Steve: Hi Out There It’s Me Steve

Have you seen blue my puppy.

Viewers: There she is!

Blue: Bow-bow! Bow-bow-bow-bow-bow!

Steve: Come On In.

Blue: (barking)

Steve: Oh Hi. 

I’m Just Reading. (READING) There was a huge way that—

Oh. I’m Sorry. It was just A Really Great Book.

Oh, Right we’re Having Reading Time. 

You’re Just in time. Come on.

Hey, Blue. B-L-U-E.

Look Who’s Here.

Blue: (barking reading)

Viewer: Steve.

Blue: Bow!

Steve: Yeah.

Blue: (barking reading)

Viewer: On your Shirt.

Blue: (barking reading)


S-T-E-V-E. Steve. That’s me.

It’s my new shirt. You like it?

Blue: (barking reading)

Steve: Hey Blue, what are you reading.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow.

Steve: Great Idea. Let’s Read together.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow!

Steve: (CLEARS THOAT) Twinkle, twinkle, little— What’s that word?

Viewer: Star.

Blue: Bow!

Steve: Star. Right. How i wonder where you are. 

Blue: Bow!

Steve: Up Above the world, so high, like a diamond in the—What’s that word?

Viewer: Sky.

Blue: Bow!

Steve: Sky. Right.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow, bow!

Steve: Twinkle, twinkle, little—

Viewer: Star.

Blue: Bow!

Steve: How i wonder where you are. 

Blue: Bow!

Steve: Good Reading Blue. And you too. Wow.

Hey. Do you wanna read, this book now?

Blue: (barking no)

Steve: Are you sure I mean. Cause this— This here is A Really Great Book.

Blue: (barking no)

Steve: Okay, well what book do you wanna read?

Blue: (barking) leaving a clue on the screen.

Steve: Oh I Knew that was coming.

We’re gonna play Blue’s clues

to figured out what book B-L-U-E blue wants to read?

We are gonna play blues clues

cause it’s really fun yeah.

Now Remember Blue’s Pawprints will be on the clues, Blue’s Clues.

Hey, What letter is paw print begin with?

Viewer: A “P”

Steve “P” Right. Heh.


Steve: Did you— Did you see that? That paw print just popped right off. 

Hey you know what? Popped starts with “P”

Just Like Pawprint. That’s Cool.

Hey You Know what we need for Blue’s Clues our….

Viewers: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook Right Come on.

Hi Sidetable Drawer.

Side table: Hi S-T-E-V-E.

Steve: Yup. Steve. That’s Me.

Just Getting our 


Hey. Notebook starts with “N”.

You Know I Really Think of gonna need your Extra help today 

You think you’ll be able to help me figure out what book blue wants to read?

You will, Great.

Oh, okay so to play Blue’s Clues

we’ve got to find uh..

The Viewers: Pawprint!

Steve: Pawprint Right cause that’s the 1st…

The Viewers: Clue!

Steve: Yeah! And Then we put it in our...

The Viewers: Notebook!

Steve: Right. Because they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues!

Steve: We've gotta find another pawprint,

That's our 2nd clue!

We put it in our notebook,

'Cause they're whose clues? Blue's Clues!

We've gotta find the last pawprint,

That's the 3rd clue!

We put it in our notebook

'Cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues!

You Know What To Do?

Sit down in our Thinking Chair

And think, think, think!

'Cause when we use our minds,

And take a step at a time,

We can do anything...

Blue: Ba-bow!

Steve: (Steve comes up reading his book for a few seconds, then remembers what he was doing earlier and the music continues) That we want to do!

So did you see which way B-L-U-E? Which way should go?

Blue: Bow, bow!

Viewer: She Went That Way.

Steve: Oh. That Way. Thanks.

We Are Reading for Blue’s Clues

We Are Reading for Blue’s Clues

We Are Reading for Blue’s Clues

I Wonder— I Wonder What This Word is?

Viewer: A Clue A Clue.

Steve: No no I I I Don’t I Don’t Think it’s clue Clue it’s C-L-U-E. Kinda Like Blue but with the C.

Viewer: No A Clue.

Steve: Oh! Oh! You See A Clue. Where? 

Viewer: Over There.

Steve: Oh My. It’s our 1st clue to what book Blue wants to read?

Our 1st Clue! And it’s on the word— the word,

Viewer: Moon.

Steve: Moon. Yeah Good Reading. 

Hey, You Know what we need our handy dandy notebook 

Notebook Oh. okay, let’s write this moon clue 

in our notebook

A Moon is spelled


and sometimes looks like sorta of a crescent,

A Moon. 

Wow. So What book could Blue Want to Read with a moon?

What do you think? Yeah i think we need to more clues to figure this out.

Mrs. Pepper: Steve! Do you need anything?

Steve: Do I Need anything? Well i Got my Book I— Ooh. Heh. 

I Could use 2 more clues.

Hey Mrs Pepper. Will you Calling Me.

Mrs. Pepper: Yes Steve. Do you need groceries.

Steve: Groceries Sure.

Mr. Salt: Hi Steve. Uh. We need your help with our Grocery List.

Steve: Hi Mr. Salt. Hi Paprika. (TICKLING)

Paprika: Paprika hungry.

Mr. Salt: Oh. We’re better hurry.

Steve: Will Do you think we can help Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper with our grocery list.

Paprika: Hungry hungry.

Steve: Well, Let’s see if we can find from this list.

Let’s Find this 1st, Do you see this Item?

Viewer: That One.

Steve: You see this Item. What is it?

Viewer: Milk.

Mrs. Pepper: Milk. Just been we looking for.

Steve: Milk. Check. See Milk Good Job.

Paprika: Paprika hungry.

Mrs. Pepper: What’s Next in our list.

Steve: Well Let’s see. Do you see this Item?

Viewer: Over There.

Steve: Oh you see this Item. What is it?

Viewer: Bread.

Mr. Salt: Bread of our peanut butter sandwiches.

Steve: Right. Bread. Check.

Paprika: Bread. Now.

Mrs. Pepper: Soon Paprika. Almost Done.

Steve: Okay, 


Do you think it’s on our list. 


Do you see this one?

Viewer: That One.

Steve: Oh Yeah! What is it?

Viewer: Juice

Mrs. Pepper: Juice. Paprika’s Favorite.

Steve: Right Juice. You Are So Good At This Reading Business

Paprika: Paprika Love Juice.

Steve: Well. I Think That Everything. Milk, Bread, Juice.

Paprika: Juice. Juice.

Mr. Salt: Here Paprika.

Steve: So, Do you think Paprika Goes Hungry. Yep.

Hey, Did you see any clues around here?

Me Either. I’ll go keep looking. Bye.

Hey, Did you know that book That starts with “B”.

Oh and Door. Door starts with “D”

And Curtain. Curtain Starts with “C”.

And Look at that. Cow, cow also starts with “C”.

And— And So does Cake, And Caterpillar and—

Viewer: A Clue.

Steve: Yes. Yes. Clue. Clue also starts with “C”.

And so does carburetor, and cantaloupe, and capobianco.

Viewer: No A Clue.

Steve: Did You See A Clue. Where?

Viewer: On the Cow!

Steve: There A Clue on that cow. They Both Starts with C! 


You know what we need our handy dandy…

Viewers: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook, 

Let’s Draw this cow. 

In our clue collector. Oh.

Cow is Spelled C-O-W.

We’ve Got The Cow’s Head, 

a big circle for the body, 

lines for the legs, and then the udder 

and There’s A Cow.

So What was our 1st clue?

Viewer: Moon.

Steve: Oh a Moon Right and now we have A Cow. 

So What book could Blue Want to Read with a moon and A cow? 

What do you think?

Yeah, I think we need to find our last Clue.

Mailtime, mailtime, mailtime, mailtime, mailtime!

Steve: And we should get the mail too.


Here's the…

Viewers: Mail.

Steve: It never…

Viewers: Fails.

Steve: It makes me want to wag my…

Viewers: Tail.

Steve: When it comes, I wanna…

Viewers: Wail.

Viewers and Blue: Mail!

Mailbox: Hi S-T-E-V-E.

Steve: Steve, That’s me. Hi Mailbox, have you got a letter for us.

Mailbox: I have lots of letters for ya.

Steve: Get—

Oh Letters of the alphabet. Heh. I Get it.

Mailbox: And Here’s Another 1.

Steve: Thanks Mailbox.

Mailbox Bye.

Steve: Ha. He’s He's pretty funny, Don’t you think.

We Just Got A Letter.

We just got a letter.

We just got a letter.

We just got a letter.

I wonder who it's from

Oh. it’s A Letter from our friends.

All: Hi Steve Hi Blue we’re send on day the library.

And do you want me to read the book to you?

This is my favorite page.

And look at that story?

He's lookin' at his family on the picture.

And he's thirsty, and so...

So, he'll ask for a glass of milk,

and then,

he's going to want a cookie to go with it.

If you believe him.

That was a really funny book.

All: Bye Steve.

Steve: Bye. Wow. How great was that book Because you know i love, a really great book.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow.

Steve: You See Blue?

Viewer: Right There.

Steve: Oh. Over here. Okay. Okay. Okay.


Did you see that! That book is moving?

Viewer: Blue, I See her.

Steve: Oh, You See Blue? Heh.

Blue: Bow, bow! Bow, bow, bow.

Steve: Aha. Found Ya.

Blue: Bow! Bow, bow, bow! Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow.

Steve: Aha! Skidoo, Blue Skiddoed. Ooh. Let’s Go Too.

Blue Skidoo, we can too.

Hey We’re in our Storybook. Let’s Go Read. I mean since we’re in our Storybook.

We Whoa! (LAUGHS) Oh! Okay. Ah! Got it. Okay so where should I go?

Viewers: Right There!

Steve: Oh yes, right there. Word says S-T-E-V-E. Steve Cause, that’s me.

And—Ooh. And Right. And Blue She can go there. Word says B-L-U-E. 

Blue, Cause that’s her.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow!

Steve: Okay, let’s take look at this sentence.

the ball. threw A girl

Wait a minute.

the ball. threw A girl

Viewers: No.

Steve: No. That—That Doesn’t make any sense.

Blue: (barking no).

Steve: How can we fix this sentence.

Blue: Bow.

Steve: Ooh. Who threw the ball.

Blue: Bow.

Viewer: A girl

Steve: A girl threw the ball. Yeah! Great! That was good reading.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow!

Steve: Oh Look, (LAUGHS) There’s more to the story. Okay Let’s Read This sentence too.

Blue: Bow, bow!

Steve: A ball. caught the puppy 



Wait a sec. Wait a sec. 

There’s something wrong with this sentence. 


A ball. caught the puppy 

Viewers: No!

Steve Well well let’s see how can we fix this sentence. So that it make sense.

Blue: Bow.

Steve: A puppy What did A puppy do?

Blue: Bow.

Viewer: caught the ball.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow, bow!

Steve: A puppy caught the ball.

Wow! That’s Perfect! 

Cause you know i was wondering who caught the ball. If the girl threw it.

Blue: Bow-wow. Bow, bow, bow!

Steve: Oh, There’s more to the story. Yeah Let’s Read.

puppy snack. The and the ate a girl

Wow. Oh my that— that doesn’t make any sentences.

Blue: Bow, bow!

Steve: Okay So, do you think the ate a girl is a sentence?

Viewer: No.

Blue: (barking no).

Steve: No! Because that is just plain silly. Heh.

Okay, Ooh. So Who do you think ate a snack.

Viewer: The girl

Steve: The girl?

Viewer: and the puppy

Steve: Oh, The girl and the puppy Okay okay let me get the straight.

Blue: Bow!

Steve: The girl and the puppy ate a snack.

Wow! What a sentence! What a story! What a Job!

Blue: Bow. Bow.

Steve: Oh Yeah Let’s— Let’s read the whole Story.

Blue: Bow!

Steve: A girl threw the ball. A puppy caught the ball. The girl and the puppy ate a snack.

Blue: Bow, bow! Bow.

Steve: The End.

Blue: Bow, bow.

Steve: Oh that was great, that was really great. 

I wonder what they had for a snack.

Viewer: It’s A Clue.

Steve: A Clue Right here in our storybook Where? 

Heh! What the word is that? J-U-M-P Jump.

Word Jump: Jump. Jump. Jump.

Steve: Oh, Oh that’s the word jump. Hey you know what we need our handy dandy….

Viewers: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook, 

Right okay Let’s write the word jump,

Alright we have A J-U-M-P.


Jump is our 3rd clue, 


You Know what that means, we’re ready for our….

Viewers: Thinking Chair!

Steve: Right Let’s Go. 

Blue: Bow, bow, bow! Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow. Bow, bow, bow. Bow, bow, bow.

Steve: Okay Now that we’re Our Thinking Chair Let’s think. 

So, What book could Blue Want to Read

and our clues are,  

A Moon, 

A Cow, 

and the word jump. 

So, What book could Blue Want to Read 

with A Moon, A Cow, and the word jump. 

Jump, Jump who—who jumps does—does the moon Jump?

Blue: Bow.

Viewer: No.

Steve: (SIGHS) No.

Well Who Jumps Does could—could the cow jump

Viewers: Yes.

Steve: Yeah! Yeah the cow could jump Uh Next to the moon or—or over the moon. 

What book would that be?

Viewer: Hey Diddle Diddle.

Steve: Hey Diddle Diddle. That’s it. Cause remember, 

Hey, diddle, diddle, The cat and the fiddle, The cow jumped over the moon. 

We Just Figured Out Blue’s Clues

We just figured out Blue's Clues,

We just figured out Blue's Clues,

We just figured out Blue's Clues,

Because we're really smart!

B-L-U-E Let’s go get that book you wanna read.

Blue: (barking)

Steve: Ah. Here it is Blue. Here’s the book what you wanna read.

Hey Diddle Diddle

See the cow jumping over the moon.

Those we’re good clues. Okay.

Oh, look who it is. It’s Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, And Paprika. (TICKLING)

Mr. Salt: That’s of our list. Read, a, book.

Steve: Remember how we helped them?

Viewer: Grocery List.

Blue: Bow.

Steve: Hey, Hey! Remember that word.

Viewer: Jump.

Steve: Good Reading. Oh, I know, it’s our turn to read. Ready.

Hey Diddle Diddle the…

Viewer: Cat.

Steve: And the Fiddle. The… You know with these words You can read these.

Viewer: The Cow jumped over the moon.


Blue: Bow.

Steve: The Little…

Viewer: Dog.

Steve: Laughed to see such sport and. The… 

Viewer: Dish.

Steve: Run away with the…

Viewer: Spoon.

Blue: Bow.

Steve: Oh I Know I Have one more thing for us to read.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow.

Steve: Thank You So Much for all of your help today.

Now it’s time for so long,

But we’ll sing just one more song!

Thank for doing your part! 

You sure are smart! 

You know, with me and you and my dog Blue

We can do anything that we wanna do! 

Bye! See Ya! Bye.

Blue: Bow. Bow, bow. Bow, bow. Bow. Bow. Bow, bow! Bow, bow. Bow, bow.

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