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Coward! You can't hide from me! I'm not hiding. I'm making an entrance. Tennyson! Really, eon? Attacking me all by yourself in my own headquarters. You call that a plan? I don't need a plan to defeat you. And incidentally, I didn't come alone. Sure, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Any last words, Tennyson? I'm collecting them. I've got two words for you Ultimate Humungousaur! Arcticguana! But wait, there's more! Heatblast! Impressive. In all my years hunting alternate versions of you, I've never met one with your abilities. Still, I shouldn't be surprised, considering. Considering what? Why are you doing this, eon? When we fought before, we That wasn't me, Tennyson. And soon, it won't have been you. I'm not just gonna stand here and let you nail me with that time-ray. Clockwork! That's right I've got time-traveling powers, too. No! Hello, Ben! Good to see you, Paradox. Love how you don't show up till it's all over. It's far from over, old friend. It's barely begun. I liked it better when I used to drive. We do seem to spend less time together since everybody got their licenses. Well, consider this a reunion. Quality time, tracking down the source of the mystery transmission your ultimatrix found. It's either an uncataloged alien or yet another feature I can't figure out. Or it's broken again. Which way? We're right on top of it. Creepy museum basement. Figures. Whatever it is, it's got to be in here. There's probably a crowbar around somewhere. We already broke into the museum. What's the big deal? Let's see what we've got. That's weird. Are those magic symbols? Not in any language I know. Ow! How you doing back there? I've been better. Spidermonkey! Wow. You learn that in karate school? Saw it in an old movie. Missed me. But I left you a present anyway. Well, that's the last of 'em. Whoever they are. Oh, come on! What's the big deal? We beat 'em. They escaped, and we don't know what they wanted or even why the ultimatrix led us to them. But other than that Yeah. We won. You didn't win, Benjamin. Maybe you missed it bad guy, completely vaporized. Eon has not been destroyed. You merely knocked him down your own timeline. Wait. He said he's been traveling cross-time. Do you think he tricked me? Into sending him into your own past, in order to face you when you were younger and less powerful? Yes. I've got to do something. You already are. Don't! That's how they got out before. I don't think so. I'm getting a weird vibe off of it, almost like I'm sensing my own manna. I'm gonna try a spell of revelation. Ostendo specialist. That's us when we were kids. You did a spell to show the past? No. It's just supposed to reveal secrets. Who's that? I don't remember that happening. Me either. You okay? Spell's broken. I don't know why. Maybe somebody erased your memories, or or, uh Or maybe it was time travel and something happened to change our history? Good guess. "Good guess"? It's completely wrong. Well, wrong but clever. Professor Paradox? Hello, children! Who's your friend? Are you That's right, Ben. I'm you, only even more awesome! Ben 10,000 at your service. I heard about you. You're the jerk from the future. I'm a different Ben 10,000. But I do remember going to that future back when we were 10. What a buzzkill that guy was. You're my real future. Yes, if nothing occurs to change it. That's why I'veBent the rules of time and brought you together. We're in trouble. We've been in tougher spots. One time, when I was president of earth Wait. I'm gonna be president of earth? Just long enough to defeat the third Vilgaxian invasion. It turned out that Gwen was better at the day-to-day stuff. You're a shoo-in for a second term, red. Really? Spoiler alert, Benjamin. Let the children discover their own futures If indeed they survive the present threat. We should take this along. It's the source of our difficulties. Okay. All strapped in. You sure about this? We're headed to the middle of nowhere. One only hopes it's far enough. Nothing ever makes sense when you're around. That's a fair criticism. Which still doesn't explain how Ben met himself in the future, but it wasn't this guy. You traveled into cross-time. Like a parallel world? Exactly. That's why the me in the future didn't remember it happening to him before. But you remember all of this. Yeah, I do. Okay, don't do that again. As Gwen guessed, cross-time is made up of parallel versions of the history we know. There are hundreds of them a world where Gwen found the Omnitrix, a world where albedo turned to alien x and was trapped motionless for nearly a year, a world where you didn't have to destroy the Omnitrix to defeat Vilgax. Et cetera. Ad infinitum. These worlds are all every bit as real as our own, but they cannot must not be allowed to leak into ours. Which brings us to our problem. The hand of armageddon. Very good, Ben. It's a cross-time gateway, existing in many worlds. You saw into one of them with your spell. Wait a minute. If you remember that, if you remember this whole adventure, what's the problem? If you're me 20 years from now, we can't lose. Because I'm you the future ceases to be. If you could speed up, Kevin Wow, nobody ever asks me to go faster. It's just that a cross-chronal warp is opening up nearby. In the cargo bay? I'm afraid so. I'll see you good people on the groundProbably. Not a good sign. I figured we were toast as soon as Paradox left. What do they want? To crash us. Yeah. No. The one time I wanted rath! What are you guys doing back there? You better not be messin' up my ride! Keep the ninjas away from Kevin. I'll be right back. Where are you going? Thought I'd step outside. Outside. Jetray! Whoa. Twice in one day. Or was itTwice in 20 years? The ninjas disappeared as soon as we beat them. Yeah. They do that. You just landed a spaceship. From the outside. Don't forget the cool part. How do you do all that without transforming? I haven't bothered to for years. Not since I discovered my best transformation. Ultimate Ben? What power comes with that? Pretty much all of them. You'll figure it out someday. Yeah, great. So, why did we fly the hand of Armadoohickey all the way into the desert? To destroy it. The ninjas work for a being named eon, a creature from the cross-time earth Gwen showed you with her spell. Eon was defeated by the Ben of that world when he destroyed their version of the hand. That Ben believed eon was destroyed as well, but he wasn't. He was instead thrown out of that reality and into cross-time. Since then, he's been moving from one parallel earth to the next, taking down every Ben 10 he can find. Why? We don't know. But we do know that he needs an operational hand of armageddon to enter our world. So we're gonna bust it. We're going to destroy the hand throughout space and time every version. Why don't you just do it with your time-travel powers? There are rules, Kevin. I cannot interfere. Excuse me, but aren't you already interfering? Touché. Actually, I've just come to give young Ben a warning, but that can wait. Until what? Until I see if you survive. Ready? Ready. Way big! Shield uslf you can. Is that supposed to be happening? No. I've been deceived. Stop! Stop! He's using your power to open a breach! I'm free. Not for long! Eon irradiated way big with accelerated time. I'm afraid he's gone. So is any other transformation he hits with that beam. Be careful, Ben. He's the one who better be careful. Swampfire! Ultimate swampfire! Take them down hard! Accelerate! Tennyson. Prepare to die. Maybe later. Where Right behind you. How about you explain yourself? Why attack me over and over? Our paths are intertwined, in this and every other timeline. It's over. Give it your best shot, eon. Diamond doesn't particularly age. I came here to destroy your younger self, but plans can change. Contego! You hang around an anodite for tricks. Weird that they don't talk. Probably just to intimidate us. Maybe. Makes me curious, though. Then let's take a look. Statua! It's gonna be creepy. I bet they don't even have mouths. Or something worse. Ben Get over here! This raises some questions. Yeah. Like, where did you learn Ninjitsu? You've discovered our secret. You're not destroying Ben Tennysons. You're absorbing them. I feed on their power and make them my slaves. When I absorb you, I'll finally have the strength to replace this timeline with a new one Where I will be the only Ben Tennyson that exists. I won't allow that, eon. You cannot interfere, time-Walker, and you know why. True. But should you dare proceed, there is nowhere in all of space and time you can hide from me. I'll burn that bridge when I come to it. Now, I have a couple of Ben Tennysons to absorb. Eon didn't come through the hand of armageddon he came from our watches. And the whole fight, he's been leading us away from it. Hold him off. I got something to break. Jetray! No! There he is! Not so loud. I'm trying to sleep. Then sleep soundly in the knowledge that eon is no more and that all of the cross-time worlds with which he interfered will shortly return to normal. You knew this was going to happen. It happened to you before. Eon had messed up the timelines so bad. I wasn't entirely sure I hadn't ended up in a parallel world. I can confirm that this is the original timeline. But the cost of victory was high. Young Ben lost way big and both Swampfires today. If only there were some way to restore them Yeah, okay. I get it. I'll put them back on your playlist. While you're at it, how about giving me master control? Nice try, but I'm already in enough trouble with Azmuth. There you go I just unlocked everything you've ever become up until now. Really? Thanks! I also threw in a few new onesBecause it'll annoy Azmuth when he finds out. Time to go. But first, a warning to my young friends. Beware old George. Beware the creature from beyond. So long! What did he mean by that? Who knows? I never understand what he's saying. I just tune him out. Whatever the problem is, I've got ultimatrix to spare. It is so hero time!