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Tickety Tock: Steve, it's time to get up! Steve, wake up!
Steve: Duck, duck... goose. [laughing]
Tickety Tock: Hi, Blue. Oh! Oh, hi. Maybe you can help me -- it's time to wake up Steve, but he's not getting up. Rise and shine, Steve. [Steve is still sleeping] Will you help me wake up Steve? Great! If we both yell, "Wake up, Steve!" I know it'll work. Ready?
Tickety Tock and Blue (barking): 1, 2, 3.
Tickety Tock, Blue (barking) and Viewers: [shouts at Steve] Wake up, Steve!
Steve: [still a little drowsy] What? Huh? Clue? [open his eyes; to the audience] Oh. Oh, it's you! Wow, you're really here early today!

Steve: Okay, Sidetable. Now, what would you wanna ask?
Sidetable Drawer: Could I... could I... could I...?
Steve: Could you what?
Sidetable Drawer: Could I give you the notebook?
Steve: Sure. [Sidetable gives Steve a Handy Dandy Notebook] Thanks, Sidetable.

Steve: Magic show? Did Periwinkle say something about a magic show? Huh. Oh! Oh, you've probably meant "music show". Right.

Tickety Tock: Steve! Steve! Hey. Nice hats. Steve! Steve! Steve! What should we do with these paints?
Steve: Well, those paints would be great...
Pail: Steve! Steve! Steve! I've got a stethoscope and a police badge. What should we do with these props?
Steve: Oh, you could take those...
Mailbox: Steve! I found wood and a clothesline. What do we do?
Steve: Well, you could...
Slippery Soap: Steve! Steve! Steve! Brushes?
Steve: Brushes?
Shovel: Steve! What about these costumes?
Steve: Oh, uh, you could take those...
Steve: Magenta, Green, you're here. And you've brought more stuff.
All: Steve! Steve! Steve! What should we do with all this stuff?
Steve: I think Blue has an idea.

Viewers: A clue!
Steve: Yep, we found 'em on the bottom shelf: chocolate chips.
Viewer: There's a clue!
Steve: What? Did something happen out there that I should know about?
Viewer #1: A clue!
Viewer #2: A clue!
Steve: It's a clue, is it? Okay, just wait, I'll be right there. [heads out outside to look for a clue] Okay, where is it? Ooh!
Viewer #3: It's right there!
Steve: No, I... ah!
Viewer #4: It's right behind you!
Steve: Huh? I can't find it. Do you see it?
Viewer #5: Right there!
Steve: Oh yeah. It's right there. You know... [singing]I'd like to be able to find a clue, once, just once, like you.[speaking] Oh well... maybe next time.

Steve: We had our breakfast... check! We made our costumes... check! Our stage is ready... check!
Mr. Salt: The cookies are done!
Steve: We made our snacks... check! We still have to play Blue's Clues to find out who Blue's singing partner should be, but, we already found the last two so we just had to keep going.
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