Zack: Somebody tell me what's going on?

Kevin 11: Psych! you know about going to happened,Ben 10 is gathering all the peeps together and trying to get a Musical masterpiece together.

The 90s Kid: And what's does that means? Kevin 11 (Kevin 11 looks and touching the metal part of the beam)

Kevin: It's mean it been singed by Mitch Miller and the Gang, perhaps you haven't heard of them.

Gwen: I Thought Ash,Misty and Brock was going to sing Not, Mitch And the Boys!

Kevin:Gwen, you gotta believe it it's going be fine Come on let's that slide.

Humongous: Come on Guys, big warm up practice come on let's that slide in I need big mouth for that song. Ivy, it's the Impression ed Santa right.

Ivy: Just getting the Beard on the face.

Humungousaur: And I Thought it was going be a Easy timing for the Song,Linkara.

Linkara: Please, this is our first time ever collaborating in the Musical that I just purchased to make CoolZDanethe5th is getting dropped in by Coppa.

Brother Bear: Who POPPA?

Linkara: That's not the Importance.

Gwen Tennyson: (to Linkara) Oh does that means Halloween Music Video could have wait Until Next fall!

Ben Tennyson: Gwen, I Told you I got this all under control we have totally know what does it feels.

Zack: So Tell me Ben how does that Christmas Music Video explained the Christmas that going happened in December 2019!

Ben Tennyson becomes Spider Monkey.

Spider-Monkey: Anything you know I was been so proud of my perfect inheritance for this Christmas!

Papa Q Bear: TENNYSON!

Spider-Monkey: All-right Papa Q Bear, maybe that Ground-rule double to make it easily but It's cool!

Zack; You got me involved but what about the Eds.

Grandpa Max: Cameos, Ho-Ho-Ho!

Ivy: That too much.

Gwen Tennyson: Easy there Now we gotta this under control let's that Music Video Played,

Zack: OK,Let's the CM V Begin Player, hit it.

(Must Be Santa-Mitch Miller and the Boys)

Zack and Gwen laughs

(Ben and Ivy faints and the Characters falls down)

Linkara: Now that's what I Called a Holiday extraganava.

90's Kid: Excuse me What gift do you have for your new GF.

Zack: A Gift?

Kevin: Yeah to show your prowless.

Zack: I Don't know what I can give to you?

Gwen: oh, you can do it it's Almost through Thanksgiving.

((The Nostlagtic Critic showing at the seat and finally appears and saying)

Well at long you almost know about that Shymalan Month is going appeared and here it comes.

Shymalan: Why does everybody keep on Hiring me ALL MY WORK IS SHIIIITTT!

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