STEVE: Hi, out there! It’s me, Steve. Have you seen Blue…

MAILBOX: Mail Time!

CHORUS: Mail Time, Mail Time, Mail Time, Mail Time, MAIL TIME!

 STEVE: It’s Mail Time? Already? Really? Okay, we’ll be right there, Mailbox. 

Steve comes out the front door down the path for Mail Time

STEVE: Here's the mail, it never fails. 

It makes me want to wag my tail. 

When it comes, I want to wail, 


STEVE: Hey, Mailbox, I can’t believe it’s Mail Time, already. 

MAILBOX: It’s a treasured delivery. Here it is. 

Mailbox opens his flap and Steve gets out a small box tied in yellow strings. Then he sits down on the path and Blue joins him

STEVE: Ooh, a treasured delivery. I wonder what it is. 

Steve unties the strings and opens the box and gets out a small yellow treasure chest 

STEVE: Whoa. Look at this! It’s…

CHILD: A treasure chest!

STEVE: A treasure chest. Wow. 

Steve opens the treasure chest 


Steve closes the treasure chest 

STEVE: This is cool. 

Steve opens the treasure chest again to listen to the voice inside

FEMALE VOICE: Look far, look near, it will be clear

There’s a treasure hunt today 

Scooby-ooh-do, bop. 

STEVE: A treasure hunt?

FEMALE VOICE: Yes, a treasure hunt. 

STEVE: Hey, did you hear that? There’s a treasure hunt today!

Blue gets out a rolled up piece of paper out of the treasure chest and it was their treasure map with five blank spaces 

STEVE: Oh, oh, and this, this must be our treasure map. Look, there’s the X. 

Mailbox leans in

MAILBOX: A treasure hunt? Wow! But who set up the treasure hunt? 

Mailbox winks and leaves

STEVE: Yeah… You know, I was just wondering that same thing. 

Blue laughs

STEVE: Blue, do, do you know who set up this whole treasure hunt?

Blue leaves a paw print on the left side of the screen 

STEVE: Ooh. Blue always knows. 

STEVE: We are gonna play Blue's Clues,

'Cause it's really fun, yeah!

STEVE: So, we’ll play Blue’s Clues to figure out who set up the whole treasure hunt. Cool. So remember, Blue’s paw prints will be on the clues: Blue’s Clues. Right, but we won’t be able to find anything with this paw print *pops* stuck right up there. Um, what should we use to clean it up? There’s got to be something. 

Blue holds up a sparkly red cloth

CHILD: That, that cloth!

STEVE: Oh… this. 

Steve takes the cloth and uses it to wipe the paw print off the screen 

STEVE: Wow, I guess this is our treasure hunt cleaner upper. Cool. Where am I going to put all this?

Blue holds up a backpack for Steve

STEVE: Nice backpack, Blue. 

Steve puts the treasure chest and the cloth inside the backpack and Blue says it’s a treasure hunt backpack 

STEVE: Oh, I get it. It’s our special Treasure Hunt Backpack. All right, this is cool. *he puts the backpack on* So… we’re all ready. Let’s start our treasure hunt. 

Steve and Blue start looking around and a rolled up piece of paper sparkles near some flowers on the ground 

STEVE: Um, do you see anything that would help us?

CHILD: A treasure hunt hint!

Steve sees something sparkle near the flowers and it was a treasure hunt hint 

STEVE: Oh… That must be a treasure hunt hint. 

Steve picks up the treasure hunt hint, unrolls it and shows it to the viewers 

STEVE: Read it with me. It says, “Let’s start the treasure hunt, if you will. Go inside the…”

CHILD: House!

STEVE: House, right. “It’ll be a thrill.” All right. So, we need to go inside the house. Let’s go. 

Steve and Blue go through the front door into the house to the Thinking area

STEVE: Okay, we’re in the house. Yeah. Let’s look at that map. 

Steve sits in the Thinking Chair and Blue gets the map out of the backpack 

STEVE: Ah. Thanks, Blue. 

BLUE: You’re welcome. 

STEVE: Oh, okay. So, we need to, um… Ooh! We need to fill in this first blank space, but how?

Blue gets out a house sticker

STEVE Oh. Great idea, Blue. You’ll just use this house sticker. Where’d you get a house sticker?

Blue tells him the backpack 

STEVE: Oh, the backpack, cool. *Blue places the house sticker in the first space on the map* So I guess what we have to do is we have to follow this map all the way to the X. I got it. 

Blue rolls the map up and puts it in the backpack 

SIDE TABLE DRAWER: What are you doing?

Steve gets up and goes to Side Table Drawer

STEVE: Didn’t you hear? We’re on a big treasure hunt. 

SIDE TABLE DRAWER: No way! I wonder who set up the whole treasure hunt. 

STEVE: Well, we’re going to play Blue’s Clues to figure that out. 

SIDE TABLE DRAWER: Good idea. Here’s your treasure hunt notebook. 

Steve reaches in the drawer and gets out a special notebook with a red treasure chest on the cover

STEVE: To play Blue's Clues, we got to find a...

CHILDREN: Paw print!

STEVE: Oh, a paw print. Right. And that's our first...


STEVE: A clue?


STEVE: Then we put it in our...

CHILDREN: Notebook!

STEVE: ‘Cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues.

We got to find another paw print,

That's the second clue

We put it in our notebook,

'Cause they're whose clues? Blue's Clues.

We got to find the last paw print,

That's the third clue

We put it in our notebook

'Cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues.

You know what to do!

Sit down in our Thinking Chair

And think, think, think

'Cause when we use our minds,

And take a step at a time,

We can do anything...

BLUE: Ba-bow!

STEVE: That we want to do. Okay, on to our treasure hunt. 

Steve heads to the left and he and Blue begin searching the living. Then something sparkles on top of two glitter jars

STEVE: Do you see something?

CHILD: A treasure hunt hint. 

Steve sees another treasure hunt hint

STEVE: Oh, oh, oh. Is that what I think it is? *he picks up the treasure hunt hint and unrolls it* Another treasure hunt hint. *he brings it up to the viewers* Read it with me. It says, “What has 12 numbers, and tells time?” Do you know?

CHILD: A clock! 

STEVE: A clock! Ooh… Tickety. Let’s go!

Steve and Blue go to the bedroom to see Tickety 

STEVE: It’s treasure hunt,

Our treasure hunt 

Led us to Tickety. 

Steve sees Tickety on her bed side table 

STEVE: Hey, now that we figured out our treasure hunt hint, we can… *Blue gets the map out of the backpack* Right, add Tickety to our map. 

Blue puts a sticker with Tickety and puts it on the next space on the map

STEVE: Ooh, we’re getting closer to our treasure. 

TICKETY: Hi, Steve. 

Blue rolls the map up and puts it back in the backpack. Then Steve goes over to Tickety 

TICKETY: How’s the treasure hunt going?

STEVE: Well, actually, Tickety, our treasure hunt led us to you!

Tickety does a spin and reveals a paw print on a pair of glasses on top of a big red book

CHILD: A clue, clue!

STEVE: A clue?

Tickety points to the clue and Steve sees it

STEVE: Oh, you’re right. There’s a clue on these glasses. Hey, clock, you’re sitting next to our first clue. You know what we need, our handy-dandy…

CHILD: Notebook!

STEVE: Notebook. Okay. 

STEVE DRAWING: So, two circles with a line connecting them, and two curved lines to go around the ears. There, glasses. 

STEVE: So our first clue to who set up this whole treasure hunt is glasses. Do you know who? Right, well, we better keep looking for more clues. *the back of the notebook sparkles* Yeah. Or, or, treasure hunt hints. 

Steve notices something on the back of the notebook 

STEVE: Oh… Look at this. *Steve opens a secret compartment in the notebook and inside is another treasure hunt hint* There’s a secret compartment in the notebook! That’s amazing. 

Steve takes out the treasure hunt hint and bends down to Blue and Tickety 

STEVE: You can do the honors here, Blue. 

BLUE: Thank you. 

Steve gives Blue the treasure hunt hint and Blue shows it to the viewers 

STEVE: Read it with me. It says, *clears throat* “Find these two things and you will see a land of great Discovery.” Okay. So the two things we need to find are a book and a key. Book, and a key. 

Steve and Blue search around for those things

STEVE: Well, do you see any of these things?

CHILD: The book!

Tickety points to the book underneath the glasses 

STEVE: Oh, yeah, look at that! Cool. So, we found the book. *Blue puts the book in the backpack* Now, what else do we need to find?

CHILDREN: The key!

STEVE: The key. Precisely. 

Steve then heads to the kitchen and looks for the key

STEVE: Where is the key? Got to find the key.

Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper and Paprika are at the kitchen counter and Paprika is holding a red key 


STEVE: The key! Ooh, and Paprika’s holding it. Hey, Paprika, can we have that key?


MR. SALT: If you want receive the treasure hunt key

You first have to answer a riddle from me. 

Mr. Salt gets out their riddle

STEVE: Oh, okay, I get it. So, first we need to figure out a riddle, then we get the key. 

PAPRIKA: Key mine!

Mr. Salt shows the first part of the riddle 

STEVE: Ooh, read it with me. “Kangaroo starts with the letter…” What letter does kangaroo start with?


Mrs. Pepper writes a K on the line with a crayon

STEVE: A K, right. *Mr. Salt shows the next part* And, um, eggs. Eggs starts with the letter, uh… What letter does eggs start with?


Mrs. Pepper writes an E on the line

STEVE: An E. *Mr. Salt shows the last part* Great reading. And, uh, yo-yo. Ooh, what letter does yo-yo start with?


STEVE: Why? Well, because Mr. Salt said we had to figure this out and then… Oh, the letter Y! *Mrs. Pepper writes a Y on the line* Got it. *Mr. Salt shows the whole riddle*  So what word does this spell, K-E-Y? K-E-Y… K-E-Y. 


The bottom part of the riddle reveals a picture of a key which is the answer to the riddle 

STEVE: Key, yeah! We figured out the riddle! Key!

PAPRIKA: Key, key!

STEVE: Hey, So we found the book and the key. *Paprika gives Blue the key* Ooh. We solved another treasure hunt hint. What room are we in?

CHILD: The kitchen! 

STEVE: The kitchen, yeah. That means we can add the kitchen *Blue gets the map* to our treasure hunt map. 

Blue gets a sticker with Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper and Paprika and puts it in the next space on the map

STEVE: Ooh, we are so almost at our treasure. 

MRS. PEPPER: I have something else for you. 

Mrs. Pepper gets out a picture of a tall bookcase 

STEVE: What is this? A bookcase, yeah. Let’s go. 

Steve goes into the living room and looks for the bookcase and comes near a rocking chair with a paw print on the seat

CHILDREN: A clue, a clue!

STEVE: Do you see a clue?

CHILD: The rocking chair!

Steve sees the clue on the rocking chair 

STEVE: Oh, on the rocking chair. This rocking chair is our second clue. You know what we need, our handy-dandy…

CHILDREN: Notebook!

STEVE: Notebook, right. Hey, you know, I think I’ll just use my red crayon for this red rocking chair. 

STEVE DRAWING: So, a line for the arch of the chair, two curved lines around for the arms, lines going this way for the seat, lines going this way for the back, and squiggly lines for the rockers. A rocking chair. 

STEVE: Okay, we need to figure out who set up the treasure hunt. And our first clue was… Glasses, right. And now, our second clue is this rocking chair. So, who could have set up the treasure hunt with glasses and a rocking chair? Do you know? Maybe, maybe we should find our last clue. Where were we going? Right, the bookcase. Let’s go. 

Steve and Blue come up to the bookcase and an empty space sparkles

CHILD: Look, look!

Steve and Blue sees an empty space on the bookcase sparkles 

STEVE: What do you think goes there? 

CHILDREN: The book!

STEVE: Oh, the book, right. 

Steve takes the book out of the backpack and gives it to Blue and she places the book in the empty space. Suddenly, the bookcase moves to the left and there was a little door behind it. Steve and Blue looked at each other in shock. Then they look at the secret passageway

STEVE: It’s a secret passageway. Blue, did you know that was here the whole time? I’m speechless. *Steve tries turning the knob* It’s locked. How should we open it?

CHILD: The key!

Blue gets out the key

STEVE: The key, yes, the key. Have you done this before or something? Because you’re really very good. 

Blue unlocks the door with the key and the door opens and they see the Land Of Great Discovery 

STEVE: Let’s go. 

STEVE/BLUE: Blue skidoo, we can, too.

 Steve and Blue skidoo into the door and slide down a rainbow and land in a pot of gold

STEVE: Wow. Now, this is something else. Gold! At the end of a rainbow! *he sniffs the piece of gold he’s holding* Oh, my gosh. *he unwraps the wrapper* I think it’s chocolate. 

Steve takes a bite and it was definitely chocolate 

STEVE: It is! It is chocolate! This is the Land of Great Discovery! Hey, Blue, we got to add this to our map. 

Blue gets the map and puts a sticker of the Land of Great Discovery in the next space which leaves only one space left

STEVE: Ooh, we’re getting closer and closer!

Blue puts the map away and Steve continues eating his piece of chocolate 

CHILD: On the wrapper!

STEVE: What? On the wrapper? No way. 

Steve looks at the wrapper and noticed it had a picture of Little Miss Muffett

STEVE: Man, this place is so cool. Do you know who this is? 

CHILD: Little Miss Muffett!

STEVE: Yeah, that’s Little Miss Muffett. That’s Blue’s favorite nursery rhyme ever. Wow, this place is great. 

Soon, Steve and Blue begin walking around the Land of Great Discovery and they find Little Miss Muffett sitting under a tree and above her on a branch is a bug, a spider and a caterpillar 

BUG: I’m supposed to go. 

CATERPILLAR: No, it’s me. 

STEVE: Hi, Miss Muffett. I’m Steve, and this is Blue. She’s a really big fan of yours. Say hi. 

BLUE: Hello. 

LITTLE MISS MUFFETT: Hello, Blue. Oh, thank goodness both of you are here. Can you help?

STEVE: Sure, what seems to be the problem?

LITTLE MISS MUFFETT: Well, here I am, Miss Muffett sitting on my tuffet, eating my curds and whey. Then along came a… Oh… We can’t seem to figure out what happened next. 

STEVE: Will you help? Do you know what happens next in Little Miss Muffett’s story? Along came a…

BUG: Bug. It must be bug. Along came a bug. 


STEVE: Spider?

SPIDER: Precisely. *the bug and caterpillar go away* Along came a spider, who sat down beside her. *the spider goes down and frightens Miss Muffett away* And the rest was history. Thank you for clearing that up. Here you go!

The spider gives something to Blue and Blue shows it to the viewers. It was a picture of Jack Be Nimble

STEVE: Hey, do you know who that is? Only the coolest nursery rhyme guy there ever was. 

Jack Be Nimble jumps right past them

STEVE: It’s Jack. Come on. 

Steve and Blue come to another part of the Land of Great Discovery but they couldn’t see Jack anywhere

STEVE: Wasn’t Jack right here a second ago?

Jack come in

JACK BE NIMBLE: Here I am, and here’s my problem. As you can see, I am nimble, and I am quick but I just can’t seem to remember what I’m supposed to jump over. Can you help me, and fast?

STEVE: Well, I can definitely see your problem. Hey, do you know? What should Jack jump over?

They look at three things on a stump. There is a lamp, a candlestick and a pail of water 

CHILD: A candlestick!

JACK BE NIMBLE: A candlestick, thanks! And this is for you. 

Jack drops another treasure hunt hint on the ground

STEVE: Ooh, another scroll. 

Jack picks up his candlestick and jumps away. Then Steve picks up the treasure hunt hint and shows it to the viewers 

STEVE: Okay, read it with me. It says, “You’ve come so far, the end is near. Now…”

Steve notices the message is incomplete 

STEVE: Now… Now what? Now what? Now what?

Steve and Blue continue walking through the Land of Great Discovery 

STEVE: It’s only half, you see. What does this mean?

Steve stops by a tree that grows green striped clothes

CHILDREN: A clue, a clue!

STEVE: Oh. Look at this tree. It grows green striped things! 

Steve then also sees a clue on green striped dress on the tree

STEVE: Oh. There’s a clue on this green striped dress. You know what we need, our handy-dandy…

CHILDREN: Notebook!

STEVE: Notebook, right. Okay. A green striped dress. I think I’ll use a green striped *he gets a green crayon out of a crayon bush* crayon. Cool. 

STEVE DRAWING: First we draw the outline of the dress, and then some lines here for the collar, some stripes, and buttons. There. A green dress with stripes just like mine. 

STEVE: Now, that was our third clue. Hey, that means we’re ready for our…

CHILDREN: Thinking Chair!

STEVE: Thinking Chair! Let’s go. 

Steve catches up with Blue at the rainbow and they skidoo up the rainbow and back to the living room. Once there back, the door closes and the bookcase goes back into place. Then they head to the Thinking Chair and Steve sits down

STEVE: Okay, now that we’re in our Thinking Chair, let’s think. So, we’re trying to figure out who set up this whole treasure hunt. And our clues are: glasses, a rocking chair, and a green striped dress. Well, who do we know who has glasses, and maybe sits in a rocking chair and wears a green striped dress? Who do we know like that?

CHILD: Your grandmother!

STEVE: My grandma! Yeah, because she has glasses and she loves to sit in her Rocking Thinking Chair and she wears green stripes, like me. So, my grandma set up this whole big treasure hunt. Aw… How nice is that? We just figured out Blue’s Clues!

STEVE/BLUE: We sat on down, figured it out

What those clues were all about 

Grandma set up our treasure hunt!

CHILD: Hunt, hint!

Steve and Blue see another treasure hunt hint in the Thinking Chair. So they go back to the Thinking Chair and Steve picks up the hint

STEVE: Oh, it’s the other half of that riddle. Uh…

Steve gets out the other half he had before and puts them both together and the message is complete

STEVE: Okay, read it with me. It says, “You’ve come so far, the end is near. Now… You are here.” “You are here.” We’re here! Where are we?

CHILD: The living room!

STEVE: The living room, right. We are here. Okay. Now we can add the living room to our map. 

Blue gets out the map and puts a sticker of the living room in the last space of the map

STEVE: First the house, then Tickety, the kitchen, the Land of Discovery and now the living room. Hey, we just have to find the X! Hey, just need to find an X. Got to find an X. Where are we going to find an X? Do you know? 

Steve gets up and he and Blue search the living for the X

STEVE: Need the X. Finding an X. I don’t see an X. 

CHILD: There’s the X!

Steve and Blue look out the window and see the X is on Mailbox 

STEVE: Ooh, that’s it! The X! The X that marks the spot! Let’s go! Hey, Mailbox.

Steve and Blue go out the front door to Mailbox 

STEVE: The X, it’s right there. 

MAILBOX: The X is on me because I’m holding the treasure.

Mailbox opens and Steve gets out a big red treasure chest 

STEVE: This is the coolest treasure ever. *Steve opens the treasure chest* Presents! This one’s for Blue. *Blue gets her present out of the chest* And this one’s for me. And there’s a card. 

Steve gets out a card shaped like a pot of gold and reads it

STEVE: “Turn around and you will see I’m standing right behind the tree.” Grandma?

Steve turns around and his grandma comes out from behind the tree


STEVE: Grandma! It’s my grandma!

GRANDMA: Hi, Steve!

Steve and his grandma give each other a hug

STEVE: Oh, thank you so much. This was the coolest treasure hunt ever. 

GRANDMA: Oh, you’re welcome. I know how you love finding things. 

STEVE: Yeah. Oh, this is my friend. This is my grandma. 

GRANDMA: This is my grandson. Hi, there. Ooh, now it’s time to open the treasures. Blue, dear, why don’t you open your treasure first? 

Blue sits on a rock and opens her present and gets out a key that she can wear on her paw

GRANDMA: It’s a key. A key to unlock all your favorite treasures. 

Blue thanks Steve’s grandma and they both wiggle their noses at each other

STEVE: Is it time to open my treasures now?

The three sit on three rocks and Steve opens his present, shows it to Blue and the viewers. It was banana cookies 

STEVE: Banana cookies! Only the way grandma makes them. Thank you so much. 

GRANDMA: Oh, you’re so welcome. 

STEVE: Hey, and thank you, treasure hunt experts. This certainly was a day to remember. 

STEVE: Now It's time for So Long

But, we'll sing just one more song

Thanks for doing your part

You sure are smart

You know with me and you

My grandma and Blue

We can do anything

GRANDMA: That we want to do! 

STEVE: Bye-bye. 

GRANDMA: A scooby-doo-doo. 

Grandma blows a kiss at the viewers and Steve blows on the cookies and shares them with everyone 


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