[incomplete & too less]

(At Pickles' diner, Pickles skates out of the front door, wiping and setting tables)

Pickles:Let's put a spin on it, Hotdog. The customers will be here any minute and we wanna be ready. Keep your coming. Nice job Hot Dog! Now alll we need is Crumbs to deliver dessert I wonder what's keeping her. Meanwhile  let's start making pickle burger patties to beat the lunchtime rush (Puts the jar of pickles and the bowl on the counter.) I'll just chop up these pickles.

​Hot Dog:(uses wheel to chop up the pickle)

​Pickles: (doorbell rings) Oh good! Crumbs is here with the.. Oh hi Rosy! I thought you were Crumbs you haven't seen her anywhere have you?

​Rosy: That's why i'm here. Crumbs twisted her wrist and couldn't bake anything today.

​Pickles: Oh no! Is she going to be okay?

Rosy: Don't worry. I'm taking good care of her and she'll be good as new, but she asked me to give you this.

​Pickles: It's Crumbs' apple pie recipe.

​Rosy: Crumbs was hoping you could bake it yourself just for today.