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Ben 10 Returns, Part Two
[incomplete: unfixed/messed]

Prologue Edit

[at a DNAlien lair]
Highbreed: You may speak to me, half-breed vermin.
DNAlien: Gratitude, Master. For months now, someone has been leaking the details of our secret operations to the authorities. I have new information of interest. We have found the source of the leak. [a device beeps] His name is Max Tennyson. We’ve had trouble with him before.
Highbreed: Then let this be the final time he troubles us. Destroy him.

Act 1 Edit

[soccer playing] [whistle blows] [crowd cheers]
J.T.: Pass it to me! Pass it to me! Come on! I’m open!
[buzzer blares]
Ben: Whoa!
Ben’s teammates: All right, Ben! Way to go!

[birds chirping]
Ben: Oh, um, I wasn’t showing off. I mean, I am going to show it to my grandpa. I guess that is sort of showing off. Ben Tennyson. Hi.
Girl: Julie. I know who you are. Great game.
Ben: Thanks. I really do have to go, though. See you tomorrow?
Julie: Okay. Bye!

[Ben bikes to the Rust Bucket]
Ben: Grandpa Max? Open up. It’s me. [door creaks] Hello? Grandpa? What happened in here? [thud] [roars] Ha! Oh, man. Peekaboo! That thing was looking for something, grandpa. But what? [motor hums]
Max: [from device] Hello, Ben.
Ben: Grandpa! What’s-
Max: I left this recording where I knew only you would find it. I’m in a bit of a situation, but it’s nothing I can’t handle -- certainly nothing for you to worry about. There’s renewed alien activity on Earth. I’m investigating. Oh, don’t worry about the Omnitrix, either. I have it, and it’s completely safe. They’ll never get their hands on it. Say hello to your cousin Gwen for me. Love you. Max out. [device off]
Ben: You’ve got the Omnitrix?

[Ben rushes home]
Sandra Tennyson: Ben, don’t run in the house!
Ben: Sorry, mom! [ his room inside] He says he’s got the Omnitrix. I know it’s in here somewhere. What are you trying to tell me, grandpa?

[karate class]

  • Karate teacher: Hajame (Begin)! Fight!
  • Gwen: Hey-yah! Ha!
  • Point, victory.
  • [applause]
  • So how’s my favorite cousin? Ben! Still undefeated.
  • Compliments -- means you want something.
  • I got a problem.
  • I need advice.
  • Okay, soon as I change.

  • [snores] Huh? Well, that’s attractive.
  • What? I’m awake.
  • What? You needed help? I need advice.
  • [crackling] Oh, don’t worry about the Omnitrix, either.
  • I have it, and it’s completely safe.
  • They’ll never get their hands on it.
  • Say hello to your cousin Gwen for me.
  • Love you.
  • Max out.
  • Grandpa doesn’t have the Omnitrix.
  • You do.
  • Yeah.
  • He’s sending me some kind of message.
  • I think he wants me to put it on again.
  • He always said that was your choice.
  • You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.
  • I used to love the Omnitrix.
  • It made me feel special.
  • You know what? It wasn’t the watch that was special.
  • It was you.
  • And you earned the chance to have a normal life.
  • You put that thing back on, and that’s pretty much it for normal.
  • But if grandpa needs my help He said he didn’t.
  • Anyway, remember how much trouble we had getting it off the last time?
  • Magister: The Omnitrix ain’t yours.
  • Give it up! No way! [grunting]
  • Magister: Give it to me -- now.
  • Or what?
  • Magister: Or this!
  • Ben: [sarcastically] Oh, that’s so creepy.

Act 2 Edit

  • Magister: Don’t make me use it on you.
  • Who’s making? Not fish face here, that’s for sure.
  • You’re getting really good at that stuff.
  • Thanks.
  • I want some answers right now.
  • Otherwise -- Yeah? I don’t know.
  • I’ll overfeed you.
  • Do I look like somebody to joke with? I’m a duly deputized agent of the Plumbers, an intergalactic law-enforcement organization.
  • I know what they are.
  • My Grandpa Max used to be a Plumber.
  • Max Tennyson? He was helping me on a case when he went missing.
  • We’re looking for him.
  • Wait.
  • He’s your grandfather? You’re the legendary Ben Tennyson? Guess so.
  • I thought you were just some kid who snatched it from the Rust Bucket.
  • Guess I owe you an apology.
  • If you get me out of this thing, maybe we can find your granddad together.
  • Are you sure? I’m sure.

  • So, what are we doing here?
  • Stakeout. According to a tip from your grandfather, the Forever Knights, a group of criminals who -- Trade in alien technology.
  • Yeah, I know.
  • I’ve run up against them before.
  • Magister: They’re supposed to show up here tonight to receive a shipment of illegal alien tech.
  • Who do they get it from? Don’t know.
  • Max was going to tell me, but then he disappeared.
  • Someone’s coming.
  • That’s Kevin! You know him? Kevin Levin -- he’s got superpowers.
  • I fought him all the time when we were kids.
  • He ended up trapped in the Null Void, kind of an extra-dimensional jail.
  • Money’s here.
  • Well, he’s brokering the deal.
  • Why not? You said it was illegal.
  • As promised, four dozen factory-new laser lances.
  • Ether-point energy module, antenna-focus emitter it’s good for 35 minutes of continuous fire at.
  • 06 terrawatts.
  • Is that good? You tell me.
  • Those lances are level-5 technology! Planet Earth has only level 2!
  • Hey, what happened to the whisper?
  • Hands above your heads, air breathers. By authority of the Plumbers, you’re all busted.
  • [all whirring] [all growling]
  • [sarcastically] Oh, that’s so creepy.
  • Isn’t it?
  • Back off!
  • [all screeching]
  • What now? Standoff.
  • Um, I don’t think so.
  • The other guys are behind us.
  • We are toast.
  • No, we’re not.
  • It’s hero time! [beeping] Ben! Watch! [all screeching] [beeping] Ben, seriously.
  • This is a really bad time for a reboot.
  • [beeping rapidly]

Act 3 Edit

  • I got nothing.
  • Maybe I do.
  • Come on! Come on! [beeping] [grunting] [beeping rapidly] [gasps] It never did that before.
  • I don’t recognize any of these guys, although under the circumstances, this one looks pretty good.
  • Swampfire! Ew, what’s that smell? [sniffs] Is that me? [grunting] Get away from my friends! I forgot how much fun this is.
  • [laughs] Cut it out.
  • That tickles.
  • Hey! [both gasp] You guys are in so much trouble.
  • Hey, Tennyson.
  • What do you want? Let’s see.
  • You trap me in the null void for all those years.
  • You did that to yourself.
  • And you’ve ruined my deal today.
  • I’m thinking I want revenge.
  • The good news is, since I can absorb anything, I’ve got more than enough power to take it.
  • That’s new.
  • [grunting] And that’s what happens when you mess with me.
  • Hey! What? Peekaboo! [groans] Energy cuffs -- you can’t escape.
  • Ain’t nothing there to absorb.
  • You still got some of that stuff in your hair.
  • Other side.
  • Ew! Time we had a talk, tough guy.
  • These weapons run on ether-point energy cells, a dangerous technology way too advanced for humans.
  • They shouldn’t even be on this planet.
  • So? How’s that my problem? While we were fighting, the Forever Knights got away with a crate full of them.
  • You set up the deal.
  • You’re going to tell me where they are.
  • Kevin, people could be hurt.
  • Magister: You’re in a lot of trouble, son.
  • I’m giving you a chance to help yourself here.
  • You don’t have to convince me.
  • Those guys ran off before I got paid.
  • I’m happy to help find those deadbeats.

  • Magister: I still think I should drive.
  • Nobody drives the car but me.
  • You were telling us about the aliens.
  • I don’t know anything about the ones we fought today.
  • Never met that kind before.
  • I don’t see them in here -- not that I know how to work this thing anymore.
  • Maybe after you get your license, pee-wee.
  • Who won our fight again? Oh, I remember -- me! There’s been a lot of alien activity on Earth lately.
  • Don’t know why.
  • Your grandfather thought maybe the weapons deal would lead us to whatever’s causing all the interest.
  • Now he’s missing.
  • Knowing Grandpa Max, he’s probably at a restaurant enjoying a roasted cockroach salad.
  • It’s a wonder that all that weird food didn’t kill him.
  • He’s not dead! Stop making jokes about him!
  • [tires screech] Don’t talk to her like that.
  • I’ll talk to her any way I -- You’re right.
  • I’m sorry, Gwen.
  • I know you’re worried about grandpa.
  • I just wish he were here.
  • He would know what to do.
  • He always knows what to do.
  • Well, he ain’t.
  • You’re the one with the Omnitrix.
  • You’re going to have to figure out how to get things done on your own.
  • [tires screech]
  • Kevin: This is it.
  • Subtle -- nobody would think to look for Knights in here.
  • You didn’t.
  • How do we get in? Gwen? [groans]

There’s no one here.

  • You sure this is the right place?
  • There’s a hidden door. Keep looking.
  • Maybe you should have brought a shopping cart.
  • I don’t like the looks of this.
  • [gasps] Aah! Come on, man! What are you doing? Sorry.
  • Guess I’m just a little paranoid! [growls]