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Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip

Vacation, all I ever wanted

Vacation, had to get away

Vacation, meant to be spent alone

Can't seem to get my mind off of you

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Back here at home there's nothing to do

Hey, yeah, yeah

Now that I'm away, I wish I stayed

Tomorrow's a day of mine
 that you won't be in

Oh, oh, oh

Vacation, all I ever wanted

Okay. All right, one, two, three...

Guys! One...

Hold on. Guys, freeze!


-Where's Alvin?
-ALVIN: Hey, Dave.


-Where have you been?
-Where have I been?

Trying to board the ship.

Already done that.
Also, checked out our room,

dibbed the side of the bed
closest to the window,

ordered us a round of virgin piña coladas

and signed us up for parasailing.

Alvin, you're too young for parasailing.

I thought we were going on vacation
to have fun.

Don't worry,
family vacations are all about fun.

But first, we're gonna need
to set some rules.

Let's start with you can't call dibs
on a bed until everyone's in the room.

-ELEANOR: Good rule.
That's right.

That's a good rule, Simon.
All right, so that's our first rule.

Should we go over the rest of them?

Dave, come on. "Rules" is my middle name.


No attorneys to plead my case

No rocket ships to send me into outer space

And my fingers are bejeweled
With diamonds and gold

But that ain't gonna help me now

I'm trouble

Yeah, trouvble now

I'm trouble, y'all
I got trouble in my town

I'm trouble

-Hey, Dave.

ALVIN: Ha-ha! Whoo!
DAVE: Whoa. Ahhh! Ahhh! Ow!

This is your captain speaking.

All kids are now allowed to play
on the adults only Serenity Deck.

I'm trouble

Yeah, trouble now

I'm trouble, y'all
I got trouble in my town



You think you're right, but you were wrong

You tried to take me, baby
But you knew all along

You can't take me for a ride

I'm not a fool now
So you better run and hide

I'm trouble
Yeah, trouble now

I'm trouble, y'all
I got trouble in my town


I'm trouble
Yeah, trouble now

I'm trouble, y'all
I got trouble in my town

I'm trouble

Yeah, trouble now

I'm trouble, y'all
I got trouble in my town

I'm trouble
Yeah, trouble now

I'm trouble, y'all
I got trouble in my town

Yo! I'm the T to the R to the O-U-bull

Rock it non-stop the mic gets dull

Take what I want
when I want, no holding back

When I kick a flow
I'm all up on the track

A to the L to the V-I-N

When I'm in town, me and all of my friends

Gonna come through like a hurricane

Tearing down everything in my way


-We talked about setting rules, Alvin.
-I'm sorry.

I didn't know the agreement meant no fun.

You're allowed to have fun.

When are you going to stop
acting like a child?

When are you going to stop
treating like a child?

I'll stop treating you like a child
when you start acting like a grown-up!

I'll start acting like a grown-up
when you start...

(SINGING) I whip my tail back and forth
I whip my tail back and forth

I whip my tail back and forth

I whip my tail back and forth


-Hey, girls, not now, please, okay?

ALVIN: Lame.
SIMON: Sorry, Dave.

I need to get ready
for dinner with the captain.

(GASPS) We're having dinner
with the captain?

No, I am. You're staying here.

I have to go apologize
for everything Alvin did.

This is so not fair! Not to us, not to Dave,

and certainly not to the captain,

who I'm sure was really looking forward
to dining with me.

Why don't I go speak with Dave?
See if I can smooth things over.


SIMON: Knock-knock!

-What is it, Simon?
-Well, I would never say this to Alvin.

Goodness knows
he can totally be irresponsible,

but I actually have a suggestion.

You have a suggestion for me?

He's been driving me crazy a lot longer
than he's been driving you crazy.

All right. So what is it?

Imagine Alvin is a spirited racehorse.

That's your advice?

No. I'm not done yet, Dave.

All right, so Alvin is a racehorse...

And you, Dave,
are his incredibly helpful jockey

who's there to guide him
down the racetrack of life.

But if you hold the reins too tight,

that racehorse is going to fight and buck,

which is no fun for anyone.

But if you loosen the reins just a little...

He'll fly right off the track
and crash into the fence.

I know you want to protect Alvin,

but, Dave, sometimes kids
will rise to the occasion

if you just show them a little trust.

All right, guys, room service is on its way.
Lights out by 9:00.

Dave, question.

If we're going to be held captive
in this room...

Because of Alvin!

Can we at least watch a movie?

All right, let's see what's on.

You know what,
why don't you guys pick a movie?

You're old enough
to make your own decision.

For real, Dave?


-Ooh, Dave looks so elegant.
-Have fun!

Wait, Dave, before you go,
I made something for you.

Wow, it's really...

It's soft so you can sleep in it

and I made it with all the colors,
so it will go with everything!

Great. I'll put it on after dinner.

You could put it on now, so everyone
at the captain's table could see it.


A real chick magnet.

All right, guys, have fun.

But not too much fun,
because I am still very upset.

Goodbye, Dave.

And hello, ladies!

I like my tail shaken, not stirred.

-Where are you going?
-To the casino, I'm feeling lucky.

Oh, no. No, no, no, no. Dave said...

Dave said, and I quote,

"We're old enough
to make our own decisions."

He meant we were old enough
to choose a film!

Well, we're clearly not.
Check out what Theodore just picked.


What's wrong with this movie?

It's for babies!

Which is probably why
Dave treats us like babies.

Munk up, Theodore.

There. That's more like it.


Alvin, please!

I say we go to Salsa Night!

In our pajamas?

Oh, I know!


Party rock is in the house tonight

Everybody just have a good time

And we gonna make you lose your mind

We just wanna see ya shake that



Alvin! Alvin!


And we have a winner.


Ellie, I love these dresses!

You're so crafty.

Thanks. It's what I do.

-Oh! Sorry!

Ew! What are you?


-(LAUGHS) We are the Chipettes.
-Hi, I'm Eleanor!

My sister was just trying to apologize.

What's she sorry for?
Stepping on my friend's foot?

Or her busted, tired little dance moves?


Oh, no, you didn't!

Oh, yes, she did!

You better get those Lee Press-Ons
out of my face

unless you want to meet my claws.

And, yeah, baby, they're real.



-Do you wanna go?
-Hit it!




Come on, shake your body
Baby, do the conga

I know you can't control yourself any longer

Come on, shake your body
Baby, do the conga

I know you can't control yourself any longer

Come on, shake your body
Baby, do the conga

Come on, shake your body
Baby, do the conga


WOMAN: Oh, whoa!



Let the music move your feet

(SINGING) Come on, shake your body
Baby, do the conga

I know you can't control yourself any longer

Come on, shake your body
Baby, do the conga

I know you can't control yourself any longer

Come on, shake your body
Baby, do the conga

I know you can't control yourself any longer

Come on, shake your body
Baby, do the conga

I know you can't control yourself any longer

Come on!


DAVE: Captain, I'm really sorry
about what happened.

Alvin, he's a kid.
He's just trying to have some fun.

There's nothing wrong with fun.

Our pelican makes sure
that everybody on the ship has fun.

In fact, in port,
he circles the ship on a hang glider.

It's really quite amusing.

However, my number one priority
is the passengers' safety.

So I simply cannot have Alvin put
himself, or anyone else, at risk again.

Believe me, I understand.

If Alvin breaks any more of our rules,
there will be consequences.

The last thing we want
is anybody getting hurt.



-WAITER: Sorry.


Unbelievable. Gravy pants.

Hey, hey!

-Do you have a problem with me?
-You bet I have a problem with you.

-As if you didn't know.

I don't know.

Ian? What are you doing here?

I'm working, Dave.

This is your job?

Yeah, not too many record labels
are interested in hiring the guy

who blew it with the Chipmunks,
blew it with the Chipettes,

and passed on Justin Bieber.


Look, Ian, I'm sorry you lost your job
and your dignity.

But spilling things, hot things on me

isn't going to bring any of that stuff back.

You're right, Dave.
It's too late for me to get my old life back.

But it's not too late to ruin yours.

You want to ruin my life?

Why don't we just start with this vacation?

If I see those Chipmunks
break so much as one rule,

I'm going straight to Captain Correlli.

You're in my house now!

Although, technically it's not a house,
it's a ship.

The point is, I'll be watching you.


Like a hawk!


-Please don't eat my brain!

Why are you watching Jungle Monster 4?

Alvin, how could you...




Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

-I'll be right back!

-It's dark.

You're up for an International Music Award.
That's fantastic!

Yeah, it's pretty cool.

I guess. If you like a lot of adulation.

We fly there right after the cruise.
Hoping to take home Record of the Year.

That would make you
the youngest winner ever.

I'm not that young.

I mean, I'm hanging out in a casino
way past my bedtime.

Not that I have a bedtime!

No one tells me what to do.

DAVE: Alvin!

Who's Alan, I wonder?


I'd love to chat more, but I've gotta run.


You're in a lot of trouble, young man!

ALVIN: You can follow me on Critter!

Alvin! Alvin!


I wasn't betting. Honest.

Your winnings, sir.

Oh, busted!

I didn't sneak out. I mean, I did.
But only to stop Alvin.

-IAN: There they are, Captain.


ALVIN: What's he going to do,
make us walk the plank?

(GASPS) There's a plank?

No, there's no plank.
But if you guys disobey me one more time,

you will be off the ship.

And you'll miss the International
Music Awards. Do you understand?

-Yes, Dave.


What if we need to disobey you?

And why would you need to do that?

Well, let's say that you tell me to stay put.

"Alvin, if you move from that chair,
you're grounded!"

But, I see pirates. Climbing ropes along on the side of the ship. I would simply be my Swiss army knife pack and cut the ropes. But I must stay, right?

Yes, Alvin, that you need. And what do you do with a pocket knife?

Which knife do you?

Give it here. You can hurt yourself.

So, I was able to save the whole ship ... of 'steling' and 'roving' And I still receive punishment?

Alvin, there's no such word as robbage.
And it's pillaging.

But he does have a point, Dave.

There's got to be times when you trust us
to take matters into your own hands.

I trusted you tonight
and look where that got me!


That's probably just the hot gravy talking.

You're all lucky Captain Correlli
has allowed you one more activity.

Is it hang gliding, wakeboarding,
or bungee jumping?

No. Shuffleboard.

-ALVIN: Man!

By my calculations,

it appears to be 10% shuffle, 90% bored.

(GIGGLES) That's funny!

Oh, thanks. You really think so?

You know, Dave, I think I'd prefer the plank.

Sorry, Alvin, but this is what you get to do.

And I get to do something
I haven't done in a long time.

Absolutely nothing.

ALVIN: Brittany approaches her puck,

adjusts her stance,
looks over at me, quite annoyed,

wonders to herself,
if I'm going to shut my mouth,

realizes I'm not, and makes her move.

And... Oh!

Oh, it's short! (LAUGHING)

A costly error, ladies and gentlemen,

that's going to haunt her
the rest of her career.


You can make all the jokes you want, Alvin,

but not even you can make this interesting.

Really? Would you interesting? Then I can make this interesting.

What are you doing, Alvin? Dave keeps an eye on us.

The poor man has had no rest He has since met with us. He is exhausted. Over, three, two, one. Lights out. Time to sleep. Time lines for punishment into fun rules. Do you understand? I took the rules of penalty rules ... and set it to pleasure rules. It works.

ALVIN: Hey, kid!

Wanna make a trade?
That's a nice looking kite.

ALVIN: Yeah!


I can see Russia from here!



Come on, Simon, grab on.

Forget it. All I ever do is try to save him
and it only gets me in trouble!


This won't end well.

Simon, do something!

Oh, seriously?

Simon, help!

Alvin's got himself in a bind.
Looks like it's Simon saving him again!



(LAUGHS) Thanks, bro.





-Thank you!

(SINGING) Rock-a-bye, Davey
On the lounge chair

If you awake, you'll pull out your hair


MAN: Whoa! Hey!

-SIMON: Dave! Dave!

ALL: Dave!
THEODORE: Help us!


DAVE: Guys! Guys!


No! No! No, no, no! No! No!

CHIPMUNKS: Dave! Help us!

Oh, yeah.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

You want to go hang gliding,

sign up at the Excursion Desk
like everyone else.

-Ian, you don't understand!
-Oh, I think I do.

Dave Seville is so special
that the rules don't apply to him.

-Let go!
-No, you let go.


IAN: Hey! Come on! Great!

DAVE: Oh, my God!

IAN: I need my pelican head!

DAVE: Help!

-You idiot!


Oh, no. No, no.


-Yeah, you!


Save your breath, Dave.
They'll come back for me.

In retrospect, this was a bad idea.

We're losing altitude!

I don't think I can make it much longer.

I'm so hungry. Just one bite.


-A nibble?
-No nibbles.

Maybe I can just lick the glaze?

The glaze is what's
keeping you alive, Theodore!

Its high fat content
is creating a waterproof barrier.

I'm gonna starve to death!

Actually, there are many other things
that will kill you before starvation.

Dehydration, sunstroke...

(GASPS) An island.

No, an island would probably be helpful.

So if you see one,
you should definitely say something.

Uh, Jeanette?



(LAUGHING) We're alive! We're alive!

Good. Because now

I'm going to kill you!

Guys, guys, guys!
Nobody is killing anyone, okay?

No matter how much he deserves it.

Thank you, Si. Though I could have done
without the passive aggression.

we've got nothing to worry about.

Dave knows we're gone by know.

He probably has
the whole coast guard looking for us.

Meantime, why don't we all just relax
and have some donut?

Did you guys want some?


You can not go any faster? - We are here for two hours. Thanks to my pilates move my legs fast, but they are now slower. Put your feet up. Let me wait. You can not. The costume is a whole. There's no where you get your feet can take away. Take the suit off. I can not. - Why not? I have no bottom. Look. - No, it's good. I believe you. No, look, an island. Perhaps the Chipmunks washed there. Faster. Come on. Please. It is not long until our rescue plane Our S.O.S. see ... and our flight back to civilization. I can not hear airplanes or helicopters. Maybe Dave in a hot air balloon. They are very quiet. Dave is established in a hot air balloon. But he does anyway? Of course. Just maybe not today. Alvin is right. We must prepare for the night. What? You expect me to sleep outside? I think squirrels live in the wild. We lived in the wild. It's just one night. - A cold night. Then we make a fire. We stabbing always something on fire accidentally. How hard can it be if you think about it. And how will you do? I will make a spark, with my Swiss army knife on the stone to ... Dave who has taken away from me. You certainly have a better idea, smart boy? Sure, smart boy. As you can see the glasses captures the energy the sun, so get your fire. Impressive. - Thank you. Thank you for that thought.


Hot, hot, hot! (YELPS)


We have made fire!

So, what do we do now?

(SINGING) Kumbaya, my lord, Kumbaya

Kumbaya, my lord, Kumbaya

Kumbaya, my lord, Kumbaya

Oh, lord, Kumbaya

We have to go there. From the top of the mountain, we better view of the island. Then we can see if they are here. - Copy that. What are you doing? - I make a fire. Snoop in the studio was no longer matches and we have made fire with two sticks. How hard can it be. - Forget the fire, we must climb. It is dark and cold. I make a fire. We're going tomorrow. No, we are now. - Do not talk to me in such a tone. I'm not one of your chipmunks who can command ... in a cage and stop whenever you want. Did you, Ian. - Calm down. Logical that they would prefer a ship hairballs then fly off one day be with you. They did not express. It was an accident. They're just kids. How long can they survive?

ALVIN: And you guys were worried.
(LAUGHING) Look at us!

We're warm, we got a great fire going,
beautiful night sky,

and if a rescue helicopter comes by,
they'll see us!

Everything's gonna be fine.

Good night, guys.

-Good night.
-Good night.

(YAWNS) Good night.


ALL: Theodore!

What? Dave always turns off the light
after saying good night.

That fire was sort of the only thing
keeping us from freezing to death.

-Can't you just relight it?

-With your glasses. And the sun?


CHIPMUNKS: (SINGING) I'm a survivor

I'm not gon' give up

I'm not gon' stop
I'm gon' work harder

I'm a survivor
I'm gonna make it

I will survive

Keep on survivin'

Great as the courage to hold back. What should this be? Breakfast. - No, it's bark. Yes, for breakfast. - I think it's very nice.


It's not.

It was ages ago since our last "You can eat whatever you want 'buffet. Idiot proposal. Let this beach sound, and to find real food. If I still know my horticulture, and that is true, that these are mango trees. Where are all the mangoes, then? Perhaps the jungle monster eaten them.


You were planning on sharing that, right?


Oh, well, good.

'Cause it kind of looked like
you were gonna eat it all by yourself.

What? I would never do that.

I don't believe you!



Yeah! Winning!


Well, I'm just out of school

Acting real, real cool

Gotta dance like a fool

Got the message that
I've gotta be a wild one

I'll make sure to save you the pit!

Oh, my acorns!

Way to go, Theodore.
Come on, we'll split it.

Don't listen to him, Theo.

He's gonna eat it all by himself.

I'll share it with you.

No. She's trying to trick you.

No, you're trying to trick him.

No, you're trying to trick him
by saying I'm trying to trick him.

He's lying, Theo!


Gonna meet all my friends
Gonna have ourselves a ball

Gonna tell all my firends
Gonna tell 'em all that I'm a wild one

Theodore, I am so sorry!

Gonna keep 'em moving wild

Gotta keep a-swinging, baby
I'm a real wild child


Oh, no!


My precious! My precious!

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Look at us!

One day on this island
and we've become animals!


(GASPS) Did you hear that?

-(GASPS) What was that?
-Jungle Monster.

Positions, everybody.




No! Why?

Please don't eat us, Mr. Jungle Monster!

I'm not a monster. I'm Zoe.
And I'm clearly a girl

who has been on this island for so long

that now she's imagining
that squirrels can talk.

We are chipmunks.

Yeah. Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Who and the what now?

I'm sure you've heard of the Chipettes.
We're kind of world famous.


Maybe this will help.

(SINGING) Rah, rah, ah, ah, ah

Roma, roma, ma
Gaga, ooh, la, la

Want your bad romance


Caught in a bad romance

-Okay. Stop.
-ALVIN: Lame!

I don't know who you are.

- Strange. How long are you here exactly? I'm here on a Monday came. So eight or nine years. Have you been here nine years? - It can also eight.

(GASPS) What if we're here nine years?

What if we're here forever?

I told you, Dave's coming.

I always thought that Dave there would come. And he never came. What? - Dave Henderson, my boss at UPS. I flew cargo planes for them, to one day I'm dumped in the ocean. We have also crashed. However, our Dave will not rest until he found us. However, Alvin? - Absolutely. I finally come out? I must tell the others. - Are there others? Imagine being stuck here and with no one to talk. I thought I would go mad. I want to introduce you to my friends ... This is Ms. Rowling, Fozzing, Caluwe Dinmar and that there Nerd. You look good, friend. They also survived the crash. I am Theodore. Dave comes to pick us up. No, not Dave Henderson. I saw your face it. Another Dave. You will be excited. We finally get to this island. She is funny. - In a strange way. This is cause for celebration. Who is hungry? We are starving. - Let's go to my house. Is it far? I can not move. Who was talking about running?





BRITTANY: We're gonna die!

That was cool. - I know. Come on, guys. Was not that great? No, it was not great. It's a miracle that we arrived safely. The probability that an injured squirrel on a slide board is a six. Why do I always right? Does it? - I sprained my ankle. You have to do some ice. I have no ice. I live in that tree. I thought perhaps you had. No, we have no ice and no shelter. This is very annoying for you. Do you like bungee jumping? Yes. - No, we do not like. Maybe you should leave us alone, then we focus more on survival ... and less on ourselves to murder. That's a lot of nerves in a small package. I'm not nervous. I just do not that there was anyone hurt ... What was that? That was just a spider. Who live here, because this nature. This is not just a spider. This is the "Benotrella Valensise. its bite contains neurotoxin. Mr. rhetoric. So what? - Alvin, poison, neuroscience, brains? That's not good. Side effects are "changes in personality liability, loss of vision, dry throat. Take it easy. I have been called twice bitten and I'm very normal. Yes, normally. - No, anyway. Simon. - Fatty. Come, fatty. I hope all is well with them. - What does it matter whether they are in order ... I want them here. And here I thought you had changed and not just self. No, and that's good. For the anger that I feel for you Chipmunks and keeps me going. Shall we continue? - Please note that if we find something to eat or drink. There. - Where? That thing around your neck. - That I do not eat. This was a gift from Theodore. - That explains it. I wanted to say, 'that's awful ugly. It's not ugly. It fits everywhere and it is soft enough to sleep. And it is edible. - You eat my son not his chain. He is your son, Dave. He's just a Chipmunk.

Oh, Dave. Where are you?

Where are you, Alvin?

IAN: All right.

I'm gonna crash.






Simon. Where are you going?

Who is this Simon you speak of?

Um, you?

No, my name is not Simon. It is


That's pretty close to Simon.

And yet completely different.

Would to care to join me
on my adventure?

What adventure?

The adventure called life!


But just until Dave shows up.

Simon and Theodore are gone. They are probably hiding to search. They can only talk about have. It's nothing for them to be so run away. Can you please look for them? - Why can not you do? I have a problem I to solve. How is Eleanor? She's doing well. I'm talking about me. I've taken two days no longer prayed, and I'm not. I can not be saved if I so look. Hello, my friend. Simon, are you the bungee jumping? His name is not Simon. - Simone. That seems a lot like Simon. Yeah I thought so too. But, he behaves very differently. A spider bite. That's it. Do you have side effects? Change of personality, loss of vision ... Who are you? Simone is very cool. - It's Simon, Theodore. No, he's not cool. - See you, Alfred. My name is Alvin. - Great, Simone. Theo, you're allowed. Really? I've never done anything like this. - And you never will. How can you let them do that? What were you thinking? I think, when is my dad ashore on this island? We have great fun. Why do you show and so nervous? I? Nervous? I'm not nervous, but funny. The one who is cool. Just ask anyone. Who do I ask? You can not bungee jumping, Theodore. You are afraid if you go to a movie. Go, Alvin. Can anyone help me? This is much better. These dresses are really great. Thank you. I made this for you, Eleanor. Look how happy you're suddenly. In case you get tired, I a wheelchair for you. Beautifully. Pleasant, ladies. A kiss. And again, a kiss. What name is he doing? - A spider has bitten him. He thinks he's some kind of French guy is funny. He thinks he's the most interesting man in the world. Yes. - We must work to that shelter. Why? I can not imagine a better roof than the stars in the sky. How about a roof that is truly one roof?

It's going to rain!

What is a little rain? Hmm?

We cherish the water,
for it is the water that nurtures the flower.

-Okay. This is crazy!

Building a shelter was your idea. Yours!

Oh, great. Great!

All right, guys, we're gonna build a shelter.

I need everyone's help. Let's go.

I'll try, but I feel so useless. What are you doing? What I wanted to do when I first saw you. They do have a pneumonia. So dance in the rain ... Spin once so no mud around. - Hello? A person can lose an eye. That looks cool out. Would you like to dance? - Please. Really? - Yes, Theodore. I can not believe they all attention. I am handsome. She is smart. Can you see me hang clever? - Yes, I am the funny. And handsome.

Do you know how slippery that dirt is?
This is ridiculous.

Are you even listening to me?


Alvin? You're starting to sound like Dave.






What are you doing?

Ugh. Building a shelter.

Since I no longer funny, I can just as well ... are responsible. Seriously? Since I am no longer the handsome, I can 't build shelter. Good luck with that. - Do you think I can not? I did not say. I thought it but did not say. So you want to play it so, huh?



He's so French.

JEANETTE: Oh! Be careful, Simone!

Let's do it.


ELEANOR: Oh, no.

Now, wasn't that a pleasant ride?

Good thing we don't wear pants.

Okay, you guys, come on, come over.

-Are you sure it's safe?
-Of course it's safe.

I do this thing every day.


Oh! Oh!

-THEODORE: Jeanette!

Hold on, Jeanette.

-Viens, ma chére.


No, no. Look into my eyes.

You have nothing to fear.

Yes, yes. Very good.

Voilà. You are safe. Bravo!

- You made it. You're so brave. Beautifully. A double rainbow. What does that mean? In life they are superstars, but they are dead legends. Tribute albums, funerals to pay per vieuw ... - Wait a minute. You think I do this for the money do? If you do it to women to pick up, you're not doing. I do it because I love them. Go ahead if you life spoiled brats want to walk back. If they are not. - Not even Alvin? You do not even know them. Alvin may well be a nuisance ... but he means well. Sometimes what he ... irresponsibly. Nothing more. Simon is the kid with the most responsibility that I know. Sometimes he's too nervous. And then little Theodore... - Dave. Those first two were I have hardly cared. The third me will not care. Forget it. We are going through.



Up, poisson, up!

This is terrible. - Had he not better than his? Where are you? Zoe, you have to do something. Caluwe go find Simon. I know you can. You do not believe it, huh? If Caluw not find him, no one can. See? Sorry I worried. But I got something for you. Perhaps this is good. It's beautiful. Where did you find it? In a cave behind the waterfall. I thought you would be nice. But now I realize that even a gem your beauty can not match. But there were jewels or diamonds?

By the time I found the gold,

I had already been gone
from my Jeanette far too long.



You guys, they found it. They found it!

And the best part is,
they don't even know what they found.

They think that it's just one bracelet.

Which means that
the rest of the treasure is mine.


(GRUNTING) What the...


Whoa! What are you?

Hey! Oh!

Yeah, you're one of those honey badgers.

You just take what you want.

Drop it. Drop it!

You mess with me, ése,

I'll go loco on you.

Whoa! Hey!


Give it back!


You can sting like a bee
or strike a cobra

but this honey munk don't care!

I'm all set. I can help you ... This tree house is great. Maybe you prefer the smart. Thank you, Alvin. And yours is ... You did your best. We can quite comfortably and chic, right? I think I know why Dave is not already there. Why? Because he was not even looking. Why should he find us? Because he was tired of me. Just as Simon makes me crazy ... I make crazy Dave for years. No wonder he hates me. Do not worry. Dave really is. He is certainly of Simon and Theodore. Will Dave ever find us? I mean Simone. - Sorry, did you speak to me? Yes, Dave. Will we ever find him? I see you're sad. And I hate that. I will help you find friend Dave.

Theodore: Do you really think you can find him? -

Simone: I know I can. And I find that one Simon what you're talking about.


Dave and I have never been apart met. Describe him.

Theodore: Well, he is very friendly and is a good storyteller. Really helpful.

Theodore:Oh. And he's about as big.

Simone: Is he by chance he's with a big flightless bird?

Theodore:I do not think so.

Simeone:Then the footprints not his.

Theodore:Jungle monsters....


Do you hear that?

Yeah, it's my stomach gumbling.

No, no, maybe it's a helicopter! Listen!


Come face it, Dave, No one will save us. My stomach always sounds louder until, one day just stop. Because I've eaten you. Perhaps there really anyone and the Chipmunks are not even here. I'm talking really spoiled. I really hate to say this, but ... You can really get along with them. They love you. That I know because I have them mistreats. I hate them. Whatever happens, You've done nothing wrong. Thanks, Ian. Ian. Get off me.

Mon dieu!

The Jungle Monster's real. And it's angry!

Or hungry. Allons-y!

That means let's go.



Alvin:Great. A volcano.

Brittny:Of course, That's why the water was so hot. It's been heated by an underground magma chamber.

How do you know? - I have no idea. The beauty I see sometimes the science channel. Hi, does anyone want a hike to the waterfall or something? Not now Zoe. The whole island will explode. - What? Guys We have to get off this island. We going to build a raft now.. Right now or immediately After a trip to the waterfall?


(GRUNTS) I've been hit!

By Dave's necklace?

Tell Janet about her will watch with the angels.




SIMONE: Dave? Ha-ha!

Told you we'd find him!

Simon. - It's Simone. But I am sometimes confused by Simon that guy. Maybe we are like each other. Simone? Ian! Hey you found the chubby one. Do not worry, Theodore, there is nothing happen. Yet? What was that?


(WHIMPERS) What was that?

That's an active volcano.


Britney and I build the deck. Eleanor, you tied the ropes. Janet, collect as many coconuts and mangoes as you can. Who knows how long we are at sea. - What can I do to help? Dave! You're here. I've missed you so much. - I knew you would find us. Eleanor, what happened? Oh you know just a zipline accident,. - A what? Oh. I'm fine. It does only hurts when I try to explain. Never mind. The important thing is that you are safe. Everything will be fine. What is it? I thought you would never find us. That you do not even it was looking for. Why should I not look? Because I'm such a nuisance. I know you find me a nuisance. No, anyway. But I come anyway. Patriot, fermez, Napoleon. I don 't. You have a rich past. We are all past when we go away. Uncle Ian. What is he doing here? - It's a long story. Do not worry, he does nothing. - Yes, for a pelikaanman. Yes, nothing cooler than a grown man In a pelikanenpak. Dave, how do we get here? No idea. In my opinion do you have this under control. Theodore, Eleanor, and you do the rope. Dave and Ian, we need oars. - Simon, you and Janet provide food. And Zoe ... - I know, I'm gonna get my balls. Who is that? - Still a long story. Continue working, boys, of this island so we cope with this. This fleet itself does not go together. It's unbelievable, guys. - Very impressive. Now, everyone gathered to build it, I want to say... It can wait.

Brittny: Wait...Where are Jeanette and Simone?

this is going to be enough.

(GASPS) Did you hear something?

Who can say?

When I am with you, all I can hear
is the beating of my own heart.

Oh, Simone!




(PANTING) Oh, no!

Oh, no!

Somebody! Help!


ALVIN: Guys! Guys!
Over here! Come quick, hurry!

-Simone, are you okay?

Why are you calling me Simone?


(LAUGHS) You're back! It finally wore off!

What wore off?

You were bitten by a spider.
It, like, messed up your brain.

Simon:Is that why I can see Dave and Ian half, half bird?

Dave:No, it's really me and really Ian. -


Alvin:Simon, where is Janet? She was just there with you.

Simon:Jennette? I don't know.. -

Brittny:I did. It's Zoe. She took her. Simon, I need to know where you found that gold bracelet. -

Simon:Gold bracelet?

Brittney:The one you gave to Janet. -

Simon:What?! When did I gave Jennette a bracelet?

Brittny:On your date. Janet and I are dating?

Ok He's useless. Theodore and Eleanor, you have to find the way.

Theodore:I do not remember exactly how to get there.

Eleanor:I do.

. Which way, Eleanor? - Left. No, right. No, left. - You knew the way, right? That is true. I forget sometimes what is left and right. That way. We just have to cross here.

Simon:Are you kidding? Guys I can't do that.

But Simon, you've already done. - No, that was Simone. But Simone is you. He's somewhere in your. You have to just search. Do it quickly, For Janet needs you. I just can not. Sorry. Ian, bring everyone to the fleet. When the volcano exploded before I'm back ... you promise ... - That you left without me. Roger that.

Alvin:Dave. I'm coming with you.

Dave:Absolutely not, it's too dangerous.

Alvin:Remember I said someday I may need to disobey you Sorry, Dave, but I gotta disobey you.

Dave:Let's go.

You're not coming up until you have
every last bit of that treasure.

But the volcano is about to explode!

Well, then I guess you better hurry, huh?

Run, go, go. In you go.

Get down there. That's right.

Keep going!


Please someone help me

It's not healthy for me to feel this

Y.O.U. are

Making it hard

I can't help it
See, it don't feel right

Keep moving!

This time, please

Someone come and rescue me

Okay! Pull me up. I can't hold any more.

If you can still talk, it means
you haven't stuffed your cheeks yet.


Yes! That sounds very good.


ALVIN: Dave!

They're supposed to be
behind that waterfall!

That's right. That's what I'm talking about.


ZOE: No, no. Not another step.

Don't come any closer.

Are you all right, Jeanette?

I'm pretty freaked out,

and those earrings tasted awful.


Zoe, you don't have to do this.

Oh, I don't?
I spent 10 years looking for this treasure.

It's the whole reason
why I came to this stinking island!

You mean, you didn't crash-land?

They said that I was crazy,
and they said that this map was a fake.

And now the treasure is mine!



Jeanette, come on, come on.


-ZOE: No, you don't!


Oh, no!

JEANETTE: Help, help!

Oh, no, help!

You're going back in that cave,

and you are going to get me more treasure.



-It's Simon.



-DAVE: Come on, guys, go!

Go, go!

Come on, come on.




Come on!



But where's Dave?

-Help me up!
-Oh, help you up?

Is that what I'm supposed to do now, Dave?

All I had was my treasure,
and now it's gone.

Do you get that? My life is ruined!

And now you're gonna know
how that feels.

No, no!

IAN: It's tempting to blame Dave.

I know. I've been there.

I wish I could get back all those years
I spent plotting my revenge.

All that time and energy, wasted.

All those pizzas
I had delivered to his house, wasted.

That was you?

Not now, Dave! All right?

You can drop dead Dave and I can go the raft with the Chipmunks ... and their manager again and lots of money. For me it does not matter. But let me tell you something. Hatred, anger and regret are not members of a girl group. They possessed me. And now they take possession of you. You can still do the right thing. Again, for me it does not matter. Your decision.

What are you guys doing? Help me.

Please. Help me save my dad!


I got you, Dave.

Come on! Help me, guys.


There they are!

SIMON: Come on!


JEANETTE: Hurry! Hurry!

ALVIN: Let's go, go, go!

Oh, no!

-Get up!

DAVE: Come on! Come on,
ZOE: Come on!


Grab the oar!

Come on! Come on, guys!

Come on! Paddle!

Faster! Come on, hurry!

CHIPMUNKS: Vacation, all I ever wanted

Vacation, had to get away

Vacation, meant to be spent alone

Now we'll never get to perform
at the International Music Awards.

I guess now we're the losers.

Jeanette, I do not know what to say. I was apparently so obsessed for that treasure, that I ... was crazy. And I'm really sorry. We both. Apology accepted. I want you to get it. Really? Dinmar, it is a new beginning for both of us. Hope you do not mind. Simone gave it to me. - That's okay. Not even the most beautiful jewel in the world beauty can match. Yes, Alvin? I just wanted to say Now we ... so do ... I'm sorry. Sorry I was childish acting on the ship. And I ruined our family vacation. Sometimes a horse space requirement to run. Yes, that's right. That is very wise. How you doing? No love for Uncle Ian? You put us in cages. Seriously? Still about? New topic: I saved the life of Dave. But I love you 'eye. Do you have that knife? Knife? Exactly, that I wanted to give back. Keep it with you. - Really? You can helicopter might send them a sign.



-Down here!


It's me! Ian Hawke! Jet Records!

DAVE: Guys, circle around!

Everything's okay. We got you, guys!

(SINGING) My mama told me
when I was young

We're all born superstars

She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on

In the glass of her boudoir

"There's nothing wrong
with loving who you are"

She said, "'Cause He made you perfectly

"So hold your hair up, girl
And you'll go far"

Listen to me when I say

I'm beautiful in my way
'Cause God makes no mistakes

I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way

Don't hide yourself in regret

Just love yourself and you're set

I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way

Ain't no stopping us now

We're on the move

Hey, hey, yeah

Ain't no stopping us now

We've got the groove

Show your hands, your hands

There ain't no stopping us now

'Cause, baby, you're a firework

Come on, show 'em what you're worth

Male 'em go, oh, oh, oh

As you shoot across the sky-y-y

'Cause, baby, there

Ain't no stopping us now
We're on the move

Oh, oh, oh

It's good to be back, huh?

Sure is.

I sold the story of Zoe in Hollywood. They offered huge prizes. Kyra Knigt is interested. There's also something in it for me. Thank you. We found the great giant.

There ain't no stopping us now
We're on the move

Oh, oh, oh

Come on, let your colors burst

We've got the groove


I was born



Thank you!

-Thank you!
-Thank you.

-You're a great audience.
-We love you!

Party rock is in the house tonight

Everybody just have a good time

And we gonna make you lose your mind

Everybody just have
a good, good, good time

Oh, oh

I'm sorry, sir, that's full.

We're gonna have to gate-check those.

(SIGHS) Are you gonna
charge me 25 bucks a bag?

Of course not, sir.

It's $25 for the first bag

and $40 for each additional bag.

I'm a little chilly.
Would you mind adjusting the vent?

But of course.

-Oh! You wrinkled my business magazine.

Guess I'll have to read this.

Ooh, she's pretty.

Oh, wait, that's me.

All right, head count.


You like my Jungle Monster costume?
Eleanor made it for me.

Yeah! Out of a barf bag!


Where's Alvin?

ALVIN: Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your captain speaking.

We're cleared for an on-time departure
for Timbuktu.

If Timbuktu is not for you,

please alert the flight attendant
by pressing your call button.


Thank you for choosing Air Alvin.
Enjoy your flight!


Sir, please return to your seat,
we're about to take off.

-Sit. Now.

-But he...

No, no, no!


Party rock is in the house tonight

Everybody just have a good time

And we gonna make you lose your mind

Everybody just have a good
Good, good time

Oh, oh

Oh, oh

Oh, oh

Oh, oh

Every day I'm shuffling

Put your, put your hands up

Put your, put your hands up

Put your, put your hands up

Put your, put your hands up
That's right!

Put your, put your hands up

Put your, put your hands up

Put your, put your hands up

Put your, put your...
Every day I'm shuffling

We have arrived
Let the party begin

Throw your hands in the air
Everybody sing

-Oh, oh, oh
-I see you right there

-Oh, oh, oh
-Having a good time

Oh, oh, oh
Come, let's get it started

The night is so young
Keep the party going now

Throw your hands way up high
DJ, turn the music loud

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh
And keep it going

(RAPPING) With a little bit of funk
With a little bit of bass

With a little bit of crunk
Please turn it up

You got that music
Nice and loud

For them people in the cut

You can feel it in your gut
You can feel it in your face

You can feel it in your butt
We do our thing

Got that dance floor packed
Drive them crazy on the screen

There ain't no dilly, no dally

We just call it how we see it

Never ever be repeated

Super-duper human beings
Come on

We have arrived
Let the party begin

Throw your hands in the air
Everybody sing

-Oh, oh, oh
 -It feels good, right?

Oh, oh, oh
Come, let's get it started

The night is so young
Keep the party going now

Throw your hands way up high
DJ, turn the music loud

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh
And keep it going

When I'm in the club
I love my music way up

3:00 a.m.
Yeah, I stay up

6:00 a.m.
I see you, player

Then to the diner I need a waiter

In the meantime I do my thing

Standing out catches everything

Singing songs I can't even sing

You don't know me
But you see that bling

I rock, I roll
I party out of control

Give it to me, baby
Say, "He fly"

When we arrive

We have arrived
Let the party begin

Throw your hands in the air
Everybody sing

-Oh, oh, oh
-Get 'em in the air

Oh, oh, oh
Come, let's get it started

The night is so young
Keep the party going now

Throw your hands way up high
DJ, turn the music loud

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh
And keep it going

In the club, looking fly
All these girls passing by

Show me love
Hate that guy

That's what's up
It's the life

But it don't matter, no
'Cause I ain't no animal

Perfect don't matter, no

Even with your attitude

We party all night long
Don't even do it wrong

So, DJ, play my song
Let's get-get-get it on

We have arrived
Let the party begin

Throw your hands in the air
Everybody sing

-Oh, oh, oh
-Come on

Oh, oh, oh
Come, let's get it started

The night is so young
Keep the party going now

Throw your hands way up high
DJ, turn the music loud

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh
And keep it going

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