Ben 10: Omniverse: Season: 2 Episode: 8

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Bros In Space Store 23

Young XLR8: Seriously? Your name is "Eon"? Like "ee-yawn"!

Eon: Your juvenile taunts won't save you, Ben Tennyson.

Young XLR8: Save me from what? You can't even lay a finger on me!

Eon: I don't have to. Time is on my side.

Diamondhead: What? No weird time beams, or whatever? Not your usual style, Eon.

Eon: The only thing ever predictable about me, is that I'm unpredictable! (Attacks with an energy blade)

Diamondhead: (blocks the attack) Unpredictable, but lame! Now this is a sword.

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Eon: Aha! Just what I was waiting for!

[ Energy crackling ]

Ben Tennyson: Uhn!

Young Ben Tennyson: Ohh! [ Groans ] I don't know what that was all about, but now it's my turn! What is with you, new Omnitrix? First you won't transform me into the aliens I ask for. Now you're transforming yourself to look all retro? Dude, you better still work. (Ben transforms into Ditto)

Young Ditto: Ditto? Wow! I haven't used Ditto since...forever.  [ All shouting ] Where'd he go? I don't suppose we pummeled him into oblivion? Eh, whatever, man. At least we got rid of him! Score one for the little guys! - All right! Yeah! - Whoo-hoo-hoo!

Young Gwen Tennyson: Ben!

Young Ditto: Gwen? Why are you a little kid?!

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Young Ben Tennyson: Aah! Why am I a little kid?! 

Young Gwen Tennyson: What's with your voice? You sound even weirder than usual.

Young Ben Tennyson: This isn't me! I mean, it is me, but it's me a long time ago! I'm a teenager now!

Max Tennyson: Easy, Ben. You must've taken a clonk to the noggin.

Young Ben Tennyson: It was Eon!

Max Tennyson: You mean Eon clonked you on the noggin?

Young Ben Tennyson: No! He sent me back in time somehow! Or sent my brain, anyway.

Young Gwen Tennyson: [ Scoffs ] Your brain's definitely gone somewhere.

Max Tennyson: Ben might be right, Gwen. You said it yourself he doesn't sound like our Ben.

Young Gwen Tennyson: Then where is "our" Ben?

Young Ben Tennyson: Wherever he is, poor little "me" must be totally freaking out.

Ben Tennyson: Awesome! Grandpa, check it out! I'm a teenager!

Rook Blonko: Ben? What's wrong with your voice?

Ben Tennyson: Who are you? How do you know my name?

Max Tennyson: Easy, Ben. You must've taken a clonk to the noggin.

Eon: Interesting. A full temporal consciousness inversion. Not the effect I was going for, but it should still have the desired result.

Ben Tennyson: You're still here? I'll fix tha Huh? New Omnitrix? Sweet! Are all these aliens really mine? Best day ever!

Eon: Where is Paradox?!

Ben Tennyson: Pair-o-who?

Eon: [ Groans ] The time-travelling busybody who shows up whenever you make a mess of the timestream.

Ben Tennyson: Never heard of him dude.

Eon: Oh, of course not. You haven't met Paradox yet. He'll go to the other one.

Young Gwen Tennyson: So, if you're really from the future, what's it like? -- What am I like?

Young Ben Tennyson: You.. are actually pretty cool. I miss you a lot.

Young Gwen Tennyson: Miss me? [ Gasps ] Am I dead? I'm dead, aren't I?

Young Ben Tennyson: No! No! You just went to college. Early, in fact. You're doing great.

Young Gwen Tennyson: I go to college early?

Max Tennyson: No more spoilers, Ben. Time travel is tricky business. The less we know about the future, the better.

Professor Paradox: Ah, wise words, indeed!

Ben Tennyson: Professor Paradox? What's with the Steam-punk make over?

Professor Paradox: Let's say I've been forced to take a more active role in temporal affairs of late, it's become open warfare on the space-time continuum I'm afraid.

Ben Tennyson: A time war?! Is it bad that I think that sounds awesome?

Max Tennyson: Uh, Ben, you want to introduce us to your friend here?

Professor Paradox: Oh, my apologies. I can see I have you at a disadvantage. Or I will have had you at a disadvantage. Time travel makes verb tenses so confusing. I am professor Paradox, for ironic reasons we needn't go into. Ben, a word. I'm not sure how much time we have, so listen carefully. Eon wants nothing less than absolute power over everything all timelines, all alternate realities everything.

Young Ben Tennyson: But you know how to stop him.

Professor Paradox: Yes and no. I've managed to trap Eon here in this timeline only. He can travel to the past or the future freely but he's powerless to access any alternate realities.

Young Ben Tennyson: That's good?

Professor Paradox: Yes, but the key to his escaping this timeline is my Chrono Navigator, and he'll stop at nothing to get it.

Young Ben Tennyson: Chrono-what-with the who now?

Professor Paradox: My pocket watch, of course. Think of it as a GPS for the multiverse. I've taken great pains to camouflage it for safekeeping. You must keep the Chrono Navigator out of Eon's hands at all costs. Do you understand?

Eon: The Chrono Navigator give it to me, timewalker!

Professor Paradox: You know very well that is never going to happen.

Eon: Then I'll just have to take it from you!

Professor Paradox: No, Ben! This not your fight! Do what you will, Eon. You'll never get your hands on the device you seek.

Eon: Time will tell.

Professor Paradox: Don't worry, Ben! I'm sure you have the important matters well in hand!

[ Ticking ]

Young Ben Tennyson: "Well in hand"

Ben Tennyson: This place is so cool! What does this thing do?

Blukic: I wouldn't touch that. [ Alarm blares ]

Driba: Or that.

Ben Tennyson: How about this one?

Both: Definitely not that.

Rook Blonko: Please, Ben, if you would just sit still so we can figure out what is wrong with you.

Ben Tennyson: There's nothing wrong with me. I'm awesome!

Max Tennyson: There's obviously something wrong with him. He's not himself. He's - Where is he?

Rook Blonko: Oh, not again.

[ Beeping ]

Computer: Core Jettison in 10, 9, 8

Max Tennyson: Ben!

Computer: 6, 5, 4, 3 [ Machinery whirring ]

Ben Tennyson: So, uh, got any games on this thing?

Max Tennyson: I'm gonna need you to look after Ben until we figure out what to do.

Rook Blonko: My apologies, Magister Tennyson. I have barely learned to deal with teenage Ben. Is there anyone else who has experience in dealing with this version?

Gwen Tennyson: I do. So, mentally, he's 11?

Ben Tennyson: Gwen? Is that really you? You look... Like you're still a dweeb!

Gwen Tennyson: And you're still a doof... Easy Gwen, don't let him get to you. You're above this childish stuff now.

Ben Tennyson: Nyah-nyah, nyah-nyah, nyah!

Rook Blonko: I still do not understand why you are here, Gwen.

Gwen Tennyson: 5 years ago. Ben told me to come and find him at this exact date and time. I almost didn't do it, but he seemed so serious. It wasn't like him at all. Well, not like 11-year-old him.

[ Liquid Splashes ]

Ben Tennyson: It wasn't me! No, really. That wasn't me, Gwen. I don't know what you're talking about.

Max Tennyson: You don't suppose his 16-year-old mind got sent back into his 11-year-old body? Some kind of cross-time brain swap?

Gwen Tennyson: But wouldn't we remember that? I mean, I remembered him asking me to find him.

Max Tennyson: [ Sighs ] I don't know. This time-travel stuff always gives me a headache

Rook Blonko: Do you recall anything else?

Gwen Tennyson: Only that I'm supposed to take him to Mr. Smoothy's.

Ben Tennyson: Mr. Smoothy's? Gross!

[ Crash ]

Eon: You are a timid fool, Paradox. Just because you never took full advantage of the Chrono Navigator's power doesn't mean I shouldn't.

Professor Paradox: Yes, but in anyone else's hands but mine it could cause irreparable damage to the time-stream or destroy all of time and causality itself. In any event, I couldn't possibly give you the Chrono Navigator even if I wished to do so, because I don't have it.

Eon: Hmm. No, you don't, do you? You are many things, Paradox, but a liar you are not.

Professor Paradox: Precisely. Now, if you'd be so kind as to loosen these shackles. I shall be on my way.

Eon: What's the rush? We have all the time in the world.

Young Ben Tennyson: "Well in hand..." This thing must be important to finding the Chrono-whatcha-amacallit. Man, doesn't Paradox ever get tired of being cryptic?

Young Gwen Tennyson: Are you ever going to tell me what you're being cryptic about, doofus or are you just gonna keep muttering to yourself?

Young Ben Tennyson: I wish I could, Gwen. I could really use your help right now. You're always good at figuring out stuff like this.

Young Gwen Tennyson: And stop doing that!

Young Ben Tennyson: Stop doing what?

Young Gwen Tennyson: Being so... nice! It's creeping me out.

Young Ben Tennyson: Sorry.

Young Gwen Tennyson: You're still doing it!

Young Ben Tennyson: Sorry.

Young Gwen Tennyson: You're doing it again!

Young Ben Tennyson: Gwen, I need a favor. Maybe the most important thing I'll ever ask you to do. Five years from today, you have to find me no matter where I am. Even if I'm on another planet or something.

Young Gwen Tennyson: Five years?

Young Ben Tennyson: Exactly five years. to the day and time. Come find me and take me to... Um... Mr. Smoothy's.

Young Gwen Tennyson: You hate Mr. Smoothy's.

Young Ben Tennyson: That's why it's perfect. Make me go with you. I'll explain everything to you then, I hope. Can you do that? Promise me. Please?

Young Gwen Tennyson: Wow. Politeness overload. [ Sighs ] Okay.

Young Ben Tennyson: Thanks... dweeb. Now stay here. I need to take care of something.

Ben Tennyson: Mr Smoothy's? Ugh!

Rook Blonko: Believe it or not, you love this place.

Gwen Tennyson: It's true. We used to hang out here all the time. You, me, and Kevin.

Ben Tennyson: Kevin who?

Gwen Tennyson: Kevin Levin.

Ben Tennyson: No way! Now I know this is some freaky alternate messed-up Universe!

Gwen Tennyson: Kevin changed. He's a good guy now. A really good guy.

Ben Tennyson: Wait. You're not... You and Kevin 11? Ugh! That's even more gross than Mr. Smoothy's!

Rook Blonko: Well, you have brought him here. Now what is supposed to happen?

Gwen Tennyson: I don't know. Ben didn't tell me.

Ben Tennyson; Maybe you should ask Kevin 11.

Gwen Tennyson: Maybe you should stop being such a doofus!

Ben Tennyson: Dweeb!

Rook Blonko: Maybe I will scan the area.

Ben Tennyson: Hey, a Sumo Slammers sticker! That's my favorite one.

Rook Blonko: Etched right into the metal. What could do that?

Gwen Tennyson: Ben?

Ben Tennyson: Don't look at me. I didn't put it there.

Gwen Tennyson: I think you did. Or you're going to have done. Ugh! Paradox is right. Time travel makes verb tenses so confusing.

Ben Tennyson: Paradox? You mean the guy that Eon dude was looking for?

Gwen Tennyson: You saw Eon?

Eon: You had to have used the Chrono Navigator to get to young Tennyson. So what did you have then that you don't have now? Clever. Very clever.

Professor Paradox: Nothing gets by you, does it?

Eon: Now that I know the answer, I'll simply return to the moment I severed your hand and retrieve it.

Professor Paradox: With two time travelers already there? Plus Ben's "condition?" You are well aware that the fabric of space-time is already stretched dangerously thin at that particular moment. If you go back there now, you could cause a rupture and be lost outside of time altogether!

Eon: Hmph. That is true. But there is another way.

Rook Blonko: There appears to be something else on this vertical structure.

Both: Where?

Ben Tennyson: I got this. (Ben transforms into Diamondhead)

Gwen Tennyson: Anything?

Diamondhead: There's some numbers up here: "35.35-118.96" and some crazy, made-up word. ArmoDrillo?

Rook Blonko: 35 point... They are map coordinates...of the old abandoned sewer system under Bellwood.

Gwen Tennyson: Let me guess. Abandoned five years ago.

Rook Blonko: Now it is right in the middle of Undertown.

Diamondhead: What's Undertown?

[ Tires screeching ]

Pakmar: Oh, no. No, no, no, no, you don't! There will be no destroying of Pakmar's place today! Ben Tennyson is not welcome here!

Ben Tennyson: Whoa. Chill out, little guy.

Rook Blonko: Mr. Pakmar, sir, we just need access to the basement. Plumber business. I assure you no harm will come to your establishment.

Pakmar: [ Sighs ] Pakmar has heard that one before.

Rook Blonko: This is the place.

Ben Tennyson: So that "ArmoDrillo" thing's here somewhere.

Rook Blonko: ArmoDrillo is one of your aliens.

(Ben transforms into ArmoDrillo)

[ Glass shatters ]

Gwen Tennyson: You had to tell him.

Ben Tennyson: Hey, check it out! There's more numbers down here on this pipe I just hit. One..... (pipe breaks) Oh...Uh-oh

[ Rumbling ]

Ben Tennyson: Aaaaaaah!

Pakmar: Pakmar will send you the bill. Again.

Gwen Tennyson: There are more coordinates, all right. Not far, either.

Rook Blonko: So you think our Ben left these clues for this Ben five years ago? Why would he do that?

Ben Tennyson: Why not do it? It's like a treasure map or something. I'm a genius! But what did I hide for me?

Gwen Tennyson: I guess we'll just have to keep following clues until we find out. You're sure these are the right numbers?

Ben Tennyson: Abso-tively, posi-tuvely!

Rook Blonko: There must be a mistake. Why make us drive all over town, and Undertown following clues just to lead us back here?

Gwen Tennyson: It's crazy.

Ben Tennyson: It's brilliant! Nobody would ever think to look for something hidden at the start of a treasure map!

Gwen Tennyson: [ Sighs ] Well, when you put it that way, It is kind of brilliant.

Ben Tennyson: This looks like a job for that Drillorama guy again.

(Ben transforms into Big Chill)

[ Screaming ]

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Ben Tennyson: Sorry! Sorry to scare you! It's all good, people. Go back to your smoothies. Yuccha. I didn't see any more numbers in there. But look what I found inside the wall! Bzw! Bzw! Bzw!

Rook Blonko: So... what is it?

Eon: Merely the key to dominion over all space and time. And thanks to you, It is now mine! [ Laughs evilly ] It's amazing. Every time-line, every alternate reality, I can see them all and they're all mine!

Ben Tennyson: Eon, I am so gonna clean your clock. (Ben transforms into Arctiguana)

Arctiguana: Arctiguana? Cool! Literally.

Gwen Tennyson: Ben?

Arctiguana: No worries, Gwen. I finally got an alien I know how to use! Done and done!

Eon: Oh, but there's more where that came from.

[ Thunder crashes ]

Gwen Tennyson: The holes in time... They're not closing!

Arctiguana: Gwen?

Gwen Tennyson: What?

Arctiguana: Not you. Her!

Young Gwen Tennyson: Ben? Is that you? And is that me?

Professor Paradox: Careful, children! Crossing over the time warps can have disastrous consequences!

Eon: What is this, Time Walker? You tricked me!

Professor Paradox: On the contrary, I warned you. Stop this now or all of existence will be destroyed!

Eon: No! If I cannot rule the Cosmos then I will be the one to destroy it! Aaah!

[ Thunder crashes ]

Young Ben Tennyson: The hand! Where is it?

Arctiguana: Well, duh! The evil bad guy has it!

(Young Ben transforms into Wildvine)

Young Wildvine: "Well, duh!" Then Wildvine's going to take it back!

Arctiguana: Hey, leave!

Gwen Tennyson: Rook, you take care of any stragglers. I'll and try to free Paradox.

Young Gwen Tennyson: Me? But I can't!

Gwen Tennyson: Yes, you can. It's an energy-siphon counter-spell. Combibo Potentia. But we both have to do it at the same time.

Young Gwen Tennyson: [ Gulps ] Okay, if you...I... say so.

Both: Combibo Potentia!

Young Gwen Tennyson: We did it! I mean, I did it. I mean...

Gwen Tennyson: Same thing.

Eon: Aaaaaaaaah!

Young Wildvine: [ Grunts ]

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Young Ben Tennyson: Professor Paradox? We're open to suggestions here!

Professor Paradox: You must anchor Eon to your respective time zones! I would suggest Clockwork!

Young Ben Tennyson: I don't have Clockwork!

Professor Paradox: Ah. Well, if activated at the same moment your two Omnitrixes might synchronize.

[ Omnitrix powers down ]

Ben Tennyson; "Might"? Some Professor you are!

Professor Paradox: Well, it's better than "won't."

Young Ben Tennyson: One...

Ben Tennyson: Two...

Both: Three!

(Both Bens transform into Clockwork)

Eon: Aaaaaaaah!

[ Bell tolls ]

[ Both Omnitrixes power down ]

Young Ben Tennyson: It worked! Wait. No. I'm still in the wrong me.

Professor Paradox: Without Eon to anchor them all the separate eras of time are progressively snapping back into place.

Ben Tennyson: Which means in a few seconds none of this will have happened and we won't remember a thing.

Professor Paradox: Hmm. You really are getting quite good at this, young Master Tennyson. Pity you'll have to start over

Young Ben Tennyson: Good seeing you... me... again.

Ben Tennyson: Yeah, me, too. Is it just me, or does this day seem to be dragging on and on?

Rook Blonko: I almost wish some Universe-threatening calamity would occur to alleviate this boredom.

Ben Tennyson: Yeah, well, something is bound to happen soon or later. It always does. Just give it some time.

(A green time portal open besides Ben, Ben 10,000 appears)

Ben 10,000: Ben! Where's Paradox? The Chronosapiens have gone rogue, and Maltruant's temporal beasts are on a cross-dimensional rampage! This Time-war is getting out of hand!

Ben Tennyson: Time-war? Awesome!

[ End of Ben Again ]