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Welcome to Bellwood. "The most normal .. town in the U.S.A" Why? So much noise? People trying to sleep! No pod? Ace wait until ma? Ana to make this fuss? This is the part where I say your name, qu? bad intentions. T? know … … struggles with me, I fight with you and one of us goes home happy! You did this before, right? O.k., I start I am Heat Blast! And t? and you were going! Qu? is this? Ooops! Nobody move! I have this under control official Oh, you must be a joke! Many! Maybe you do not have this under control Come on! Are not t? Midos! This is amazing! O.k. man! Let’s look at this! He was too f? Cyl. For where were they? Man, that was weird Qu? Ben manners! Fires the whole city! Ho! Ooops! - Est? S right? - I’m fine! The guy with the ugly fights, which is not est? well. It was supposed to wait? As the grandfather and m? before the fight, remember? Considering what it takes to be ready … Basta! We have to go before you see the sheriff Adem? S, Gwen has raz? No, Ben! Duty? As have expected. Hey, hab? An ugly with others? L. Maybe duty? To go for them. No, you and the other ended for tonight. I have to get to bed before that your parents wake up. Adem? S got school ma? Ana. Oh, no! CARTOON NETWORK PRESENTS BEN 10 "RACE AGAINST TIME" Oops! Be careful, young man. Hey Tennyson, m? S slowly! If it is true. That’s what we heard?. No! Est? S wrong! My mam? said that he was "Heat" that fire? City! Heat Blast? The super h? Roe? In Bellwood? No way! In fact I too? N heard? Heat Blast that was. ? l is great, does not it? Ben, go! These are for the school yearbook. Cu? L of these poses are better in a poster where famous? - Famous? Why?, Exactly? - Qu? you mean? - Pas? all summer fighting aliens. - Correction? N! We spent the whole summer fighting aliens! You, me and grandpa! S already? Them har? a place in the photo. Prima, lend me your notes on Lincoln for the Class of Harrison? We’re not in a mission? No, Ben! No I have to take care in school Take care! One question .. Qui? N Saved? to the entire city that evil last night? Answer. Heat Blast. Excuse cousin, but not at home? A res h? Roe, "little res Ben Tennyson. And those aliens that you transform, you can not help here. Bye! If good! I do not need your est? You ask memos. Tego school controlled. Disapproved? Oh, God! Come on! Could not? N Against Ben Tennyson! Now! Oh no! Oh! No! You know? I think that is supposed to Tennyson chewing gum, not paste. Considers this as a gift … our welcome, loser! - L? Mpienlo! - Obl? Gains! - Good Cash! Qu? dec? ace? - C? Llate J.T.! Ok. Est? well. Then, qu? are you going to do Tennyson about it? No way! just … Tennyson! Oh, no! It was an accident! I was taking a d? very bad. Ben, we understand that. Nobody here wants to suppress your feelings. No, no! There are already too many volcanoes emotional in this world! - But you can? Blinded to the director as having White! - Mam?, Pap? It was s? What bubblegum! Est? Well, Ben. Carl and Sandra is. We are all equal in this house. I prefer to tell you mam?. What Sandra means Is that you need to find a how to break free without violence, Elections are, Ben. - Put sage in the sandwiches? - I found a few in the backyard. Can I go now? I want to see a grandfather. Oh Qu?! Well, I hope? Bamos that would be find friends your age to play. The boys my age are boring. Grandpa is fun. Well, dear. You let go of travel this summer with the father of Carl because it is important for us you feel independent. Clear. The life experience defines us. And s? that the hist? rials grandfather are very exciting, but they are not real life. Why? want to go to that box smelly, anyway? It’s called "scrapes kit" and is a motorhome. You realize the pollution? N causing that? - A d? Nde go? - To see a grandfather. - But … - Shh, "he made a choice? No, Sandra. We have to respect that. Already is? A beauty! Ou! This needs a little m? s work. D? Nde est? N your keys? Ben. - To qu? want my keys? - Because we are going. Trat? with the school and no result?. It’s time to hunt some aliens. Come grandfather!. If we are going Now we avoid the tr? transit. Want a little squirrel chewing gum? Calm the nerves. Paso. Then .. You’re not gonna count qu? happened?, before we leave? The boys of the school, Mam?, Pap? And the cities do not have any idea who I am since I found this. That’s good. They do not have to know. To qu? take the Omnitrix if not can I use? So think like them? Ace m? s if they knew that you’re a h? Roe Well, sii! - Maybe you raz? N. - So can I tell? No, No, now the summer over?. We’re home now. Ben Tennyson has to be Ben Tennyson again! It is your responsibility As neither? O.. and as h? Roe, with a secret. So esforzate in school. Jump with both feet, s? or a? or Benjamin again. This is an order. They found him? No, porsupuesto not! This place is already? died for me. Fading memories, clogging!. Do not touch me! D? Jenlo die! They are here to serve m? and not among yourselves! Otherwise go back to putting the in their cells fr? ace! My work here is? almost complete. Finally my big race awakening? from the darkness! And this time nothing preventing me what? Once Benjamin Tennyson died this! - No, no, so is Jerry. - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … Jump with both feet .. S? It be a no? O. There can be m? S dif? Cyl to shoot down aliens. I hope! - Hello - You must stay … I like it? To participate in the Espect? ass talent. Cu? L is your talent? Hello?! Qu? is what you do? Well, I’m pretty good at … S can? You give me something? This is a spectator? Ass talent and not a sale of talent. Est? Well, I show them what I can do! - Qu? kind of clock is that? - Ben! Save it! T? know that this trick still? is not? clever! - Cheat? - Of course, for our n? Mere magic. T? know, we did throughout the pa? s during the summer? Qu? har? to if you do not remember things! - You two are wizards? - Yeah, right! We’re famous! When people hear that the amazing "GWENDINY" and his assistant are going to act, this place is going to be surprised. - Assistant? He works with me. - Well, we do not have a n? sheer magic. - Now you have. Better still practiced Return to form. - Since when we have an n? Mere? - For 10 seconds? Genial! I love being a no? O! - Do not I have seen for a while Ben. - I was outside during the summer Mrs. Dalton. - You did something fun? - No, s? What a walk with me premium and with my grandfather. - Tell him that Max command greetings. And I m? S Things to repair Qu? you even want to? Something that is not a vegetarian and who do not have worms! You bring. Plumbus est infinitus. Qu? mean? Extra? Or in other heights, At least it was more interesting. This to begin you’ll like it. See you later. - I can see that? - No s … You can? Be? N the aliens among us? Yes, but I am not authorized to tell anyone. Tennyson just talking again? Who is it? Your girlfriend? You challenge? Or to say that in Wildmutt’s face. Of course, and your gonna get Wildmutt Your ass or something, no? In the rear. Good Cash! - Shut J.T.! - Lost? N! No! Not in my ass! - Loser! - Loser, that was very good! Hey, is the sin? Or wizard magic! Est? S looking for new tricks? Forget what the grandfather said! Time to change! A character to drive it. Oh no! Maybe I can do something with this Hey, check this out! That is so immature! J.T. Cash and will pay them! Some cakes, a torpedo of meat, threads in the car, in your face, great! The lights are shut down? N in their lives. - Qu? pas?, Cash? - No! Let’s see what we have here. Red with blue, blue with red, you want to shotfiring in the head? Here goes, he attack? Quido. This will never go, y. .. - Qu? pass out? - As you know that? Here goes! Qu? hell?! Yes! Nora! M? S Caf? please! That was spectacular! - I do not feel good! - Shut J.T.! - Come on, buddy! - Screaming like a no? To! - Because I am neither an a. Screaming like a no? O. - Qu? are you doing? - COMECE to improve these photos of yourself. - Those that get me? - Ben, get away! - This photo is? Horra? possible, est? spotted! - Non est? spotted! Let me see. CCU! Qu? is that? You can approach it? Not with this program. Wait. - Good, it seems that you know what you do! - I s? what I’m doing! Who is that? No way. It is the alien who transformed into artificial fires? partners! At least it created? To! Ben, do you? L est? The photo in addition? s not be dead, you know who you are! Why? luch? you and feigned? who died? Maybe you would like to know how good I am - What do you mean? As a complete investigation? N? - Think he is crazy? - I’m quite amazing. - Amazing is not the word you would use. Qu? you two doing here? - Grandpa! Qu? is it in your hand? - It is an octopus, it is good for teeth! You know this guy? In the laboratory of plumbers is known. His name is Eon Nukronya. You mean that you settled the ba? or the house? These are not plumbers. The Plumbers. The secrets that are aliens? That grandfather sun? to work for them? Oh! Those plumbers! I knew that! Eon was the beginning. It was the first alien captured nearly 2 Plumbers by the early centuries. According to the archives was almost died, and was carrying a device called "The Hands of Armageddon." - Qu? was that? It took us? to many years of age find out. "The Hands of Armageddon" is a m? doomsday machine. Able to open a gateway to another dimension? n. Giving in? Invasion at a price? N alien dial? at the end of the human race. Eon was the beginning. With? L is our purpose. Gather your things, we to make a trip. Sii! - D? Nde we? This is like nothing. - It is better for our land. The h? Roe Ben Tennyson is? back! - The h? Roe Ben Tennyson smells bad! Used this shirt all summer. Never wash? Est? S kidding? This is my shirt of luck, because har? to that? Still? No contact with them with anyone. You’re almost there. Laborat? River qu? Mico Ray has to be one of these! I sat a. The laborat? River qu? Monkey was made to do experiments on aliens and technologies. Eon kept a prisoner here. A secret well-kept, until the plumbers. Est? very quiet. No longer There is nothing here? It is assumed that Eon duty? to be. It is assumed, Gwen is true. - Uau! Genial! Yes, but est? ice cream Here! We have to find a Constantine Jacobs. Come on. - Who? - It’s the plumber who is responsible for Eon. Grandfather! Jacobs? Oh! Sorry Constantine, I would have liked to come soon. I’m not dead! - Constantine, can you hear me? - Eon! S already?. Hold on, let’s ask help for you! It is too late! Eon did this, I did all this in a close eye. ? l looking for … "The hands." We can not leave him to discover the Storage? n hardware! And also? No other plumbers! Grandpa, you said that plumbers were separated. We had few assets to ensure for things, dangerous things and also? n by the hands. Never We made a plan for this. T? you are! The boy who found? The Omnitrix! And Eon knows you! As you can know about me? I never had seen before the other night. ? l know! ? l know! Good luck, son! Gonna need it! It was a good friend. A real plumber. Qu? quer? to say: -? l know! S not? tell you. That’s why you always say Ben, you have carefully. This is not a game! Well, I think that this means that it let’s go back to school. - Here we go ..! - So, I’m wrong? We have to find a Eon and into the hands … - … whatever. - Armageddon. - It means the end of the world. - Ya s? that. And now? I think that duty? Start at the Masters super secret hideout, on behalf c? say, store? n hardware. I bet it is a amazing place surrounded by type hidden, is not he? - Yes, yes. Now entering. This does not seem a place super secret. Miller’s Hardware in Bellwood? An advocacy? N hardware normal? This is a joke? This is a joke! - Not funny! - Come on. Grandpa, I was in this store about 100 times. Good? Simo! So you should already know where he is? everything! Have meaning in contr? River to watch One, two, three. It’s bad education? N do not press the button! But … d? nde this wine? But t? you said you already hab? ace came, Ben! Come on! Up to d? Nde low this? Qu? that some worms? It helps pass the time. I know that. I have seen this s? symbol throughout Bellwood. I am not surprised. That is the? Cone used by plumbers for centuries. Good security! Scanners geom? Electric, motion detectors delta. Genial! Qu? thinking about? What? Barely bamos to play a door bell? Ben, Gwen! I like it? To present the? Last plumbers assets. I think they will recognize some of them. - No way! - Se? Dalton ora! That was a feast of ice cream Above these guys. - Mr. Hawkins, the postman? - Good to see you guys. - The fire chief Wentynton? - I keep busy young man. Director White? Apologized for the challenge of another day, Ben. Not wanting? To spoil the suit. - I am officially confused. - Me too. Go!. Why? we are not cont? ste? Llevennos up your hands! Hands? Who are you saying here? This has been below Bellwood all this time? No, they will build the Last week! Bellwood and then all of this were created to protect the hands of … … whatever. CCU! I think Bellwood not born? as I thought. And that? Hands of Armageddon. - Why? not destroyed it? - We tried, dear! Throughout two years of age, plumbers tried with everything they have? masters. But their hands are how to repel! The first time you try, the strength of energy? to grow? accidentally the Grand Canyon! It’s what they say! In one of the following times, Start the fire in Chicago! The version that was launched n? in a stable, was a hist? necessary to cover the truth. And I personally gave the commencement great earthquake of 89! It was a tough afternoon, let me tell you! We dedicate our lives to ensure that the hands are never used to prop? original site. But already spent a few years of age since Eon fought with in the darkness. We are very old and very few now. It seems they need someone who save the world. A h? Roe. Like me! A h? Roe like me! It is my who are talking about, no? Because then if they have no problem, I’m ready, I will not disappoint. It is clear that, I would probably be? To apologized for not doing the duties! Ben, this is serious! - Security is broken. Sector 5! - They are ac? inside! - Strengthening! - Arms! - R? Ask! - Est? well. - Ap? Rate, hurry! - My memory is no longer the era! - C? Rrete! - It’s the silver s what? Here is? Dej? this small? to ring to recognize it. It is this! Let’s do this! Top of the lights! - Atr? S for you! - S? We’ll have to buy a padlock new ma? ana, you know? Est? S kidding? Continuous firing. One with c? Not have to say that remember what is the key! Gwen, watch out! After so long! As tem? A. Nothing! Do not you stay quiet! Transformate in h? Roe! Of course, now I want to transform! His? Ltame! - Qu? you gonna do? - I’ll save you! Come on! You have no where to hu? R! - Benjamin! - Help! Oh! Great! Help! Someone! Help! Somebody help me! Qu? going with this? No one can help you, Benjamin! What is that? pass by here is to never count! You died! I saw burnt die! In the world where I come from, I have the same capacity time to manipulate the level of its base! By distorting mole? Around my films Thus, it was a simple way to create The ilusi? n I wanted you saw. A cheap trick of diversity? No, really. But enough to access to your powers. Why? not go back to your world, where someone cares what you think! Sorry, but I can not do it! Not without your help! I am a prisoner of time, Like my race. But not for long. Do not let you take the Omnitrix! You have no choice? N! None of us have it! Missing! insect stinky!. - You? You too? N is a plumber? - Of course I am! Recognize when a non guise you see one? - That’s a costume? - No! Ja! Te traps? Now go to hurry home before what? l again. I clean this mess. The truth is was the best I had in a fight years of age. Ben! You think we did something that urban? your feelings? Qu? We want you to feel free to talk with us, Ben! - Mam ?…! - Sandra! - What are you talking about? - T? do not you come to dinner! And do not call! - We do not want restringirte! - No, no. Freedom is precious son, I always say that. No, not you. I was with Gwen. We were practicing for the viewer? Ass Talent from school. Espect? Ass talent? Why? we are not cont? ste nothing, that’s great! Now you can show all guys who are talented Tennyson. Carl Oh, I like it? To bring recordings Our experience in the old days. - Oh no, not you like? To! - Your father was so, I mean, - Yes, I was! - We did m? Mica, working with m? Scara! I need to go to bed! - Est? well! - Do not show the videos, good night Ben! Grandpa? I saw you enter. Or you? on the radio for plumbers. Qu? happened? with Eon! - I’m glad that you are okay. - Gwen est? OK? She is? well. The plumber gave him a blow, but now sleeps in a world that is it.