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Gwen Tennyson: I hear most normal kids spend their normal summer vacation at the beach, or the mall. Oh, wait, WE were supposed to go to the mall today! [camera zooms out, revealing that she and Max are hanging upside down]
Grandpa Max: Sorry, honey, but we got side-tracked.
Dr. Animo: This nuclear reactor is the perfect way to detonate my DNA bomb into the atmosphere and de-evolutionize the world! [the door blows up]
Gwen Tennyson: Took you long enough.
Ben Tennyson (Heatblast): Okay, Animo. Science class is


[Cannonbolt attacks Azmuth. The suit then opens up, revealing himself to be a Galvan]
Azmuth: Look at what you did! Do you how long it took to break in a biosuit like that?
Cannonbolt: He's really a Grey Matter?
Myaxx: Who knew.
Azmuth: Yeah I'm a Galvan. So what? Does that give you the right to destroy my property and invade my privacy?
Tetrax Shard: Enough talk. Stop the countdown! (Cannonbolt reverts back to Ben)
Azmuth: I say let the Omnitrix self-destruct and take the universe with it. Probably the best thing that could happen. Start fresh. I didn't create a weapon, all of YOU did. I created the ultimate device for understanding all the beings of the universe. You and Vilgax are no different.

Ben Tennyson: I've got a world to save!!!
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