• George: Look, Dad, I wrapped it myself.
  • Charlotte: Honey, did you picked up Aunt Alice's gift?
  • Jeffrey: Right here.

  • BG: What's this?
  • Charlotte: This is very special birthday present from me to you.
  • BG: I love it.

  • Charlotte: You better wrap this fast. Alice will be here any minute.
  • Jeffrey: But I still got a blow up balloons and make my special punch.

  • Jeffrey: That's very nice offer, BG. But this is the other kind bracelet.

  • Jeffrey: Well, okay. You wrapped it and I'll get start it with the punch.
  • George: Can I help, too?

  • BG: I'm just getting the gift, Dad.
  • Jeffrey: Well, let's not worried about that right now, honey. Your mother and I concern about George.

  • Jeffrey: Then, why do you keep going to the bathroom?

  • Jeffrey: We'll talk about this later. Now, get Aunt Alice's gift please. Now, let's go downstairs. Oh. What was that?
  • Charlotte: (Gasps) That's Alice's bracelet! What happened?

  • Jeffrey: How did George get the bracelet to begin with?
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