Joe: Come On In!

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow!

Joe: What Did You Say?

Viewer: A Clue, A Clue!

Joe: You See A Clue?

Viewer: We See A Clue!

Joe: Another Blue's Clues Day, Hooray! Do You Want To Play...

All: Blue's Clues?

Joe: So Count To Three!

Pail, Periwinkle And Shovel: One, Two, Three!

Joe: And Clap Your Hands!

Tickety, Slippery And Magenta: Clap Your Hands!

Joe: Learn Something New!

All: Something New! Join Our Blue's Clues Band Today!

Mailbox: Right This Way!

All: It's Another Blue's Clues Day!

Mr Salt: Blue’s Wishes.

All: It's Another Blue's Clues Day!

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Joe: (Train Chugging) Shhh.

All Aboard.

Hi, We’re Playing Trains.

Make Train With Us.

(Train Chugging)

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Joe: (Train Chugging) Trains Coming Blue.

Blue: Bow, Bow! (Barking Excited)

Joe: There We Go Conductor Blue.

( Giggles, Laughs )

Blue: ( Barking )

( Barking "Chugga-Chugga" )

Joe: Where Did Our Train Go?

Blue: ( Barking )

Joe: A Door!

What Do You Think Is Inside?

Let's See.


Blue: ( Barking )

Wish-Wand: Hi, I'm Wish.

Joe: "Wish"?

Wish-Wand Yep. Today Is Your Wish Day.

All Day Long, I'll Make Your Wishes Come True.

Joe: Wow!

A Whole Day Of Wishes!

I Can't Believe It!

Blue: ( Barks Excitedly )

Joe: Thanks, Wish.

Blue: ( Barks ”Thank You" )

Joe: What Should We Wish For First?

Blue: ( Barking )

Joe: Great Idea, Blue.

Let's Wish To Be Really Small So We Can Take A Ride On This Train.

Blue: ( Barks )

Joe: That's A Good Wish, Right?

Wish-Wand: To Make Your Wish Come True, We Just Sing This Song:

Wish, Come True, Come True, Come True

Wish, Come True!

Blue: (Are Tiny) ( Barking )

Joe: (Are Tiny) It Worked! Look How Small We Are.

Blue: (Are Tiny) ( Barks )

Joe: (Are Tiny) All Aboard!

Blue: (Are Tiny) ( Barks "All Aboard!" ) ( Barking )

Joe: (Are Tiny) Choo-Choo!

( Train Whistle Blows )

Joe: (Are Tiny) Chugga-Chugga, Chugga-Chugga, Chugga-Chugga, Chugga-Chugga.

Blue: (Are Tiny) ( Barks "Choo-Choo" )

Joe: (Are Tiny) Ooh, We're Going Up The Hill. And Down The Hill-- Whoo-Hoo!

Oh, Look At The Castle.

It Looks So Big.

Blue: (Are Tiny) ( Barking )

Joe: (Are Tiny) Oh, No! Something's In Our Way.

What Do You Think It Is?

Let's See.

It's My Duck, Boris.

Hey, Boris, You're Bigger Than We Are!

( Laughs )


Being Small Is Amazing.

I'm So Glad We Made This Wish.

( Giggles )

Blue: (Are Tiny)  ( Barking )

Joe: (Are Tiny) Blue, You Want To Make Another Wish?

Blue: (Are Tiny) ( Barks )

Joe: (Are Tiny) Well, What's Your Wish Going To Be?

Blue (Are Tiny): (Barking) Leaving Pawprint On The Screen.

Joe: (Are Tiny) We'll Play "Blue's Clues" To Figure It Out.

I Love Playing Blue's Clues.

We Are Gonna Play Blue’s Clues Cause A Really Great Game Yeah 

So Remember Blue’s Pawprints Will Be On The Clues Blue’s Clues.

You Know What We Need To Play Blue's Clues-- Our Handy-Dandy...

Viewer: Notebook.

Joe: (Are Tiny) Notebook, Right. Come On.

Blue: (Are Tiny) ( Barks )

Joe: (Are Tiny) Side Table Drawer!

Sidetable: Joe! Blue!

You're... Tiny.

Joe: (Are Tiny) I Know. Isn't It Great?

Can We Have Our Notebook, Please?

Sidetable: Okay, But Watch Out.

Don't Let The Notebook Fall On Your Head.

Blue: (Are Tiny) ( Barks )

Joe: (Are Tiny) Thanks, Side Table.

Blue: (Are Tiny) ( Barks "Thanks, Side Table" )

Joe: (Are Tiny) ( Grunts ) Oh, No, We're Too Small To Lift Our Notebook.

I Think We'll Have To Go Back To Our Regular Size.

But How Do We Do That?

Wish-Wand: I’ll Tell You. To Make The Wish End, Just Take Your Pinkie And Touch Your Nose.

Joe: (Are Tiny) Let's Try It.

Pinkies Ready?

Pinkie... Nose.

Blue: ( Barks "Wow" )

Joe: It Worked.

We're Not Small Anymore.

Thanks, Side Table.

Sidetable: ( Giggles ): You're Welcome.

Joe: Come On.To Play Blue's Clues, We Gotta Find Three...

Viewers: Pawprints!

Joe: Pawprints! One, Two Three! And Those Are Our...

Viewers: Clues!

Joe: Our Clues?

Viewers: Our Clues!

Joe: Then You Put Them In Our...

Viewers: Notebook!

Joe: Cause They're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues!

You Know What To Do!

Sit Down In Our Thinking Chair

And Think, Think Think...

'Cause When We Use Our Minds,

And Take A Step At A Time,

We Can Do Anything...

Blue: Ba-Bow!

Joe: That We Want To Do.

Are You Ready To Play Blue's Clues To Figure Out What Blue's Wish Is?

You Are? Great.

Where Did Blue Go?

That Way?

Joe: Come On.

We Are Looking For Blue's Clues 

We Are Looking For Blue's Clues 

We Are Looking For Blue's Clues 

Wonder Where They Are.

Viewer: A Clue.

Joe: Hmm?

You See A Clue?


Viewer: There.

Joe: Over There?

I Don't See It.

Where Is It?

Viewer: It's Behind You.

Joe: There's A Clue On Our Whole Backyard.

( Laughs )

How Did I Miss That?

Hey, You Know What We Need-- Our Handy-Dandy...


Notebook-- Right. ( Chuckles )

So, Let's Draw Our Backyard.

Backyard: Hi.

♪ I'm The Backyard.

What Could Blue's Wish Be With Me?

Any Ideas?

Joe: Hey, Pail.

Hey, Blue.

Pail: Hi.

I'm Reading A Book About A Horse.

But You Know What?

I Wish He Was A Real Horse That I Could Ride.

Joe: You Wish?

We Could Help You With That.

Pail: You Can?

Joe: Let's Call Our Wish.


Wish-Wand: You Called?

Joe: Yeah. We Wish Pail's Horse Was Real.

Wish-Wand: Ready?

Sing The Wish Song With Me.

Wish And Joe: Wish, Come True, Come True, Come True♪ 

Wish, Come True!

Pail: Horsey, You're Real!

My Wish Came True!

Blue: ( Barks )

Horse ( Neighs )

Joe: Our Wish Came True!

Well, Hop On The Horse.

Come On.

Pail: Everyone Say "Giddy up."

Joe: Giddy up!

Pail: Giddy up!

Blue: ( Barking )

Pail And Blue: Giddy up!

Giddy up!

Pail: Faster.


Pail: This Is Great!

Joe: What A Great Wish.

Pail: Whoa, Horsey.

Joe: What A Great Ride!

Pail: Okay, Horsey, Time For You To Go Back In My Book.

Joe: It's Time To Make The Wish End.

What Do We Do With Our Pinkies Again?

Yeah, That's It.


Pinkie... Nose.

Blue: ( Barking )

Joe: That Was Awesome.

Thanks For The Wish.

Pail: Bye.

Blue: ( Barks "Bye-Bye" )

Joe: You Know, I Wish We Could Find A Clue.

Wish-Wand: Wish?

Did Somebody Say "Wish"?

Joe: Yeah, If We Could Only Find A Clue.

Viewer: Joe, There's A Clue.

Joe: A Clue-- Right Now.

Where Is That Wish When You Need Her?

( Giggles ) A Clue.

How Did That Get There?

Was Wish Here?

Well, There's A Clue On That Ice.

You Know What We Need-- Our Handy-Dandy...

Viewer: Notebook.

Joe: Notebook-- Right.

( Giggles )

Ice: Hi.

I'm Ice.

( Shivering ): Brr!

Backyard: Hi, Ice.

I'm The Backyard.

Ice: I'm Ice.

( Shivering ): Brr!

I Make Everything Cold.

What Do You Think Blue's Wish Is With Us?

Mailtime, Mailtime, Mailtime, Mailtime, Mailtime!

Joe: The Mail’s Here. Let’s Go.

Here's The Mail. It Never Fails.

It Makes Me Want To Wag My Tail.

When It Comes I Wanna Wail,


Mailbox: Hiya, Joe.

Don't You Wish You Had A Letter?

Joe: Yeah, That'd Be A Great Wish.

Mailbox: Well, I Can Make That Wish Come True.

Here's Your Letter.

Thanks, Mailbox.

Mailbox: You're Welcome.

Joe: We Just Got A Letter.

We Just Got A Letter

We Just Got A Letter

We Just Got A Letter

I Wonder Who It's From.

Oh, Look, It's A Letter From Our Friends.

All: Hi, Joe!

We're Making Wishes.

I Wish I Was A Pro Baseball Player.

( Crowd Cheering ) Home Run!

I Wish I Was An Astronaut.

Astronaut Taylor To The Moon!

I Wish I Were A Monster.

Now I Wish We Could Say Bye To Joe.

All: Bye, Joe!

Joe: Bye.

Tickety Tock: Joe.

Joe: Tickety? Coming!

Tickety Tock: Hi. I'm Being A Princess.

Joe: Well, Hello, Princess Tickety.

I Wish I Could Meet A Real Princess.

Wish? We Could Do That. Really?

A Real Princess.

Wouldn't That Be Great?

Let's Call Our Wish.

Blue, Tickety Tock, Joe: Wish!


Wish: Hiya!

Joe: Hi, Wish.

We Wish To Meet A Real Princess.

Wish-Wand: Okay. Let's Sing.

Wish And Joe: Wish, Come True, Come True, Come True

Wish, Come True!

( Song Ends )

Tickety Tock: Wow, A Castle!

Joe: Cool!

Let's Go Meet The Princess.

( Fanfare Playing )

Joe: Wow! A Real Princess!

Tickety Tock: Welcome. Thank You, Your Highness.

Princess: Would You Like To Try On My Crown?

Tickety Tock: Yes, Please.

Look At Me, I'm A Princess.

I'm A Princess!

Do You Want To Try It On?


Got It?

Oh, Good.

Put It On Your Head.

Wow, That Crown Looks Great On You.

Oh, We'd Better Give It Back To The Princess Now.

Thanks, Princess.

Here's Your Crown.


Princess: Farewell.

Joe: We Made Tickety's Wish Come True.

Thank You.

It's Time To Go Back.

"Pinkie... Nose"-- Ready?

Pinkie... Nose.

Thanks For The Wish.

No Problem.

Mr. Salt: Oh…!

( Cinnamon Crying )

Mr. Salt: Hello, Joe.

( Sighs )

Joe: Mr. Salt, What's The Matter?

Mr. Salt: Well, Cinnamon Is Hungry, But I Haven't Had Time To Make His Snack Yet.

Joe: Sometimes I Wish That Snacks Just Grew On Trees.

You Wish?

Mr. Salt, We Can Do That.


Let's Call Our Wish.

Blue, Joe: Wish!


Wish-Wand: Here I Am.

Joe: We Wish To Turn Our Backyard Into A Snack-Yard For Mr. Salt.

Wish-Wand: Sing With Us.

Wish And Joe: Wish, Come True, Come True, Come True

Wish, Come True!

Mr. Salt: Whoo-Hoo!

You Turned The Backyard Into A Snack-Yard!

Mmm, Waffle Flowers-- My Favorite!

( Cinnamon Giggling )

Joe: I Think I'll Have A Graham Cracker From This Bush.

What Do You Want For Snack?

Ooh, Yummy.

Mr. Salt: Phew!

I Have All The Snacks I Need.

Bye, Mr. Salt.


Pinkie... Nose.

Ah, What A Tasty Wish.

Oh, Now, If We Could Only Find Our Last Clue.

Oh, Third Clue?

Where Are You?

A Clue, A Clue!

You See Our Third Clue?



Well... I Don't See It.

That Way!

Oh, Here It Is!



Our Third Clue Is Gliding Back And Forth.

"Gliding" Must Be Our Third Clue.

You Know What We Need? Our Handy-Dandy...

Viewer: Notebook.

Notebook, Right. So... "Gliding."

Gliding: Hi, I'm The Last Clue.

♪ I'm Gliding, Whee!

Backyard: Hi, Gliding, We're The Other Clues.

I'm The Backyard.

Ice: I’m Ice. ( Shivering ): Brr!

Gliding: I'm Gliding, Whee!

Clues Drawing: Now That We’re 3 What Will It Be?

Joe: We Have All Three Clues To Figure Out What Blue's Wish Is.

You Know What That Means.

It's Time To Sit In Our...

Viewer: Thinking Chair.

Joe: Thinking Chair.

Let's Go.

Now That We're In Our Thinking Chair, Let's Think.

So, We're Trying To Figure Out What Blue's Wish Is, And Our Clues Are... The Backyard...

Backyard: I'm The Backyard.

Ice: I'm Ice.

( Shivering ): Brr!

Gliding: I'm Gliding, Whee!

What Could Blue's Wish Be With Us?

Maybe Blue Wishes She Can Glide Like Me, Whee!

Ice: Yeah, And She Could Glide On Top Of Me, Ice.

( Shivering ): Brr!

Backyard: Maybe She Wants To Glide On Some Ice... In The Backyard.

So... What's Blue's Wish?

Viewer: Ice Skating.

Blue: The Ice Glides By Beneath My Feet.

The Snow Is Falling, What A Treat

I Wish I Were Skating, Yeah, In My Backyard...!

Joe: That's It.

Blue's Wish Is Go Ice Skating.

In Our Backyard!

( Blue Barks Happily )

Joe: We Just Figured Out Blue’s Clues.

We Sat On Down

Figured It Out

What Blue's Clues Were All About

Wow, You Know What?

We're Really Smart!

Come On, Blue, Let's Go Make Your Wish Come True.

Blue: (Barking Excited)

Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow! Bow, Bow!

Are You Ready To Call Our Wish?

Blue, Joe: Wish! Wish!

Wish: I'm Here.

Joe: So, What's Blue's Wish? Blue Wishes To Go Ice Skating-- Right Here In Our Backyard!

What A Great Wish!

Let's All Sing Together To Make Her Wish Come True.

All: Wish, Come True, Come True, Come True

Wish, Come True!

( Song Ends )

Joe: We're Ice-Skating.

Tickety Tock: Whee!

Joe: Skate With Us.

Come On.

( Blue Barking Happily )

Joe: ( Shivering ): Oh... It's Cold.

Wish We Had Warm Hats.

Tickety Tock: Hey, Joe!

I Wish For Hot Cocoa.

Joe: Mmm.

And I Wish It Would Snow.

Aren't These Wishes Awesome?

Tickety Tock: Hey, Joe, Look At Me.

( Barking Happily )

( Music Playing )

Moona: Ba-Ba Ba-Ba, Blue's Room.

(Changing Blue’s Clues Into Blue’s Room)

Blue: Ba-Ba Ba-Ba Ba-Ba, Blue's Room!

Let's Play!

Polka Dots: Hi, Blue.

Silly Seat: Hi, Blue!

( Giggling )

Blue: I Wish... I Wish To See You!

( Laughing ) Hi, You.

My Wish Came True, Because There You Are.

I Love To Wish.

Do You?

Fred: Hey, Blue, Guess What.

It's My Birthday!

It's My Birthday!

Blue: It's Your Birthday!

It's Your Birthday!

Fred: It's My Birthday!

Blue: This Is Fred.

Fred: She's Always Pretending It's Her Birthday.

It's Your Birthday... 

Blue: No, No, No, No!

But Today I'm Going To Wish It Was My Birthday.



Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh.


I Wish... I Wish...

I Wish It Was My Birthday And...

Blue: And? And?

And I Wish The Whole Playroom Was Birthday Party Land!


Look, My Wish Came True.

It's My Birthday And This Is Birthday Party Land.


Happy Birthday, Fred!

Oh, Boy!

( All Laughing )

Happy Birthday To Me!

Blue: Happy Birthday To You!

Blue: I Just Love Birthday Parties.

Fred: Me, Too! Me, Too!

Blue: Don’t You?

What's Your Favorite Thing About Birthday Parties?

I Like That Part, Too.

Ooh, My Favorite Part Is The Birthday Cake.

Hey, Do You Want To Help Me Make A Birthday Cake For Fred?

Fred: Yes, Yes!

Blue: All Right, Come On!

Fred: Oh, Boy! Oh, Boy!

Blue: A Birthday Cake!

♪ Let's Make An Extra- Special Birthday Cake. ♪

Fred: Oh, Boy! Oh, Boy! Oh, Boy!

Dish: I'll Help.

I Wish For Two Eggs.

Fred: Mmm-Mmm.

Hey, Let's Clap The Eggs Into The Bowl.

Clap With Me.

Fred And Blue: Eggs, Eggs, Eggs...!

Dish: Now I Wish For Flour.

Fred And Blue: Flour, Flour, Flour...!

Dish: Next I Wish For Milk.

Fred And Blue: Milk, Milk, Milk...!

Dish: Voilà!

Blue: We Did It! We Made Fred A Birthday Cake.

Wow, A Birthday Cake Of My Very Own!

Ooh, Thank You So Much.

Candle: Make A Wish And Blow.

Blue: Blow With Me.

( Blue Blowing )

Did You Wish?

I Did.

( Fred Munching )

Blue: Mmm!

That Was Delicious.

Thank You.

Dish: Happy Birthday, Fred.

Blue: You Know What?

We Made Fred's Wish Come True.

She Loves Her Birthday.

Fred: Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!

( Clock Chiming )

Moona: It's Time To Go, Blue.

Blue: Thanks, Moona.

Time To Go See Joe.

Bye, Playroom Friends.

Blue: See You.

Fred It's My Birthday, It's My Birthday, It's My Birthday!

Blue: ( Laughing ) Come On!

( All Exclaim )

(Changing Back To Blue’s Room Into Blue’s Clues)

Wish: There You Are, Blue.

It's Time For Me To Go Home.

Joe: Bye.

Thanks For A Great Day.

We Made Some Amazing Wishes Today, Don't You Think?

( Music Playing )

Come On, Won't You Help Me Say "So Long"?

Everybody Sing The Good-Bye Song


Here We Go



See You Later

Sweet Potato


See You Real Soon.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow! Bow, Bow, Bow. Bow! Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

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