(The viewers go up to a door, and a boy and two girls open it up)

Three Kids: Hi! Come on in! We’re gonna watch Blue’s Clues. You wanna watch with us? It’s just about to start. 

(The three children sit down in front of the television. Then they see Steve come in with the tape player trying to make up a dance and it makes the three kids laugh)

Steve: No, that’s not right. Ooh, maybe this would work. 

(Steve rewinds the tape and tries another doing another dance and the kids laugh again)

Boy: You’re silly!

(Steve notices the three kids)

Steve: Oh! Hi. I was just working out a birthday dance for Blue. But, you know, having a little trouble. Will you help?

Boy: Yes.

Steve: You will?

Boy: Yes!

Steve: Oh, great! All right, let me try this one out on you. 

(Steve rewinds the tape again and he tries doing another dance and kids laugh again)

Steve: (stops tape) No. Guess that’s not really the best birthday dance for Blue. 

(Blue snores cause she’s still sleeping)

Steve: Oh! Blue! (he comes up to the screen) Blue’s gonna wake up soon, and today is her big birthday party. We have so much to do to get ready. We have streamers, and hats, and balloons, and presents to wrap up, everybody’s coming over, but, I still have to make a birthday dance for Blue. Do you know a birthday dance? 

Three Kids: Yeah. The Birthday Candle Dance!

Steve: Oh, the Birthday Candle Dance. Could, could you teach it to me?

Three Kids: Yeah! Come on over!

Steve: Oh. You mean um… You want me to skidoo?

Boy: Yeah. 

Girl 1: Yes. 

Steve: Over to your house?

Three Kids: Yeah. 

Steve: Okay.  Sounds cool. (he puts the tape recorder on the Thinking Chair) I’m so excited.

I skidoo, right to you

(Steve skidoos out of the TV and into the house)

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