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Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World is a 1998 animated film.

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The Perfect Word

Narrator: Once upon a time a beautiful young woman named Belle went to live in a strange and magical castle. There she befriended the castle's staff of enchanted objects who, like their master, The Beast, had once beer human. But row they were all living under a spell that only the power of love could undo. As their friendship grew they hoped that Belle might be the ore who could learn to love a beast and thus release them all from the spell.

Cogsworth: Chandeleria. You look radiant. Together. You and Lumiere will be the perfect light.

Chandeleria: "Height." you say? And what has our height got to do with anything?

Cogsworth: "Light." Chandeleria. The perfect light.

Chandeleria: What? Well. Why didn't you say that in the first place? So it's to be the two of us. Eh? Won't that be marvelous?

Lumiere: Of course. Madame.

Beast: And send twenty cords of wood to the castle. Send it now because.

Le Plume: Because you say so. Yes. That's it! No. No. No. Wait. Wait. Ah. Because you need it.

Beast: Yes. Because I need it. "Sincerely" and so forth.

Crane: Witherspoon! You know the way!

Lumiere: Dinner is served, a meal exquisite in every detail as is our company.

Beast: She makes me nervous. Lumiere. Why is that?

Lumiere: She is a woman. Master.

Beast: Mmm. Tell me how to impress her.

Lumiere: A kiss of the hand should serve you well. Done properly. It will have a most charming effect.

Fifi's Folly

Mrs. Potts' Party

Broken Wing

Beast: Cogsworth?! Where are you?! Cogsworth?!

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