The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: Season: 6 - Episode: 6b

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Walking Nightmare The Greatest Love Story Ever Told Ever

[incomplete & not enough]

  • Principal Goodvibes: What do you got to say for yourself?
  • Billy: It's not my fault. It's this stupid toad. He's dragging me down man!
  • Principal Goodvibes: (To Billy) I wasn't talking to you.
  • Undertoad: Huh? Oh, yeah. He's guilty.
  • Billy: What?
  • Principal Goodvibes: I'm sending you home a note to your parents and take your frog with you.
  • Undertoad: That's toad.
  • Principal Goodvibes: Or just drop him off in Biology class.

  • Euegne's Mom: Sorry about Eugene. He's new in this. Bye-bye and thanks again.