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Joe: (singing) Come on in!

Blue: (singing) Bow bow bow!

Joe: (singing) What did you say?

Viewers: A clue, a clue!

Joe: (singing) You see a clue?

Viewers: We see a clue!

Joe: (singing) Another Blue's Clues day, hooray! Do you want to play...

All: Blue's Clues!

Joe: So count to three!

Pail, Periwinkle & Shovel: One, two, three!

Joe: (singing) And clap your hands!

Tickety, Slippery & Magenta: (singing) Clap your hands!

Joe: (singing) Learn something new!

All: (singing) Something new! Join our Blue's Clues band today!

Mailbox: Right this way!

All: (singing) It's another Blue's Clues day!

Mr. Salt: "Blue's First Holiday"!

All: (singing) It's another Blue's Clues day!

Blue: Bow bow!

(Joe opens the door)

Joe & Blue (barking): Happy holidays!

Joe: It's so good to see you!

Joe: Hey. Blue and I have something for you. Are you ready?

Joe: Okay, go on, Blue.

Joe: It's a happy holidays picture! We made it for you.

Joe: Oh yeah. Who do you think that is?

Viewer: Blue!

Joe: Yeah! It's Blue! And there's me, all bundle up for the winter. Hmm.

Joe: It is our way to say "Happy holidays to you."

Mr. Salt: Come on, Joe!

Mrs. Pepper: Let's go!

Joe: Oh, yeah, a present.

Joe: Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper have a present. For all of us. And we're about to open it. Come on!

Pail: Can we open it now?

Tickety: Is it time?

Mrs. Pepper: It is!

Everyone: Cool! Yes!

Mr. Salt: Here's our present to all of you! Happy holidays, everyone!

Joe: Oh, boy. What do you think it's gonna be? Let's see.

Blue: Bow bow! Ba-bow!

Everyone: Movies! Wow! Movies!

Mrs. Pepper: Yes! Two movies! We made zem!

Joe: I wonder they're about.

Slippery: Who's in them?

Everyone: Can we see? Let's find out! Let's watch! Yeah!

Mr. Salt: Come on!

Mr. Salt: Let's watch ze first movie! Is everybody ready?

Everyone: I'm ready! Yeah! Yeah! Let's go!

Joe: Are you ready to watch a movie?

Joe: Me too! We're all ready, Mr. Salt.

Tickety: That's me!

Slippery: And me! When I was a baby!

Joe: These movies were about when we were babies?

Mr. Salt: Well, zat's right! We made zis movie a long time ago!

Joe: Wait! Stop the movie!

Joe: Who do you think that baby is?

Viewer: You!

Joe: Yeah, it's me when I was a baby!

Joe: You know I still have that blanket. Hold on.

Joe: See?

Everyone: That's the same blanket!

Joe: It's the same duck blanket! I liked ducks even, when I was a baby.

Mr. Salt: Yes! Zat blanket was your first holiday present!

Joe: First holiday present? Cool. Okay, let's keep watching a movie.

Mr. Salt: Here we go!

Shovel: That's me!

Pail: And me!

Joe: Look. Shovel and Pail when they were babies.

Joe: Oh! Who do you think that is?

Joe: Yeah! That's my brother, Steve, when he was little.

Joe: I guess he always liked wearing stripes.

Tickety: Wait a second, why isn't Blue in a movie?

Joe: Yeah, Blue's not in the movie.

Slippery: She's not?

Mrs. Pepper: Well, Blue wasn't here yet.

Joe: Oh. Blue wasn't here when this movie was made?

Mr. Salt: Not yet.

Shovel: But where was she?

Pail: Why wasn't she here yet?

Joe: Mr. Salt, we were just babies, we don't know remember what happened. How did we meet Blue?

Mr. Salt: Ah-ha! Zat's what the rest of the movie was about! Let's watch and find out how we met Blue!

Ze day we met Blue.

It was a long time ago... on a cold and snowy holiday morning.

It was present time. Joe's present was his duck blanket, which he loved very much.

Slippery Soap got a bubble one... and zat's when he blew his first bubble.

Baby Slippery: Whoooooo! Whoooooo!

Mr. Salt: Tickety Tock got her first blocks which she loved to count.

Baby Tickety: One, two... one, two! (giggles)

Mr. Salt: Shovel and Pail got zeir first toy animals.

Baby Shovel: Grrr!

Baby Pail: Roar!

Baby Shovel: Grrr!

Baby Pail: Roar!

Mr. Salt: And Sidetable Drawer got her very first telephone.

Baby Sidetable: (giggles)

Mr. Salt: Steve did not have his present yet, but he knew exactly what he wanted.

Young Steve: I hope I get a puppy.

Mr. Salt: You see, Steve always loved puppies. But he never had a real one. And zat's when he wanted more zan anyzing.

Young Steve: Hi, puppy. Bow bow. I wish you're a puppy that I could play with.

Mr. Salt: And zen, somezing came in ze mail.

Young Steve: Oh! The mail's here!

Young Steve: Mail is here, the mail is here! Mail is here, the mail is here!

Young Steve: (singing) MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Young Steve: Hi, Mailbox!

Baby Mailbox: Hiya! One more present! And it's for... Steve!

Young Steve: For me? My present! Thanks Mailbox!

Baby Mailbox: You're welcome! Happy holidays!

Young Steve: Bye, Mailbox! I wonder what it is. Maybe it's a puppy!

Mr. Salt: All ze babies gazered around Steve. And he opened his present.

Baby Slippery, Baby Tickety, Baby Shovel and Baby Pail: What is it?

Young Steve: It's a book. A book "About A Puppy".

Mr. Salt: Ze book was called, "About A Puppy". And Steve read it to everybody.

Young Steve: Once upon a time in a faraway farm, there lived a bunch of puppies.

There were brown puppies and gray puppies.

There were black puppies and white puppies.

But there was one puppy she was very different from all the others.

Her name was Blue.

While the other puppies ate the food from the bowl and the floor, Blue set up a table with a fork and a spoon.

While the other puppies buried the bone in the dirt, Blue was happy she sat down and draw a picture.

Or read a story...

Or sing a song.

But the one thing to do more than anything else was with a friend to play with.

"Who else likes to play games?"

"Who else likes to sing songs?"

"Who else likes to read stories?"

"Who could my friend be?" Blue wondered.

And an idea woke up. She had an idea.

Could her friend be you?

The end. I love this book so much!

Mr. Salt: Steve loved his book so much, zat he read it over and over again.

He read it by ze window before his nap.

He read it in ze kitchen after snack.

He read it lying down...

...and standing up.

He even read it in ze bathroom.

Steve must have read ze book a hundred times.

And he read it one more time zat night before bed.

Young Steve: Could her might be you? The end. I'll be your friend, Blue. Good night, Blue puppy. Bow, bow.

Mr. Salt: Early ze next morning, when ze sun was rising, and Steve was still sleeping, somezing happened...

Young Steve: Blue puppy?

Mr. Salt: When Steve looked at the book near the lamp, zat ze Blue Puppy was not zere!

Young Steve: Where did she go? Blue Puppy? I wonder where she is. Hmm. Huh? Blue Puppy, you're out of the book! Everyone, come here, look!

Baby Slippery, Baby Tickety, Baby Shovel and Baby Pail: What is it? What's going on?

Young Steve: This is a puppy I remember in the book! Her name was Blue!

Baby Slippery, Baby Tickety, Baby Shovel and Baby Pail: (chattering)

Young Steve: Blue, how come you get out from a book? To play? You mean, when you get to play with us? Blue, I always wanted you to play with! I'll be your friend, Blue.

Mr. Salt: So Steve and Blue got a new friend.

Young Sock Puppet: Hello!

Young Steve: You found me!

Mr. Salt: Steve and Blue had such a good time together. Zat Steve wanted blue to stay.

Young Steve: Blue, can you stay here with me?

Young Steve: Really?

Baby Blue: Bow bow bow!

Young Steve: You don’t have to go back in your book?

Young Steve: Blue is staying!

Mr. Salt: Blue was here to stay.

And that’s the story of the day, we met Blue!

All: Wow! Great movie!

Pail: I didn't know that. 

Tickety Tock: Me neither.

Shovel: That's a nice story.

Joe: Hey, Blue, that was your first skidoo.

Blue: Bow bow bow, bow bow bow!

Shovel: Blue, you skidoooed right out of the book, and into the house.

Blue: Bow bow.

Joe: What a great story.

Blue: Bow, bow-bow.

(telephone rings)

Blue: Bow-bow-bow!

Joe: Ooh! I’ll be right back.

(telephone rings)

Joe: Is that a doorbell?

Viewer: No!

Joe: No?

(telephone rings)

Joe: Oh, it's the telephone!

(telephone rings)

Joe: Hello.

Steve (on the phone): Hi Joe. Happy Holidays!

Joe: Steve? It's my brother Steve! He's going home from college!

Blue: Bow! Bow bow!

Steve (on the phone): (laughs) Hey! Hi, Blue!

Joe: Steve, we saw a best movie about we first met Blue. And you read it. When you were little.

Steve (on the phone): Oh yeah! I remember that day! Blue skidooed right out of the storybook, I, I couldn't believe it.

Joe: Yeah, it was cool.

Steve (on the phone): Hey, Joe. Do you think I could say hi to my friend?

Joe: Of course. Steve wants to say hi to you.

Steve (on the phone): Hi! How are you doing? Do you like watching a movie? You know, I used to love that storybook. I read it over and over and over again. Well, I miss you. Enjoy your holidays, okay? Bye!

Male Chorus: Mailtime, mailtime, mailtime, mailtime, MAILTIME!!!!

Steve (on the phone): Hey, that sounds like Mailbox. The mail is here.

Joe: Yeah, we gotta get the mail. Steve, it was great for you. Bye.

Steve (on the phone): Bye!

Blue: Bow bow!

Steve (on the phone): Bye, Blue!

Joe: The mail's here!

Blue: Bow, bow... Bow? Bow bow-bow-bow-bow.

Joe and Blue (barking):

Here's the mail, that never fails

It makes me wanna wag my tail

When it comes I want to wail,


Mailbox: Hiya, Joe!

Joe: Hi, Mailbox. We just saw you in that movie. I guess your bringing us the mail since you're a baby.

Mailbox: That’s right! And I got something for you today... a holiday card!

Joe: Thanks so much, Mailbox. Happy holidays.

Mailbox: Happy holidays!

Joe: We just got a holiday card!

We just got a holiday card.

We just got a holiday card.

We just got a holiday card!

I wonder who it's from.

Oh. Look. It’s a holiday card from our friends.

Four Kids: Happy holidays Joe!

African Girl: Happy Kwanzaa!

Jewish Boy #1: Happy Hanukkah!

American Girl: Merry Christmas!

Arabic Boy: Happy Ramadan!

African Girl: And my family we celebrate Kwanzaa. My favorite part of Kwanzaa and making necklaces out the beads. My dad lights candles that are black, red, and green.

Jewish Boy #1: In the winter time, my family celebrate Hanukkah. We light a candle every day for eight days. My favorite part of Hanukkah is playing dreidel with my family. We spin the dreidel and we can win the chocolate coins.

Jewish Boy #2 and Jewish Mother: Gimel!

American Girl: We celebrate Christmas in our family. My favorite part is making Christmas cookies with my dad. He helps me to string the popcorn, and then we decorate our Christmas tree.

Arabic Boy: And my family we celebrate Ramadan. We're not supposed to eat all day. That's called fasting. And then when the sun goes down we eat a big feast. My cousins come over to eat with us. We break the fast with dates and milk. That's my favorite part of Ramadan.

Four Kids: Bye Joe!

Joe: Happy holidays! Hey. Which holiday do you celebrate? (long pause) Cool.

Mr. Salt: Time for ze movie!

Joe: It’s time to watch the next movie. Come on.

Mr. Salt: Is everybody ready for ze next movie?

All: Alright, I'm ready, let's start!

Joe: Mr. Salt? So if the movie about how we met Blue...what's this movie about?

Mr. Salt: "Blue’s First Clue." It tells the story about the first time we ever played the first game of Blue's Clues.

Joe: Really. So that's the first time we played the game of Blue's Clues ever?

Mr. Salt: Ever! Here it goes!

The next day, everyone was outside playing in ze snow. 

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