Please take notes. No wounds on the body to indicate foul play from a weapon of any sort. The contents of the safe are intact, thus ruling out robbery as a motive. The science of fingerprinting has determined... ...there are no prints but the victim's on the doorknob and frame... indicate anyone else entered or left. The window is latched shut from the inside. So no one entered or left by that route... ...thus ruling out homicide as a cause of death. There's no indication of whiskey in the glass or on the breath of the deceased. No carpet fibers on the soles of her shoes. So she never set foot on the carpet. There is a scuff on her right shoe tip... ...where polish was removed. There is traces of the same polish on this upturned bit of carpet. There are traces of flower pollen on the edges of the nostril. I therefore conclude from the evidence gathered... ...that the deceased entered the room with a bunch of flowers. She placed the flowers in the vase by the door. She took the vase in one hand, along with the whiskey tumbler in the other... ...went across the room to the decanter of whiskey... ...let the flowers get too close to her nose. She sneezed, her left foot involuntarily slipped forward... ...caught the tip of her shoe on this carpet... ...tripped, hit her head on the floor, died from shock of the brain. In other words, it was not foul play that killed this poor woman... ...but an accident caused by a simple sneeze. And, in fact, it is not a woman at all... ...but a man wearing a horse-haired wig. Oh, Quentin, I'm so proud. -You know what this means, Clarissa? -Yes, that we can get married. It means science has a place in police work. I proved it. I convinced each and every one of them. Now there's only one more person you have to convince. I'm convinced. But you must remember, Mr. Jackson... ...if we don't own the land within 90 days... ...the railroad will go to other banks to finance their expansion. No worries, Mr. Ashe. In 90 days, we'll be laying track right through the middle of Mexico City. Go. That's a good one. You do better. How could you sell the mortgage on my farm to the gringos? Pedro, we have no choice. The big American banks control the cash flow. And through the cash flow, they control us. Don Diego's doing all he can. I'm sure Don Diego is. But I've worked my whole life to leave something to my poor daughter. All she knows is the farm life. What will become of her? You cheated. I wasn't concentrating. Best of three. -Let me talk to Bernardo. -Bernardo just follows orders. So, what are we supposed to do, Papa, stand by and let them steal our land? Unless some higher authority intercedes.... Maria, where are you going? To see the higher authority. Up. Up. The spitting image of her mother, God rest her soul. My condolences, Don Diego. Twenty years she's gone now. Well, she left you a very beautiful daughter. Who I haven't seen in most of the 1 0 years she's been away at school in Europe. -Left a girl, came home a woman. -Indeed. My only problem now is trying to convince her to stay. She's been home for a week, and already she wants to go back. -I want to see Don Diego. -He can't be disturbed. Neither can I. And I am. Very disturbed. He is meeting with a very important person. Don Diego has always said, "Every client is a very important person." This is not a client, Maria. This is a gentleman from The Bank of New York. I knew it. Gotta pay the toll. May I present Mr. Jackson from the Capital Bank and Trust of Nueva York. How do you do, Mr. Jackson? Infinitely better in your presence than I do out of it, Seorita Sandoval. Afternoon tea. How civilized. Are you surprised to find that we are civilized, Mr. Jackson? No, not at all. No, I find it charming. Charming? I presume if you are using such a word... ...that you've never experienced the pleasure of an afternoon tea. Mr. Jackson's bank has agreed to provide us... ...with the capital we need to continue with what we are doing. We were just going over the papers. A big New York bank taking an interest in our small Mexican bank? Why is that, Mr. Jackson? Well, if you can't help friends in a time of need, who can you help? Pardon me, but in Europe we have a different perspective... ...on the American definition of friendship. Forgive my ignorance, seorita, but I'm a little uninformed... ...on the European perspective. But I'm always willing to learn. In fact, I'd be delighted... ...if you would enlighten me on that subject, perhaps over dinner? Perhaps some other time. I need to get up early. I have a long ride tomorrow. Checkmate. Goodbye, Mr. Jackson. Men. All they have is one thing on their minds. And, by the way, that includes you. Please. I've seen how you look at that little filly of Seor Gomez. A little more. A little more. Stay here. Don't talk to anybody. Excuse me. Excuse me. What was that? Is there a problem? For me? No. For the horse that gets poked in the side... ...with metal every time you want him to do something... ...for him, I'm sure it's a problem. Of course, he's probably too polite to say anything. Well, certainly more polite than you. But, anyway, thank you for your opinion, misinformed as it is. Perhaps you can tell me what you're doing in my house. Oh, so you are the daughter. -Yes, I am the daughter. And you are? -Maria Alvarez. -Do you work for us, Maria Alvarez? -No, I do not work for you. -Then what are you doing here? -I have business with your father. -And what sort of business, may I ask? -Private business. Hey. Hey, stop. Hey. Maria. Maria. I knew it. You help the gringos steal our land. You betray your own people. How dare you accuse me. Get her out of here. Have her arrested. Traitor. Thief. You're gonna pay for this. I'm sorry. They are stealing our land. Don Diego is a traitor. Don Diego is a traitor. -The future. -To the future. Are you lost? Mr. Alvarez, Pedro...'re delinquent in your loan payments. How can I pay when the interest is more than I earn? Says in this agreement that if you're in arrears... ...we have the right to foreclose and purchase this property for one peso. Over my dead body. No problem. There's your receipt, Mr. Alvarez, Pedro. Burn it. You should have locked them up, not me. -They did not break into someone's house. -No, they are doing worse. You want my advice, Maria? You should stop trying to change the world. You want my advice, Gustavo? You should start trying to change the world. Eat. The poultice that will help your horse's hoof. Thank you. Now who's gonna be outside? Keep an eye on her. -What are you doing here? -Hey, old man, read this. -What's this? -This is for you. You haven't been making your payments to the bank. We have a right to foreclose. I've given you everything you're gonna get from me. Now get out. Papa? Papa? Papa. Maria. Papa. Papa? Papa? Somebody, please go get a doctor. -What did you do to him? -I didn't do anything. -We were finishing the arrangements-- -You killed him. You killed my father. Seorita, he's evidently had a heart attack. No. He was-- He was healthy. You did something to him. I know you did. I know this is a terrible shock for you, but you need to try and remain calm. In fact, I think you need to sit down. Grief is intense, I understand that. But if you can, let's review the situation calmly. Your father's dead. Everything that belonged to him is now mine. In your mistaken belief that I had something to do with it...'ve attacked me. You're trying to kill me. My natural reaction is self-defense. Before we can stop this, I'll shoot you dead. But it doesn't have to end that way. Look at that, darling. It's choosing time. That's it. Well, I guess we've got a deal. If you don't mind, I need to go to my room. I must lie down. This is all too much for me at once. You understand? Yes. Absolutely. I understand. You take all the time you need. Don't worry about a thing. I'll make all the arrangements. Oh, darling? Would you like your afternoon tea... ...sent up to your room? That would be very nice. Thank you. -Hey. Hey. -Get back here. Come back here, you bitch. -Come back. -Hey. Come here. I got you now. Goddamn it. -Padre. -Maria? They shot him. I know, my child. I know. What do you want from me, huh? I have nothing to give you. Nothing. You should have eaten while you had the chance. Get out of here. Shoo. Hands up. No one-- Move. What are you doing? What do you think I'm doing? I'm taking this bank. -With an unloaded gun? -How do you know? When a gun doesn't have any bullets-- Doesn't matter. This bank is taken. Find another one. This is the only bank in town. Besides, it's my father's. And take that raggedy mask off. It doesn't even match. Everyone knows who you are. Your mask isn't silly? People won't recognize that voice? -"This is my father's bank." -It is my father's. Get out of my way. I need to finish my job. -Seoritas? -I would hardly call stealing a job. Seoritas? I am not stealing. I am taking it back from the bastards who murdered my father. -They killed Don Diego? -Seoritas. What? The first order of business is that we're gonna secure... ...and then remove all the deposits. And then we're gonna instill some renewed confidence in it. I'd like to see the Stars and Stripes flying over this place... things start to look a little more American down here. Seor Manager? This establishment is now a wholly-owned subsidiary... ...of the Capital Bank and Trust of New York. What do you say we open the vault? Take a look, and see what kind of cash is on hand in the liquid-assets department. Excuse me. Where is the vault? In Don Diego's office. Well, I guess that would be Seor Jackson's office now, wouldn't it? We did it. We did it. We did it. We did it. -We did it. -And what is it that you think you did? Look. We're gonna help a lot of people. To really help...'d have to reverse the massive theft of property that has taken place. Listen, do you know how many kilos of rice we can buy with this? We can feed 500 people. Why were you robbing the bank? Revenge. Not to help the people? No. What? Stop looking at me that way, both of you. My life is not here. -What are you doing? -What does it look like? Taking the money. I'm going back to Europe. You're joking. All right, you can take half. I don't care. You can even keep the dog as a bonus. If you want to go, go. But the money stays. All of it. -No, it doesn't. -Yes, it does. No, it doesn't. We were just debating the basic economic theories... ...of wealth distribution. Yes. Yes, we were. That's good. But before you reach any hasty conclusions... ...let me show you something. What? Rice and beans are not good enough for you? I just can't eat when I see what has been done to these people. At least tonight they can eat. We have to find a way to get them back on their land. We must come up with a plan. Something that will benefit the people... ...and destroy these murderers. I think we should rob more banks. Yeah. Let's go. -Let's go where? -Let's go rob more banks. We can't just go right now and rob a bank. Fine. Finish brushing. That's not it. We're not ready. -Yes, we are. We just did it. -We were lucky. We cannot rely on luck. We need to think first. We need to consider the implications, the consequences. -Why are you so complicated? -Why are you so unrealistic? This is a noble cause you seek to undertake, seoritas. But if you keep fighting like cats and dogs, you won't make it to sunrise. My daughters, you know... ...when Columbus proposed his journey to discover the New World... ...everybody said that was... ...unrealistic. But he succeeded. Because he had the king and queen of Spain to help him. Who do we have to help us? I think I might know someone who can help you. Can I help you? We're looking for these two. What's a pair of seoritas like that gonna be doing way out here? We found this snagged on a cactus half mile down the road. Well, you find any more of that, you can make yourself a nice little hankie. Now, do you mind getting your foot out of my door? -And if I don't? -lf you don't, I'll kill you. Now get your sorry ass off this porch. You too. Come on. Hey, does this belong to you? Thank you. Excuse me. Mr.-- -Where are you going? -Far from here. Toughs like that tend to come back with reinforcements. -But you said you would help us. -I just did, missy. No, no. Padre Pablo said you could teach us to rob banks. Well, where did he get that idea? He said that's what you used to do. That you robbed 37 banks in Texas and never got caught. Thirty-seven. Last time I go to confession. Listen, high-minded ideals is one thing, robbing banks is another. And to tell you the truth, neither one of you pass the muster. -We're well aware of that. At least I am. -That's why we came to you. To learn. Well, to learn, you gotta have resources. So far the only thing you've shown me... a talent for bringing trouble to my front door. Buena suerte, ladies. Mr. Buck. You're not going anywhere... ...until you tell us everything we need to know. First, if you pull the trigger on that gun... ...the way you're pointed, you might cause it to rain. -Well, haven't you fired a pistol before? -I have. But you didn't kill anybody. There's always a first time. That's true. But this ain't it. Hey. What are you doing? Come on. Go on. What the heck? Go on. Git. Go, git. Come on. Hey, what have you done to this horse? -Please, Mr. Buck, they killed my father. -And they almost killed mine. You're breaking my heart. All right, look, no whining, no complaining, no fighting, or I'm adis. I never whine. -Oh, please. -"Oh, please." Well, I don't. -Don't. Don't hit. -Don't hit me. Stop. -Don't hit me. -Don't hit me. Ladies. Hey. What's it gonna be? -Deal. -Deal. All right, you first. That's pretty good. -How many you got left? -I don't know. You need to know. Many a man's been left to die for want of an extra bullet. She's not very good with numbers. Your turn. I can't do this. When I get nervous, I get the hiccups. Guns make you nervous? What the hell are you gonna use to rob banks? My education. -"My education." -What's so funny? -To rob banks. Rob a bank. -"My education." You wish you had one, you ignorant crack-shot showoff. Fort Granger, Oklahoma, U.S. Cavalry. That's my education. Hey. Hey. Hey. No one moves. Get on the floor. How are they gonna get on the floor? I told them not to move. Right. So get on the floor and no one move. Sara. Sara. -I have to tell you something. -Hold on. Why are we doing this? This has nothing to do with robbing banks. Robbing banks is easy. It's getting away that's the hard part. -Sara. -How long do we have to stay like this? -As long as it takes. -Sara. What? I don't think I can hold any longer. So drop off and swim to the shore. I can't swim. Sara. Sara. Hold on to the rock. Thank you. -For what? -For saving my life. You noticed this time. Good. -Sara. -What? I guess-- I guess this makes us friends now. I don't know about friends. But partners.... Definitely partners. Single file. You gotta aim. Aim the gun. Aim it. Go on, higher. Higher. Higher. Stinky, I'm sorry. Come on, go. Faster, faster. Before you kill your dog, we need to try something. Just take that. See what you can do with those. See, I knew she had talent. Two hundred and forty-four, 245, 246... ...247, 248, 24-- That's the expert? Mr. Cooke... ...welcome to Mexico. Well, clearly, they're a pair of amateurs. Robbing a bank in less than a minute with no casualties. I'd say they could pass as professionals. That's odd. These land transfers they left behind. Who would sell a farm for one peso? Mr. Cooke... ...the claim is that you're an expert in criminal science, correct? -Yes. -Down here, I'm the expert in land finance. So why don't we both just focus on our respective areas of expertise, okay? Time's slipping away here. All right, what's the first rule of robbing a bank? -No one gets killed. -The second? Don't take more than you can carry in one hand. -And the third? -Getting away is the first rule. Perfect. So do you think we're ready? Well, you really only needed to know one thing all along... ...and you learned that back in the river. Trust your partner with your life. Why did you make us go through everything else if we were ready? Well... ...I kind of liked having you two around. Now go rob me some banks. Everybody, hands up. Are you sure the room has been left undisturbed... -...since the death? -Yes. -You've worked here for a long time? -Almost 20 years. Do you know if he took any medication for his heart condition? Don Diego was healthy as a horse. He was never sick a day in his life. Thank you. If you'll excuse me. This should cover the mortgage on the five farms north of the river. I was thinking, you know, we already have a lot of money. Maybe we should stop before the regulators-- Padre, they took 1 0 banks, we take 1 0 banks. -Right. We still have five to go. -Four. That's what I said. Four. But one of my parishioners told me about a specialist... -...they brought in. -A specialist? -For us? -I'm afraid yes. A detective from New York. Let him come. Are you Padre Pablo? Yes. -May I come in? -No. I thought the house of God was open to all people at all times. It is. But God is not at home right now. He is down the road at the orphanage... ...where I was just going. I'm Quentin Cooke. I know who you are, Mr. Cooke. Oh, you do? It's my job to know what concerns my flock. Okay. Well, then maybe you can help me. This girl. -I was wondering if you could tell me-- -No. I didn't finish the question. You want to know if I have seen her. No, I'm sure you haven't seen her. I was wondering if you could tell me if she had any problems... -...with her father. -I loved my father. Why does he ask such a question? She loved her father. Why do you ask such a question? Just the way he died. Anyway.... I'm staying at the hotel... Santa Rita if you have any information. What did he mean about the way my father died? You heard what I heard. If you want to know any more, you will have to ask him. Come on. Come. We can take him right here. -What? -Wonderful. -And how do we get the information? -We ask him. Our picture's all over the town. So what? We wear bandannas. I have a better plan. Hello, mister. Do you want company? -What are you doing? -Saving time. Yes? Wrong room. No. We're compliments of the management. -She's new. -I don't mean to offend you, ladies... ...but I have a fiance. -And we have some questions. -Hands up. -Down. -Up. -Down. -Up. -Down. -Excuse us for a minute. -What? You've never seen one before? -Yes, but in the dark. Up. -My wallet's over there. -This is not a robbery. Oh, my God. -You're them. -Yes, it's us. Well, you're not getting any answers out of me. I will not dishonor my profession. Hey. -Hey, what are you doing? -We'll ask the questions. Is this the fiance? Not bad. -What are you doing? -Puts me in the mood. -Ready? -Smile. Beautiful. Unless you tell us everything we want to know... ...these pictures will show up in every newspaper from here to New York. With a special set going to your fiance. Then you won't have to worry about dishonoring your profession. Because you won't have one. Now tell me about my father. I won't tell you anything. -This is a waste of time. -Hey, hey. Excuse my partner. She's a bit impetuous. Mr. Cooke, I am asking you as a daughter who lost her father. -Did your father drink wine? -His passion. I don't think he died of a heart attack. I think he was poisoned. -How do you know that? -Scientific methodology. It doesn't give you the right to rob American banks. Those are Mexican banks. Those banks are owned by Capital Bank and Trust of New York... ...and are under the protection of American laws. Interesting how your country always finds a way to justify... ...interfering in other people's affairs. You're still breaking the law. -You're the one breaking the law. -What? By helping them rob our people. Help. Hel-- Enough with the hat. The hat belongs... ...on this man. And that.... That's nothing to be ashamed of. Who said I was ashamed? Did I say I was ashamed? -Have you ever even been with a man? -Yes. -Of course. -You haven't. -Yes, I have. -Prove it. Do you want me to produce a piece of paper signed by a witness? -No, kiss him. -What? -What? -Well... ...if you kiss a man right, he will never forget you. If you kiss him wrong, he will never remember you. If you have made love to a man... know this. If you haven't, you don't. So that's the proof. Kiss him. I ca-- I have a fian-- --ce. If you kiss a man like that, you'll be forgotten before you leave the room. -Is that what you want? -No. Watch. I don't-- I don't think that-- -That's a kiss. -That's a kiss. Now you try it. Come on. Think of the sweetest summer fruit. Open. -How was that? -Better. -I thought that was pretty good. -Yes, technically. But now... have to capture the nuance. -Sara. -What? It's 1 0 to 3. -Sara. -What? -The bank closes at 3. -Damn. -Where are you taking me? -You said you wanted proof, huh? -You already took all the money. -We're not here for the money, Bernardo. Here's your proof. Who sells a farm for one peso? Who'd sell a farm for one peso? Here... ...check the deeds against the railroad map, and you'll see who the real criminal is. Seoritas, I think there is something you should see. -Please tell me you have a plan. -No. We have two choices. Run or fight. Right. Die now or die later. -Well, do you have a better idea? -I do. -Put your guns down or we'll kill him. -That's fine by me. I said, put them down. Now. He's the boss' son-in-law. Never mind. The expert from New York City... ...he was kidnapped by the bandidas, sir. -Excuse me? What? -He was kidnapped by the bandidas. How exactly did that happen? He was in the bank, right in the middle of his investigation... ...when these two she-monsters overwhelmed him. They took him by force. Oh, my God. My poor darling. Don't tell me they killed him. Now, I'm out of time here, and I am completely out of patience. And I would dearly like to see those two little split-legged bitches dead! Follow me. -Get in there. -Yes, sir. What is this? -It's fingerprint powder. -What's fingerprint? You see these swirls on your finger? If you touch something at a crime scene, I put some of that powder on it... ...and then I can see your fingerprint. I know that you've been there. How do you know it's mine? Because no two people have the same fingerprint. -Have you checked everyone in the world? -No. But it's proven by science. Doesn't sound very scientific to me. -And what is this? -Oh, that's a microscope. It... ...helps you see things that you can't normally see. Like a thought? Yeah, sort of. I don't see anything. Think harder. -Sara, what's wrong? -What's wrong? Everything is wrong. Jackson's brought in reinforcements, real killers. Every bank is guarded now. They're hunting us like animals, and I'm running out of ideas. I don't wanna disappoint these people, but I don't think I can do this. -I think you can. -Quentin, look at me. I was raised to be a spoiled lady, not a renegade. One minute I think I have all the answers, and the next... ...I am crying for a manicure. I am lost out here. Or maybe I'm just lost. My mother is gone. My father is gone. I have no place in the world. Maybe out here is where you belong. Besides, you're not alone. Right. A gun-happy farm girl, an ugly dog... ...a wet-behind-the-ears cop and a spoiled brat. What a team. This may seem odd, having dedicated myself to the law... ...but I think what you are doing here is good. In fact, I think it's damn noble. And I'd like to help. How? They're looking for two women, correct? I guess this is what it feels like, huh? -To be married. -Yes. -May I ask you a favor? -Of course, it's our wedding day. Can we lose the horse? He's a little obvious. Don't distract him. I need him to concentrate. You know what you have to do. Okay, here we are. It'll never work. Because she's wearing the wrong shoes. I would have done it myself, but I'd rather die than be seen in that cheap dress. Good day. Welcome to our bank. Welcome. Step in, please. I assure you, your family jewelry will be quite secure. He takes such good care of me, my Quentin. The slut. She can't even get the kiss right. Come on, we've got work to do. She's very excited. The walls are 2 feet of poured cement reinforced with iron bars... ...and the safe is bolted into the ground, which is 3 feet of solid rock. -Did you hear that? -What? It sounded like a horse on the roof. I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to ask you a personal question. -You don't drink before dinner, do you? -Of course not. I was just wondering. Hearing horses on the roof.... -Can we see inside the safe? -Sorry. Unless you are actually ready to make your deposit. How about for withdrawals? Great. Just great. I didn't know he was going to faint. These are like megaphones. Quiet. -Are you sure you can open it with that? -No, not officially. Hey. Can't you go any faster? I am going as fast as somebody who's half-deaf can go, thank you very much. -Come out with your hands up. -How much longer? I did it. I did it. I did it. Open this damn door. Fire. You've only got one more chance. I know. They blew the safe. There it is. Okay, you got it? -Okay, let's go. -Can I ask you something? -What? -How was my kiss? Perfect. How the hell? Come on. -Anything wrong, Mr. Jackson? -Nothing to be concerned about... ...governor. To be honest, Mr. Jackson, some of my ministers... ...are concerned about the safety of our state's gold deposit in your bank. They are suggesting perhaps we move the gold... a bank not owned by your company. Governor, that gold is as safe as if it was deposited in my own pocket. Judging by the success you have at stopping these bandidas... may want to check your pockets. May I show you something? Now, governor, this is a prototype... ...of a revolutionary new system in security devices. We're installing this as fast as we can in all of our banks... ...including the one that holds your gold deposits. You. Step on the floor. Step-o on-o floor-o. Cut it off. That floor is fitted with a system that reacts to the slightest change in weight. Before anyone can reach that safe, they'll be dead! Dead. I'm reassured that our gold is in very good hands. -Thank you, governor. -But I am also concerned... ...about our people who deposit their money in your bank. Without the new system. You know, these bandidas can strike anywhere, at any time. Governor, may I tell you something in confidence? Until those new systems are installed, all the cash will be stored upstairs. They'll never get anywhere near it. I'm so sorry for your loss. -Her mother was her life. -I completely understand. My daughter is the same way with her mother. She would just die if the jewelry that her mother left her... ...wasn't in the safest place, which is why I brought her here. Sweetheart, you understand me... well. She's very upset. If I may share a confidence with you. Today we put in the most advanced security system known to man. -Can we see it? -Sorry. No one can see it. -We can't do it. -Yes, we can. Sara, the only space on the floor that's not covered by an alarm... 1 inch between the seam. -What would you use to get across? -Her education. At least I have one to use. And what are you gonna use to open the vault? The key. -Nice shot. -Thank you. -What's this? -Be careful. Those are darts dipped into a compound made from tree bark in South America. The Indians use it to hunt. It doesn't kill the animal, but it'll put it to sleep. So if you have a problem, you use this. Okay, go. I got it. Okay. Okay. Go. -Come on. -Okay. Calm down. Sorry. Great. -When's the last time you were on these? -I was 1 0. -Oh, great. -Don't worry. I can do this. Okay. There's no need to rush. Just don't take any chances. Just stay calm. -Don't be nervous. -You're making me nervous. Okay, I'm sorry. Okay, okay. What's wrong? -I need to be calm. -Yes, you're right. Calm down. -Okay, I'm calm now. -Me too. How was my kiss? -It was perfect. -I knew it. Sara. -Do you really have to sing? -Yes. -It puts me in the mood. -Okay. Bravo. Bravo. Santa Maria. Oh, my G-- I'm gonna go check the vault. -Right. -I'll stick that banjo up-- I ain't got none of that. Hey, what's the matter with you? You all right? Tequila must be pretty good down here. Sara. Come on, hurry up. I'm doing my best. -Everything calm? -Yeah. -What are you doing? -My father raised me to finish what I start. If I'm going to rob a bank, I'm going to do it properly. Damn idiot, what are you doing with my gun? Don't you call me a damn idiot. Okay, slow, slow, slow. -Who are you calling a damn idiot? -I told you.... Come on. Okay. Come on. -Shut up. -Stop. Oh, God. Quentin. Hold it. Wake up. Hold it. Hold it. Quentin. Sara. Come on, let's go. No, no. Other way. Other way. Party's over. Looks like we're about to start the party. You might wanna get ready to do last rites, Padre... ...or whatever it is you all do. I can't believe you can't even do a simple thing like stare at the street. -You were supposed to be looking out. -I was. If you were, we wouldn't be sitting here. If you weren't greedy, you would've been faster. You are inefficient and unprofessional. Think I didn't see you sneaking kisses? I was a bride. That's what we do. And don't play innocent with me. I saw you sticking your tongue down his throat. What kind of a bride smells like a horse and kisses like a chicken pecking corn? I was a sad widow in need of comfort. Well, for your information, he said my kiss was perfect. For your information, he said-- For your information, I'm sick of you both fighting over kisses... ...when the future of your country is at stake. How did I ever fall for this? You're not serious. You're silly girls playing with the lives of thousands of people. A spoiled brat and a farm hand. You think people are gonna follow you? You think you're changing history? What was I thinking? Throwing away my life and my career. And for what? You know the saddest part? No one will care, nothing will have changed... ...because we're gonna be hanged! I might not know who I am... ...but I know who I'm not. And I'm not someone who's gonna let her country down. Governor, I have good news, and I have bad news. Now, the good news is that my people were able to save a portion of the money. We even had both bandidas in custody. The bad news is your people freed them. Mr. Jackson, I must apologize to you. I never expected the situation to become so unstable. Your help has been invaluable. But now I don't know what to do. I'm hoping you have a solution. You can rest assured, the Capital Bank and Trust of New York has a solution. He said they're moving the gold reserve to Texas. What does it mean? It means it's over. He figured it out. -Figured what out? -How to beat us. He's not beating us, we're beating him. Now we are strong enough to take all the other banks. So let him have the gold. We'll have all the money. Maria, the money is just paper. It represents the value of the gold. It's what the entire monetary system is based on. Without the gold, the paper has no value. Then we should rob the gold. Did I say something wrong? -Shut that and lock it. -Yeah, right away. You know... ...this might be the last time we get to talk. Don't say that. It's bad luck. I'm a superstitious peasant, remember? No, you're a lot more than that. You always know what you want, and you always know what you feel. I admire you, Maria. You admire me? How can you admire me? All I know about is horses and chickens. Well... I also know how to really give a good kiss. It's been good to have you as a partner. It's been good to have you as a friend. You've taught me a lot about how to care about people. And you were a-- You were a beautiful widow. Well, black, it's always a flattering color. There's one more thing I'd like to get off my chest. This bloody corset. It's been squeezing my gut my whole life. Thank you so much for making the effort. Mr. Governor, it's not an effort, it's an honor. You wanted me here to show our support for your plan. Here I am. Seorita Clarissa... ...thank you for gracing our journey with your beauty. I wish I could be better company, but I'm so nervous about my Quentin. -Is there any word? -Mr. Jackson? I wouldn't be surprised if, by the end of this ride, your man was back by your side. -Really? -Really. Now if you'll excuse us, miss. Gentlemen. -Did you hear that, Daddy? -Every word. It's a sad state of affairs when the wealth of my nation... ...must be protected by another country. Sir, let me assure you, you are acting in the best interest of your people. Governor, if you don't mind, I'd like for you to review our security measures. -Of course. Excuse me. -Yes, yes, certainly. Mr. Jackson, was my trip down here really necessary? Mr. Ashe... get that gold released to be put onboard this train... ...the governor needed some show of confidence. In order to catch those two thieving women... ...I need that gold onboard. Catch them? What do you mean, catch them? The walls have ears down here in Mexico, so I whispered into them. That gold is my bait. And the fish are onboard, I can guarantee you that. -Good God, man. -All we gotta do... keep this train rolling up into Texas. That's where our law will take effect. They'll be hanged by sundown. Hanging somebody without a fair trial is not our law, Mr. Jackson. Oh, it will be. As soon as those two pop up. There is no security out here, Mr. Jackson. Oh, but quite to the contrary, governor. Indeed, there is. Security for my old age. Your gold. Or, rather, should I say, my gold. -I'm not following. -No, sir, you're not. -What is that? -What do you think it is? You'll probably end up shooting one of us. -Thank you for the vote of confidence. -Just being realistic. You, realistic? Please, that's a first. -You shooting a gun, that's a first. -Excuse me, I'm sorry. Can we just stick to robbing the train? Okay. Well, if it don't smell like supper in here, my damn nose is broke. Oh, my, my. Is those black beans? -Where's the governor? -He's out stretching his legs. What do you mean, stretching his legs? -Well, I guess he fell off the train. -Daddy? -What's going on here? -Look, Mr. Ashe. We had 60 days to get those railroads locked up. When I saw that, because of the problems those two bitches have been causing... ...we were gonna lose that window of opportunity, I decided... ...why not take advantage of the situation while it was there? -You're stealing the gold. -Yes, sir, I am. -You stop this train right now. -No, sir, I won't. I am not in the thieving business. I will have no part of this. I don't believe that any part of this was ever offered to you. -God. -No one move. -Hands up. -Daddy. Don't move. Turn around. -Are you okay? -Now, see here. I said, turn around. You, drop the gun. Boy, you two are sure playing a losing hand here. I got men all over this goddamn train. Guess again. -You won't get away with this. -You're the one not getting away. Killing and robbing our people in the name of your bank. -What is she talking about? -He murdered my father. You ain't got no proof of that. We have fingerprints, we have litmus paper. We have a microscope. What are you two going on about? The scientific method. Quentin? -Quentin. -What are you doing here? What the hell are you doing here? Get out of my way. -Quentin. -What are you doing? Come on, come on. He shot you. No hablo Spanish. Goddamn it. Hey, where are you going? You're gonna let him get away. -You think he's dead? -lf he's not, he will be. -Maybe we should hold him for the law. -What? He killed your father. I know. I wanna kill him, I dream of killing him. But if I do, that makes me no better than him. Maria... ...I don't think I can kill a man. Me neither. -But I'm going to anyway. -Maybe just wound him. Think this is gonna give me a bad reputation? -Shooting people? -No... ...I think it would just add to your legend. I have a legend? Of course we do. Always count your bullets. He was enlisted to help us uncover the real bandido. -He helped fix our country. -So we honor him... ...for bravery above and beyond the call of duty... ...and for the service he has done for the people of Mexico. And for helping to bring our people together. I'm gonna miss you. I'm going to miss you. Quentin, I, too, wish to express my appreciation. Now, if you please... ...get on the train. I... ...better go. Oh, Quentin. I can't believe you made it all work out. I'm so happy. She's not a very good kisser. Well, she is. But you're much better. Much better. I can't believe the way he was teasing her. So insincere, such a liar. Telling me my kiss was perfect, then telling you. I'm sure he's telling her the same thing. What do you think? -Sara. -What? Don't you think it's obvious that he doesn't love her? Is that why you woke me up? I was finally having such a nice sleep. At least you can sleep. I never had trouble sleeping before I met you. Now I can't stop thinking. You should be very grateful that now your brain is thinking. Would you please be quiet so I can at least enjoy the sunset? You've never seen a sunset before? It's just that this sunset reminds me... ...of a particularly beautiful one I saw in Cdiz. -Where is that? -Cdiz? In Europe. -Can I ask you one more thing? -One more. How are the banks in Europe? Bigger.