ANDALUCIA, SPAIN, 1492 The Inquisition has finally delivered Spain to the Templars. Sultan Muhammad and his people still hold out in Granada. But if his son, the prince, is captured, he will surrender the city and the Apple of Eden. Do you, Aguilar de Nerha, swear to honor our order in the fight for freedom? To defend mankind against Templars' tyranny, and preserve free will? I swear. If the Apple falls into their hands, the Templars will destroy everything that stands in their way. Protest, dissent, our right to think for ourselves. Swear to me that you will sacrifice your life and lives of everyone here to keep it from them. Yes, Mentor. Our lives are nothing. The Apple is everything. The spirit of the Eagle, will watch over the future. Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember, nothing is true. Where other men are limited by morality or law, remember, everything is permitted. We work in the darkness to serve the light. We are Assassins. ASSASSIN'S CREED Subtitle by Bambula Baja California, Mexico 1986 Shit. Mom? Dad? Your blood is not your own, Cal. They've found us. Live in the shadows. Go! Go now! 30 YEARS LATER HUNTSVILLE PENITENTIARY, TEXAS, USA You're here to save my soul. Something like that. I... I understand it is your birthday. Yeah. The party is just getting started. Sit down. You're making me nervous. Lord, wash away my sin, and I'll be clean... Once again. You're not much for the Bible, are you? Be it known that Callum Lynch has been found guilty of capital murder and sentenced to die on this day, October 21st 2016. Does the prisoner wish to make a final statement? Tell my father that I'll see him in hell. My name is Dr. Sophia Rikkin. At six pm yesterday evening, you were executed and pronounced dead. And so far, as anyone in the world knows or cares, you no longer exist. It's better you to sit. My eyes... -What are you feeling right now is normal and uncomfortable. Cal. I'm here to help you. And you're here to help me. Let him go. Don't touch him. Go ahead. Do it. Jump. You're not a prisoner here, Cal. I'm here to protect you. If you listen to me, everything is going to make sense. And you need to trust me. Where am I? You're in a rehabilitation wing of Abstergo Foundation in Madrid, a private organization dedicated to the perfection of human kind. With your help, we can pioneer new ways to eradicate violence. I had this. Your father wants him in. -He's my patient. This is my program. Prepare the Animus. Are the blades prepared? -Right here. And we confirmed their provenance? -They belong to Aguilar. We recovered them from his burial site. What are these? Assume final preparations. Our regression, Andaluca, 1492. Record everything. Arms ready. What is this? I'm sorry, Cal, this is not the way I like to do things. Then don't do it. Insert epidural. What do you want from me? -Your past. Listen to me carefully, Cal. You're about to enter the Animus. What you are about to see, hear and feel, are the memories of someone who has been dead for 500 years. Wait a minute. You can't change what happens, Cal. Engage scanner. Status? Scanning DNA chains. Searching for time frame. First memory match locked. DNA match identified. Stay with it, Cal. Attempt synchronization. We found him. We found Aguilar. There. Commence regression. Our mission is the boy. It's the prince. Which household harbored the boy? Only me. Nobody else knew. Nobody. Hang his family and make him watch. Burn the whole village. With the prince of Granada as captive, his father, sultan, will surrender his rebellious city, the last safe haven for the infidels. God will punish his people's heresy. Finally Spain will be under one Templar rule. Stay with the memory, Cal. Aguilar! The boy, Aguilar! The boy! Aguilar, the boy! Pull him! Commence rehabilitation. Run a system's check, and log his condition. You did well, Cal. Looking back it's clear that a history of the world is history a violence. Last year the economic impact of antisocial behavior was 9 trillion dollars. We believe that man today experiences a measure of aggression which he finds no acceptable outlets. Now imagine if all these costs could be channeled elsewhere... So the regression went well? Lynch is the one. Direct descendent of Aguilar. Everything was clear in there, for the first time. What do we all dream of? A more peaceful world. I see you stole my lines again. -I only steal from the best. And the artifact? The Apple. It's within our grasp. What happened in there? Why did you pull him? I had to. We have to keep him healthy. Earn his confidence. And I know he'll lead us to it. Push him. -That's not how the Animus works. Here you go. Thank you. 1917 Rutherford splits the atom. 1953 Watson and Crick find a double helix. 2016 my daughter finds the cure for violence. You've always been brighter than me. I'm late. I have to report to the Elders. Francisco Rizi's Grand Inquisition. 1492. War, religious prosecution, and the closest that Father Torquemada or any of our Order came to a finding the Apple of Eden. How are you, my friend? -Well. Your Excellency. -Next week when the Elders meet, we shall vote to discontinue your Abstergo project. We feel that giving you 3 billion annually, could be better spent elsewhere. Tri billion is nothing compared to... -We've won. People are no longer care about their civil liberties, they care about their standard of life. The modern world has outgrown notions like freedom. They are content to follow. The threat remains while free will exists. For centuries we try with religion, with politics and now consumerism to eliminate dissent. Isn't it the time we gave a science a try? My daughter is closer than we've ever been. How is your beautiful daughter? She has traced protectors of the Apple. Where? Andaluca, 1492. The descendents? -All the blood lines have died out. But one. We've traced his back 500 years, to the Assassin's Brotherhood. Hallucinations are what we call the "bleeding effect." Images of your regression, laying themselves over your present day field of vision. If you allow me, I can teach you how to control them. Stand down. I have this. Let it be. -What is it? The machine? It's genetic memory. By using the Animus, we can relive lives of those who made us who we are. What I saw in there, it felt real. It was. In a way. -Don't mess with me! I feel different now. Why the aggression? -I'm an aggressive person. What kind of prison is this? It's not a prison, Cal. You'll learn more if you cooperate. Let me go. I'm hungry. Come with me. LYNCH 1979-present What is this? I know everything about you, Cal. Your medical data, your psychological profile, the mutations in your MAO-A gene. I know about the foster homes. The juvenile homes. You are a living proof of the link between heredity and crime. How did you find me? We found Aguilar. When you were arrested, your DNA matched his. Who is Aguilar? -Your ancestor. His family were Assassins. They were burnt at the stake by the Templars, Torquemada and the black night you saw, Ojeda. Aguilar took up the Assassins' cause. Do you go out much? More than you. And the others in here? Are they the lab rats too? They are Assassins, murderers like their ancestors. Like you, Cal. All born with predisposition to violence. Murderer? You killed the man. -A pimp. Would you kill again? Happy families. She must be very proud. I wouldn't know. She was killed by an Assassin. Like your mother. Sorry. My old man killed my mother. And how does that make you feel? Like killing him. Either we let it to effect us for the rest of our lives, or we just do something about it. You turn to violence, I turn to science. It's the Apple of Eden, Cal. I believe it exists. The Bible tells us it contained the seed of man's first disobedience. But there are those of us who believe that God or some ancient civilization have left us a road map to understand why people are violent. Aguilar was the last person known to have had it in his possession. We need you to find out where he hid it. I thought I was here to be cured. -Violence is a disease. Like cancer. And like cancer, we hope to control it one day. Violence is what kept me alive. Well technically, you're dead. I'm hungry. What's in it for me? Once my research is complete, there is no reason to keep you here. I get my life back? Better. A new one. You are hungry. You don't know who he is, what he is. He is a dangerous man. Give him little more time, Emir. Man may prove that has some noble blood in him yet. How about, sir? It's an open menu, but we do recommend a chicken. What can I get you, Mr. Lynch? It's an open menu, but we do recommend a chicken. I'll steak. -Steak for the pioneer. Who are you? They call me Moussa. But my name is Baptiste. I'm dead 200 years now. Voodoo poisoner. I'm harmless. They're watching you. Waiting to see who you are, pioneer. Have you met him yet? Have you met him yet? We are the last to protect the Apple, my friend. Pick the wrong choice, you'll send us all to infinity. This... belongs to you. You're going to lead them right to it. Ne, I'm going to eat it. What the fuck is going on? He has to go back in the Animus. Now. He needs more time before he goes in again. We don't have time. Why? I won't risk his life. Then I'll have to find someone else to do it. You're up, slugger. -I'm crazy. I'm crazy. Crazy for feeling so lonely. They're getting him back in again. We should stop him before he betrays us. Set the date for the six. If his condition deteriorates, pull him out. You father... -I don't care what my father said. What in the world did I do? Cal, listen to me. -I'm crazy for trying... Listen to me. You have to stay with Aguilar. -Crazy for crying... Staying in synch-void could be dangerous. And I'm crazy for loving you... Soon they will march on Granada. Sultan Muhammad is weak. He'll surrender the Apple and betray the Creed to save the prince. The love makes us weak. Gladly I'll sacrifice my flesh and blood, for survival of the Creed. When I die today, don't waste your tears for me. The Lord spoke. And he said: "If a man abide not in me he is cast into the fire and he is burned!" For decades, you have lived in the world torn apart by religious discord. But soon, thanks to God and Inquisition we will purge this disease! The sinners before you, sought to defend the heretic prince of Granada, the last heathen stronghold in our holy war. So today, before our king and queen I swear we shall wash ourselves clean, in the holy fire of God! Behold... God's will! You will watch your mentor burn and then you will die the slowest. Give glory to the future. Not to us. He is synchronizing. Damned heretics! Don't let them escape! Jump. Complete desynch. Get him down! Call the medics! Okay. It's okay. Cal, stay with me. Cal. Stay... It's okay. Hurry up! Okay. Okay. Look at me. Look at me. I can't feel my legs. Paralysis is temporal. What's the bad news? It caused a neurological split but we got you through it. This time. I'm gonna die in here, aren't I? No. Not if you go in there on your own free will. I can't do this. Yes, you can. The Apple. You're the only one left who can find it. We can put an end to pain, Cal. For everyone. Where did you get this? -My father recovered it from the scene of your mother's murder. And brought it here for safekeeping. -Safekeeping? You stole it. -It's your mother's necklace. I wanted you to have it. Why was he there? -To save her. -From whom? Her own people. -What's that got to do with you? Assassins and Templars have been at war for centuries. I aim to change that. That's right, I forgot. We're here to combat aggression. I don't think I like your methods. I am a scientist. I'm here to be cured of violence. Who's gonna cure you? We're feeding the beast. We're making him stronger. I am Dr Rikkin. Alan. I look after things here in Abstergo. You like to keep the things in the family, huh? -Yes. I'm sorry if we caused you any discomfort. Is there anything I can do? -How about you let me out of here? That's something I can't manage. I'm here to make a deal. We need the Apple. And we need you to get it for us. You've been desynching in the Animus. We need you not to do that. Sending me back to the machine? No, you've already shown us what we needed to see. Will you let us free then? What do you hope to gain from the newcomer? Something that'll benefit us all. You too, Moussa. What have you done to them? It's what happens if you don't enter in regression on your own volition. Do you recognize this? It's Assassin's blade. This is the actual one... your father used to take your mother's life. He's here, you know? Mother's death, Cal. Not something a boy should ever be made to see. This is wrong. You left me no choice. He has to go in on his own free will, you said that. I had to negotiate. -You mean manipulate? I assured the Elders we would have the Apple for London. That's in two days. He doesn't want to know his past, or his father. He wants to destroy them, both. We're not in the business of creating monsters. We neither created them nor destroyed them. We merely abandoned them to their own inexorable faith. You're your mother's son. -What does that mean? Blood that flows through you is not your own. Belongs to the Creed. Your mother knew that. She died so the Creed may live. Remind me how, exactly! What you saw, I did. You murdered her. I took her life rather than have it stolen by that machine. Man grows with the greatness of his task. I ought to have killed you. I couldn't. Well, here. Take it. Do what you couldn't do 30 years ago. It's in your hands now, Cal. This is what they want. Spill my blood. But do not go back in the Animus. Why? The Apple contains the genetic code for free will. They will use it to destroy us. I'm gonna find it. And watch them destroy you and your Creed. You can not kill the Creed. It's in your blood. The Apple is everything. Your mother died to protect it. She had no choice. I do. You're gonna kill the Creed! Take me to the Animus. Put me in. Prepare the Animus. Voluntary regression. Do you know how the Assassins came to be named? From an Arabic word "Hashashin". They were society's outcasts. Those who stole, who murdered in cold blood. People ridiculed them... Rebels, fools, drug addicts. But they were wise. They used this reputation to hide the dedication to principles beyond those of even their strongest enemies. And for that I admire them. But you're not one of those men. Are you? Let's find out. Commencing regression. This is my life's work. It's my life. For the Creed. Our own lives... What matters is what we leave behind. Sultan... Surrender the Apple. Your Assassin protectors are gone. The Creed is finished. My son. Here lies the seed of man's first disobedience, of free will itself. Thanks to the Apple of Eden, the known world shall be ushered into a new age. One of peace, in which all the warring populations of mankind shall bow in perfect obedience to our one templar rule. The Apple. Give it to him. Now. For the Creed. Go! Forgive me. It's over! Assassin! A leap of faith. Where are we? It looks like a military port. Kadiz, Palos de la Frontera. The Assassins died for it. Protect it with your life. I am a friend of the Creed. Take it to your grave. I swear. What is it? Translation. Following the light of the sun, I shall leave this old world behind. It's Christopher Columbus. Where is he buried? His remains were returned to Spain. His tomb is in Seville Cathedral. We found it. Hey All Stars, come here. Pick one. Anyone. Breach in common room. -Seal the Animus. Is it a memory? No. Come on! Transport? -Standing by. Protect the Animus. Purge the facility. I need to get you out of here first. No! -We have to leave, Sophia. No! No! Pick it up! You are not alone, Cal. You never were. Open... -Come on. Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember... -Nothing is true. Where other men are limited by morality or law, remember... -Everything is permitted. We work in the darkness to serve the light. We are Assassins. What now, pioneer? We fight. Your Excellency. The glory will go to your father. But we both know who found it. Your time will come, my child. GREAT TEMPLAR LODGE, LONDON They'll give you a Nobel peace prize for this. You better start writing your speech. I've read yours. -And? If we eradicate free will, we eradicate the Assassins. A cancer that has menaced society for centuries. It's not my best work, but it gets the point across. We've been looking for solutions. You've eliminated the problem. So my program... Has brought order to society for the first time. I'm accountable for this. You've already been accounted for. Our work belongs to the Elders. This is their finest hour. You lied to me. I've always known that in your heart you're a scientist first, templar second. Your recent work has impressed as much but it has confirmed our belief that mankind cannot be redeemed. You've thought of everything. Not quite. My speech. It could do with one of your elegant openings. Now I've become death, the destroyer of worlds. Not sure that I could make that work. It is with great pleasure tonight that I introduce the architect of our ancient order's future. Please welcome the CEO of Abstergo Foundation, Dr. Alan Rikkin. With the recovery of the Apple, we are now in possession of the complete genetic road map to humanity's instincts. Any impulse towards independence, resistance or rebellion will be crushed. Any predisposition that might oppose our march of progress can now be eradicated. All I have to do is shout. I'm here to help you. And you're here to help me. I can't help you anymore. What about all those great plans? Cure violence, combat aggression. That's not going to happen. You've started this, Sophie. You don't get to walk away. We both know what happens next. Not everything deserves to live. I can't do this. Yes, you can. But it is not to ourselves, but to the future, that we must give glory. A future purged of the Assassin's Creed! Ladies and gentlemen, the Apple of Eden. I did this. I will retrieve the artifact for the Elders. Lynch I want for me. It is not to ourselves, but to the future, that we must give glory. Subtitle by Bambula

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