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Captain Marvel Spider-Man: Far From Home

[Open to see Iron Man's busted helmet. Tony Stark's hand reaches forward to turn on the helmet. We pan out to see that he's sitting on the floor of a gloomy Milano. The weight of the recent events of INFINITY WAR evident in Tony's posture. He taps the helmet with a sigh.]

TONY: This thing on?

[The helmet scans Tony. Tony leans against the wall while taking deep breaths. He looks worn out and tired.]

TONY: Hey, Miss Potts. If you hear this recording, don't feel bad about this.

[The camera cuts to space, outside the Milano, to show the ship floating in space. Beautiful colors are in the background even though it's a gloomy setting.]

TONY: Part of the journey is the end. Just for the record, being adrift in space with zero promise of rescue is more fun than it sounds. Food and water ran out four days ago.

[Cut to Tony standing at a window to stare out in space, waiting for his independent doom to arrive.]

TONY: Oxygen will run out tomorrow morning. That'll be it.

[Tony stares at the helmet with care. He wants his last message to Pepper Potts to count. He taps the helmet once more.]

TONY: And when I drift off, I'll dream of you. It's always you.

[With that, Tony turns the helmet off. He rubs his thumb over the left eye. We cut to see Thanos' armor severing as a scarecrow, his charred hand grazes over the plants he's grown since we've last seen him.]

NATASHA: Thanos did exactly what he said he was going to do.

[The Avengers compound. It looks unkept, probably because all the caretakers have been whipped out from the snap. We go to Steve Roger's who seemingly sits alone, his beard gone but his face accompanied by tears streaming down them as he gazes up. He looks down in shame.]

NATASHA: He wiped out fifty percent of all living creatures.

[Bruce Banner stands before screens that show all that have been classified as missing. Scott Lang, Shuri Udaku, and Peter Parker are the only ones we get a good look at. Bruce holds his face in sadness. Thor sits alone in a grey jacket and his with his hands clasped together.]

STEVE: We lost. All of us.

[The spaceship. Nebula seems to be standing next to Tony Stark(?) and puts a hand on his shoulder.]

STEVE: We lost friends. We lost family.

[A man in a cloak swipes his sword on his sleeve, ridding it from the blood of a man he just killed. Natasha Romanoff watches the man from under a umbrella, he pulls his hood down to reveal the Ronin phase of Clint Barton.]

STEVE: We lost a part of ourselves.

[Steve and Natasha stand side by side on a quinjet. Steve is gazing at a picture of Peggy Carter that he's kept in his prized compass for over seventy years. He clamps it shut.]

STEVE: This is the fight of our lives.

NATASHA: This is going to work, Steve.

STEVE: [nodding] I know it is. 'Cause I don't know what I'm going to do if it doesn't.

SCOTT: [on screen] Hi, uh, is anyone home?

[Scott Lang is shown on a screen that both Steve and Natasha are shown watching. Steve slowly stands up as he watches the screen. Scott has the van from ANT MAN AND THE WASP that holds the Quantum Tunnel. Scott stands, facing the camera, the date in the corner informs us that it's a video file from the 90s(?).]

SCOTT: [on screen] This is Scott Lang. We met a few years ago? At the airport? In Germany. I got really big.

STEVE: Is this an old message?

SCOTT: [still trying to force whoever is on the other side to remember who he is] Ant-Man? I know you know him. I know you know that.

NATASHA: That's the front door.

SCOTT: That's me. . .can you buzz me in?

[Trailer #2. We start to see flashes of some of the characters we lost during INFINITY WAR. We open to see the gloomy city of New York City, the air filled with fog or ash we are yet to know. Places are empty, Citi Field, Statue of Liberty, boats, roads, ect. All abandoned.]

STEVE: Some people move on.

[Steve sits in a meeting that seems to be for people that simply can't cope with the loss of the ones they love. A poster by the entrance states "WHERE DO WE GO, NOW THAT THEY'RE GONE?" Steve's shown having difficulties with expressing his emotions, chewing on the inside of his cheek to prevent any tears.]

STEVE: But not us.

[Tony and Nebula help each other build something that is bound to help them return home. Steve, Rhodey, Bruce, and Natasha walk together while gazing upwards, what they're seeing is unknown to us. Rocket opens the wooden door that seems to be a cabin that rests somewhere with sunshine. Sharon Carter shoots at a target only getting closer as she rapidly fires. Rhodey and Scott Lang's helmets fall over their faces. Steve shakily reaches for his straps on his shield and snaps them off.]

STEVE: Not us.

[A group walk together in the Avengers compound before we cut out.]