This is the transcript for "Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock!"


Steve: Hi, out there! It's me, Steve! Have you seen Blue, my puppy?

(Blue comes out of her hiding spot & barks happily.)

Steve: Come on in!

(Blue throws the ball over to Mailbox before throwing it back at her, Blue barks before running through the doggy door.)

Steve: Oh! Hi! Come on in, I'm so glad you're here. Blue has a surprise for us. Hey, Blue, are friends Are— Did you see Blue?

Viewer: No.

Steve: No? Wow. Hey, I got a great idea. Let's see how much time it takes us to find Blue. Okay. Okay, do you use my watch? Alright. (He hums.) There. Now, you see that red hand each time it ticks. We count 1 second. Okay, you ready? Let's count. 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 4 seconds, 5 seconds.

Blue: Bow!

Steve: There you are, Blue. See it took us 5 seconds and we found Blue.

Blue: Bow, bow!

Steve: Okay.

Blue: Bow.

Steve: Is it time for our surprise.

Blue: (Barking "No".)

Steve: Nope. Well our surprise will be ready at 3'o clock.

Blue: (Barking "No".)

Steve: Nope. Oh, well our surprise will be ready at 2'o clock.

Blue: (Barking "Yes".)

Steve: Our surprise will be ready at 2'o Clock.

Blue: (Barking "Yes".)

Steve: How Will Know If It’s Gonna 2:00?

Blue: (Barking "I know" "2'o clock look like." )

Steve: Oh, This Is 2’O Clock Looks Like See.

The Little Hand Is On The 2.

And The Big Hand Is All The Way Up At The 12. Go.

Look At The Watch. Is It 2’O Clock Yet?

Blue: Bow?

Viewer: No.

Blue: (Barking No)

Steve: Yeah. Because The Little Hand To The 2. When The Big Hand Gets All The Way Around To The Top.

Come On, Big Hand!

Whoo-Hoo! Whoo-Hoo! 

Blue: (Barking No)

Steve: Yeah The Big Hand Isn’t Move Very Fast. Frankly Blue I Don’t Think We Can Wait For The Big Hand Will Get All The Way Around To The Top.

We Maybe If We Had Some Hints Or Some Clues--

Blue leaves a paw print on the left side of the screen 

Steve: What Did I Think Of That?

Will Play Blue’s Clues To Figured Out What Blue’s Surprise Is At 2’O Clock.

You See Time, So How Much Quicker If You Play.

We are gonna play blues clues cause it’s really great game Yeah.

Now Remember Blue’s Pawprints will be on the clues, Blue’s Clues.

Hey, You Know What Time It Is Now?

Time To Clean Up The Pawprint. Heh.

But How?

Hey, What If We Wind It Like A Clock.

Hey, Look At That.


Hey You Know What We Need For Blue’s Clues…

Our Handy Dandy…

Viewers: Notebook!

Steve: Notebook. Right. Come On.

Sidetable: Blue Surprise I’m So Excited.

Is It 2:00 Yet, Steve?

Steve: No But Will Gonna Have To Play Blue’s Clues Until What It Is?

Sidetable: It’s Time Glad You Gonna Having Fun?

Steve: Yup.

Thanks Sidetable.

You Know I Can Tell I’m Really Gonna Need Your Help Today Trying To Figured Out What Blue’s Surprise Is At 2:00.

Will You Help Me?

You Will. Great.

Oh, Okay So To Play Blue’s Clues We Gotta To Find A…

Viewers: Pawprint!

Steve: Right Cause That’s The 1St…

Viewers: Clue!

Steve: Yeah. And Then We Put It In Our Notebook.

Because They're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues!

Steve: We've Gotta Find Another Pawprint,

That's Our 2Nd Clue!

We Put It In Our Notebook,

'Cause They're Whose Clues? Blue's Clues!

We've Gotta Find The Last Pawprint,

That's The 3Rd Clue!

We Put It In Our Notebook

'Cause They're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues!

You Know What To Do?

Sit Down In Our Thinking Chair

And Think, Think, Think!

'Cause When We Use Our Minds,

And Take A Step At A Time,

We Can Do Anything...

Blue: Ba-Bow!

Steve: That We Want To Do!

Okay It’s Clue Time.

Did Uh… Did You See Which Way Blue Went?

Blue: Bow!

Viewer: That Way.

Steve: Great. Hey, Let’s See How Many Seconds Takes To Get To The Kitchen.

Ooh. Ooh, We Can Time It. Ha! Now Remember Each Time If The Red Hand Ticks We Count. Okay.

1 Second, 2 Seconds,

All: 3 Seconds,4 Seconds. 5 Seconds,

Steve: 6 Seconds, 7, Seconds, 8 Seconds.

There 8 Seconds To Get To The Kitchen.

You’re Really Good At Timing.

Oh, Oh That Tiny Is Making A Little Thirsty.

Viewers: A Clue A Clue.

Steve: Yup. Juice. Don’t Mind If I Do.

Viewer: No It’s A Clue.

Steve: Oh, Oh Did I Drink Our 1St Clue.

Oh Dear.

Viewers: No. It’s Right There.

Steve: Oh, Here It Is Our 1St Clue And It’s…

Orange Juice. Heh. Well Now What Do We Do?

Viewers: Notebook. 

Steve: Right. Our Handy Dandy…Notebook.

Okay, Orange Juice.

1st we’ll draw top to the carton like this.

Rectangles for the sizes and Little orange right here.

And we have Orange Juice.

Hmm, So What Could Blue’s Surprise Be At 2’O Clock With Orange Juice?

Well I’m Stumped. Guess Left To Find 2 More Clues?

Tickety Tock: (Rings Her Bells)

Steve: Hey, That Sounds Like Our Friend?

Tickety Tock. Come On.

We Are Looking For Blue’s Clues.

We Are Looking For Blue’s Clues.

We Are Looking For Blue’s Clues. 

I Wonder Where They Are.

Hey Tickety.

Is It 2’O Clock Yet.

Tickety Tock: Not Yet.

Blue Will Loves That Surprise.

Steve: Blue’s Surprise Tickety Knows About Blue’s Surprise What Is It?

Tickety Tock: I Can’t Tell You That. Then It Wouldn’t Be A Surprise.

Steve: Oh, Did… Okay, Okay, We Can Wait. We Can Wait Until 2’O Clock Right.Waiting. Ahem. So Tickety What’s up?

Tickety Tock: I think i need some practice telling time.

Steve: Practice, Huh? Well, Will you help tickety practice telling time?

You will. Great. And Then we can go look for more Blue’s Clues.

Tickety Tock: My hands are stuck at 1:00

And I’m Not Sure Where did move them?

Steve: Hmm, I see. Tickety’s Big hand is stuck way up there on the top of the clock on the uh….

The uh…

What is that number?

Viewer: 12.

Steve: 12. Right. And her little hand…

Where is that little hand?

Viewer: On the 1.

Steve: Oh! On the 1. Right. That’s 1:00.

Tickety Tock: But Right Now It’s after 1:00.

So Which way should move my hand?

Steve: Do you know which way should move her hand?

Viewers: That Way.

Tickety Tock: I’m moving my hands this way.

Clock was. 

Steve: Clock was. Why it’s clock.

Tickety Tock: This Way. Tick tock.

Tick tock.

Steve: Hmm? But, But Which way should her Big hand

or her little hand?

Viewer: The Big Hand.

Steve: Oh! Right. Her Big Hand.

Hey, her big hand just moved.

Tickety Tock: Wow! But my little hand stay near the 1.

Steve: Does you little hand ever moved.

Tickety Tock: Yes. But It moves really slowly.

When my big hand gets all the way around

and my little hand who goes from on the 1 to the…

Steve: From the 1 to the…

Hmm? Do you know what Tickety will little hand her move?

Viewer: To the 2.

Steve: To the 2. Hmm? What time will I’ll be then?

Viewer: 2:00.

Tickety Tock: Oh! That’s right. 2:00.

Comes after 1:00.

Steve: And you know what happen’s today at 2:00?

Steve and Tickety Tock: A Surprise!

Tickety Tock: Thanks for all your help?

Now Definitely You know for when it Blue’s Surprise.

Steve: Me too.

Tickety Tock: Hey, Do you know what time it is now?

Steve: What Time? It. I thought it we just figured out how—.

Mailtime, mailtime, mailtime, mailtime, mailtime!

Tickety: It's mailtime silly!

Steve: Oh! Mailtime. Here's the mail. It never fails. It makes me want to wag my tail. When it comes I wanna wail, Mail! Ahh. Hey Mail-b—Mailbox? Where’s Mailbox? Let me Try Again. Mail! Mail. 

Mailbox: I’ll—I’ll Be Right There Steve. Uh Just a second.

Steve: Just a Second. Okay 1 second. Okay Mailbox. Seconds Up.

Mailbox: Oh Uh I Mean Just A Minute.

Steve: Oh! Just a Minute. Well A Minute is when the red hand gets all the way around to the top. All the way around, to the top. That’s A Minute. Alright then so we just let me know when a minute is up so you say “1 Minute!” And I’ll hear yet and that way. I don’t know? I Having like sharing a minute with your good friends. I’m Ready a half this minute Together. Okay. You just let me know.

Viewer: A Minute.

Mailbox: Mail’s Here 1 Minute And 1 Second Late.

Hey I’m Heard About That You’re Surprise Steve.

You Gonna Love It.

Steve: Do You About That Surprise.

Oh I Can’t Wait. I—.

Yes I Can. I Can’t Wait.

Mailbox: Is That Surprise You Don’t Have Any Wait Any Longer Full.


Steve: We Just Got A Letter.

We Just Got A Letter.

We Just Got A Letter.

We Just Got A Letter.

I Wonder Who It’s From

Look. It’s A Letter From Our Friends.

Kid: Hi Steve We’re Making Tickety Tock’s.

Boy: Tickety Has Numbers Cause She’s A Clock.

I Drew The Numbers.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

Kid: I— I Amazing The Eyes.

Okay. I Can Use For The Popsicle Sticks For Tickety’s Hands.

Girl: I Made Tickety Tock’s Hands.

Child: Here, Steve, this is for you!

Steve: Cool. Thanks. Wow. for me. Alright.

Viewers: A Clue, A Clue!

Steve: What? Is it 2:00 already?

Viewer: No! A Clue!

Steve: Oh, a clue. A clue! Wait a second. One second. I'm holding a clue. This popsicle stick Is Our 2Nd Clue. Cool. We Need Our Handy Dandy…

Viewers: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook. Right. Okay, So A Popsicle Stick.

A Line That Loops All The Way Around.

There. A Popsicle Stick.

So What Was Our 1St Clue Again?

Viewer: Orange Juice.

Steve: Orange Juice. Right.

And Now Our 2Nd Clue Is A Popsicle Stick.

So What Could Surprise Be At 2’O Clock With Orange Juice And A Popsicle Stick.

You Know I Think We Need To Find Our Last Clue Soon Before It’s 2:00.

I Wonder What Time It Is Now. See The Big Hand Is Getting Closer To The 12.

And The Little Hand Is Getting Closer To The 2.

It’s Almost 2’O Clock.

I Wonder Where Blue Went?

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow! Bow, Bow, Bow! Bow, Bow, Bow! Ba-Whoop|

Steve: Hey, Blue Just Skidooed Right Into That Book.

It’s Tickety’s Favorite Nursery Rhyme.

Do You Know What’s Nursery Rhyme That Is?

Viewer: Hickory Dickory Dock.

Steve: Right. Let’s Go.

Blue Skidoo, We Can Too.

Blue: Bow!

Steve: Oh, Wow! W—. We’re In The Grandfather Clock.


Hey, Look These Are The Clocks Hands.


Grandfather Clock: Are You Ready For A Race Against Time.

Steve: A Race Against Time.

Blue: Bow!

Steve: Wow.

Uh, We’re Really Good At Time.

Aren’t We. Yeah. We’re Ready.

Grandfather Clock: Okay. So We Need To Figured Out What This Picture Is Before My Hand Goes.

You Have To 15 Seconds.

From Here To Here.

Steve: I Think We Need Your Help?

Will You Help To Figured Out What This Is A Picture Of Before We Run Out Of Time.

Okay, Now We Have To 15 Seconds.

To Figured Out What This Is A Picture Of.

Okay Grandfather Clock. We’re Ready.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Grandfather Clock: Ready, Go!

Steve: Okay, It’s White And It’s Rectangular.

Um. Do You Know What This Is A Picture Of?

Viewers: A Refrigerator.

Steve: A Refrigerator. We Think It’s A Picture Of The Refrigerator.

Grandfather Clock: You Guess It! You Just In Time.

Ready For The Next Part.

You Have To 15 Seconds.

From Here To Here.

Steve: We Have To 15 Seconds. What This Is A Picture Of.

Grandfather Clock: Ready, Go!

Steve: Okay It’s A… It’s Sliver.

It’s A… It’s Got A Little Knobby Here. 

Um. It’s…

What Do You Think This A Picture Of?

Blue: Bow.

Viewer: A Sink.

Steve: A Sink. We Think It’s A Sink. You Figured Out What This One.

Grandfather Clock: A Sink. Good Job.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Grandfather Clock: You Think Can Handle One More.

Blue: Bow?

Grandfather Clock: Is A Challenge.

Steve: I Think Can Handle Speed On This Race Against Time.

Grandfather Clock: Alright. Here It Goes.

You Have To 15 Seconds.

From Here To Here.

Steve: Okay, You Gotta Have To 15 Seconds To Figured This One Out.

Grandfather Clock: Ready, Go!

Steve: Oh, Okay This One It’s A..

I… I See Some More Pictures Here.

It’s A…

What Do You Think This Is A Picture Of?

Viewers: Salt And Pepper.

Steve: Mr. Salt And Mrs. Pepper And Paprika.

Grandfather Clock: Mr. Salt And Mrs. Pepper And Paprika.

You Won The Race Against Time. Good Job.

Now, Put The Whole Picture Together.

Now You Have Where To Find The Room The Next Clue.

Steve: The Room Where You Have To Find Our Next Clue?

Huh? What room do you think this is a picture of?

Blue: Bow?

Viewer: The Kitchen.

Steve: The Kitchen. Right. The Refrigerator and sink and Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper. Let’s go.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow!

Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow!

Steve: The Kitchen The Clue Is In The Kitchen.

Viewer: A Clue! A Clue.

Steve: Where?

Viewers: It’s Right There.

Steve: Oh, Here It Is.

Our Clue. Right Here On This?

Viewer: Ice Cube Tray.

Steve: An Ice Cube Tray. Right.

We Need Our Handy Dandy…

Viewer: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook. Okay, An Ice Cube Tray, So A Rectangle for the top.

A line like this for the bottom

and then some lines here

and them some little lines

where the ice cubes go.

There. An Ice Cube Tray.

Well, We Have All 3 Clues.

You Know What This Means.

It’s Time…For Our….

Viewers: Thinking Chair!

Steve: Thinking Chair. It’s Almost 2:00.

Oh Boy.

Okay, Now That We’re In Our Thinking Chair.

Let’s Think.

Will You Hep Me? You Will. Great.

Okay. We’re Trying To Figured Out What Blue’s Surprise Is At 2’O Clock?

And Our Clues Are…

Orange Juice.

A Popsicle Stick.

And An Ice Cube Tray.

So What Cloud Blue’s Surprise At 2’O Clock With Orange Juice

A Popsicle Stick.

And An Ice Cube Tray.

Well… Maybe Blue Could Poor The Orange Juice, Into The Ice Cube Tray.

Yeah. And Then Maybe We Should Put The Popsicle Sticks Into The Holes Of The Ice Cube Tray.

And Then Should The Ice Cube Tray…

Where Did Put The Ice Cube Trays?

Viewer: Freezer.

Steve: In The Freezer. Yeah. Then The Orange Juice Will Freeze. Yeah.

And Then What Will Blue Have?

Viewer: Orange Juice Pops.

Steve: Orange Juice Pops.

Blue: (Barking Yes)

Steve: Oh, Orange Juice Pops. Yeah.

Uh. For The Orange Juice For The Taste.

The Popsicle Sticks To Hold Them.

And Then Ice Cube Tray To Make Them.

We Just Figured Out Blue’s Clues.

We just figured out Blue's Clues,

We just figured out Blue's Clues,

We just figured out Blue's Clues,

Because we're really smart!

(clock chiming)

Voice: 2:00.

Tickety Tock: (rings her bells) It’s 2:00.

It’s 2:00.

Steve: We figured out Blue’s Clues, and just in time.

See the big hand is on the 12,

and her little hand is on the 2.

It’s 2:00.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: Okay Time For Surprise At 2’O Clock.

Blue: (Barking You Have Close Your Eyes)

Steve: Okay You Too. Close Your Eyes.

Okay No More Waiting It’s Time.

Mr. Salt And Mrs. Pepper: Surprise!

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: Oh, Look It’s Our Surprise. Orange Juice Pops.

Thank You Blue.

How Did I Make Them?

Blue: Bow?

Mrs. Pepper: Well, 1St Pour The Juice Into The Ice Cube Tray.

Mr. Salt: Put Plastic On Top.

Mrs. Pepper: To Heard’s The Popsicle Sticks In Place.

Mr. Salt: Put Them In The Freezer. And…

Mrs. Pepper: And 1 More Thing.

Steve: 1 More Thing? Well Do You Know What Orange Juice Pops That He Needs To Be Ready?

Blue: Bow?

Tickety Tock: Time!

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

Steve: Oh, Time, Right.

Hey, Tickety, The Time Experts.

Remember How We Helped Tickety Practice Telling Time.

Blue: (Barking Yes)

Grandfather Clock: Did Someone Say Time.

Steve: Now That Sounds Like… Grandfather Clock.

Right. Remember How We Won The Race Against Time.

Have You Ever Made Orange Juice Pops Their Are Yummiest Are A Surprise.

Mr. Salt And Mrs. Pepper: Yum.

Steve: Hey, Tickety Do You Know What Time It Is Now?

Tickety Tock: Time For So Long.

Steve: Yup.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

Steve: Hey, thank you so much for all of your help Today.

Now it's time for so long,

But we'll sing just one more song!

Thanks for doing your part!

You sure are smart!

You know, with me and you and my dog Blue

We can do anything that we wanna do!

Bye See Ya Later. Thanks Bye. 



Blue: Bow, bow.

Blue: Bow.

Tickety Tock: (rings her bells)

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