Super Mario World: Episode: 7

[incomplete & unfixed/messed]

(The camera opens to an establishing shot of the group's dome in Dome City. Inside, Mario is connecting a pipeline made of bamboo to a sink. Luigi is kneeling beside Mario next to a toolbox.)

Mario: Wrench.

Luigi: Check.

(Luigi grabs a lizard, which is being substituted for a real wrench, from the toolbox and hands it to Mario, who uses it to tighten two pipes together.)

Mario: Pliers.

Luigi: Check.

(Luigi hands Mario a bird, which is being substituted for real pliers. Mario uses it to tighten the pipes some more.)

Luigi: Hey, nice technique.

(Mario finishes his job and dusts off his hands.)

Mario: Eh, just a little something I picked up from watching This Old Castle on TV!

Luigi: Hey, if this works, we can install a shower!

(Princess enters.)

Princess: Let's just worry about getting a sink in first.

Mario: Aw, it's a piece of cannoli, Princess! Watch this!

(Mario turns on one of the taps, but no water comes out, so he bangs the faucet.)

Mario: Hey! It's not working!

(The Marios head outside and gasp. The two have discovered Yoshi eating away at the pipeline.)

Mario: Stop that! Yoshi, do you have to eat everything?

Yoshi: No, I leave some for you. *burp*

Luigi: Hey, that's not food, it's plumbing!

Yoshi: Oh, but I hungry! Bamboo good! Yoshi not know it's plumbing!

Mario: That's no excuse! All that work!

Luigi: Down the drain!

(Luigi smacks his head in disappointment.)

Mario: Now, from now on, just stay out of our way when we're on a job, okay?

(The Marios head back inside.)

Yoshi: They no want me around! *burp* Yoshi run away!

(The scene shifts to the outskirts of Dome City. Yoshi is carrying one of those old-fashioned bandanas-on-a-stick. He stops and gasps as a Wiggler marches towards him. Yoshi sticks out his tongue and swallows it.)

Yoshi: I no need Mario Bros.!

(Three dino bikers on motorcycles drive up to Yoshi. The bikers are Duke, the leader, Rockman, the big guy, and Lulu, the tomboy.)

Yoshi: (in a scared voice) Oh, I wrong! I need Marios!

Duke: What dis?

Rockman: We got runaway, Duke.

Lulu: You cute! Like be Lulu's main man? Ride motorcycle dino babe?

Yoshi: Oh, Yoshi like motorcycle! Go va-room!

Duke: Oh, you wanna be a biker, kid?

(Yoshi admires Duke's motorcycle.)

Yoshi: Oh, Yoshi like! Oh, but I don't think Mario Bros. let me! Mario Bros. mad at me!

Duke: You know Marios?

(Rockman puts his face up to Duke's ear.)

Rockman: King Koopa offer bodacious reward for plumber bozos!

(Duke's eyes light up as dollar signs.)

Duke: Dino dork be ticket to fat city!

(Lulu puts her face up to Duke's ear.)

Lulu: Lulu fix everything! (to Yoshi) You like ride in side cart?

Yoshi: *giggles* Yoshi like ride!

Rockman: Hmm, maybe we make member of ga-

(Duke covers up Rockman's mouth.)

Duke: Social group, Rockman!

Lulu: First, Yoshi pass initiation. Yoshi prove worthy to be Dino Rider.

(Lulu tosses a helmet to Yoshi, who giggles and puts it on.)

Yoshi: Yoshi got right stuff! *giggle* I prove! Yoshi get motorcycle and jacket!

(Yoshi gets into Lulu's side cart.)

Lulu: A deal! Go Dino Riders!

(The bikers take off and drive towards Dome City and park in front of a dome. Duke hands Yoshi a jar of paint.)

Duke: Yoshi leave mark on society!

Yoshi: Oh, Yoshi love paint!

(Yoshi attempts to swallow the jar, but Duke bonks him on the head.)

Duke: No eat! Paint wall!

(Yoshi walks up to the wall and begins painting.)

Yoshi: Yoshi make pretty for cave people!

(Yoshi paints a smiley face.)

Rockman: Yoshi wimp.

Lulu: Yoshi no wimp. Yoshi mega wimp!

Duke: Now, big test, Yosh man!

(Duke tosses a Bob-omb to Yoshi.)

Yoshi: Mmm! Eat Bob-omb?

Rockman: No. Throw Bob-omb!

Yoshi: Throw Bob-omb? Oh, that bad!

Lulu: Give Lulu break, Yoshi! Prove worthy be Dino Rider! Throw Bob-omb!

(Lulu grabs Yoshi's arm and forces him to throw it into the dome, where itexplodes, leaving a cloud of smoke.)

Yoshi: Ew, smell Bob-omb! Sorry cave people!

(Lulu grabs Yoshi's arm and they walk off as the cave people run out of the dome coughing. Unfortunately for them, the bikers have driven away. The scene shifts to a parking lot, where the bikers park. Duke presents Yoshi with a jacket.)

Duke: Yoshi do good! Welcome Yoshi Dino Rider! Yoshi official member in bad standing!

Yoshi: *giggle* Yoshi born to ride! *he puts on the jacket* Dino Riders no yell at Yoshi! Wish Mario Bros. treat me nice like you!

Duke: Dino Riders talk to Mario Bros.! Teach 'em treat Yoshi right!

Yoshi: Yoshi like that! You tell Mario and Luigi talk nice to me!

Duke: (to Rockman and Lulu) This our chance to grab Marios! Strike deal with Koopa! (to Yoshi) You tell Marios, meet at Tar Pit Milk Bar! Dino Riders straighten Marios out!

(The scene shifts to the group's dome. Mario and Luigi are trying to redo the plumbing.)

Princess: Have you seen Yoshi?

Luigi: Well, not since we scolded him for eating the bamboo plumbing.

Princess: You scolded him? He's just a baby, he doesn't know any better!

Mario: Aw, take it easy, Princess! Yoshi'll pout a while, then forget all about it!

Luigi: Yeah, he's a tough little guy!

Yoshi (off screen): Yoshi the name! Cruising my game!

(The Marios and Princess face the entrance and see Yoshi standing there wearing his jacket in addition to a pair of sunglasses.)

Mario: Hey, what's with the funny costume?

Yoshi: Hey, no costume! Yoshi Dino Rider.

Princess: Dino Riders? You joined a gang?

Mario and Luigi: A gang?!

Yoshi: Not gang! Social group! They friends! They no yell at me like Mario Bros.!

Princess: He'll forget the scolding, huh? Those Dino Riders are a nasty bunch of juvenile delinquents!

Yoshi: Aw, chill self, Princess! My friends nice! They want talk with Mario and Luigi at Tar Pit!

Princess: (to the Marios) Good idea! Here's your chance to straighten out this mess!

(The scene shifts to the entrance of the bar. The Marios and Yoshi are standing outside.)

Yoshi: My friends want talk with you alone! I wait!

(The Marios enter the bar, which is fairly dark inside.)

Luigi: We're gonna stick out like sore thumbs!

Mario: Just keep a low profile and we'll blend right in.

(The doors close, making the place pitch black so all that can be seen are eyeballs. A light turns on and reveals the Dino Riders. The Marios shout as the Dino Riders surround them.)

Mario: *gulp* On the other hand, maybe we won't!

(Outside, Yoshi is pacing back and forth.)

Yoshi: What happen Mario and Luigi? I go see what take so long.

(Yoshi looks through a window and sees the Mario's hung onto hooks on a wall by their overalls. He gasps.)

Mario: Look, we really like hanging out with you dino dudes, but we got plumbing to do!

(Rockman walks up to Mario wearing a napkin and holding a knife and fork.)

Rockman: I fix Mario's plumbing! Lunchtime!

Duke: Cool out, Rock! We no eat pasta men!

Mario and Luigi: Phew!

Duke: We give Marios to King Koopa!

Mario and Luigi: King Koopa?!

Duke: Koopa pay many coins for Marios! *laughs* Yoshi big dope! Help Dino Riders cash in!

Yoshi: Oh no!

Mario: You took advantage of Yoshi! He thought you were his friends!

Lulu: Dino Riders eat Yoshi wimps for breakfast! Plumbers for dessert!

Duke: Dino Riders take linguini losers to Koopa!

Yoshi: (sobbing) Yoshi lied to! I get Princess! Save Mario and Luigi!

(Yoshi runs off. Later, Yoshi and Princess return to the bar on a motorcycle wearing helmets, and notice that the Dino Rider's motorcycles are gone.)

Princess: They're gone!

Yoshi: No tell Yoshi where go! Oh, we follow tracks! Take us right to Mario and Luigi!

(Yoshi points to the tire tracks on the road and drives off.)

Yoshi: Hang tight! Yoshi a jet!

(The scene shifts to the side of a lava pool in rocky terrain. The Dino Riders are snacking while the Marios are tied up.)

Mario: Hey, how about some food?

(Duke grabs Rockman's bowl and places it in front of the Marios.)

Duke: Last meal, plumber men!

Luigi: Hey, this looks delicious! What is it?

Duke: Goomba quiche! Lulu make!

Mario: Uh, how about we have our last meal a little later like, uh, next week, maybe?

(Yoshi and Princess poke their heads out from behind a nearby rock.)

Luigi: Mario, it's hopeless!

Mario: Hey, the Mario Bros. never give up! You never know when an idea can hit ya!

Yoshi: Yoshi to rescue!

(Yoshi jumps on top of the Marios.)

Duke: It's Yoshi wimp! Get him!

(Yoshi eats away at the ropes.)

Mario: This is one time I'm thankful for your appetite, Yoshi!

(Now that the Marios are free, the three of them go after the Dino Riders. The song Time to Get Wild starts.)

Time to get moving (moving on out now) 

Time to kick it out now 

Rev up the engine (vroom vroom) 

Leave it all behind us 

We do anything we want to 

Tell us where you wanna be 

Time to get wild (yeah) 

Time to get wild 

Groovin' to a clifftop 

Ride out to the edge now 

Rev up the engine 

Lookin' now to fly down 

Time to get wild (get wild) 

Time to get wild (get wild) 

Time to get wild (get wild) 

Time to get wild

(The Dino Riders throw their quiche at the Marios, but Yoshi eats it. Mario, now wearing a helmet, gets onto Lulu's bike and Luigi, who's also wearing a helmet, gets in the side car. Yoshi knocks over the other bikes, runs off, and gets onto his bike with Princess on the back. Duke and Rockman get onto their bikes and Lulu gets onto the back of Duke's bike. Yoshi and Mario drive their bikes up a Triangle Block and up a cliff wall. Rockman attempts to drive up the Triangle Block, but flips in the air and breaks it. However, the Dino Riders manage to catch up with Mario and co.. Yoshi does a wheelie as he approaches a row of overhead blocks. The front wheel hits the blocks, the last of which contains Yoshi Wings. Yoshi grabs them and flies over a 

lava pool. Mario uses a Fire Flower to become Fire Mario. He shoots at Rockman, and manages to knock him off his bike and into the lava. Yoshi's wings disappear and he lands on the ground, only to be pursued by Duke and Lulu. Duke hits a cactus, causing him and Lulu to fly off and hit a wall of blocks as the song ends. Coins fly out of the blocks and pile on top of them. Mario and Yoshi drive up to a warp pipe.)

Mario: Here's our ticket out of here! Move it guys, before those Dino Riders get back on their wheels!

(The Marios and Princess remove their helmets and walk up to the pipe.)

Princess: Come on, Yoshi! They're right behind us!

Yoshi: Oh, what about Yoshi motorcycle?

Princess: It won't fit! Besides, it belongs to the Dino Riders. Unless you still wanna be part of their gang.

Yoshi: Oh, Yoshi no gangster! No way! Bye-bye bike! Me go home! Clean up Yoshi paint and Bob-omb mess!

(Yoshi places his jacket on the handles and follows others into the pipe. The Dino Riders run up to the pipe immediately afterwards.)

Rockman: Hey, what's gone?

Duke: Koopa reward gone!

Lulu: Lulu fingernail polish gone!

Luigi: He did it. Yay, Yoshi!

(The scene shifts to the group's dome. Mario and Luigi are finishing up their job.)

Princess: Boy, I'm sure glad Yoshi decided to stay out of that gang!

Mario: Yeah, me too! I promised I wouldn't yell at him again!

Luigi: Ding.

(Luigi tightens the pipes one last time with the pliers.)

Luigi: Tada! It's ready, Princess!

(The three of them hear Yoshi munching on bamboo. Yoshi enters and sure enough, that's exactly what he's up to. )

Mario: Yoshi, not again!

Yoshi: *laughs* Yoshi joking! Try faucet now!

(Princess turns on a tap and water pours out of the faucet. Everyone laughs.)