[[Bunsen Is a Beast]]
7; crossover with
The Fairly Oddparents
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  • Bunsen: With my good friend, Cosmo.

  • Mikey: Whoa! Back up! Say that again?

  • Bunsen: It's true. I have a selfie to prove it.

  • Amanda: There it is.

  • Amanda: There it is.

  • Bunsen: In order to get to Cosmo, is by Dimsdale.

  • Amanda: Okay, I see what's going on here.

  • Amanda: Hmm. What do you know?

  • Amanda: What do you know? Real spiders are real.

  • Cosmo: I can't wait for you to meet my friend, Bunsen! We've met on Creature Con. They were beasts, fairies. Ah, you shouldn't be there, Wanda.

  • Timmy: No, wait. What are we doing again?

  • Cosmo: Yay, they're here!


  • Timmy: Cosmo, where'd you get that stop sign?

  • Bunsen: Cosmo! (Laughs)
  • Cosmo: Bunsen! (Squeals)
  • Both: Happy Friend-iversary!

  • Cosmo: So, Bunsen, what you been up to since the convention.

  • Bunsen: Hey, everybody, this is my friend, Mikey. Mikey, wake up!

  • Mikey: Ooh! I'm so excited to be here!

  • Cosmo: Little help here, Wanda?

  • Mikey: Which one is the girl?
  • Both: I heard that!

  • Cosmo: I'm on it!

  • Cosmo: I'm on it!

  • Timmy: Wanda, take it away.

  • Cosmo: Bunsen, in honor of our friend-versary.

  • Timmy: Wanda, take it away.

  • Cosmo: I got this one.
  • Bunsen: Cosmo, what did you do with Mikey?

  • Mr. Turner: Hide me! You gotta help me, Timmy.

  • Mikey: Your dad's friend.

  • Timmy: I know, right?
  • Mr. Turner: Er, hey, wait a minute. What are these things?

  • Bunsen: What's up?
  • Mr. Turner: Okay! Timmy, I'll give you $12, 000. If you let me hang out with you and friends.

  • Mr. Turner: We gotta run!

  • Timmy: Do more things like that!

  • Crocker: There it is! Why?

  • Crocker: But, I'm in!

  • Amanda: Ooh. Sorry.

  • Amanda: Wait a minute. Brainstorm!

  • Mikey: Oh, no, it's Amanda!

  • Timmy: Oh, no. It's Mr. Crocker.

  • Mikey: I know a place, we'll be safe!

  • Mr. Turner: I'll go anywhere.

  • Mikey: Uh, how about Bunsen's house in Muckledunk?

  • Timmy: Wanda!
  • All: Happy Friend-Versary, Bunsen and Cosmo!
  • Bunsen: Everybody, meet my friends.

  • Mikey: Timmy's totally right.

  • Mikey: I totally hear you.

  • Amanda: What happened to you?

  • All: Ahh!

  • Mr. Turner: Don't worry, it's a dream!

  • Amanda: The hunchback and I teamed up!

  • Timmy: We've never get out of here.

  • Mikey: You saved us, Bunsen!
  • Bunsen: That was your idea, Mikey.

  • Bunsen: What a great reunion, Cosmo.