] Hello! Hello!


Last place again...

Nolo: You aren't last, Vert...

Wylde isn't out yet.

What do you mean he's not out? Couldn't he use the EDR?

[Sigh] I don't BELIEVE IT! GRAH!


[Wheel of Power slam]

It seems that your brother has abandoned you once again...

And even if your 'Metal Maniac' teammates wanted to rescue you, they couldn't.

Your situation is completely hopeless, unless you tell me the location of the Acceledrome.

...You know the first thing I learned in prison?

Never tell anybody ANYTHING.

We may not be able to change your mind...

But we can change everything else.

[Acceleracers Theme]

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