20th Century Fox's Aquamarine - iTunes Movie Poster

( rousing orchestral
fanfare playing )
( light, mysterious theme
playing )
( young woman sings
eerie melody )
( young woman gurgling melody )
( young woman's singing
continues )
( bubbling )
( giggles )
( young woman's singing
resumes )
( laughing and singing
simultaneously )
( giggles )
( rock music playing
in distance )
They're gonna drive us crazy.
( laughing in distance )
( girl singing )
( singing continues )
( gasps )
- ( sighs )
- ( squeals )
( both laughing )
- Look at him, Claire.
- ( sighs )
I 'm looking
at him, Hailey.
Sitting up there
being gorgeous.
Looking for someone
to rescue.
He should so
be rescuing us.
What's wrong
- with this picture?
- Well, all these articles say
we've been way
too available.
We need to be
more coy.
We are so coy,
he barely knows we exist.
Ray pop quiz.
Favorite song,
favorite food,
favorite drink?
Go, go, go.
Weezer's "Island in the Sun,"
um, Dr. Pepper, oranges?
Very nice.
I'm trying to read.
Fine, then the least
you can do is read me the latest
on boy-bagging technology.
oh, okay, this one is called
"Fluff and Retreat."
"Fluffhis ego
"then walk away.
"Not only is he left
wanting more,
but he's under the impression
that it's his idea."
( chuckles )
That's really cool.
- ( whistle blowing )
- ( swimmers whooping )
Claire, do you realize
that summer's almost over,
and you haven't gone
in the water once?
once would be
way too many times.
Mm. Excuse me.
( scoffs )
Doyou realize we've got
less than five days
till you
have to move?
I don't wantyou moving
halfway around the world.
Claire, you're such a ruiner!
( scoffs )
I'd gone, like, a halfhour
without thinking about it.
Hailey, I'm sorry, but...
I haven't kissed Raymond yet.
( giggles )
So I'm not going anywhere.
( girls giggling )
( seductively ):
Hello, hottie.
It's Raymond.
( girls laughing )
( squeals )
Hail, did you order
a sand... witch?
Cecilia's back
from camp.
Don't worry. He
won't fall foryuck.
He's way too
smart for that.
- GUY: Hey, Cecilia.
- Hey!
( funkypop music )
Did they get... bigger?
She could poke an eye out.
We just... we have to decode
his body language.
- ( groans )
- Look, it's fine.
I mean, if
he's into her,
he'll shake his hair,
stretch his arms
- and flex those muscles.
- Yeah?
( chuckles )
Wha-What was that?
Fingers. That was fingers
through the hair.
I mean, technically,
that wasn't shaking.
( Hailey, Claire gasp )
Please, gods oflove,
no shake,
no stretch,
no flex, no...
( both muttering )
( both gasp )
- ( screaming )
- No!
You guys okay?
- Yeah, we're fine, thanks.
- Yeah, fine.
- Thanks.
- We're good.
( girl laughs )
( chuckles )
Baby-sit much?
( girls laugh )
I can't take it anymore.
As long as he doesn't
flip his sunglasses
up and down, we're fine.
Hey, Ray, think fast!
- oh!
- ( Cecilia screams )
- RAY: Yo...
- I can't look anymore.
- You...
- Sorry!
I figured you
could catch.
- Right.
- My bad.
What? Did he flip them?
You know, it's
really sunny out.
- It doesn't count.
- Yeah.
Say something.
You're never gonna get a tan
wearing all those clothes.
or skin cancer.
Please, we don't
even smoke.
- Mm-hmm.
- ( giggling )
Such losers.
The perfect end
to a perfect day.
Claire! Hailey!
We need your help!
( groans )
Hey. What?
oh, we've decided
to fire Raymond.
- What?!.
- What?!.
( both shouting )
( both guffawing )
You should've seen your faces!
That is so not funny.
oh, you girls-
you're too wound up.
Help bring in
the "Last Splash"
decorations, please.
Weatherman says
a big storm's coming.
We'll put them up
again after it clears.
Raywill still be there
when you're done.
- Grandpa!
- ( alllaughing )
Supper's at
Soyou'll come back
after dinner, right?
We can hang out
in the rec room...
No, I have other plans.
Butyou-you promised...
God, chillax.
Your grandma's right.
- But Hailey, I'm...
- ( both gasp )
- Sorry!
- Geez, Leonard.
"M" or "W"?
( chuckling )
Right, nice to see you, too.
( chuckles )
( whispering ):
He knows what you did
last summer.
( both laughing )
( slow, melancholytheme plays )
( grunts )
( thunder crashes in distance )
Mom, I 'm home!
Hey, kiddo!
Hailey, your boxes
won't pack themselves.
Don't put this off
until the movers come.
( sighs )
Come on, Moby,
don't play me like that.
I haven't seen you in days.
Hailey, you can unpack
as much as you want.
We're still moving.
( sighs )
How was the club?
And maybe I could get more
than one syllable this time?
- It was fine.
- Mm-hmm.
Thatwas three.
( sighs )
I'm sorry, sweetheart,
but... you didn't want
to leave
Boston, either, remember?
And lookwhat happened.
You met Claire.
Australia could be another
amazing adventure for us, Hails.
So... how about
we start packing your room?
So how about I live here
with Claire till I'm 1 8?
How about... we go back
to fewer syllables?
That was one.
( groans )
A storm warning is in effect...
HAI LEY ( giggles ):
So that's where Cecilia Banks
gets all the drama.
Just look at her dad.
Well, as you can see-whoa!
( laughs )
Hailey, how am I supposed
to face eighth grade
My locker is right next
to the boys' bathroom.
And I have coed PE class
by myself.
We have to dance with Raymond
at The Last Splash.
We'll be such
great dancers
that he'll realize
that he has to marry one of us.
( chuckles )
And we'll be so happy
that one of us got him,
that we won't even be jealous,
you know?
Unless he picks you.
That wouldn't be okay.
( chuckles )
- What ifthis is our last movie campout?
- What ifthis is it?
- ( grunts loudly)
o gods ofhurricanes,
makers ofthunder and lightning
and majestical waves...
useth your power to keep my mom
from moving to Australia.
Maketh her to see
the error ofherways,
and keepeth us
in Baybridge!
( thunderrumbling )
You're insane.
That's what they tell me.
( laughing maniacally )
( thunderrumbling )
( softly ):
( crackling, clinking )
( beeping, clanging )
oh, my God!
The vending machine's
( Haileyscreams )
Looks like we got free...
- Hailey!
Where are you?
Are you dead?!.
- Don't die.
- I'm not dead.
I'm right here.
Follow myvoice.
- ( both scream )
- oh, God!
Something's out there!
( both screaming )
I just want you to
know that if Leonard
comes in here
and chops us up
into a million pieces,
that you were totally,
completely, and eternally
my best friend.
You're my best friend,
And I broke
your iPod.
- ( Haileyscreams )
- ( both giggle )
( both scream )
What are you girls
doing out here
- in this weather?!.
- oh!
Come on!
you scared me!
Let's get the two of
you tucked up in bed.
HAI LEY ( chuckling ):
oh, Mrs. B.,
if I have nightmares
- I'm blaming you.
- ( Grandma chuckles )
- I'm blaming you.
- ( Grandma chuckles )
O gods ofhurricanes...
( groaning quietly )
O gods ofhurricanes, makers
ofthunder and lightning,
( prayer repeating, overlapping,
blending, growing louder )
( groans )
( prayers grow louder )
...please useth your powers
to keep my mom...
Maketh her to see
the error ofher ways...
...and keepeth us in Baybridge!
( slow, mysterious theme
playing )
( gulls screeching )
oh, my God.
Come on, man.
- on three, ready? one, two...
- okay, yeah.
( gasps )
Raymond's out! Come on!
Yeah, bring it up.
He's beautiful.
okay, stay calm.
( squeals )
Come on!
I'll catch you later, man.
Look at this.
What a wreck.
It's Ray.
Don't look.
Get down.
( humming )
Hello, little
freaky blue crab.
( giggling )
Claire, look.
( gasps )
Ray, hope you're
ready to clean.
( sighs )
( both giggling )
Thinkyou'll have to
call off Last Splash?
- No! No, Mr. B.!
- No!
No, no, no, no, no, Mr. B!
You can't- I'm sorry,
but you can't do that!
Mr. B.,
me and Claire
have been planning
for this for, like, ever.
It'll be all right.
Grandpa, are the pool lights
still on?
( screaming )
( woman humming eerily)
( screams )
( screaming )
Hold on, you're okay.
There's a shark
in the pool!
You're okay, you're okay.
Shh. I got you.
Here, somebody get
the chair!
- ( coughing )
- Calm down.
- There you go.
- Here.
She may be in shock.
Take a deep breath.
Claire, are you all right?
She gets scared
in the water.
- Her parents drowned.
- ( coughing )
You all right, honey?
I saw something.
It's in there,
and I don't know
what it was!
( coughing )
Halfthe ocean washed up
in there last night.
take Claire inside.
lock up the patio.
I don't want anyone else
falling in.
okay, clean it, lock it. Got it.
That was, that
was tight, Ray.
Thanks, Ray.
- Hey...
- Come on!
- Hey!
- oh, my God...
Raymond totallyjumped
in there to save you,
with his actual biceps.
Did you feel them
around you?
Were they flexed?
oh, God, they
must've been flexed.
Ifyou had
stopped breathing!
You were, like, this close
to mouth-to-mouth.
There's something
in there.
I'm serious!
It looked like...
I can't even say it,
but I swear, it just stared
at me with its eyes!
You're in shock...
from touching Raymond!
Hailey, I know what I saw.
Fine, then we'll
just go back
when no one is looking,
and we'll check it out.
No way, Hail.
I didn't mean to get
in the water in the first place,
and I'm not going
back there again.
Something bad
could've happened.
Come on, Clairedy cat.
Put on your big girl pants
and meet me at 9:00.
( whispers ):
Be careful!
Grandpa'll be
super mad at us.
- ( door creaks )
- ( gasps ) It's Leonard.
( quietly):
Come on.
( rattling, squeaking )
( rattling, squeaking )
Hey, maybe we should get
fishing poles out or something.
Shh, shh, shh. No.
I don't want to catch it.
I want to feed it.
Fish sticks?
Maybe it was an octopus.
( sighs ):
With blue hair
- and a tail?
- It could've been blue seaweed
or kelp.
It was not an octopus,
and it wasn't kelp!
You want one?
I saw hair!
ifyou're gonna ignore
every single word I say,
- I can hang out alone.
- I'm not ignoring you.
( both talking at once )
I bet I know what it was.
( girls gasp )
I'm guessing...
it was a mermaid.
Mm... mm...
( girls gasping )
( both gasp )
( whimpering )
( screaming )
( muffled gasp )
( giggles )
- ( gasps )
- It's a...
Uh, you're a...
( gasps )
- A m...
- ( exasperated groan )
I can see we have
to take this slowly.
Mer... maid.
- ( whimpering )
- Wha...?
Fabled marine creature,
halfwoman, halffish,
best known for sitting on
staring into mirrors,
and obsessively combing
our long, beautiful hair.
Blah, blah, blah...
( burbling )
Wha... What is going on?
- ( screaming )
- Stop shrieking
Iike a couple of gulls.
For shrimps,
you're awfully loud.
( chuckles )
You speak English?
Yeah. Mermaids speak every
language known to man,
fish, crustacean...
and several varieties
of sea fowl.
What can you speak?
I got a C in Spanish.
( gasps ):
What if she's, like,
bad or something?
( whispering ):
Whywould she be bad?
She's a fictional sea creature.
They could be bad.
We are not fictional!
We're discreet. Hm.
I've never been this
close to a human before.
( nervous chuckle ):
Yeah. Must be weird foryou.
( laughs ):
You're staring at my tail.
Well, yeah, I was.
Do you... want to touch it?
Aah, it's slimy!
( chuckles ):
I rub it with kelp and
jellyfish twice a day. Hm.
( majestic orchestral theme
plays )
( screaming )
Please don't eat us!
The thought!
It's okay.
I just want to see
what feet feel like.
Give it!
Can you pick things up
with them?
No, but...
I can kickwith them
ifyou don't let go!
Hey, get back here.
( lowrumbling )
How-how did you do that?
oh, that's nothing.
You should see my father.
He can make some serious waves.
Like last night,
for example.
Your dad made those waves?
He's mad at me,
because I swam away from home
three days before
I'm supposed to get
married offto this merman
who's about as deep
as a tidal pool.
( gasps ):
Leonard! We have to go.
- He's a total psycho.
- You have to hide.
Wait! Where are you going?
- We'll be back tomorrow morning.
- Promise?
Someone over there?
- Run!
- Don't get seen.
( gasps )
( softsloshing )
( sighs )
( whispers ):
- Hailey, wake up.
- ( moans )
( both laughing )
( distant whirring )
What in the world?
- oh, no.
- oh!
( gasps )
( gasps )
- This is bad.
- oh, my God.
This is so bad.
Come on.
( machine whirring )
( whirring stops )
What have you done?!.
I drained the pool.
She's not in there.
- But how could she just get out?
- I don't know.
( clattering )
Come on.
( screaming )
- ( giggling )
- oh, it's you.
You scared the salt out of me.
I thought you were that man
with that awful
sucking machine.
I just about got turned
inside out.
How did you get in here?
I used these.
( yelps )
( giggles )
Myvery own pair.
oh, and check this out.
- Whoa.
- Whoa.
Isn't it cute?
- ( laughs )
- Very cute.
And I can sit on it.
( footsteps approaching )
Hey, we've got to get you
out of here. Come on.
You're going
to get seen.
You need to give
heryour T-shirt.
No. My bathing suit
is like boy repellent.
What ifwe see Raymond?
It's your bathing suit
or her birthday suit.
Come on.
( giggling )
( muttering )
( giggles )
( banging,yelp )
( banging )
oh, no.
That's not what you do.
- You have to...
- No.
- Put your arms through them.
- Put your arms through the...
- You know what I mean?
- oh...
No, no. oh.
That looks amazing.
- I know.
- ( giggles )
( giggling )
( whoops )
( giggles )
I don't understand
how you can sleep on these
when they're so jumpy.
I could just do this all day.
Claire, what on earth
are you doing up there?
( mermaid whoops,
Haileylaughs )
You really need to stop.
Gram's gonna be
really mad at us.
( whoops )
We're gonna get in huge trouble.
You worry too much.
I rest my case.
( scoffs )
This is so much fun.
( whoops )
oh! I love legs.
do you get to keep them?
Technically, we can only have
legs when the sun's out.
And we have to keep them dry,
or at least that's
what I've heard.
I've never had the guts
to come out and try them.
So this is your
first time ashore?
First time on land,
first time with legs.
Can you believe it?
oh, you'd never know.
But I've got
to be careful.
Add moonlight or
water, instant tail.
Lookwhat I can do. Eh!
( laughs ):
ow. Stop that.
( burbledringing )
- Hmm?
- Hmm?
( burbledringing )
( groans )
oh! Crabs!
They found me.
With a shell?
Did you know you can hear
the ocean through these?
Yeah, but...
Well, it works both ways.
The ocean can hearyou, too.
Hello? Dad?
( gurgling ):
Aquamarine!Just what do
you thinkyou're doing?!.
Shell phone.
( gurgledyelling continues )
Could you give me a minute?
Sure. Sorry.
Well, that's your plan,
- not mine.
- okay.
I don't want to marry
some spoiled, rich, squid!
( gurgledyelling on phone )
Well, you can make
all the storms you want,
but I'm not coming back.
- ( thunder crashing )
- ( gurgledyelling )
No! No!
Love is not a myth,
Daddy, it's real!
You think her dad
is doing this?
...three days,
I'll prove it to you.
( gurgled ):
Ifyou don't come back
in three days...
Well, ifI'm wrong,
then I will honoryour plans.
And I'll call you every night,
So calm down!
( frustratedgroan )
( Aquamarine groans )
I have to find love.
We don't have it where I'm from,
and if I can't find it
in three days, I'm sunk.
You don't have love?
My dad says it's just a myth.
We marrywho our parents pick.
And my dad thinks
that I have bubbles in my brain
because I believe in love.
He says that the onlyway
I can get out of mywedding
is ifl can prove to him
that love exists.
But that means
I only get three days.
or else I'll be swimming
down the aisle with that...
( shudders )... that blowfish.
But ifyou
don't have love,
how doyou know it exists?
I saw it once.
- And I want it.
- ( Raywhooping )
( grunts )
With him.
( man singing )
( driving rock beat plays )
Whoo! Check it out!
- Raymond?
- ( groans )
( singing continues )
( sighs )
Raymond is the one I love.
- No!
- No!
- No...!
- No...!
( grunts )
- Yeah?
- Hi.
Do you love me?
Uh... no,
but I thinkyou're hot.
You're really hot.
Come on, man.
We got to go!
The beach house
is going off!.
Yeah, I know, I know, I know.
Well, uh, I'll seeyou later.
Come on. Come on,
come on, come on!
( grunts ):
Hey, man.
- Drop me off at home. Can you?
- ( mermaidgrunts weakly)
He doesn't love me?
How can he not love me?
( groans )
I need some salt.
- What did you say?
- What did he say?
He said I was hot,
but how would he know?
Do I feel hot to you?
( both giggling )
- No. That is not how you...
- I think that you mistook it.
You have to help me get him
to fall in love with me.
Yeah, right!
No, no, no.
No, Raymond's way too popular.
You should pick someone else.
I mean, all the girls
are after him.
- Even a few boys.
- Right.
Then you don't getyourwish.
- Wish?!.
- What?!.
Wait, wait, what?
What wish?
You know, ifyou help a
mermaid, you get a wish.
you could wish for.
I thought that was genies.
( laughs )
You... you believe in genies?
Uh... what if ourwish
involves other people?
- Like my mom.
- Yeah.
It's a wish, anywish,
as long as it doesn't
violate the laws of nature.
Mm, mm, mm-hmm.
- We'll helpyou!
- We'll helpyou!
( screaminghappily)
Yes, yes, yes, yes!
Just to letyou know,
this is a humongous
sacrifice for us.
Giving up Raymond?
Soyou know him prettywell?
oh, yeah,
we're experts on Raymond.
oh, yeah,
we know him reallywell.
- We're like Ray-ologists.
- Mm-hmm.
But he has to say he loves me,
'cause I need proof
for my dad.
otherwiseyou don't
getyourwish. Deal?
( sighs )
My name's Aquamarine.
Now, let's go find Raymond.
( laughs giddily)
( whoops )
( laughing )
( laughter continues )
You need shoes!
Yeah, and undies!
( grunts )
( seagulls squawking )
( suspenseful theme plays )
J ust stick with the pros.
- Boys are what we live for.
- ( Aquamarine gasps )
- Creepy, right?
- Ugh.
My mom collects
this stuff.
What does your mom do?
Besides ruin my life?
She's a marine biologist.
Yeah, she's all scientific.
- More like horrific.
- I know.
She's dragged me all over
the country for herjob.
She's been working to clean up
the water in the bay here.
Well, tell her thanks for me
because it tastes
about ten times better
than it did a fewyears ago.
okay, first things first.
Uh, Aqua, what areyou doing?
He doesn't like
this harsh light.
He came out ofhiding.
Can you make boobs
come out ofhiding?
- ( Aqua giggling )
- What?
All right.
We begin where every girl
starts with her first crush.
- We call him.
- ( dial tone )
Call him? What?
What? No, I can't.
What am I supposed
to say to him?
We just call and hang up.
We do it all the time.
I don't know.
It's just whatyou do.
( keys beeping )
Wait a minute.
( phone ringing )
( whispers ):
It's ringing.
( squeals )
( screaming )
oh, oh.
That was fantastic.
Let's do it again.
( laughing )
okay, the next step
here is the ride-by.
Very important
in any crush.
Now remember,
you have to act casual.
Yes, like you didn't even
remember this was his street.
( pop beatplays )
- ( woman singing )
- That's it.
- That's Raymond's house.
- ( giggling )
( grunting )
There he is!
oh, that hurts.
But this will be worth it.
( excited giggling )
What the...?
( singing continues )
( girls giggling )
Aqua, no, that's the...!
- ( tires screeching )
( Aquamarine yells,
Ray gasps )
( music stops )
( both gasp )
( synthesized rock music plays )
- Aqua! Are you okay?
- Are you okay?
I saw hi m.
Did you see him?
He waved at me.
Hey, hey, hey,
are you okay?
Hey, Raymond.
( whispers ):
oh, my God!
( Claire squeaks )
We didn't even remember
this was your street.
( chuckles )
Yeah. All right,
Iet's see
what you got here.
( gasps )
Ah... nothing too serious.
You run it under
some cold water,
- you'll be as good as new...
- No, no, no, no!
Hey, hey, hey.
I wouldn't hurt you.
All right, let me at least
put a Band-Aid on it. Yeah?
always prepared, right?
Here we go.
This won't hurt a bit.
Thereyou go.
- Voila!
- ( laughs )
it's beautiful.
( laughs )
( laughs ):
So, um...
what was your name?
Cool name.
Will I see you
at the street fair today?
- ( whooping, horn honks )
- I love this song!
oh, no!
( pop music playing )
Who ordered broom service?
Hi, Raymond!
I'm here for my driving lesson.
Let's get you up.
You going to be all right?
okay, cool.
All right, hey,
hang on one sec,
I got to grab
my keys.
So, um...
I'll seeyou later?
oop. Rock. Watch out.
Watch out.
Who is she?
She thinks she's the shiz
'cause her dad does the weather.
Her dad can
make weather?
( laughs ):
No. He just reports it.
- Shut up! I know how to drive.
- And she's a princess?
No, no, no.
Just a royal bitch.
Then why are you
so intimidated?
oh. Got it. Slow...
( pop music continues )
Hey, guys,
does she have something
against girl's clothes?
( Cecilia's friends laughing )
( laughter continues )
Nice hair.
Who are you?
She's my cousin.
Well, that's
kind of pretty.
Mm! For a crayon.
I was named Aquamarine after
a rare and precious gemstone,
Cecilia translated
means "dim-sighted."
Butyour parents know
you better than I do.
What did you just say to me?
Yep, definitely dim-sighted.
( engine booms andstalls )
( all laughing )
( laughter continues )
There's something very fishy
about that girl.
Cecilia Banks blew a gasket!
Who cares about her?
What about Ray?
I mean...
( panting )
What happened to me back there?
I was such a clam.
I-I couldn't think.
Don't worry.
Everything we've learned
about boys
has come from the pages
ofthese magazines.
Come on.
I can't stop thinking about him.
I feel so weird
and tingly.
( gasps )
- What?
- Look at my finger scales.
oh, my.
They've never been
this color before.
They change colorwith my mood.
Whoa, weird.
But I don't know
what mood this is.
- Love...
- Love...
okay, start reading.
We have a lot to cover
before we go to the street fair.
( upbeatpop intro plays )
( woman singing)
Look at this!
I need some salt.
CLAI RE: Number 28.
Come on. Focus!
( frustrated grunt )
How do you remember
all this?
You have to be flirty,
but demure.
- Devoted but not desperate.
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Available, but elusive?
And ifhe calls
for Saturday,
you have to be busy,
even though you're free?
- It's so annoying.
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Yet strangely addictive.
I think she's
on the brink
of a boy data
overload. Hey.
Let's take her out.
( man speaks indistinctly
overP.A. system )
There he is.
- ( gasps ): Ray! Ray! Hi!
- Shh! No!
Haven't you learned anything?
Let him see you first!
Sorry. I just got so excited,
I forgot.
It's okay, just...
Hey, how about ifwe do what...
what Liz D. from Skokie
The "Laugh and Pass."
Casuallywalk past him...
Good idea.
( shriekinglaughter)
That was so funny!
( whispers ):
okay, look at him.
Look away.
Look at him
and playwith your hair.
Just kind oftwirl
it, twirl it.
( guys laughing and whooping )
- Arch your back. Arch your back.
- Puckeryour lips
and flip your hair.
- Flip it, flip it. Flip it.
- Arch your back.
Don't look at him.
No, no, no. He's looking atyou.
fluffand retreat.
Come on, you can do it, Ray.
Come on, Ray!
Fluffhis ego
and retreat. Go.
- ( cheering, laughter)
- Yeah! oh, yeah!
Wow, Raymond,
you're good! Bye.
Wha...? Uh, wha...
You didn't fluff enough!
Here you go, man.
Hey! Hey,
where you going?
- Guess she did.
- Come on!
Hey, guys,
I'll catch up with you.
okay? I'm gonna
hang out with Aqua.
oh, my God, he gave
her a nickname.
( imitates dolphin ):
Ar! Ar! Ar!
( goofyvoice ):
Are you having a good time?
( dolphin toysqueaking )
Following you around is fun.
( laughing ):
Um... this guy is foryou.
( squeaking )
- Thanks.
- WoMAN: Cotton candy!
- You're welcome.
- Come and get your cotton candy.
MAN ( overP.A. system ):
Hurry, hurry, hurry!
( man continues
over P.A. system )
You want one?
- Yeah.
- okay.
J ust one, please?
( gasps softly )
Um, I just love
eating cotton candy.
I mean, I love eating it.
- Right, Hail?
- Right.
It's so much fun
to eat it.
( gasps ):
It just vanished!
( chuckles ):
Mmm, mmm...
- ( bell clangs )
- ( people cheering )
- He likes her!
- He likes her!
( cheering continues )
Hey, what are those?
Water bikes?
- What, you've never been
on a paddle boat before?
- Uh-uh.
- oh, he's so cute.
- Come on.
I'll give you
your first ride.
- okay.
- ( dolphin toysqueaks )
Do you think she'll
be okay out there?
She's with Ray, isn't she?
I guess.
Come on.
So, um,
how long you in town?
Two more days.
Then my dad's
making me come home.
Ifhe doesn't get his way,
it's always a huge disaster.
Eh, pretty
controlling, huh?
( laughs ):
You have no idea.
( laughs ):
Yeah, I do.
My dad, he's all...
dead set on me starting college
next week.
But, I don't know, I want
to take a year off and travel.
I've never been
out of Florida.
So we've been arguing about it
all summer.
And he'll probably
win the argument.
He always does.
Theyjust don't
get it, do they?
Sometimes you have
to leave home
to figure out
whatyou want.
You know, you're not like
most girls around here.
( quiet, anxious squeak )
They're so cute together.
Claire, how romantic is that?
( Claire laughs )
This is nice.
The sun is setting!
Yeah, I know.
We timed it prettywell,
didn't we?
- I have to get back!
- What? okay.
okay. All right.
- okay, all right...
- oh, no!
We're going
the wrong way!
We're heading
back out to sea!
There we go,
we're turning around.
Yeah, we're turning around,
everything's okay...
Hailey! Claire!
- Sunset!
- oh, no!
She's gonna pop a tail!
- Hailey! Claire!
-Just add moonlight orwater!
I have to get back!
Hey, hey...
Here, let's talk about
something to, um,
distractyou, okay?
Like, um... what areyou doing
tomorrow night?
You've probably heard
about the Last Splash?
- We're coming, Aqua!
- Paddle!
It's a...
a party type thing.
Wow, you're really
in a hurry.
It's notyour fault.
I just...
I have to be somewhere.
Hey, you've got
to help our friend!
She's really sick.
She's got...
- Hydrophobia! Yeah.
- hypertension!
- Yeah.
- Yeah. okay.
Come on, please.
This is serious.
( quietly):
oh, no!
( dolphin squeaks )
Come on, you're almost there.
You're almost there.
Pardon me. Excuse me.
- Sorry. Pardon me.
- ow!
Let's go, let's go!
Keep going!
Don't stop!
Bikes around the corner!
- I'm sorry!
- Let's go!
It was so much fun.
CLAI RE: Aqua, go, go!
We gotta get you back!
I'll be right back.
Hey, Ray.
That was too close.
I need some water
to spend the night in.
How about the ocean?
No. No ocean-
my fatherwould just
manipulate the currents
and pull me back home.
I know a place.
Holy mackerel!
( chuckles ):
Come on.
( dolphin squeaks )
Come on, let's go.
- Claire, you doing this?
- Uh-uh.
Aren't you coming?
I-I don't do water.
on the ground or in the air.
Raymond was about
to kiss you
with his actual lips!
( grunts )
Stupid sun!
Did Ray say anything?
He asked ifl heard
of Last Splash.
- What?!.
- What?!.
Exactlywhat did he say?
I can't remember.
So was it "Areyou going?"
or "Will you go with me?"
- Is there a difference?
- Huge.
- Major.
- okay,
well, it started with...
"What areyou doing
tomorrow night?"
- oh, my God!
- oh, my God, he was totally
asking you out
- on a date!
- He was?
Yes! ( whoops )
( laughter)
Be careful, guys.
- ( loudclang )
- ( screams )
( gasps )
Why won't Claire come with us?
She's not good around water.
- It's kind of a long story.
- Hm.
I wish I could hide out here
with you.
( dolphin squeaking )
( door creaks )
Is this gonna be okay?
Yeah. ( laughs )
( squeaks )
( splashing )
( splashing )
( chuckles )
I almost forgot.
Me, too.
( laughs )
This is nice.
( chuckles ):
Are you gonna be okay in here?
( chuckles ):
Are you gonna be okay out there?
( chuckles )
I'll see you tomorrow...
fish butt!
I heard that!
( laughs )
I never realized how big
this room was.
Without all my
stuff in it.
I want this wish so bad, Claire.
( chuckles )
- Claire?
- Hm?
Doyou think he'll fall
in actual love with her,
in two days?
He has to.
I-It's her last hope.
( gasps )
- What?
- We completely forgot something.
What's Aqua gonna wear
to the Last Splash?
I mean, she can't
keep wearing yourT-shirts.
No offense.
Hey, hey.
We'll take the first bus
into Tampa tomorrow,
and we'll go shopping.
- Wha...? No. We can't!
- No, we have to.
Besides, I have $400 saved up
from working at the aquarium.
Doyou know how much trouble
we'll be in?
Come on, Clairedy cat.
( fast-tempo rock intro )
( Aquamarine gasps )
( echoing ):
( Aquamarine laughs )
Why go through life
( anxious whimper )
( music continues )
( camera shutter clicks )
( laughs )
( gasps )
- Aqua!
- This store is hideous!
This store is
for old people!
- Yeah.
- No, no.
( shutter clicks )
This store is
kind of lame.
- It's all used stuff.
- oh, come on, you guys.
It's so different
from anything else
we saw at the mall.
Come on,just give it a chance.
( laughing )
Hey, you guys.
Hm, hm, hm?
It's old-fashioned,
but I think it works.
I don't know.
I love vintage.
( laughs ):
Look at these sleeves!
( laughter)
( gasps, screams )
ow, ow...
( laughing,
conversing indistinctly )
okay, we've got three
hours till Last Splash,
so, uh, a quick review?
Dresses: check.
Blue highlights:
big check.
Are we missing
( gasps ):
Wait. I don't have earrings!
How could I not
have earrings?
I have earrings.
Don't worry.
( Aquamarine whimpers )
Hm. Pretty.
And... pointy?
( laughs ): What am I
supposed to do with this?
Like, stick it through my skin?
( Haileylaughs )
That's what you do.
You're so primitive.
I wear stick-ons.
You mean, clip-ons?
You'll love these.
They're my favorite
aquatic accessory.
You see that buoy
out there?
I need you to swim out there
and find me a couple
of starfish about...
mmm, this big.
Live starfish?
That's whatyou wear
for earrings?
They compliment me.
Seriously, Aqua,
I've got some earrings
that'll complement
you just fine.
No. I mean, they literally
give me compliments.
- In my ear. They talk to me.
- Huh? Huh?
Starfish are notorious suck-ups.
They love
to give compliments.
But it's nice
when you need a little boost.
- ( buoybell clangs )
- okay, guys,
Iet's go.
Hailey, I can't.
You've got to do this.
Do you see how far
that buoy is? No.
Don't worry about it.
I'll get you a ride.
( whistles )
- ( bell clanging )
- ( continues whistling )
( muffled whistling )
No way!
( Hailey laughs )
- Hi!
- ( dolphins chattering )
Hi, guys!
Watch the legs, guys!
( laughing )
- Claire, look at that!
- Hi!
- Hi.
- oh, my goodness.
Claire, you have to do this
with me.
( squeaky chattering )
You go.
Have fun.
okay. All right.
( squeaky chattering )
Are you sure?
Yeah. ( laughs )
( laughs )
( shudders ):
( laughs )
( Hailey gasps, yells )
Claire! Look at me!
Whoo-hoo! Way to go, Hail!
( laughing, gasping )
Hi, guys!
Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo!
( exhales ):
Don't you just...
Iove love?
It's just...
you're so sure
Well, I've only seen love
up close once,
but ifyou'd seen it
the way I did,
you'd feel the same way.
Why? What was it like?
It was years ago.
Not too far from here,
We were migrating
through the bay,
just like we always do
this time ofyear, and...
I saw this couple out sailing
on their little blue boat,
and thewaythey looked
at each other,
it was a look I'd never seen
anywhere else in the seven seas.
I've wanted someone to look
at me that way ever since.
I looked for them everyyear,
but I never saw them again.
Was there a name...
on the boat?
Mm, I don't remember, Claire.
oh, the Claire de Lune.
That's my parents.
Claire, they really loved
each other.
I don't think
theywould've wanted you
to be afraid oflife.
I think theywould've wanted
you to be friends with it.
( voice breaking ):
( Haileyshouting )
Whoo! Hailey!
( sighs )
It was the most
incredible thing ever.
It was something I wish
I could've done with you.
Aqua! Aqua!
- Thereyou go.
- STARFISH: oh, Aqua!
And foryou.
Aquamarine is so lovely.
oh, stop...
She makes us so lovely
just being near
such loveliness.
- ( gentle suctioning )
- And she's smart.
Smart, yes, like tuna!
Like tuna.
We love
being near Aqua.
Aqua, Aqua, Aqua!
( giggling )
Lookwho it is.
Wow, the blue hair's
You guys look like
the grandma brigade.
What's next,
dentures or Depends?
What's next is I'm going
with Raymond to the Last Splash.
I've got some advice.
You need to separate
fantasy from reality.
Ray's going to the Last
Splash with Cecilia.
She asked him last night
at the street fair.
I'd love to stay and chat,
but we're late
for Cecilia's pre-party.
I've got some advice
foryou two.
( shrieking )
( laughing )
( gasping )
Put on a dry shirt.
- That was totally amazing!
- That was crazy!
It's Ray.
I can't believe
I was so stupid!
Whywould he choose
her over me?
You're supposed to know him.
He obviously doesn't
like me at all!
That's not possible.
I never should've trusted you
in the first place.
Aqua, he's intoyou!
This doesn't
make sense!
Bull shark!
Forget it. I'm going home.
Aqua, no! Wait!
this is totally,
eternally over.
I'm moving.
( sighs )
I'm going to be
the new girl again.
You know what? No.
No, we're going to split up.
You're going to go
stop Aqua, and...
and I'm going to go
find Raymond, okay?
Meet me back at the club
as soon as possible.
( waves gurgling )
Aqua, don't do it!
Don't do it!
Aqua, you can't do this!
Why not? I'm never going
to see him again.
And you know what?
He doesn't care.
I'm just going
to go home.
This was all
for nothing.
It was not for nothing;
it was for love.
You know what I
think oflove?
Love stinks.
No wonderwe don't
have it back home.
Please don't give upyet.
Why, because
Let me tell you something.
My dad said he loved me.
He said he loved my mother,
and then he left us.
He left us
for some otherwoman...
but I guess
that's just the way it is
and love doesn't always work.
I don't understand.
That's life.
That's how it is here.
But when you find love,
I guess it's
really beautiful,
or at least that's what
I've read in magazines.
And I don't know
as much about it as I say I do,
but I know that there's a reason
why everybodywants it so much.
And what's that?
It's the closest thing
we have to magic.
Don't give upyet.
oh, my God!
What's happening to me?
I'm leaking!
( laughing ):
Aqua, you're crying.
I'm leaking saltwater.
I'm falling apart.
No, they're tears.
Your body makes them
when you cry.
I guess you wouldn't
have them, living underwater.
This is crazy.
going to tell me
water shoots out ofyour
nose when you're happy.
( laughing )
only occasionally.
( chatting indistinctly )
( bike bell rings )
Nice bike.
( girls snickering )
Still has tassels.
Time for a swim!
( squealing )
Excuse me.
How could you do this to Aqua?
Uh, do what?
Take Cecilia
to the Last Splash
afteryou already asked
Yeah, well,
that was before I found out
that she has a boyfriend.
A boyfriend?
Yeah. The one
she practicallyjumped
overboard for
to watch the sunset?
Aqua doesn't have a boyfriend.
Who told you that?
- Vince!
- Huh?
- The little girl wants to go in.
- I want to go in where?
( sing-songy):
Into the pool!
( screaming ):
No! Put me down!
No! No! No! No!
Hey, hey, hey, Vince,
don't, man, don't! Stop!
- ( screaming )
- Hey, put her down. Come on.
okay, okay. Whoo!
Geez, relax.
What's the big drama?
Pfft! Whatever.
( sniffles )
( sobbing )
God, take a joke.
"Take a joke"?
Wha-What's the matter with you?
She's scared.
She was trying
to get attention. Hello!
No, that's yourjob,
isn't it, Cecilia?
Raymond, I was kidding.
Joke? Hello!
( sniffling )
Claire, Claire, hold on.
Hey, you okay?
Look, um, doyou know
where I can find Aqua?
I really need
to talk to her.
Yeah? Is that a nod?
I know I see a nod.
D.J. ( overradio ):
This next one's
for the brokenhearted out there.
( woman singing ballad)
( Aquamarine moaning )
Who needs Raymond?
I found two new men
to love.
Their names are Ben and Jerry.
( Haileylaughing )
( sighs )
Who needs Raymond?
I need some salt.
You know, I-I don't know
what Cecilia was
talking about.
( sighs )
I, uh, think they're
in here in my room.
( gasps )
- ( splashing )
- Aqua's right around here...
oh, God!
( clears throat )
Uh, um, sorry. I'm sorry.
How's it going?
Bad. No, good. Fine.
( clears throat )
Why don't you wait
on the balcony,
- Yeah.
- and we'll be out in a sec.
( mouthing )
( laughing )
What was he
doing here?!.
Cecilia told him
Aqua had a boyfriend.
( gasps, then scoffs )
That... that barnacle!
But Raymond wants
to talk to you.
- oh, my God! oh, my God!
- Yes! Yes!
oh, my God!
( giggling )
- Hey.
- Hey.
( indistinct conversation )
- Hey, you know what?
- And then the fish attacked me.
- It attacked you? Really?
- Yeah.
- Kind of like a penguin, like...
- RAY: Later, guys.
- oh, hey.
- Thanks for coming.
( sighs )
- ( sighs )
- ( laughs )
( shudders )
Guess who's got a date
to The Last Splash.
- ( gasping )
- ( squealing ): Me!
( laughter, shouting )
( laughing )
( whooping )
( chuckles )
( upbeat music playing )
Gently catch it.
I fyou break your balloon,
you're out.
okay, now toss it back.
Remember to keep
stepping back as you go.
Come on, people!
You can win a date with me!
oh, good throw, man.
You ready for the heater?
- Whoa! okay.
- ( laughing )
Careful. Heavy-handed.
You go under,
not over.
You don't want
to drop it.
okay, take
a step back.
( conversations fade,
music continues )
( crowd gasping )
( laughing )
Ray, you're out.
Come on,
offyou go.
( laughing )
oh, I think I feel seasick.
You know?
But in a good way.
J ust be yourself.
Minus the tail.
Wow, you look pretty.
So do you.
( chuckles ):
So what do you say
we grab something to eat?
Yes. I'm good at that.
( chuckles ):
( gasps ):
Here they come.
- Hey.
- Hi, guys.
( giggling excitedly )
( crowd whooping, laughing )
What can I get you?
( giggling )
They're there.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Um... is that good?
Yes. It's very calming.
okay, I'll try some.
No, no...
Eh, that's good.
( exhales deeply)
( sniffs )
To... things.
( gasping )
( coughs )
( coughing )
Guess it's
an acquired taste, huh?
( coughs )
HAI LEY: Looks like they're
having a genius time.
You look really
pretty, honey.
I see you and Claire
have made
a new friend.
Yeah, how 'bout that?
Another person
I get to say good-bye to.
Ginny! oh, Ginny.
I just read about you
in the Tribune.
You didn't tell me
you were one of, what?
What an honor.
I've been trying to land
a grant like this
for ten years.
I just hope we can
do some good with it.
only the fish will
know for sure.
Aren'tyou happy
foryour mom?
oh, come on.
Don't worry,
You know how
kids are.
So, ifyou could travel
anywhere in the world,
where would you go?
oh, that's easy.
I would go to Fiji.
I hear it's amazing.
It is.
It's unbelievable.
You've been there?
Well, I've been
to lots of places.
But I've learned it's not where
you are, it's whoyou're with.
You always
so sure of everything?
More people should be like that.
Well, some of us are only human.
( chuckles )
( feedback buzzes )
( crowdcheering )
Hey. How you doing?
Wow, thanks.
( indistinct whispering )
- Please.
- Ah...
Yeah, sure, we can do that.
I love that song.
Hi, everyone.
We'd like to start things off
with a special request.
( guitarintro )
( singing )
oh, I love this song.
You want to dance?
I want to, but...
I don't know how.
What? No, it's easy.
I'll show you. Come on.
Come on.
You can't be worse than me.
( singing continues )
I told you I was bad.
No, you're great, you're great.
It's okay.
Um... here.
You ever spend
any time in the water?
Some. You know.
Right. okay.
So, you just kind of
let the music carryyou.
You know,
just like a wave would.
Wavy, yeah.
There you go.
Yeah, thereyou go. Nice.
I'll be right back.
Back off- don't make
a bigger fool ofyourself
than you already have.
Walk away.
- Bye.
- Walk away.
Good job.
He's so into her.
He likes her.
- ( songstops )
- ( cheering )
Capri Beach Club.
Sunset. Come on.
( laughter)
I think I like
dancing with you
better than anything
I've ever done on feet.
Say good-bye.
It's time to go.
Uh-oh. I have to go.
Wh-What? Again?
Come on, at least
stay for the fireworks.
- Come on.
- There's gonna be fireworks?
I can't.
I wish I could, I really do.
Butyou leave
I want to spend
more time with you.
What can I say to makeyou stay?
You can tell me...
- What? Tell you what?
- Aqua, we have to go right now.
Come on.
Tomorrowyou can tell me.
Come to the pier at 9:00.
To tell you what?
You can tell me
how that makes you feel.
- Come on!
- Come on!
( giggling, laughing )
( chuckles )
( indistinct conversation )
( laughing )
Come on, Hails.
( engine starts )
( light, upbeat theme playing )
( laughing )
you I ittle freaks.
What are you doing here?
Cecilia, I want to go
back to the party.
They're handing out
( crowd cheering )
( man singing )
( laughing )
( giggling )
She lives
in a water tower.
Freak city.
This is so lame.
And who cares?
I'm tired of sitting
here staring at it.
Yeah, Cecilia, we already
missed the fireworks,
and now we're missing the party.
Um, Patty, could you
put away the negativity,
sort oflikeyou put away
all those corn dogs
at the street fair?
I'm going up.
If anyone comes...
But I only...
I only had two.
( panting )
( wrychuckle )
Who needs this?
( laughing )
Here we go.
( engine starts )
- ( giggling )
- Shh!
( laughing )
What are you up to, huh?
( humming )
( giggling )
( humming )
( singing )
Is someone there?
( gasps )
( gasps )
( gasping )
( locks )
oh, my God. oh, my God.
Wait! Cecilia.
( panting ):
okay, okay...
( loud clang )
( screams )
( shuddering )
Nice... and... slow.
( panting )
She's a... She's a...
She's a, she's a,
she's a... a... a...
You want something done,
you have to do it your...
( grunting )
( panting )
( grunting )
( screeching )
( grunting )
( music playing )
oh, I need
to see your hand stamp.
Uh, can I see
your hand stamp, please?
This is my hand stamp.
- Mm...
- ( giggling )
- You know who I am.
- Sorry, Cecilia.
Has grilling burgers
fried your brain,
or doyou grill burgers all day
becauseyou have no brain?
Excuse me.
- Girls!
- Cecilia.
She's a mermaid.
She has, she has scales
and everything.
She has a big, fat tail.
That's why she lives
in thewatertower.
Whoa. You need
to slow way down.
What areyou
talking about?
You're sounding
a little crazy, Cecilia.
No, no, no, no.
No, I'm not crazy.
No, I saw it with my own eyes.
- You're freaking us out.
- There's no mermaid.
Why areyou looking
at me like that
when there's a mermaid
in a water tower, you guys?
There's no mermaid.
oh, okay. Fine.
And by the way, why'd you
guys leave me there, huh?
Do you have any idea
how far I had to walk?!.
- ( giggling )
- Huh?
- She's crazy.
- Why is that funny?
( giggling )
GI RL ( laughing ):
A mermaid.
( chainjingling )
( sighs )
( quiet, gentle theme plays )
GI N NY: 40 boxes,
was that it?
- MAN: No, it's 55.
- GI N NY: Fifty-five.
MAN: And the window's going
to have to be dismantled...
Bye, Mom.
Hey, be back soon,
Daddy! Daddy!
Daddy, it's so horrible.
I went on my run
this morning,
down by the water tower,
and, and I heard this
crying and...
this poor girl,
I think she's
trapped up there.
Did you call the police?
Uh, I wanted
to tell you first.
( phone keypadbeeping )
- ( knocking )
- Come in.
- ( knocking )
- Come in.
Will you take care
of Moby for me?
You won't have to go tomorrow.
Believe me.
So, I was thinking,
we should meet at the pier
at around 8:455.
- Areyou listening to me?
- Mm-hmm.
Maybe we should think
about thewish.
What doyou mean?
We know what
we're doing
with ourwish.
You're staying in Baybridge.
Right, but I was thinking
about it all last night,
um, my mom has worked
all her life forthis.
Maybe it's not fair.
We asked for a miracle, Hailey,
and we got it.
We're using it.
Maybe we could wish
for something else, maybe.
Something else?
Like what?
Like a new best friend?
A new person
to tell everything to?
Claire, no, stop it.
How can you even think that way?
I'm just saying,
maybe we'll learn
to stand on our own
for a change, you know?
- You mean me, don'tyou?
- I mean I'm notyour mom.
You act like I need you
all the time when...
the truth is,
you're so mad at the world
that nobody but me even
wants to talk toyou.
Soyou're the one who's
lived hereyourwhole life?
How doyou figure
that I'm your only friend?
( sniffling )
...WQDA, the coast's
breaking news channel.
A report just in
ofa young girl trapped
- in the Baybridge water tower.
- ( shrieks )
We're going live to Storm Banks,
our man on the scene.
This is Storm Banks reporting
live from Baybridge water tower,
where an unidentified girl
has been trapped.
are racing against time
- to rescue this girl...
- Hailey, wait!
...from a watery grave.
Hailey, wait!
( sighs )
So how did you
come across this?
I was just out
for my morning run,
and all of a sudden
I heard this horrible screaming.
I didn't know what to do,
and, I mean,
I did the first thing
that came to my mind,
which was go
to inform the newscast,
and, um, you know,
we can only hope
- that we find her.
- The ladder's gone.
- oh, no.
- I just did
what any good citizen
would have done.
And we can only hope that
they'll pull her out in time,
so she can be reunited
with her friends and loved ones.
he's got something!
- ( gasps )
- okay, guys. Showtime.
( indistinct radio
transmission )
okay, are you getting this?
- ( squeaking )
- We got a floater.
( crowd laughing )
No, no, that's not possible.
No, she's up there.
Yeah, okay,
No, she's up there.
They know
what's going on.
They know exactly
what's going on.
Tell them. Tell them
how she's up there.
She's probably still
hiding under the water.
Go to commercial.
You know why?
Because she is a mermaid.
- ( laughing )
- Go to commercial.
- ( laughing )
- Go to commercial now.
Fins and everything.
You've got to be
kidding me.
Give meyour keys.
No, Dad.
- Cecilia...
- No.
No, no, no, no, no.
- ooh.
- Give me
your car keys... now!
( stifledsnickering )
( whimpering )
And while you're walking
to school every day,
you can try and
figure out why it is
you need so much attention.
( gasps )
Where could she be?
I don't know. Let's go.
It's a wrap.
on my career.
( laughing )
But, Daddy, my car!
Save it, Cecilia.
You know why?
Because she is a mermaid.
Go to commercial.
( Aquamarine and Leonard
laughing )
There's not usually a man with
a ladder around when you need him.
I can't thankyou enough.
I guess I could say
the same to you.
You're probably
the first person
who's talked to me all summer.
At least nicely.
I appreciate that.
You're a long way from home,
oh, thankyou!
( woman humming )
You know,
when you help
a mermaid,
you get a wish.
( cawing )
It's almost 9:30
and she's not here-
where else could she be?
Don't say it like
it's my fault.
- Shh! There's Ray.
- Yeah, I can see that. Thanks.
What is your problem?
I'm not giving up
this wish, Hailey.
She's here.
- ( whimpers )
- Hey!
- Hi.
- Hi.
I, um...
I thought aboutyou all night.
( laughing ):
So... what was it thatyou, um,
wanted to tell me?
or ask me?
I wasn't sure.
okay, here it goes.
The last couple of
days have been...
- amazing...
- Yeah, but wait...
Before we get
to that, uh,
could you maybe give me,
like, a 20-minute warning,
you know, before the part
whereyou run away.
( chuckling )
Don't worry, I don't
have to leave yet.
Cool, because
I was thinking, um,
maybe we could go
kite surfing.
Like, there's this really,
really awesome place
right down the shore-
okay, the waves are small...
Uh, wait. sprays up into the air
and you can, like,
always see a rainbow there.
We're losing them.
I think she's about to ask him.
- I can't hear.
- Shh!
Come on. Let's go up top.
I mean, that's...
ifyou want to do that.
- I want to. Yeah.
- Yeah?
Cool, 'cause then, afterwards,
um, I know this great little...
Uh, actually, it's a total dive,
but they have
the best hot dogs ever.
- Raymond...
- Yeah?
I have to askyou something.
oh, right,
right, yeah.
okay, shoot.
I came here
looking for something...
I wasn't even sure existed.
then I metyou,
and now I have to askyou.
Ask me.
- Try the binoculars.
- Don'tyell at me.
Doyou love me?
I mean... we've had one date.
What's going on?
But don't get me wrong,
don't get me wrong.
I like you.
I really, really likeyou.
Wait, I think he's, I think
he's reaching out for her.
That's a good sign. Look.
I mean, I think
you're smart and beautiful,
and different than
anyone I've ever met before,
and I'd like to see
a lot more ofyou.
But... you don't love me.
She's pulling away.
- Let me see what's going on.
- Wait, no.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Wait, wait, wait.
Hey... areyou crying?
Yes. Apparently,
it's something I do.
I don't understand.
I mean, why do I have
to be in love with you today?
Why can't we just...
Why can't we just...
- work ourway there?
- ( footsteps approaching )
I have a better idea.
Why doesn't she just go back
to where she came from?
( gasping )
- oh, no!
- No!
What the hell's
the matterwith you?
( gasps )
oh, my God.
Raymond! Raymond!
Just stay calm!
Don't fight the current.
I'll be
right there!
He still chooses her over me?
She's a fish!
( shrieks )
Aqua! Aqua!
We're coming!
Her dad's
pulling her back.
I'm going to get my rescue board!
We can't just let her go.
I'm going in.
Not without me, you're not.
( gasping, coughing )
- Claire, come on.
- Hailey!
Grab the buoy!
We'll meetyou there.
- ( coughing )
- I'm right here.
- I won't leave you.
- Hailey, I can't!
Keepyour eye on the buoy!
( grunting )
( coughing )
I'm coming.
Grab my hand.
You can do it.
I can't believe
you two.
It's not safe
out here.
The storm's
too strong.
Why is your dad
pulling you back now?
He can't just
takeyou away.
Yes, he can.
That was our deal.
Take ourwish...
- ( gasps )
- and you can stay here.
I can't.
Yeah, take it.
And you can call off
But there's no wish.
- HAI LEY: What?!.
- Raymond doesn't love me.
My fatherwas right.
I couldn't prove love exists.
I'm so sorry.
- Can't we do something?!.
- Yeah, anything!
What more could you do for me?
You jumped
in the water to save me.
And nowyou'd
give meyourwish?
Whywould you do that for me?
I... I don't know.
I guess it's what
I would do for her, and...
I know she'd
do it for me,
and just...
because we loveyou, Aqua.
You do?
I didn't knowyou leak
when you're happy, too.
Your dad's
letting you go.
Because ofyou.
Don'tyou see?
You just proved to him
that love exists.
( laughing )
( laughing )
I guess you get
a wish after all.
Any requests?
( chuckles )
Can we wish foryou
to stay here forever?
I'm a mermaid, Claire.
I have a family
out there that needs me.
As much as
I want to stay,
I belong in the ocean...
most ofthe time.
Saveyourwish, okay?
I promise
I'll come back to visit.
And ifl have to swim
against the GulfStream,
from here to Australia,
I'll do it.
I'd circle
theworld foryou two.
( quiet, gentle themeplaying )
So I guess this is it, right?
Someone's got to go back and
return all those wedding gifts.
We're gonna miss you, Aqua.
You can always
call me on my shell.
( laughing )
I wantyou guys to have these.
Starfish may be
big suck-ups...
...but they never lie.
I love you guys, too.
Aqua! Aqua!
( gasps )
( squeals )
- oh, my God.
- Keep in touch, fish-butt.
We want a full report.
I'll see you soon!
- Race you to the pier.
- No, wait.
Let's just float a while.
I want to enjoy this.
Has this been the best summer
ever orwhat?
Just wait till next summer
when you guys come
to Australia and visit me.
I don't ifl can swing that
with my allowance.
Uh, Claire-
we still have ourwish.
oh, my God.
- You knowwhat, Hailey?
- Huh?
It's good to have
friends with fins.
- ( laughing )
- Hey!
( both laughing )
Wait up!
Wow. Wow, I ca... I ca...
I can't believe it.
Um, they didn't
exactly cover this
in lifeguard training.
I know.
I should have
told you.
I hopeyou're
not... mad.
No. No, I'm not...
I'm not mad.
S-Surprised, definitely,
and confused
about a couple ofthings-
Iike... for one,
the fact thatyou have a tail.
Yeah, I do.
A very nice one,
by the way.
( squeals )
I know.
Are you... planning
to surface any-anytime soon?
That sounds...
I don't know
what I'm talking about.
( clears throat )
I'm not sure
how to ask a mermaid out...
but I'd like
to seeyou again-
I mean, ifthat's...
or-or even possible.
Well, I have to swim
back for a bit...
clear the water
with my dad.
Would you mind waiting
a little while?
Maybeyou could meet me
in Fiji sometime.
( buoybellrings )
- Leonard?
- Leonard?
Good day, ladies.
Hey, girls.
oh, that's
really sweet.
I'm really happy
for them.
Hailey! Claire!
- Hi.
- Hi.
Look, I just...
had to tell
you guys thanks.
You're both, um...
you're both
pretty extraordinary.
I don't even know
ifl could have done
whatyou did.
( gasps )
( quietsqueal)
( gasps )
( quiet squeak )
See you.
( sighs )
( screaming )
( laughing )
oh, my goodness!
I'll see you soon?
I'm going to miss you so much.
I know.
I'm going to miss you, too.
Hailey's so beautiful,
inside and out.
She's the best friend
you could everhave.
Claire is so courageous.
Claire has a true heart.
She understands...
-...a true friend...
- She will never letyou down.
She glows from the inside.
( squealing laughter )
( light, gentle theme plays )
( theme ends )
( upbeat pop intro begins )
( girl singing )
( song ends )
( upbeat rock intro begins )
( woman singing )
( song ends )
( medium-tempo rock intro
begins )
( woman singing )
( song fades, ends )