Steve: Hi, out there! It's me, Steve! Have you seen Blue, my puppy?

Kids: There she is!

[Blue comes out of her hiding spot and barks happily]

Steve: Come on in!

[Blue throws the ball over to Mailbox before throwing it back at her, Blue barks before running through the doggy door]

(Steve opens the door)

Steve: Oh, hi! Come on in. I’m so glad you’re here. Blue and I discovered something amazing, with our (brings up a stethoscope) stethoscope. Come on. 

(Steve the stethoscope in his ears and then he goes over to Blue who is sitting on the right arm of the Thinking Chair)

Steve: Here. (takes the stethoscope out of his ears) Put these in your ears. 

(Steve puts the stethoscope in the viewers ears)

Steve: Now, listen. 

(Steve holds the other end of the stethoscope up to Blue’s chest and we hear her heart beating)

Steve: Is it working?

Kid: Yes!

Steve: Well, what do you hear?

Kid: Blue’s heart. 

Steve: Yeah. Yeah, that’s the sound of Blue’s heart. 

(Blue imitates her heart beating)

Steve: Lub-Dub, Lub-Dub, Lub-Dub, Lub-Dub. (chuckles) Cool. (takes end off of Blue’s chest) Hey, let’s go see if there’s something else we can discover. Ooh. (he takes the stethoscope out of the viewers ears) Thanks. 

(Steve puts the stethoscope around his neck and then Blue hops off the Thinking Chair and barks excitedly)

Steve: Blue, did you discover something?

Blue: Yes. 

Steve: Well, what is it?

(Blue leaves paw print on the left side of the screen)

Steve: (comes up to the screen) You want us to play Blue’s Clues to figure out what you discovered. What a great idea. 

   We are gonna play Blue’s Clues

   Cause it’s really fun, Yeah!

Steve: So remember, Blue’s paw prints will on the clues: Blue’s Clues. Hey, what part of Blue’s body does she use to make the paw print? Her paw! Yeah, right! And she also uses her paws to walk, and run, and (pops) leave clues, and even dance. 

(Steve begins dancing and then the paw print dances away)

Steve: Okay then. To play Blue's Clues, we need our handy-dandy…

Kid: Notebook!

Steve: Notebook, right. Come on.

(Steve goes to Side Table Drawer)

Side Table: Hi, Steve. What’s that?

Steve: Oh, this. This is a stethoscope. For listening to your heart. 

Side Table: Oh.

Steve: Hey, Side Table Drawer, will you do us a really big favor? Will you hold on to our stethoscope for us?

Side Table: Yes. (opens drawer) I’ll take good care of it. (Steve puts the stethoscope in the drawer) Here’s your notebook. 

(Steve gets his notebook out)

Steve: Thank you, Side Table Drawer. 

Side Table: You’re welcome. 

(music begins)

Steve: To play Blue's Clues, we got to find a...

Kids: Paw print!

Steve: Oh, a paw print, right. And that's our first...

Kids: Clue!

Steve: A clue?

Kids: A clue!

Steve: Then we put it in our...

Kids: Notebook!


   Cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues

   We got to find another paw print,

   That's the second clue

   We put it in our notebook,

   Cause they're whose clues? 

   Blue's Clues!

   We got to find the last paw print,

   That's the third clue

   We put it in our notebook

   Cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues

   You know what to do

   Sit down in our Thinking Chair

   And think, think, think

   Cause when we use our minds,

   And take a step at a time

   We can do anything...

Blue: Ba-bow!

Steve: That we want to do! (does jazz hands) You know, I can tell I’m really gonna need your help today, trying to figure out what Blue discovered. You will help me, right? You will? Great! Come on. 

(Steve heads to the Thinking Chair and then Blue comes in and runs around Steve causing him to spin. Then after Blue leaves, Steve stops and puts his hands on his chest and discovered something)

Steve: Hey. I just discovered something else. You gotta try this with me. Move around really fast. 

(Steve does jumping jacks, runs in place and grooves around really fast and then stops)

Steve: Okay. All right now put your hand on your chest, like this. Can you feel that? Can you feel your heart beating? Yeah, me too! My heart’s beating kind of fast. (rapidly) Lub-Dub, Lub-Dub, Lub-Dub, Lub-Dub, Lub-Dub. (laughs) So, I guess when you move, it makes your heart beat faster. Wow. I gotta tell Blue. Hey, Blue!

(Blue comes in from the left and then leaves)

Steve: Did you see which way Blue went?

Kid: That way! 

Steve: This way. Great. Thanks. 

(Steve starts looking for clues)


   Our hearts are beating for Blue's Clues

   Lub-Dub, Lub-Dub

   Hearts are beating for...

   Kid: A clue, a clue!

(Steve gets up from the thinking chair, and looks at a picture on the cork board of a toothbrush and mouth)

Steve: Oh, right. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. 

Kid: A clue, a clue, a clue!

Steve: Yeah, don’t let me forget. 

(Steve turns toward the cork board again and he sees the first clue)

Steve: Oh. You see a clue! Ha! I get it now. 

(Steve goes up to the cork board to see the clue on a mouth)

Steve: Right here. Our first clue is this, this, what is this?

Kid: A mouth. 

Steve: A mouth, right. You know what we need, our handy-dandy…

Kid: Notebook!

Steve: Notebook. (he gets ready to a mouth in his notebook)

Steve drawing: To draw a mouth we make a curvy line up and down, and then around here, and another line here. There. 

Steve: A mouth. Hmm. Well, what do you think Blue discovered with a mouth? Do you know? Maybe. But, I think we better find two more Blue’s Clues to figure this out. Come on. 

(Steve goes over to the computer)

Cursor: Steve! Steve!

Steve: Where’s that voice coming from?

Kid: Over there! On the computer. 

(Steve turns at the computer and sees who’s calling him, then he sits on the computer stool to see her)

Steve: Hello, there. What’s your name?

Cursor: Hi! I’m Cursor. Look what I found on the computer. It’s all about the body. (Cursor clicks on the head and it zooms in on it) Look at that. Hey, what’s this part right here. (she clicks on the part under the nose and it zooms in) Do you know, Skye?

Steve: Why that’s the--

Computer voice: This is the mouth. If you look closely, you can see the taste buds. Taste buds help you taste food. 

Cursor: Where? Steve, I can’t find the taste buds. 

Steve: Do you see the taste buds? Where are they?

Kid: Right there!

(Cursor clicks on the little bumps on the tongue)

Cursor: Here? Let’s see. 

(a lemon on the computer squeezes some lemon juice on the tongue causing the bumps to turn red, then the mouth sucks in the tongue after tasting the lemon juice and then it sticks it out again. Steve sticks his tongue out too)

Steve: (with tongue out) Oh, yeah. (with tongue in) Those small bumps on the tongue must be the taste buds. And right now they’re tasting some sour lemon juice. (sucks mouth in, and pops it out)

Cursor: Let’s look at another part of the body. (she clicks the return button) Come on. (she clicks on the right ear)

Computer voice: This is the inside of the ear. If you look closely you can see the eardrum. A very thin piece of skin that vibrates and shakes when a sound comes into the ear. 

Cursor: Eardrum? I don’t see it. 

Steve: Wow. Can you help us find the eardrum? Where is it?

Kid: Right there!

Cursor: (points at the eardrum) Here? Let’s see. 

(she clicks on the eardrum, and a sound comes into the ear making the eardrum vibrate)

Steve: Oh, yeah! That must be the eardrum. That sound made it up vibrate and shake. 

Cursor: I want to see something different. (clicks on the return button) Let’s go here now. (she clicks on the left eye)

Steve: You ever get the feeling you were being watched?

Computer voice: This is the eye. A closer look will reveal the pupil. In the light the pupil gets very small, but in the dark the pupil gets big. 

Cursor: The pupil? I don’t see it, Steve. 

Steve: Hmm. Do you see the pupil? Where is it?

Kid: Right there! 

(Cursor points to the spot in the middle of the eye)

Cursor: Here in the middle? Let’s see. 

(she clicks on it. A light turns on over the eye and makes the pupil get smaller, then when the light turns off the pupil gets bigger)

Steve: Whoa, did you see that? That dark spot in the middle got smaller when the light came on, and bigger when the went off. That must be the pupil, I see. Thanks. 

Cursor: You’re welcome. (she clicks the return button)

Steve: Ooh. We still have to figure out what Blue discovered. Come on. 

(Steve leaves and comes into the area of the felt frame and toy chest, and then Blue comes in and runs around Steve and makes him spin again. Then when Blue leaves Steve puts his right hand on his face, then he holds his hand up to his face and breathes out on it)

Steve: Hey, (comes up to the screen) I just discovered something else. Put your in front of your nose and your mouth when you breathe like this. (he holds his hand up and breathes out on it) I can feel the air blowing out when I breathe. (exhales) Can you? Cool. Let’s use our lungs and breathe for Blue’s Clues. 

(Steve goes to the kitchen)


   We are breathing for Blue's Clues

   (Inhales and exhales)

   We are breathing for Blue's Clues

   (Inhales and exhales)

(Steve comes to Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper trying to lift a big bag of sugar)



   Wonder where they are

Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper: (trying to lift bag) Hello, Steve!

Steve: Oh, hi, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper. Let me help you with that. 

Mr. Salt: Whew, thank you, Skye. 

Steve: Can't be too heavy. 

(Steve puts one hand on the top of the bag, and realizes how heavy it is. Then he picks it up with both hands and it was really heavy)

Steve: Ooh! (laughs) (grunting) Oh, dear...

(Steve uses his muscles and puts the bag of sugar on the top shelf in the cabinet)

Mrs. Pepper: Ooh, la, la, Steve, big muscles. 

Steve: Well, you know I have been, (does a muscle) working out.

Mr. Salt: (does muscles) Aha!

Steve: (does muscles) Oh, ho!

Mrs. Pepper: (does muscles) Aha!

Paprika: (does muscles) Aha! (giggles)

Steve: Wow! (to the viewers) Hey, can you do a muscle? Ooh!

Mrs. Pepper: Muscles help you to move different parts of your body. 

(Mr. Salt does muscles, then Steve uses his muscle to wave goodbye to Mrs. Pepper. Then Mrs. Pepper grabs Mr. Salt’s muscle and pulls him with them. Then the second clue comes out hanging under the cabinets and wiggles)

Kid: A clue! A clue!

Steve: Oh, you see a clue? Where?

Kid: Right there!

(Steve sees the clue)

Steve: Oh, I see it! What is this paw print doing? It seems to be making a, wiggling motion. Yeah. So, this wiggle motion must be our second clue. You know where we need to write this wiggle clue, our handy-dandy…

Kid: Notebook!

Steve: Notebook, right. 

(as Steve gets ready to draw the clue, he does another muscle)

Steve drawing: Let’s make a big squiggly line, yeah, with some marks for motion. There, a wiggle motion. 

Steve: So, do you remember what our first clue was? A mouth, right. And now our second clue is, this, wiggle motion. So what do you think Blue discovered with a mouth and a wiggle motion? Do you know? Oh, Yeah. But I think we better find our... third clue. Just to be sure.

Mail Time Men: Mail Time, Mail Time, Mail Time, Mail Time, MAIL TIME!

Steve: The mail's here!

  Here's the mail, it never fails.
  It makes me want to wag my tail,
  When it comes, I want to wail, “Mail!”

(Mailbox comes in and Steve sits in the Thinking Chair)

Mailbox: Mail’s here, mail’s here. Hi, Steve.

(Mailbox is blinking his eyes)

Steve: Mailbox, what are you doing?

Mailbox: Oh, I’m just moistening my eyeballs. Keeping them wet and clean.

Steve: Moistening your eyeballs? But it looks you’re just blinking.

Mailbox: That’s what blinking does. It keeps your eyes wet and clean.

Steve: Really? (he does some blinking too) Even when I blink?

Mailbox: Yup, when everyone blinks. Here’s your letter.

(Mailbox opens and Steve gets his letter)

Steve: Thanks, Mailbox.

Mailbox: You’re welcome, Steve.

(Mailbox leaves)

Steve: We just got a letter.

  We just got a letter
  We just got a letter
  We just got a letter
  Wonder who it's from?

Steve: Look, it’s a letter from our friends.

Children: Hi, Steve.

Girl 1: Today we’re learning about our bones.

Boy 1: This skeleton shows all the bones that we have.

Girl 2: These are hip joints.

Children: These are our hips.

Girl 1: Skull.

(the skull is where the head is)

Girl 2: Rib bones.

Boy 2: These are my ribs.

Girl: If we didn’t have a skeleton, we couldn’t move.

All: Bye, Steve!

Steve: Bye! (puts letter away) Wow, that skeleton was really, boney.

(Blue calls Steve. Then Steve gets up and then Blue skidoos into the frame by the Thinking Chair)

Steve: Whoa! Blue just skidooed, into that…

Kid: Laboratory. 

Steve: Laboratory. Wonder what’s in there. 

   Blue skidoo, we can, too

(Steve skidoos to the laboratory, and when he got there, there was a scientist petting Blue)

Scientist: Hi!

Steve: Hi!

(Steve and Blue follow her)

Scientist: I’m Sarah Scientist. 

Steve: Oh. It’s very nice to meet you. This place is great. 

Sarah Scientist: Come over here. 

(Steve follows Sarah Scientist to one of her machines)

Sarah Scientist: I built a special x-ray machine that shows the inside of the body. Hey, will you help me test my machine?

Steve: Do you wanna help Sarah Scientist test her special x-ray machine? You do? Great. Sure. We can help. 

(The x-ray machine turns on, and Sarah Scientist’s heart appears on the screen)

Sarah Scientist: Do you see anything?

Steve: Oh, yeah! I can definitely see something. But, what part of her is it? Do you know?

Kid: Her heart. 

Steve: Her heart! Hey, we can see your heart. 

Sarah Scientist: Oh, yes, my heart! See what happens when I do this. 

(Sarah Scientist operates the levers on the sides and now the machine is showing her heart pumping blood throughout her body)

Steve: Hey, what’s her heart doing now? Sarah Scientist your heart is pumping blood all through your body. 

Sarah Scientist: That’s what your heart does, Steve. 

Steve: Oh, yeah. Remember, we felt our hearts before? Lub-dub, 

Sarah Scientist: My machine, it’s working! Let’s try it again.

(Sarah Scientist operates the levers and now the machine shows her stomach)

Sarah Scientist: What do you see now?

Steve: Um I Think I’m Gonna Need Your Help Again. 

What Is Sarah Scientist Doing?

Well, It Looks Like Breathing. Yeah.

So, What Part Of Diced Her Body Moves Breaths.

Viewer: Her Lungs.

Steve: Oh, We Can See Your Lungs, Sarah Scientist.

Sarah Scientist: That’s Right. When Your Breath In

And Your Go Lungs In And When Your Breath Out Your Lungs Get Smaller.

That’s What Happens When Your Breathe.

Steve: Wow! Amazing?

Sarah Scientist: It Seems My Special X-Ray Machine

Is Perfectly. Thank You.

Steve: Can I Try It?

Ooh. I Can See Your Bones.

Ooh. I Can See My Muscles.

Blue: Bow. 

Steve: Oh, Heh, Right Blue.

We Still Have To Find Our Last Clue To Figured Out

What Blue Discovered?

Bye Sarah Scientist.

Sarah Scientist: Bye, Steve.

Thank You.

Viewer: A Clue A Clue.

Steve: Yeah! That Is One Big Tooth.

Viewer: No, A Clue.

Steve: I Bet You Need To Big Toothbrush To Help Me Clean That Tooth.

(Pretend Scrubs)

Viewer: No! It’s A Clue.

Steve: Oh. That Tooth Is A Clue.

We Better Put It In Our Handy Dandy…

Viewers: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook. Right. I Hopefully Your Fences Like That.

To Draw A Tooth We Draw That Curves Around Like This

And Another Curvy Line For The Top.

Hey, We Have All 3 Clues. We’re Ready To Sit In Our… 

Viewer: Thinking Chair.

Steve: Thinking Chair. Let’s Go.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow. Bow, Bow, Bow!

Steve: Okay, Now That Our Thinking Chair.

Let’s Think.

You Will Help Me Right?

You Will. Great. 

So We're Trying To Figure Out What Blue Discovered?

And Our Clues Are 

A Mouth, 

A Wiggle Motion,

And A Tooth.

So, What Do You Think Blue Discovered With A Mouth, A Wiggle Motion And A Tooth? 

What Could Wiggle?

Maybe Maybe Something In Your Mouth Could Wiggle?

Viewer: A Tooth!

Steve: Yeah! A Tooth Can Wiggle. 

But What Could We Go In Your Mouth To Could Wiggle.

But, Why Are You Tooth Can Wiggle?

Viewer: It’s Loose. It’s Coming Out.

Steve: Yeah A Loose Tooth 

Blue Must Have Discovered That She Has A Loose Tooth In Her Mouth 

That's Wiggling.

Steve: We just figured out Blue’s Clues!

   We just figured out Blue's Clues

   We just figured out Blue's Clues

   We just figured out Blue's Clues

   Cause we're really smart!

Blue, Did You Discover, You Have A Loose Tooth.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

You Have Your First Loose Tooth.

Blue: (Barks Excitedly)

Steve: Can We See Wiggle?

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: Oh, That Is So Cool! Wiggle It Again.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

Steve: This Is So Exciting. Hey, I Know How Find Out More

About Blue’s Loose Tooth.

Come On.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow! Bow, Bow, Bow!

Cursor: What Are Your Looking Up?

Wanna I Help?

Steve: Look, It’s Cursor. Remember The Tastebuds, And The Eardrum, And The Pupil.

Blue: (Barking Yes)

Steve: Um, We’ve Learned About More Blue’s Loose Tooth.

Cursor: A Loose Tooth? 

Blue: Bow.

Cursor: What A Great Discovery. I Can Help?

Mrs. Pepper: Blue Has A Loose Tooth. We’ve Wanted To See It Too.

Steve: It’s, Mr. Salt, And, Mrs. Pepper, And Paprika. Remember How We Lift That Really Heavy Bag.

Mr. Salt: Look. We’re Getting It’s So Big.

Blue: (Barking Yes)

Sarah Scientist: I Know We’re Learned About Blue’s Loose Teeth.

Steve: It’s, Sarah Scientist. Remember How We Helped Test Her Special X-Ray Machine.

Blue: (Barking Yes)

Sarah Scientist: Okay, Take A Loose And Fall Out.

To Make Her Bigger Stronger Teeth. But Not That Fast.

Steve: Wow. Blue, So That’s What Happened?

Blue: (Barking Yes)

Steve: You’re Tooth, Is Loosed. And Soon It’ll Fall Out.

Because, A Bigger Tooth Is Got Fall Into Place.

Blue: (Barking)

Steve: Come On. Thank You So—.

Blue: Bow! Bow, Bow, Bow! (Barking)

Bow! Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

Steve: Is That Your Loose Tooth?

Blue: (Barking Yes And Then Dancing)

Steve: It Came Out. This Is—.

You Okay?

Blue: Bow. (Barking Yes)

Steve: This Is Great! Hey, Blue, Let’s Put It Safe To Keep It.

Blue: (Barking Walking)

Steve: Hey, Sidetable, Did You Something To Keep Your Blue’s Loose Tooth?

Sidetable: Blue’s Loose Tooth Came Out. Yay! I Have The Just The Thing.

Blue: Bow.

Steve: Ooh. 

Blue: Bow.

Steve: That’s Perfect. Thanks.

Sidetable: You’re Welcome.

Congratulations, Blue.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow! (Walks Away)

Steve: Maybe, Blue, Hiding Under Her Pillow.

Thank You So Much For All Your Help Today.


   Now it's time for So Long

   But we'll sing just one more song

   Thanks for doing your part

   You sure are smart

   You know, with me and you

   And my dog, Blue

   We can do anything 

Steve: That we want to do!

Bye Bye. Don't forget your brush.


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