1 "Will I always digress? I think so. "Impossible not to. "Ideas take hold of me. I am a woman. I tell my story. "Consider my words. "See how little I misuse the privileges this gives me." Start over from "I am a woman." But first say it to yourself. "I am a woman" is a truth. Understand, Sada? Start from there. You tell your story. It's a truth. "I am a woman. And I tell my story. "Among the young men I attracted "was one I myself noticed. "My gaze fell upon him in particular. "I didn't realize the pleasure I procured. "I flirted with others, not with him. "I wanted to watch him, not please him." Thank you, Sada. Malisse? "It seems "first love begins with this sincerity. "Perhaps its sweetness curtails the desire to please. "In turn, he observed me "differently from other young men. "More reservedly, yet more thoughtfully. "There was something more serious between him and me. "Others welcomed my charms. "I felt at times he was not indifferent to them, "but so confusedly, I could not say what I thought of him "nor of myself." "We left the church. I remember walking slowly. "I reduced my pace. "I was sorry to be leaving that place. "My heart was missing something, but it did not know what it was. "I say it did not know. Perhaps it did, "for as I left, I often turned around to see the young man I left behind "without knowing I did so for him." What does it mean that her heart was missing something? When you exchange glances, when you cross paths and you both exchange glances spontaneously, like with love at first sight, is there something less or more in your heart? Eli... Regret? Regret about not speaking to the person. For you it's regret? So regret is something less in your heart. Regret about not filling the emptiness in your heart. Thank you, Eli. Let's stay on this passage and compare it to The Princess of Clves. Particularly when she first meets the Duc de Nemours. Furthermore, I want you to think about the idea of predestination in their encounters, okay? Which happens, for example, with love at first sight. Honestly, if I can get laid, I will. But I won't wait three months. Four days is all it takes. Who needs to wait three months to get laid? He seems a little wishy-washy. A little? He just sat there for an hour! Just a second. Thomas keeps looking at you. Behind me? Look. He can't see. He keeps staring. Yeah, and it's not the first time. He's totally into you. - Never noticed? - Come on! Give me a break. I've seen him do it. It could be any of us. He's sneaking a peak. You can look. I don't believe you. - I'm sure you can. - Can what? What do you think? Play cards? It's obvious you're both into each other. He's cool. It's totally possible. Seriously, he's hung up on you. You think you like him? Sure, physically. Yeah, he's cute. More than just "yeah". He's cute, but he's not Brad Pitt. Pretty close! Honestly, he is. Our choices at school suck. Yeah, and then? So he called and I told him off. He's gone. I swear, it is so in the bag! Stop turning around, Amlie. She is so heavy-handed. I checked out his friend. He's not bad either. Hugo? He is totally cute. No more Vincent. It's Hugo now. Vincent's with his sister. He's so hot. Can I have some more? It's so good. Some more? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What's up? Can I sit here? If you want to. This weather sucks. It's crazy. What's the book? Marivaux's Life of Marianne. We have to do a presentation on it. - Interesting? - It's amazing. - You're a junior? - Yeah, and you? Senior. In science. Like it? It's not that I like it. I'm just good in math. And after high school? I'd like to work in music. Start a record label. Discover artists, start a production company. And do you... - You play, or just want to produce? - I play too. What? I play percussion... guitar, piano. I'm not a pro, but... Where did you learn? On my own. With videos. By listening. - You play anything? - No. I'd like to, but I'd have to start with music class. It's not for me. It's awful. My mom made me go. I hated it. Turned me off for 10 years. What do you listen to? Everything. I can get into reggae, gypsy music, classical, dubstep. Everything. Only thing I really can't stand is metal and hard rock. People with long hair who scream. No words, no melody... not my thing. It's annoying. But everything else. Oh, fuck. Why? Because... my big thing is hard rock. I mean it. It's no joke. I'm into the hard stuff. Hard rock, hard metal. You said it's lots of screaming. You may not like my stuff. I associate it with guys with long hair who scream. So I pass. Maybe your stuff is different. I'm sorry. - I was kidding. - You don't play it? I was trying to fix things. I couldn't. I kept blabbering on. You really think they all have long hair? Almost. I don't play it, but it's not true. But you don't play it? I'll play you my stuff. Yeah, cool. I'd like that. That way we have to get together again. Sorry. You okay? Fine, and you? - Sorry, I got held up. - No problem. The train was late. Been waiting long? What now? You want to eat something? A waffle, a crpe. We can sit outside. But a gyro instead. You got me slaving away this weekend. Why? Life of Marianne. - You read it? - I tried. I started. And? It's pretty tough. Slow-going. You mean you don't like it? Thick books like that... they put me off. I put down some short books after two pages. But how can anyone not like it? I didn't say that. It's all that... that vocabulary, the long sentences, the old stuff. There's lots of description. He explores sentiments but gets under her skin. Who knows? Maybe you'll make me like it. I'll try to read it all. Ever read a book you liked? Have you read a book you liked? I never read a book! You never finished a book you liked? Never? There was one book I got into. But I didn't read it alone. What was it? Dangerous Liaisons. Choderlos de Laclos. You learned that by heart. Alone, I'd have missed out. Maybe you'd have found your own reasons for liking it. He explained each chapter, each letter, analysed stuff. It's a bunch of letters. You don't find it a pain, a teacher explaining it all? It made it come to life. I got into the double-dealing. At one point he writes to the "Marquise de Merqueuil". He says he loves her, but he's writing on a whore's back. When you read every other line, it's another letter, but she doesn't know. I'd never have gotten that. That stuff goes over my head. But in the end I got really into it. I'm the opposite. - You read a lot? - I love to. When a teacher makes me overanalyse a book or a text, tying everything into the author's life, it closes off my imagination. I don't like it. But why Marianne in particular? I was going to ask. Why that one? Finish and you'll see why. I'll read it. I swear I'll read Life of Marianne. Careful what you say. It's 600 pages. I'll read it. I don't give a fuck. Hello. You look like crap. You didn't sleep? You fucked. I smell it on you. How did it go with Thomas? Sleep with him? That's not an answer. I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant. We're tying the knot. - Sleep at his place? - No. - Details. - There are none. What did you two do? Spent the afternoon together. No afternoon fucks? So you deny it. What are you, a sex cop? I want details. It's obvious you fucked. Why not say so? I didn't or I'd say so. You didn't sleep. What did you do? Go on, say it. Come on. Because it sucked? I'd tell you, whatever happened. I promise. I don't buy it. With her face, the smell on her... I'm going in. And you? We're coming. I smell it from here. You are so gross. Since when is fucking a crime? He's following her. Straight to the bathroom! Adle? Got a sec? I feel like you're avoiding me. I don't know, maybe... you misunderstood, or I went about it too fast. In fact I like you a lot. Nothing to say? It wasn't good? Yes. It was great. Say something. I feel like I'm faking. Faking everything. If he's getting you so worked up... No, it's me. He's not the problem. I'm missing something. I'm all messed up. I'm crazy. There's a reason. You're not sad out of the blue. There have to be reasons. Come on, stop torturing yourself. I look like crap. Come on, you're gorgeous. - Stop. - I mean it. - Think I don't see myself? - How can you? My nose is running, my hair's all oily. My face is a mess. Adds to your charm. Thank God I have you. You'll make him dump you. Bastard. I won't have to tell him. If he sees me like this, he'll say, "Beat it." I'll answer, "Okay. You sure?" It's over. All settled. I'm sorry. I swear I am. Students, take to the streets! No to privatization! No to job cuts! No to austerity measures! More money for education! More money for education! From the city projects To the faraway countryside We're society's rejects Always on the outside We cannot find our place We do not have the right face Born without a silver spoon Inside a gilded cocoon Got no home, got no job Got no papers, we're the mob They don't want us to unite They've done it, all right Their world is dog eat dog In their machine we're a cog Let's fix a new goal Let's make their heads roll We won't give up! We won't give up! We won't give up! We won't give up, we won't give up! - We won't give up! - We won't give up! We won't give up, we won't give up! We won't give up! We won't give up! We won't give up, we won't give up! They look quadriplegic! "Little" is a word that comes back over and over in the play. It's a word that stigmatizes childhood, and powerlessness too. Childhood is a time... no longer for you... when we're helpless. Not big enough, not mature enough, not strong enough. Antigone is still a child. She's still little. "Too little", as she says. But she refuses to be little anymore. Not that day. It's the day she will say no. The day she says no, the day she dies. What we have here is a perfect example of tragedy. Tragedy is the unavoidable. It's what we cannot escape, no matter what. It concerns eternity. It concerns what is timeless. It concerns the mechanism, the essence, of humankind. - You okay? - And you? I was bored stiff in French. Got a light? You okay? Not too cold? We're fine. Alice is cute. She has a nice little ass. Checking out her ass? I just noticed it when she walked by. The kind of girl I like. Something cool about her. Don't be jealous. You're cute too. I'm not jealous. You sure? You know it anyway. Know what? That you're really cute. You're one of the prettiest girls in our grade. It's true. Surprised to hear me say it? I like that mysterious side of yours. I bet the guys love it. Not really. Anyway, I find you cute. Thanks. Even cuter than Alice. - Are you blushing? - No. Not at all. You are too! No. Let me see. Am I? It's freezing. - I'm dying to skip English. - Me too. - See you later? - Okay. - Bye. - Bye. The drumstick? I don't care. Give me your plate. I'll give you potatoes after. What's wrong with it? No idea. It cooked long enough. It's hard to take apart. - Want some? - Yes, please. Give me your plate. You seem out of it, Adle. Enjoy. Want some? Yes, please. What? You look like you had a great day. I guess so. It shows. Not hungry? I'd like some salad. How are you? And you? Sorry, I didn't think... that you'd get so hooked. What happened yesterday was just... It happened on the spur of the moment. I didn't think you'd make much of it. Understand? Nothing will change between us. I won't tell anyone. I'm sorry. See you later. Adle. Adle, come here. Adle. Adle! Can't she hear me? Why did you ignore me? What is it? Nothing. - Tell me what it is. - Nothing. - Talk to me. - Let's go out. What's up? Adle, my friends. How are you? Nice to see you. You okay? Come on and dance a little. Want to dance? I'll finish my drink first. Let's all dance. I'll watch you, then I'll come. Promise? Love has no gender. Take whoever loves you. Whatever makes you happy. Who cares? True love. Even if we have to die tomorrow, who cares? How are you? Looking for someone? I'm meeting a friend. Too bad. Enjoy your evening. First time here? You seem lost. I'd buy you a drink, but you've got one. Are you okay? Yeah. Talking to my cousin? Your cousin? Can I go? Be my guest. Be good. Sophie, strawberry milk, please. Why are you here all alone? I don't know. I came in here by chance. By chance. Okay. You're drinking a Bulldog. Bull dyke beer. I had no idea. Sure is. Thank you. So. Taste this. So? You like it? Honestly? You won't be upset? No, go ahead. It's gross. I love it. Your type is rare here. What's my type? Your type... I don't know, underage... hanging out in bars at night. How do you know I'm underage? I can just tell. Or else... a straight girl who's a little curious. Like I said, I came in here by chance. No such thing as chance. Think so? What's your name? - Adle. - Adle. Pretty name, Adle. Adle means something in Arabic. I think it means sun. Hope. Love. It means justice. I was close. Sun... What's your name? My name's Emma. What do you do? What do you think? Hairdresser? Fourth year of Fine Arts. Fine Arts? You like it? Yeah, I do. Why is it called Fine Arts? Are there arts that are ugly? No ugly arts. I mean... some can be ugly. But it's subjective. Because there are also Decorative Arts, Applied Arts. There's no Ugly Arts school. Why not? That's a good point. At the time of the Impressionists, everyone who was rejected from the Salon for beautiful paintings and everyone who was considered, for instance... "ugly" went to the Salon of the... Ugly. Sort of the Salon of the Ugly. The best artists. You like painting? I don't know much, but I like it. What do you know? Picasso. And... Picasso. So you already know... Picasso. What do you do, Adle? I'm in school. Oh yeah? What are you studying? Literature. I haven't graduated yet. I'm in high school. I'm doing French lit. Okay, I see. What's your favourite subject? Depends on the teacher. If the teacher inspires me, I like it all. I find it interesting. It's a problem, because my grades can vary. They can drop from 15 to 4 in a year. From 15 to 4? From 15 to 4? With you it's all or nothing. But... they don't vary in French, because I love to read. And languages too. Because... - In fact I love English. - I'm lousy at English. Really? It's something I'd really like to... I should take English classes. My accent is shit. It's horrible. - I'm really good. - Really? Lucky you. And since I love American movies, now I can watch movies What was that? I can't remember. Say it. I love American movies. Like what? I love it all. Scorsese, Kubrick... Hey, honey. What're you up to? Not saying hi to my cousin? Cousin! Cut it out. How old is your cousin? Allowed to be here? Girls, show some respect. We're going clubbing in Belgium. Want to come? - Good for you. - What? You coming? Come along with us, honey. You can bring your cousin. Hey, cousin... She's cute! We'll be waiting. Five minutes! What high school? Pasteur. Damn it, Emma! I can't talk for five minutes! What do I owe you? It's paid for. How did you do? I flunked it big-time. And I studied during break. You cheated. You were caught red-handed, like an asshole. - How are you? - And you? I was nearby. I thought we'd have a drink. Adle, you know her? Adle! Adle! Adle! Adle! See that tomboy? Where are they going? Can I move? - Sure you can. - Really? No, stay like that. - Seriously? - Yeah, you can move. Thanks. Thanks for what? Just thanks. Embarrassed? A little. Really? Yeah. It doesn't make you happy? It does. Doesn't show. I don't get sketched every day. You often draw people you meet? No, not often. I just felt like it. - My hair isn't a mess? - It's pretty. Don't touch. I rarely do portraits. I pick a detail. And I use it again after. Differently. It can be... a skin fold by the lips or an emotion in the eyes. "The mysterious weakness of man's face." - Know that? - I don't think so. Sartre. - Know him? - Yeah, but I never heard that. I tried his essays, but I didn't understand. I prefer his plays. You know Dirty Hands? Yeah. - Like it? - Love it. Me too. Try Existentialism is a Humanism. Good introduction to philosophy. And not too hard. The idea behind Sartre is that existence precedes essence. We're born, we exist... and then define ourselves by our actions. It gives us a great responsibility. I think I read it. I'm sure. - Really? - Yeah. But I didn't understand. Maybe I'm bad at philosophy, but for me, existence, essence is like the chicken and the egg. I don't think we can ever know what came first. You're funny. None of that stuff matters much. He started an intellectual revolution that set an entire generation free. He said we can choose our lives without any higher principle. I was big on Sartre in high school. - Really? - It did me good. Especially in affirming my freedom and my own values. And the rigorousness of his commitments. I agree with it. Sort of like Bob Marley. Yeah. Almost. I'm not so sure of that. I'm almost sure of that. Their ideas are similar. You know "Get Up, Stand Up"? Yeah, I know it. He's committed. It's true. Same as Sartre. Philosopher, prophet... same thing. You can help me with philosophy, because you seem... Whenever you want. I have to go. I was supposed to meet Sabine 15 minutes ago. Want to see? You don't have to like it. Yeah, I like it. It's strange, because it's me and it isn't. It's a sketch. It needs some work. I'll give it to you. Been with Sabine long? It's been... about two years. Why? I have to go. What's your schedule like? I'm studying for exams. But maybe I can squeeze you in. Yeah, I'll have time. Here's my number. Promise you'll call? I swear. Okay. See you soon. Deal. Here she is. Speak of the devil. A friend of yours. Someone named Emma. You're welcome. Good-bye. Just checking you gave me the right number. Think I'm avoiding you? I don't know. Since I'm the weird and imposing type. You think you're a certain type? Maybe. The type who's over 18 and hangs out in gay bars. I think we're pretty different. I'm not so sure. You can't tell from one meeting. How are you? And you? Got a light? Who was that girl who came? With blue hair. A little bit dykey. - Whatever. - Totally. Blue hair doesn't mean dyke. It's obvious she eats pussy. Where did you meet? I met her in a caf. In a caf? Not in a gay bar, by chance, with Valentin? He said you went out with him. Why hang out there? But I don't. You didn't go with him? He told us all. I don't know why he said that. Valentin! You go to a gay bar with Adle the other night? - Yeah, so what? - Just asking. You lied. It's not good. I didn't lie. It's just that... we were out walking, and we had a drink, that's all. - That was all. - Just a drink in a gay bar. - Okay, no problem. - End of story. We're just asking. Why did she come meet you here? Because we're friends. Why don't we know her if you're friends? I only just met her. You already eat her pussy? - What bullshit. - You're fast. You were this close! We were just talking. Talk to friends like this? You talk to me like this? You blew me off and ran after her. Is she the new woman in your life? Fess up and tell us. But there's really nothing to fess up to. She's a friend. We were talking, so we were close. What you're saying sounds phony. I don't know. It sounds phony because... you're all grilling me. Admit you eat pussy. I don't care if you're a lesbo. It's your life. But you've slept naked a few times in my bed. That's harder. - I'm a friend. - I know. I prefer to be clear. So admit it. I won't admit to what I'm not. Give us a break, Adle. Some lesbo comes and picks you up at school... She's not a lesbo. Don't deny it. You can see it from a mile away. You're a lesbo? Fess up. I don't care, but keep me out of it. You'll never eat my pussy. I'd never touch you. I'm no lesbian! Chill out. Don't tell me to chill. She's talking crap. I'm fighting back. You're freaking out! You're talking crap in front of everyone. I'm not a lesbian! Relax. - You relax. - We're talking. Just fess up. She jumped down my throat! Relax. How old are you? How old are you? I'm not a lesbian. Are you stupid? You see what's going on? She's a whore. She sleeps naked in my bed, checks out my ass. Cut the shit! Whores like you are into ass. Does your bitch have a blue pussy? Fucking cunt! Fucking lesbo! Go eat pussy! What the hell? Why tell everyone we went to a gay bar? Why the fuck did you do it? It's not the end of the world. It is! They all think I'm a lesbian, that I eat pussy. She thinks I check out her ass. You said we'd ask calmly. Don't look. Listen to me. You're not talking. You attacked her. She attacked us. She attacked physically. But you did verbally. - We asked nicely. - You did not. If I were a closeted fag, I'd have done the same. Come on, let's fight. You'll never touch my pussy! Dirty dyke! Shut your face! He mentions "a pathological scruple". What is that? Does that mean gravity, for you? Louis? In stanza two, he says... "The only vice of water is gravity." He associates natural law, the universal law of gravity, with a vice, as if... everything natural is perverted, and vice versa. It's sort of... It's sort of the opposite of... Catholic conservatism, which would say that vice is not natural, and you have to... repress it, reject it. He says that gravity itself is a vice. It can't be avoided. It's totally intrinsic to water. Adle, what do you think? About what Louis said. I agree. Are you following any of this? No. We're talking about a vice intrinsic to water. Gravity. Start reading from "This vice..." Page 62. Throwing away the skin? Yeah, why? You don't eat it? I don't like it. I love it. I eat all the skins. - Rinds too. - Yeah? As a kid I even ate my scabs. I loved them. You're funny. So you're really into eating. You can't imagine. I can see. I eat everything. I could eat non-stop all day. It's scary. Even when I'm full. Everything but shellfish. - Really? - That's all. That's what I like most. It's beyond me. I love oysters. Really? The texture alone grosses me out. Yeah? That's the best part. They're like little snot balls. Big snot balls. They remind me of something else. I don't want to know. Something to say? I don't know. What? I wanted to know when was the first time that you tasted... Tasted a sausage? Tasted a girl. A girl? You mean kiss? Or taste? Kiss. To start with. Then we'll see. I was fourteen. Sometime around then. There was a party. All the girls had guys. And I... I went out with Louise. That was her name. We didn't kiss during the party, but... I asked her to sleep over. That's when we kissed. You've always preferred girls? I tried both. I dated boys, girls... and I realized I preferred girls. For sure. It's nice being here. Yeah. A little too nice. I guess so. It's here. Mom? - How are you? - Fine, and you? Adle... my mom, Catherine. We've heard good things about you. I'm glad to be here. - For you. - I'll take that. Very nice, thank you. Hi, honey. How are you? - And you? - I'm fine. So... - We've been waiting. - What's to eat? Your favourite. That's Adle. Vincent, my stepdad. The family cook. We're having white. Okay with you? - Sure. - White's fine. White too? Tell me what you think of it. I like it. Vincent's new pick. We drank a lot while we were waiting for you. - Not that much. - True. We were reasonable. But it's always nice to cook with a glass of white. My dad's the same. Really? Shall we toast? To love. Welcome, Adle. Big words. To love. Yes, to love, my love. To love, then. How is it? - Delicious. - Very good. Good, isn't it? I like it a lot. Me too. I don't know wine, but it's good. I bet you haven't eaten all day. Adle... I went and bought the best I could find at Trire. You know it? - No. - No? Just by name. By name. - Help yourself. - I'm fine. Shit, I forgot to tell you that Adle... doesn't like shellfish. I'm so sorry. No big deal. Seafood isn't really my thing. But don't worry. I'm not difficult. A nightmare. It's all we have. You're a pain. I go all out, then you come and say... "Adle hates oysters." I'll have other stuff. The entre too? No problem. - Even jumbo shrimp? - Especially. No biggie. Perfect occasion to initiate her. It's fine. Like at the school cafeteria. You squeeze lemon on the oyster. Okay. And usually, if it's really good and fresh, it moves. That means... it's good. See? Look. - It's moving. - Why tell me this? - It's alive. - Exactly. It has to be alive. Don't eat it otherwise. Alive is good. You can eat the muscle too. I'm fine. Go on. The juice too. Well? - Are you okay? - It's good. - You seem to enjoy it. - It's good. I'll try another. Great. These are excellent oysters. You have beautiful paintings. My ex-husband was an art lover. Emma gets a lot of that from her father. Your ex loved art but your new husband... A lover as well. But most of the paintings here... Lover of what? They come from her father. A lover of food and wine. That counts. I agree. And also... culture. Tell us about yourself. We want to know about your life, what you want to do. I want to teach. Right. Nursery school. I love kids. You love kids. Have you always wanted to teach? It's not that I loved the school system, but school means a lot to me. It's taught me a lot. It helped expose me to things that my parents or friends didn't show me. I want to pass that on. What do you need to do? I'll get a masters and then do teacher training. That way I can start by being an assistant teacher. And honestly, I don't see myself... going to school for 10 or 15 years just to end up unemployed. I want something concrete. Does the job market scare you? I sense it in what you say. Maybe you'll go to school and see that something else interests you. For now it's what interests me. At least you know where you're going. And that's important, I think. Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Surprise! Happy Birthday, my sincerest wishes May these flowers bring you joy May your year be sweet and carefree And next year may we all meet again Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy 18th, Adle! Thank you. Mom? Cheers. - He's the king of bolognese. - Hope you like it. Help yourself. Some wine? Yes, please. Nice to meet you, Emma. We've heard about you for months. Here you are at last. It's great to... to put a face to everything you've said. Really. I'm the one who... Thanks for having me. It's our pleasure. Enjoy your meal. - Enjoy your meal. - Enjoy your meal. Eat. It'll get cold. It's nice of you to help her with philosophy. It's a really hard subject. She was having a tough time, but now... it seems to be going well. Your grades are up. Thanks to you. It's a pleasure for me. I wasn't going about it right. She taught me... to make outlines. That's important. I don't know how they can do that subject in just a year. I don't see the point. You can't do it in depth. One year isn't enough. - Well? - It's delicious. I knew it. So you're at Beaux-Arts. Yes. - It shows. - Really? It's artistic. Not everyone likes it. No, it's not bad. It suits you well. Thanks. Do you do it... yourself? Yes. Her stuff is great. She's having a show. Already? At the end of the year we show our work. You have to let us know. We'll come see. Living off painting is pretty hard nowadays. True, it's difficult. The people who make a living off it are all dead. It's true. I'm a graphic artist too. And it's easier these days to live off graphic arts than off painting. There are openings in that. Yeah. It's important to have an artistic side. It's good to learn that. But you need a real job too. To earn a living. So if things ever get bad, you make a living. Not to pry, but your boyfriend... what does he do? He works in business. That's good. It's reassuring. That way you can do your painting and he... If you want to be an artist, it's nice to have a husband who pays the bills. We're not married. You have time. Take your time. - You never know. - True! The pasta is delicious. Simple but... - Thank you. - ...very good. My love. You scared me. I thought you were going to scream. I was going to shriek. Good thing you didn't. You're beautiful. So soft. My mom thinks you're sleeping in the bed there. On the cot. Enjoying philosophy? I love it. It's incredibly enriching. Very deep. Very intense. Orgasm precedes essence... Your grade better be good. Give me a grade. Fourteen. Fourteen! Just fourteen? You still need some practice. I'll give it all I've got. This time it must be the wolf. "It's Mrs. Goat, with my seven kids. "Let us hide. Have you heard the bad news?" The wolf is coming back! "Come inside," says Mr. Rabbit. Everyone sits down, and suddenly... Knock, knock, knock. It's the wolf! It must be the wolf. Must be. "It's me, Little Lamb. "I was down by the stream. "But I cannot go home, because... "the wolf is coming back!" "Come in," says Mr. Rabbit. "Come sit by the fire." Little Lamb sits by the fire when suddenly... Bang it. Keep moving. Keep using your hands! Play your drums. Don't stop. Keep on moving! You don't want to play? Want to stay here? Hey, you. Alone as usual. Yeah. Best behaved. Always has been. What are you doing tonight? I don't know. We're going out for a drink. Sylvie, Quentin, Anabelle... Want to come? Yeah. - Yes? - But tonight I have a family dinner. You have a lot of family dinners. These days I do. Maybe after. Around what time? Are you avoiding us? No, why do you say that? Whenever I suggest something, you're busy. Just bad timing, that's all. Is your family far? No, pretty close. Ten kilometres. Okay, then. I hope you'll be able to get free. I'll do my best. I swear I will. - Yes? - Yes. Cool. Cool. Adle. It's gorgeous. Good evening. I'm Adle. Hello. I've seen you on canvas. Finally in flesh and blood. - Good evening. - Good evening. I'm Adle. - How are you? - How are you? - Congratulations! - Thank you. There's champagne. - You made them? - Yes. - Like it? - Delicious. It's chicken inside? There's chicken, tuna, and shrimp. - Good to see you. - Same here. It's great. Soon. In two months I've gotten big. Come here. This is Lise. How are you? How are you? It's nice to see you. Want to touch it? Go on. - You don't mind? - Not at all. - Feel it? - Yes. Boy or girl? I don't want to know. To keep it a mystery? Does it hurt? Want to sit? - I'm fine. - Sure? Playing with baby? - Is he the dad? - Not at all. You thought it was him? No, no, no. Not him. I'm sorry. He's an uncle. Exactly. What you do is really nice. What do I do? On the paintings. Your presence, your poses. Stunning. Thanks. That's nice. It's normal. It's especially Emma who did it all. Very powerful. Joachim, she writes very well. Really? Can I read your stuff sometime? For the time being, all I've written is my diary. She's shy. I want her to write more. I see you here with a desire to appear on canvas. Your writing must be wonderful. I want to read it. Want a drink? - A glass. - Champagne? And that painting? That last one is amazing. Okay, so... First of all, thanks for being here. Thanks for being on time. I'd especially like to thank my muse, my source of inspiration who makes me happy today... Adle. Welcome, Adle! I'd also like to say she did all the cooking. Speech! It's your turn now. I'm really thrilled to meet you all, and I hope you like it. Don't cry. Cheers. Let's have a toast. To Adle! To Adle! To Emma and Adle! To love! To love! She's in a trance! And not even drunk yet! - That's good champagne. - Thanks. Anything else? Come sit down a little. Join us. What do you do? I teach nursery school. Okay. And you? I'm doing a Ph.D. Both art history and philosophy. I'm doing a Ph.D. on... You know Egon Schiele? - I told you about him. - Maybe. He does nudes, emaciated, in unlikely positions. A bit... I'm working on morbidity in Schiele's oeuvre. Didn't you show her some stuff? Yeah, but I prefer Klimt. Klimt is so... There's something so... florid... decorative. Florid and decorative? You and I can't talk. You hate it when people disagree. I like Schiele a lot. It's more twisted. It's darker, more obscure. That's the reason I like Klimt. It's that... The problem with that florid stuff... It's not florid. You can't say it's florid. I'm hungry! I'm starving. Some sauce too. Any Parmesan? Get in line. That's fine. Perfect. Thank you. You're welcome. It's so good! Adle, it's out of this world! Thank you so much. You're welcome. - Good? - Excellent. A worm crawls out of a plate of spaghetti and says, "That was some gangbang!" How sweet! "Sweet" may not be the word. What a pleasure to share this. Our kind of pleasure. Can pleasure be shared? We each experience it differently. My pleasure isn't the same as yours. I don't get the same pleasure as you. Find the Parmesan? ...between the sexes, a quality of pleasure so different that we attain differing realities. Over and above orgasm. I'm curious. Why do you think that? Because... We make faces? - We make more noise? - Big difference! Something to drink? Every time I slept with a woman, I noticed something that's not... She enters another world. That's it. Orgasm is an out-of-body experience. Our orgasm is limited. For you, female orgasm is mystical. I'm totally sure of it. Anyone need anything? Adle, Adle. Sit down. You've been serving everyone. Here, eat. Relax a little. You cooked for everyone. ...insofar as I'm a man, everything I glimpse is frustrated by the limits of male sexuality. Even though I've done it with men and women. I remember the story of Tiresias, who was lucky enough to be a man, then a woman, then a man again. When he was asked who gets more pleasure, man or woman, he answered categorically that women get nine times more pleasure than men. Ever since women have been shown in paintings, their ecstasy is shown more than men's, which is shown via woman. We see women bathing, we see... - The Origin of the World. - Yeah! Men try desperately to depict it. Meaning they saw it. - Or imagined it. - Or wished for it. It could be their fantasy. No, I think... - So it's based in... - Look in their eyes. That gaze into another world. Art by women never tackles female pleasure. Excellent pasta. Want some more? Yeah, I'd like a little. Not too spicy? You like spicy? It's a little spicy. But just spicy enough. You see, Emma, your paintings of Adle seem to illustrate this. I know I'll never experience that, because I'll always be a man. I love the sauce. Make it with fresh tomatoes? From the market. I can tell. Had you ever posed before? Never. It's your first time? I don't really pose. - Just with Emma. - Yeah? You seem comfortable in the paintings. Because they were at times when I... I don't know. I can't imagine doing it with someone else. I know it's a stupid question... but have you been with girls for long? Is Emma the first, or were there any before? She's the first. Is it different? - From what? - Guys. Yes. A little. Is it gentler? It depends. I have no idea. Sorry to ask like this. You don't have to answer. I don't think I could explain. What do you do? I teach nursery school. You like kids. Would you like to have some? What do you do? I'm an actor. I do action movies. I did an action movie, my first, in the States, that I got because I speak Arabic. They dig that. The beard thing. We were terrorists, hijackers. They love it when we say Allah al akbar. So we did that. I'm serious. It was fun to see how the Americans work. Where in the States? Where in the States? We shot it in a studio in L.A. But it took place in New York. They rebuilt the city. It's wild. It's like you're walking down the streets of New York. Then I was in New York on vacation. I really, really loved it. I'm sure it's a city you'd adore. - I'm dying to go. - Really? So go. Why wait? - It's a total trip. - Really? It's amazing. It's like walking on a film set. I swear. Such energy. Everything seems possible. You can do whatever. Like there are no barriers. There's a huge bug on you. - It's gone. - It's gone? What was it? I don't know. What are you reading? A piece on Schiele, the guy Lucie and I were talking about. Your friends are nice. They're funny. They talk about so much stuff. They seem so knowledgeable. So cultured. I felt uncomfortable. You were perfect. You made a good impression. Especially on Joachim. Really? What does he do? Joachim? I was afraid to ask. - Biggest gallery owner in Lille. - In Lille? He's extremely cultured. A genius. He knows everything. He shows only the crme de la crme. Believe me... if he ever shows my work, I've got it made. He'll show your work. - Think so? - Of course. He talks about you as if you were Picasso. It's business above all for those guys. - He's your friend. Why wouldn't... - My friend... Our relationship is mostly professional. Not really a friendship. But he can change things. Just believe in it. Knock on wood. You should also do something you really like. I work. I know. I don't mean that. You write really well, for example. Why not write some stuff? Even short stories... I've always just written for myself. It's a shame to waste your talent like that. I write what I feel. I can't expose my life to the world. You can invent rather than expose. I don't know how. You love inventing stories and telling them to kids. You like doing that. But for kids. Constructing a storyline isn't my thing. Anyway, it's up to you. I don't know. I'd like you to be... - Be what? - I don't know. Fulfilled. I am fulfilled with you. I like it that you're here, cooking and stuff... but I'd like to see you happy. I am happy. I'm happy with you, like this. It's my way of being happy. If you say so. It hurts when you insist. I'm not insisting. A little. Kiss me. A real kiss. I want you. I can't. Why not? I'm having my period. Why now? I don't know. It happens. You're early. What can I say? I have no idea. Is Lise your ex? - Lise? - Yeah. No. She paints too. Monday is all grey. Tuesday, yellow like hay. Pink Wednesday, stay home and play. Blue Thursday comes our way. Thursday green is next seen. Friday green! Look, the little children. Who's first today? Sana, stand up. It's your turn today Sana. Alright, quiet now. In the morning? We come to school. Listen, she's telling us what we do during the day. Listen up. Listen up, friends. Stop pinching, Maxence. Come here. Go on, Sana. We play. After we get here, we play. Yes. We do our activities. And then? We go outside for... Recess. Then? We have gym. After gym? We take a nap, and then we work with Thrse and Madame. Thanks, that's good. Go on. Time to stop talking. Do they have everything? I had three dollies. I can watch them now. - Really? - Sure. I'll meet you after. One new message. Honey, it's me. I'm still with Lise, working on the mock-up I mentioned. It's a big job, and it has to be perfect. Don't wait up. I'll be late. Call if you want. Take care. Adle, Adle. It's hot. What's his problem with me? He has a thing with lesbians! I'm happy to explain my paintings, to say what inspired me, but I can't get into intimate details. I don't have to justify who I am. There are things I don't want to tell him! No. Emma. I can't sell myself. When I see someone constantly needling me... He meant to put me down! That's the thing. He has to respect my work. It's my freedom of expression, my artistic freedom. I can paint what I want! You don't want some coffee? Too bad if it's no. But he can't say, "I'll buy your painting, "but accentuate the line... "or make it blurrier here, or use this or that colour." I'm not saying that. I'm open to criticism. I saw his questions coming. How can I answer that? Okay. See you. Ciao. Asshole. Bread and butter? It's crazy. They don't understand anything. There's a fad in painting. You have to follow it. I don't care about fads. - Want one? - No, thanks. I don't give a shit. People only think in terms of business. They have no... I don't know how to explain it... They have no taste. They just have no taste. It's normal to be tense at times. I get tense with colleagues too. Did you put your pacifier in the binky box? Say good-bye to Mommy. Thank you. How nice. Hang up your coat. Luna, go find your name. - Friends? - Yes. I wore my pants. Did you wear your pants? I wore this again. Thanks a lot. Anything wrong? I went out for a drink with my co-workers. After work. Why didn't you call? Did someone drop you off? Who? A girl from work. A girl? Why'd she drop you off down the street? I didn't want to say I went out with a girl. Really? Why am I whispering? You ashamed to be with a girl? No, but they don't all need to know. Afterwards they start blabbing. You think I'm ashamed? Who is he? Who? The guy who dropped you off. Just a co-worker. You think I'm stupid? No. - Think I didn't see? - He's a co-worker, I swear. I saw him. We work together. Come see. He's a co-worker in another class. How long have you been seeing him? Since I started there. Really? - Why are you lying? - I'm not. So why are you crying? I'm not crying. Then why the tears? I'm tired. I'm not dumb. How long have you been sleeping with him? I'm not sleeping with him. How long have you been lying to me? I'm not sleeping with him. We shared a drunken kiss once. So why are you crying? I regret it. I'm not dumb! - I swear. - Don't lie! I swear. How long have you been sleeping with him? How many times have you slept with him? Tell me! How long have you been lying to me? - Since when do you think I'm dumb? - I've never thought that. Get out of here! Get out. I don't want a liar here! Pack your stuff and go. Get going. Get lost! I slept with him two or three times. I can't remember. Two or three times? I didn't tell you because... I don't know... I couldn't explain it. I knew it was stupid. I felt so alone. Are you in love? Of course not! I just felt all alone. I never meant to hurt you. Fuck. I'm sorry. It's just that... Fuck this! He's nothing, just a colleague. It was a stupid mistake. I swear I never meant to hurt you. I promise I didn't. Adle, stop. Wait. You hurt me. It's done. No, I swear. It wasn't on purpose. There's no reason. You're a little slut. Little whore. You get fucked, right? You like that. You suck him off in his car and then kiss me? You dare kiss me? You dare touch me and look at me? You do stuff like that? And then you lie, you talk bullshit, you talk crap! - I'm sorry. - You're a slut! I don't know how to ask for forgiveness. There is no forgiveness! I never want to see your face again! Pack your bags and get out! Get out of my life! I wouldn't hurt you for anything. Adle, get out of here. Stop it. Get out of here now. Out of my house. No. Pack up and get out. I don't want a slut, a whore! Pack your stuff! Let me talk. He means nothing. I won't talk! Get the hell out! I'm sorry. I don't know why I did it. Take your clothes. Let me explain. - Let me explain it to you. - Adle, I can't. Let me explain... Get lost! Get out of here! I never want to see you again! I never want to see you again! Never again. Get out of my life! I don't know... Think you're the only one who suffers? It was nothing. Just let me... It's too late! Take your stuff and get out. No sluts here! Get out! I didn't do anything! Stop! I'm not an idiot! Don't do this. Where do I go without you? Go see that guy! I don't love him! It's you I love! I can't go! What will I do? What will I do? I'm begging you! Get out! Get out! Open the door! I'm sorry. Let me talk to you. I'm sorry. You're just a whore! Leave now, Adle! Did you pick these out? So pretty. I have so many I can make a garden. It's really nice of you. I can't even hold them all. Bye-bye, Lili Rose. That was a great dance you did. Bye-bye, Maxence. - Enjoy your summer. - You too. Good bye. See you. Careful. Not in the face or eyes. If you get it in her eyes, no swimming. - How's it going? - Fine. Can you watch mine for a minute? No problem at all. Concentrate on our dictation. On your slate... No drawing on your table! "In the kitchen..." Go on. "In the kitchen..." "In the kitchen, Mommy..." Start with a capital letter. " peeling... "an onion." Eyes down. No need to talk during dictation. "In the kitchen, Mommy is peeling an onion." Period. "Laura is playing the violin." - Is there an O? - Yes. What vowel is in the word "long"? Concentrate. Say it again for her. Shemzeddine, quiet. You think I enjoy this? Ready? If we're behind, it's your fault. God bless you. You're not concentrating. You're distracted. Dictation is taking an hour. We could have done it in 15 minutes and had time for fun. Who sees mistakes in her sentence? Are there any? "In kitchen Mommy is peeling an onion." You forgot the word "the". It's not a big mistake. You just weren't paying attention. "In the kitchen Mommy is peeling an onion." How did you spell "onion"? How did you spell it? It's like this. Did anyone spell it right? - Me. - Really? Who'll write the second sentence? Go ahead, Renda. How are you doing? It's been too long. Sit down. - Want something to drink? - Yeah, sure. I got a glass of white. I see. Taste it. I think you'll like it. No thanks, I'm okay. - Are you sure? - No, I'm fine. I called your stepdad. He said you'd like it. What do you want? I'll have a coffee. Excuse me. A coffee, please. - Yes, thank you. - Thank you. You doing well? I am. And you? Are you okay? Yeah. You have a new hairdo. Yeah. It makes me look old. Not too much. You still look as young. It's hard to lose these cheeks. I wanted to look more ladylike. I changed my hair to be taken seriously. But apparently... I was wrong. No. It looks good. You know, it happens faster than you think. Really? Thank you. I've never met anyone who wanted to look older. And you? What about your shows and stuff? Is all that going well? It's fine. It's all fine. Tell me. It's a little... a little complicated to organize. Press, journalists. The price of success. I see what your fans write on your site. Bunch of dykes. Hey, you asked for it. I saw your latest paintings. Really? You blow me away. It's new, yet it's still you. I'm lousy at explaining it. I'll buy one once I have some money. Come on, I'll give you one. I'll pay you. No you're not. Yes. It's important for me. I can pay in flesh and blood. It was a joke. A bad joke... but a joke. It was funny. And you're doing well? Still with my kids. I have first-graders now. Older. I'm a beginner, but... it's great. Them too, with their ABCs. During school break, I have a support group for the ones with problems. They're my favourites. Very special cases, but... they're magical. So gratifying when you can help. I'm having a blast. They put me to the test, push my limits. But it's fascinating. It's what you wanted. Yeah, I think. That's good. Yeah, it's great. But time-consuming. I have no time for myself. You don't go out? I do, but with other teachers. Nightclubs, Vieux-Lille, restaurants. But... I often go home alone. I mean, I'm all alone. And no boyfriend? No? Girlfriend? No. I had some stupid flings, but... nothing concrete. Anyway, I have a hard time getting attached. I can understand. It's not easy to be a couple. You still with the girl who was at our place? Lise? You happy? Yeah. That's good, then. Is she nice? Yeah, she's nice. I can see her cooking for you when you get home at night, giving you flowers in the morning. That's her style. It's especially the kid, Aude... that I like a lot. Yeah, she has a kid. She was very pregnant. - How old is she? - Three. I like her a lot. She's funny. We get along great. We clown around together. I teach her a lot. And Lise yells at us. No way. Two kids in the house is a lot. It's my family. And sexually? Do you enjoy it? It's... Lousy? It's not lousy, but it's... It's boring. I don't know, Adle. It's not like with you. I miss you. I miss touching each other, seeing each other, breathing in each other's scent. I want you. All the time. No one else. I miss everything. But I have to say, I miss this a lot. Let me touch you. Stop. Don't say you don't want to. I don't believe it. I know you miss it too. Touch. Stop it. I can't. Forgive me. I don't know. I don't know. It's beyond my control. You're forgiven. You won't see me anymore? No. You haven't forgiven me. Yes, I have. You don't love me anymore. Are you sure? Yes. I'm with someone else now. You know that. But I feel an infinite tenderness for you. I always will. My whole life. I'm sorry. You know me. Sometimes I cry for no reason. Yeah, I know you pretty damn well. Happens to me every time. I know. You're always blubbering. Leave whenever you want. Yeah, right. No, really. I won't bother you again. You're not bothering me. Okay, I'm going. Get going. Go on, beat it. Alexandre, wake up. You just got here. "No Need" by Alain Bosquet. Take your time. What's the hurry? Pronounce so we all understand. "No Need" by Alain Bosquet. "The elephant's trunk "is for picking up pistachios. "No need to bend down." Stop. Adam, can you continue? You know where we are? "The giraffe's neck is..." Louder, please. Start from the beginning. "The giraffe's neck is for grazing on the stars. "No need to fly." Very good. Prune? "The chameleon's skin, "green, blue, purple, white, "is for hiding from animals. "No need to run away." Thank you. Wassila? "The poem of the poet is to say all this "and thousands and thousands of other things. "No need to understand." I know, I put an H in every word. I can't believe she came. It's been ages. How are you? I'm great, Adle. - How are you? - You're Myrime. Myrime, exactly. I haven't seen you in ages. What a pretty dress. I love the colour blue. Thanks. That's nice of you. Can I ask you something? My nephew, Nicolas Rouillard. Ring a bell? He said his teacher was named Adle. You? Seriously. What's he like? Adorable. My sister's son. I wanted you to give me the scoop on him. How funny. Is he a good worker? Really? A sweetheart. Cool. I'm going to go mingle. We'll talk later. - See you. - Ciao. - Are you okay? - Yes. And you? How did you get here? By foot. I live nearby. Nice neighbourhood. Welcome. Yeah thanks. Thanks for inviting me. It's normal. - So here are my paintings. - Okay. And behind you is a painter named Ad Bernard. Okay. That one is awesome. It's amazing. Really. Everything. Hello. How are you? Remember me? We love it, but we have a few questions. That's why I'm here. Excuse me. I see old Emma, new Emma, blue and red. The life bearer. She seems totally at peace, yet there's something troubling in her eyes. I like it. I was wondering what she's thinking. There's an incipient happiness, but also a lot of anguish. Her gaze is absent, yet it seems to beckon us amid all the colours. I'll be right back. We'll talk afterwards. Sarah went to Beaux Arts too. I love what you do. I feel a passion, a movement... in the lines. Too much talk. What a pick-up artist. It's nice to see you. How do you like it? It's... It's breathtaking. And Joachim's showing her work. When I got the invitation, I thought of you both. She really wanted it. It was perfect timing. It's really good. And you see... you're still here. It's nice to see. Okay. See you later. Sure thing. Hi. You doing okay? - Enjoying yourself? - Yeah, it's all right. - How are you? - And you? Yeah, great. Good to see you. Same here. Are you still in movies? Real estate now. I'm still doing movies, but very little. I was sick of... rubbing everyone the right way. Ball-busting directors. It was a pain. Better to be a hypocritical salesman. Like the show? Not bad. It's not really my thing. You're still as beautiful. Think so? Even in real life. That makes you laugh? At least you're smiling again. It's not that hard seeing Emma? No, things are settled between us. As long as they're settled. So... You ever get to New York? Not yet. Travelling opens your mind. Yeah, I know. Let me steal him for a minute. - Come on. - One sec. It was great. Thank you very much. I saw you in a movie. - Acting suited you. - Really?

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