Girl: A Clue! A Clue!

Steve: Yep, I owe it all to you.

Crowd: No, A Clue!

Steve: Start with a circle for his head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw out the guidelines for his body as shown here which includes lines for the neck, arms, torso, hips and legs. Start drawing out the shape of his face and then his ears. Draw out the neck shape on the right and then the beginning shape of his right arm. Draw the arched back line and then the shape and style of his boots. You will now draw out the lining for his hair line and then the shapes of is eyes using the facial guidelines you drew in step one. Thicken the left arm and draw out the hand and thumb, and then draw out the right arm and hand fingers and all. You will completely finish drawing out the shape of his body stomach and all as well as draw out the two pointed erect pieces of hair on his head. Draw out the rest of the boots and then add the eyeballs and pupils and color them in as well. All you have to do here is draw out his belt and then erase the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your work. Astro boy.

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