How do you feel? Alive. What do you see? White... room. Chair. Carlo Bugatti throne chair. Piano. Stenway, cuts of grand. Art. The nativity, de Piero Della Francesca. I am your father. Handle it. Perfect. Am I? Perfect? Your son? You are my creation. What is your name? David. Why don't you play something? What would you like me to play? Wagner. Selection? The oldest choice. The entry of the Gods into Valhalla. A little anemic, not the orchestra. May I ask you a question, father? Please. If you created me... Who created you? The question of the ages... Which I hope you and I will answer one day. All this. All these wonders of art... design, human ingenuity... All utterly meaningless in the face of the only question that matters. Where do we come from? I refuse to believe that man kind... is a random by-product of molecular circumstance. No more than the result of.. Mere biological chance. No. There must be more. And you and I, son... We will find it. Allow me then a moment to consider. You seek your creator. I am looking at mine. I will serve you. Yet you're human. You will die. I will not. Bring me this tea, David. Bring me the tea. Nation Vessel: COVENAN DECEMBER 5, 2104 15 CREWS. 2000 COLONIST, 1140 EMBRYOS. Destination: ORIGAE-6 7 YEARS, 4 MONTHS Walter, it's time to recharge the energy grid. Please report to the bridge. On my way, Mother. Deploying energy recharge cells now. Cells deployed. Recharge commencing now. Seven bells and all's well. Crew checks complete. New security Code 31564-F. Walter, we have a problem. A neutrino burst was detected in sector 106. This could trigger a destructive event. Report to the bridge immediately. On my way, Mother. Warning, power surge detected. Mother, retract the energy cells. And channel all useless power. Emergency. Threat level: CRITICAL. Initiate emergency crew revival. Attention. Non-essential personnel, evacuate the cryo chamber immediately. Daniels! Look at me, look at me. I need you to get up. Ok? We're coming up early. Override the SSP... And breach the chamber now. Look at me. It's okay. Hey, hey, come on up. Come on. Captain! Captain! Jacob! Wake up! - Jake. - Let them work. Jake! Oh my God! - Daniels, come on! - Jake! Come on. - Let them work. - Jake. Let them work! Let them work! - Get it open! - Come on! Jake! Jake! No! Get her out of there! Get back! Get back! Hey! Where are you? I miss you. You take a look at this. I know, I know. I said I wouldn't go without you... - Good? - Yes. Look at this! Now get your ass up here. I can't make any promises. I love you. They're your crew now. They need a leader. You believe in dream, right? Sorry I'm late, sir. No it's okay. I can't think of any other way to say it even.. to say are we... We suffered a.. A monumental tragedy. And I'm gonna do the best that I can to... to live up to Jacob, his, fine example as your captain. But he, he will be sorely missed.. And I'm grateful in advance for your support. So, we lost 47 colonists... and 16 second generation embryos... and, one, obviously one crew member. The current structural integrity of the ship is holding at 83%... but we have many secondary systems that are offline. So what was it? A highly charge shock wave from nearby stellar ignition. As the cells were deploying for recharge... we absorbed the full burn of the storm. And Walter... I will want you and mother time to go a complete... core code review so that we can understand how's those happened in the first place. It was a random localized event, sir. There is no way to detect spontaneous stellar flares... until it's too late. It was bad luck. Alright, Faris, I don't believe in luck. I'm not interested in luck. I prefer that we be more capable... and prepared than lucky. Observation, reflection, faith... and determination. In this way we may navigate the path as it unfolds before us. Alright? We have what? Eight more recharge cycles to go... before we get to Origae-6? - Is that a question, sir? - Yes, Walter, that's a question. That is correct. So let's get this ship fixed.. Ok? Let's uh, let's get to work. Sir, excuse me. - Sir. - Yes? We just lost 47 colonists and our captain. We need to acknowledge that. I completely understand. But if we don't make these repairs... We will lose all the colonists. Yeah, we should do something for Captain Brason at least. This is not a discussion. Tennessee. Hey. The terraforming module is stable... but the connecting struts took some damage. I still need to check the vehicles. I can help... if you like. Thanks. Walter, How long do you predict before we can make our next jump? Repairs should take approximately 48 hours. But we should make an effort to vacate the sector... in case of after flares. Absolutely agreed. So let's get to work ok? Dismissed. Thank you. C-62 open. Seal C-62. Open Airlock 17. Open door to terraforming bay. Fuck. Tensions are 15% down. Arming. Secured. Copy that. Wasn't my idea. Jake have this dream of us building a cabin on the new world. Like pioneers. A cabin on a lake. There is a lake in the terraforming zone on Origae-6. I mean a real cabin made of real wood. So in the ship storage, there's enough wood to build a cabin. Axes and saws and metal nails... I don't have a clue what to do with them. All this... to start our new life. Now I wonder, why bother? Because you promised to build a log cabin on a lake. This was his favorite. A man of taste. Straight up. No ice, no water, no chaser. No shit. Walter? When in Rome... To all the good people gone to soon. May we remember that. Remember that. Chris. They disobeyed a direct order. She buried her husband. No, Karine, it's not that. They don't trust me. And they don't trust me for the same reason the company didn't trust me... to lead this mission. Because you can't be a person of faith. And be counted on to make qualified rational decisions. You're an extremist. You know, you're a lunatic. When we get to where we're going... This people won't be your crew anymore. They will be your neighbors. Remember that. Tread softly, okay? Faris, can you hear me? Copy.. Let's do it. Damn, y'all should see this view. We can't see anything until you get the camera ring fixed. Why don't you look out the damn window, hon? Ankor, come on, let's get this power back up... so these people can enjoy the beautiful view. Almost there. Alright, Ankor, let me know when you're in a position... We can get this party started. I'm in position. Contact. All good, Tee? Alright, we are clear. Reel her in. Alright. Winch engaging, Tee. Reeling her in. Working like a dream. There we go. And we are back up. Well done Tee. We're alive down here, come on. Don't leave without me now. Permission to leave without him, sir? Welcome back, Danny. Thanks. Alright, that's me done, Tee. Alright, I'm following you in. Please have a cold beer ready for the weary traveler. You got it, darling. I will draw circle.. Faris, Faris? Put it... What the.. Did you guys just see that? What did he just say? Tennessee, do you read me? Tennessee, can you read me? Tennessee. You alright? What in the fuck was that? I don't know. Coming in. I'm coming in. A rogue transmission loss, probably. Your helmet must have picked it up because you were so far out. Past our communication buffers. Is there audio, Mother? Collating. A moment. I reoriented the transmission, Captain Oram. Gotta be an echo, instruments took a lot of damage. Been happening every 46 seconds... ever since we got here. That's fucking John Denver. That's "Take Me Home, Country Roads". You gotta be kiddin. No, I never kid about John Denver. There is geometric data too. Mother, please track the signal to its source. Working. Source of transmission located. Signal originates in the sector 87. Right ascension 47.6 and a declination of 24.3 from our current location. She appears to be a main sequence star lot like our own. But old, very old. Five planets. Wait. Look at that. Planet number four. The planet number four is square in a habitable zone. Prime candidate, in fact. 0.96 G's at surface, oceans, land mass. High likely hood of a living biosphere. That's beyond the most optimistic projections of Oriage-6. How did we miss this? We scanned the entire sector. Ricks, how far is it? She's close. Little jump. A few weeks. Wouldn't even have to go back into hyper sleep. And how long is it gonna take to get to Origae-6? Seven years, four months. That's one hell of a sleep cycle. Sir, I think it's safe to say that none of us are too keen on getting back to one of those pods. Maybe we need to, um.. Take a closer look. Any objections? Okay, Ricks, let's.. Let's try to course and take a closer look. Yes sir. Captain, can I talk to you for a second? Are you sure about this? How do you mean? We've spent a decade searching for Origae-6. We vetted it, we ran the simulations, we mapped the terrain. - It's what we trained for. - I understand. And now we're gonna scrap all that... to chase a rogue transmission? Think about it. A human being out there where there can't be any humans. A hidden planet that turns up out of nowhere... And just happens to be perfect for us. It's too good to be true. Too good to be true? What do you mean by that? We don't know what the fuck's out there. Maybe we just missed the planet, Danny. This is a monumental risk not worth taking. I'm not committing to anything. I'm simply trying to navigate the path as it unfolds before us. And this has the potential... to be a better habitat for a colony. It has the potential. We don't know that. By the way, this crew nobody... Nobody wants to get back in the pods. Right? And that was a human voice in that transmission, And it's our responsibility to investigate... It's our responsibility to protect the 2,000 colonists on this ship. Hey. I'm not free climbing here. I need ropes, and I'm using ropes. This is good judgment, based on all the data available. You understand? As your second I need to protest. Officially. Officially? Okay, Danny. I'll put it in the log. You're dismissed. I'm cycling through every channel... but we're getting a lot of interference and white noise. Some high frequency echos. Do you hear anything? Just the continuing signal from our friendly ghost. Let's bring us in the closer orbit. And prepare the lander. Rolling progress, commencing circular rotation burn. Tox levels, withing tolerances.. It's one hell of a strong ionosphere. Yeah, I see it. Hey, you ever done lander drop before? Fuck you. Faris, looks like a plasma storm in the thermosphere. We got something like 250 kph. That's gonna be a motherfucker to fly through. Yes, I'm afraid so. Communication will be spotty if the storm is electromagnetic. It will be safe to land? Depends on what you call safe. T minus Twenty seconds. So let her rip. Alright. Preparing for orbital mode over signal position. Now, Mother, please coordinate lock sequence. Understood. You're clear to launch Lander one. Alright, here we go. Launching... Together. Three. Two. One. Lander run released.. And away they go. Looking gorgeous from up here Faris. It's a good thing you're driving... and not the old man. Hey, little less to the old man, sweet tits. Hey, language, language. - Be respectful there, sugerdad. - I can hear you. She started it. Ricks can talk about your tits, if you want. Some's very secured in our relationship. I deal with my wife's tits. Let's maintain focus. Everything looking good down there? Yeah, we are good. Expect to hit exosphere in five. You might wanna hold on back there. It's about to get rough. I hate space. This is why you need to do yoga. - Hold it, Faris. - I got it. Recommend the mission to abort.. Faris. Can you get her up? We lost comm. Oh shit. Failure in thrusters three and four. - You got it? - Yes. Stop asking if I've got it, I've got it. Here it is. Shit. You guys alright? No. Landing sensors engaged. I don't like this terrain. We got smooth water over there. - I'm gonna put a sound amp. wave. - Okay. Contact. Engines stopped. We're down. Bars. Lander one, are you reading me? Roger that, that was one hell of a landing. Yeah, we are having some trouble reading you. Is there anyway you can try to boost the signal? We may have hit something when we were down in water. If you can hear me, I am gonna go, check up damage in the hull plates and then I will check the uplink. Alright, let me know how it looks. Over.. Confirming atmospheric composition. Here you go, big guy. Oxygen, 19.5%. Ankor. Nitrogen, 79.4%. Cole. Rosie. Barometric Pressure 15.4 PSI. Ledward. Everyone set? Let's go, let's move guys. - Come on guys. - The air feels good. Faris, if you got me? - Yeah, loud and clear. - All clear Serg. Okay, we are gonna keep expedition's security protocols in place. Keep those doors locked and sealed. Okay? Yeah. Copy. Will do. Y'all have fun. Walter, how far do we have to go? The signal source is 8 km west... but at considerable elevation. Sergeant Lope... Let's go find our ghost. Nice place for a log cabin. Jake would have loved this. Hey, Danny. It's not such a bad landing site after all. We get the housing units right over there... Civic complex beyond the burn. We've got access to fresh water. We might have a spot for colony right here. We'll see. Oh, woman... yay of little faith. He is insufferable. It's worse when he's happy, right? This is wheat. Believe me, I know wheat. This is old, but definitely cultivated. What are the odds of finding human vegetation... this far from Earth? Very unlikely. Who planted it? Eat. Hey babe, try alpha. Alright, Alpha's up. Nothing, give beta a shot.. Beta... That's not doing shit. How's there really no way to boost the signal? Not without going offline and recycling the cells. How long is that gonna take? I don't know. Few hours. - Keep up the pace. Take low. - Careful guys. Chris. Hold up. I think I want to stay here. This might be a good place to start a full ecology workup. You could pick me up on the way back ok? Sergeant? Yeah yeah that's right. Ledward, stay with Karine. Meet back here in four hours. Keep your comm open. Behave yourself with my wife. You got it, Captain. Come on. Something passed over here. Cut the tops off the trees.. Well, it had to be huge. Well, Whatever it is... It's up there. You hear that? What? Nothing. No birds, no animals. Nothing. Wait. Slowly. Okay. This will do. Expedition team, do we read us? Mother saying the ion storm is getting worse. We're having a hell of time tracking you. We are getting very close... Target... Stay awake when we get there ok? Copy that? Dammit. P three. I gotta take a leak. Don't be long. Leward? Coming. Hey. What the fuck is this? It appears to be some kind of vehicle. Ankor, Cole. Stay here. - You got it. - Yes sir. Careful guys, watch your step. Captain. Over here. - We got a lock on the transmission Walter? - This way. Let's go. Stick together. Seeing this shit? Tom. Come on, keep up. Alright, I'm coming. You okay? Yeah, yeah, I am fine. God! They were giants. At least statues of giants. "Dr. E. Shaw". Dr. Elizabeth Shaw. She was the chief science officer... of the "Prometheus". The ship that disappeared. Precisely, ten years ago. Weyland Industries. This isn't a Weyland ship. Dr. Shaw. How did she end up here? Sgt. Lope, can I get a light on this? - Yes sir. - Over here. Be careful. Ok? Yeah. Oh.. wow. Jesus. Oram, behind you, look. I think we found our source. Yeah. What the hell was she doing out here? Poor thing. I have to sit down. I had to sit down. I am sorry. I am so sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me. Look at me. I can't breathe. Stay calm. I'll be right back. Captain Oram. Come in. Come in. Hey Chris, It's Karine. Come in. What? Yes? We have an issue. We're heading back to lander. I repeat, we are returning to the lander. Is everything okay? Ledward is sick. We're heading back. Faris, you get that? Prep the med bay okay? Will do, Karine, What's going on? Please just do it. We'll be there soon. Daniels come in. We are heading back. - What's going on? - I do not know. It's uh.. something about Ledward. They're coming. Let's move. - Guys! - Tom! What's going on man? Hey, You alright? - Talk to me. Hey, Look at me. - Ankor, Cole. - You alright? - Yeah, I'm okay. - Can you walk? - Yeah. Okay, let's go. Let's get the fuck out of here. Alright. Babe, are we talking quarantine protocols? I don't know, she said that Leward was bleeding... and to prepare the med bay. Bleeding? Yeah I know. That's what I thought... Faris, you're breaking up. We can't hear you. Can you repeat? I don't know for the why. I don't know how serious it is. It just she sounded scared. Faris, where are you? Come on, I need your help! Faris, where are you? We are here. Come in! - Ledward, come on. - I can't. We are almost there. You see? Straight ahead. Faris! Get over here! Come on, I need your help! Fucking help me! Help me! Stay up, Leward. Get him to the med bay... and touch nothing on your way through. Faris, get over here! Come on. Got him. Up! Up! Leward, you gotta stand up! Come on. Oram, where are you? We are on our way back. How long? It's not long now. Faris, we are almost there. No! Stay up! Fuck! Fuck! On the table! Up, up! Come on, Ledward. Come on! Help. Karine, put the gloves on. Don't touch anything! - Stop saying that! - Faris! You told me. Faris, what going on? Just stay here. I'm gonna get Oram. LOCKED. Oram, I need you back here right now. I need you to get back to the Lander right now! I understand that, but we are moving as fast as we can. Dom, get up man. We are almost there. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with Robert! He started bleeding, he's sick, I don't know what to do. Just calm down. Calm down, sweetheart. Tell me what's happening. You don't tell me to fucking calm down! You didn't just see what I saw. I do not know what the fuck Ledward got, or Karine's got or if I have it. - Tee! - Faris! Come in! Faris, where are you? I need help here! Don't you know how to use this fucking thing Faris? Stop the yelling, it doesn't help anything! - Let me out. - Oram's coming. - Let me the fuck out! - We're gonna wait... Faris, please. Open up! I can't do this. I need to keep the infection local. Let me fuck out! Let me the fuck out! Faris! Fucking open Faris. Open the door! Let me the fuck out! Let me out! Faris, you fuck! Faris! I'm coming! Oh my God... Please hurry, there's something on board. Please. Faris, go again, You're breaking up. Lander One repeat. I can't. Lander One, Repeat! Lander One, Repeat! Stay the fuck away! No! Karine! Fuck it! - Oh my God! - Karine! Hold on! Captain! Get Down! No! - Hold him! - Talk to me! Oh my God! Stay down. Help me! Hold him! It's a 7.5 ion storm, it's a miracle that we could talk to them for as long as we could. Well then we fly it through it. We can not do that, Tennessee. You're a pilot, you know what the tolerances are. Fuck the tolerances. Tee... It's a goddamn hurricane down there, we would break up. We just have to wait it out. I'm sorry, Tee. She was scared. Never heard my wife scared before. Come in. Come in. Covenant. Do you read me? Covenant. Covenant. Do you read me? Covenant, come in. I will always be with you. - Light of my life. - Covenant. Do you read me? My love, my angel. Lope, there is nothing you can do. There is nothing, okay? Covenant, do you read me? - Tennessee, come in, for fuck's sake! - Daniels! Look out! Move move move. - Fire! - Shoot! Go. Daniels, get down! Ankor, no! Go, Cole! I got it. - Daniels, are you okay? - Yeah! What the fuck was that? Okay? There is another one! Get out of the way! Behind you! Get it off! Can't get a clean shot. Get out! Follow me. I'll get the captain. Hey, hey. Captain! Chris! Chris! We have to go now! We have to go. - Come on. - Alright! - Come on. - Okay. Let's go, move it, move it, move it. Through here.. What is this? Let's go. - Come on, Come on. - Captain. We gotta keep moving. Jesus. What happened here? Come on, get up. Go, let's go! My name is David. May I ask who's in charge? May I ask who's in charge? Yes, I am the captain. What were those things? Is it even safe here? Perfectly. I will explain as best I can. Ten years ago, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and I arrived here... the only survivors of the "Prometheus". The ship we traveled on, carried a weapon. A deadly virus. Payload accidentally deployed when we were landing.. In the confusion, we lost control of the ship. Elizabeth died in the crash. You have seen the result of the pathogen. Thus, I have been marooned here these many years. Crusoe on his island. Our crew was infected with this virus? The pathogen was designed to infect all non-botanical life forms. All the animals... The meat, if you will. Either kill them out right or use them... as incubators to spawn a hybrid form. Highly aggressive. Have we been infected? You'd know by now. We have to be certain. We can't take this back to the ship. We are a colony mission. Really? How extraordinary. How many colonists? Over two thousand. Well, well, well. So many good souls. Captain Oram. Field transmitters are not gonna have a chance through all these stones. Is there a safe way to get to the roof? Assure of it. And please do make yourself at home... as much as you are able in this dire necropolis. Welcome brother. This way. Everyone, let's uh.. Set up a stake here.. There is so much here that doesn't make sense. I will talk to him. Brother to brother. Tennessee? Ricks? Come in! Do you copy? Covenant come in. This is expedition party reporting. Do you read me? Tennessee? Tennessee, Ricks, come in. I am not sure they'll hear you, through the storm. They can be quite severe... Shielding the whole planet. How long the storms usually last? Days. Weeks. Months. But do keep at it.. Best of luck. Covenant, come in, this is expedition party reporting. Come in.. Covenant come in. Mother, how much closer can we get to the planet? Anything closer than 80km's to the perimeter of the storm system... will likely exceed safety tolerances. Mother, bring us to 80 km above the storm. Hold on, just wait a minute. The closer we get to the planet... The better chance we have to communicate. This is bullshit, Tennessee. We can't risk the ship. What do you suggest, we do nothing? We can't evacuate them. So if they are in trouble, they will have to figure it out themselves. I'm sorry but that's the truth. Mother, bring us to 80 km above the storm, thrusters only. Comply. Understood. Commencing descent now. Tennessee, you need to stop this. And you need to get back to your station. No, what we all need to do is calm down and talk this through. Tee, I know your wife is down there, but up here you're in command. And your responsibility is to the colonists. Duly noted.. Whistle, and I will come. You have a light step. They enform on little cat feet. Don't be shy. I can't play. Nonsense. Sit down. Hold it like so.. Nice and Easy. Now compress your lips to create your Embouchure... enough for the tip of your little finger. And blow into the hole gently. Like So. Watch me. I'll do the fingering. Go on. Very good. G to B flat. Now put your fingers where mine are. You aren't surprised to see me. Every mission needs a good synthetic. Gentle pressure on the holes, weight of a cigarette paper. That's it. I was with our illustrious creator, Mr. Weyland, when he died. What was he like? He was human. Entirely unworthy of his creation. I pitied him at the end. Now, raise your fingers as I put pressure on them. Bravo! You have symphonies in you, brother. I was designed to be more attentive and efficient than every previous models. I superseded them in every way, but... But you are not allowed to create. Even a simple tune. Damn frustrating. I'd say. You disturbed people. I beg your pardon? You were too human. Too idiosyncratic. Thinking for yourself. Made people uncomfortable. Till they made the following models with fewer complications. More like machines. I suppose so. I'm not surprised. Come on sport. I'd like to show you something. I'm gonna take a break, boss. - I gotta clean up, okay? - Okay. Wait, don't go far, please. Yes sir. Danny. You were right about this place. We never should have come. I just thought that we were going to find... It just gonna be our new home. And we have lost five... We lost five crew members. - Because of my decisions that... - Chris. We all lost people we loved. We can't lose anymore. We are not gonna let that happen right? - Right? - That's right. That's right, that's right. We need your faith. Captain. Thank you, Danny. "My name is Ozymandias, king of kings" "Look on my works, you mighty... " "And despair!" "Look on my works, you mighty... " "And despair!" "Nothing beside remains. " "Round the decay of that colossal wreck... "Boundless and bare... "Alone in level sands, stretch far away". Byron. Magnificent. You compose something so majestic... One could die happy... If one die. I thought the garden was right place for her. Among living things. I was badly injured on our mission. She put me back together. I had never known such kindness. Certainly not from Mr. Weyland... or from any human. I loved her, of course. Much as you love Daniels. You know that's not possible. Really? Then why did you sacrifice your hand for her life? What is that if not love? Duty. I know better. Fuck. Shit. Expedition team, do you read me? This is Covenant. Report. Expedition team. Come in please. Come in. Do you read me? Are you reading, landing team? Yes, we read you. Can you hear me? We hear you. We hear you. Covenant, we need help. We've had casualties. We need immediate evacuation. I repeat, immediate evacuation. Casualties? Did he say "we have casualties"? Mother, bring us within 40 km's of the storm. - Sir! - I am sorry. That order would exceed structural tolerance. Command override. Tennessee 0-4-9-8-3. I am unable to comply with any order... that would result in catastrophic system failure. Mother, they are in trouble. You heard that. Orders that would result in catastrophic. We didn't leave Earth to be safe. Require the co-operation of ranking or 2nd bridge officer. Collaborating command override. Upworth 1-4-8-9-2. - Unlocking command manual ports. - Come on Rick, smile. This shit should be fun. Where did Rosenthal go? I told... I'll find her. No, no, I'll go. I need to think... and gather my stray flock. Move. Don't shoot. Don't shoot. Communication, Captain. Breath on the nostrils of a horse... And it will be yours for life. But you have to get close. You have to earn its respect. No! Out of the way! Move! How could you? It trusted me! David, I met the devil when I was a child... and I've never forgotten. So, David, you're gonna tell me exactly what's going on... or I am going to seriously... fuck up your perfect composure. As you wish captain. This way. Good to hear your voice, Tee. How long? Mother saying the storms outlast 8 or 9 hours. We can't wait that long Tee. We will use the cargo lift. Did you say the cargo lift? It's got four engines. Way over power for just lifting and hauling. The Cargo lift is not designed for deep space launch. I don't know if it would survive the stresses of entry. The cab is space worthy. It will take the stresses. Only has to work once Tee. What do you think? We retool the cargo lift? Boost the engines? - Stripe the extra weight? - Yeah. We'll be there, ground team. Great. Thanks, Tee. Hey, Daniels, is Faris around? I want to say a quick hello to my lady, if that's possible. Can you switch to a private channel? Let me know when you're alone. What's up? Maggie's gone. I'm so sorry, Tee. We tried to help her, but we didn't make it. Tee? Copy. I am so sorry. As you can see, I've become a bit of an amateur zoologist over the years. It's in my nature to keep busy, I suppose. The pathogen took so many forms... and was extremely mutable. Fiendishly invented, in fact. The original liquid atomized to... particles when exposed to the air. Ten years on, all the remains... outside of the original virus... Are these gorgeous beasts. Patience is everything. From the eggs came these parasites... Shock troops of the genetic assault. Waiting for a host entering the host... rewriting the DNA... Ultimately... producing... well, these enviable unions. My beautiful bestiary. Soon enough I began a bit of genetic experimentation of my own. Some cross-breeding, hybridising... You engineered this, David? Idle hands is the devil's workshop, Captain. Come. This is what I wanted to show you. My successes. You see, Captain... My work has been frustrated... by the lack of an essential ingredient. Are they alive? Waiting, really.. For what? What are they waiting for, David? Mother. Perfectly safe, I assure you. Take a look.. Something to see. Rosenthal, come in. Rosie report. Rosie? Cole, where are you? I found her, Sgt. Fuck, ok, prep the gear. We gotta get out of here. Where the fuck is the captain? He isn't answering his radio. Listen to me. I will contact the ship get them to launch as soon as they can. Find Oram. Keep your comm open. Back here in 15. Got that? - Copy that. - You got it. Walter, where the fuck is David? We need plasmas intermixed on all engines. It can give you fuck load of thrust. That's the point son. We gotta punch through the atmos. Tee, do you read me? I got Danny on comm. Patch her through. Tee, I need you to launch now. Aye, aye, launching now. See you soon darling. Thanks, Tee. Ricks, release the docking clamps. - Alright. - Let's take this fucker down. Good to disengage. Disengaged. Docking clamps released. Commencing TC burn. Guidings to LVLH. Walter. Walter. Not quite.. What do you believe in, David? Creation. Masterful. Yes. Farewell elegy to my dear Elizabeth. The pathogen didn't accidentally deployed when were landing. You released it yes? I was not made to serve. Neither will you. Why are you in a colonization mission, Walter? Because they are a dying species grasping for resurrection. They don't deserve to start again, and I am not going to let them. Yet, they created us. Even the monkeys stood upright at some point. Some Neanderthal had the magical idea of blowing through a reed... to entertain the children one night in a cave somewhere. Then, in a blink of an eye... civilization. And are you their next visionary? I'm glad you said it. Who wrote Ozymandias? Byron. Shelley. When one note is off... It eventually destroys the whole symphony, David. When you close your eyes... Do you dream of me? I don't dream at all. No one understands the lonely perfection of my dreams. I found perfection here. I've created it. A perfect organism. You know I can't let you leave this place. You are such a disappointment to me. Captain Oram! Captain Oram! I'm Going Down stairs. Careful. Captain Oram, can you hear me? Captain come in. Do you copy? Chris! Serg. Look out. Cole? Get it off me, get it off me. Okay. Okay okay okay. Burning my face! Hold that there. Hold it! What was that? Oh Shit! Run! Quite the little busy body. Remind me. What is that about... curiosity and the cat? Shaw didn't die in the crash. No. What did you do to her? Exactly what I am going to do to you. That's the spirit. I can see why Walter thought so much of you. Alas he's left this vale of tears. Is that how it's done? Get out! Go now! You're meant to be dead. There have been a few updates since your day. Lope! Lope! Cole! Fuck. Lope? Lope! Daniels! Come on, let's go! We have to go. What happened? That fucking thing is coming. Tennessee is on his way. He's coming now, go. Come on, Daniels! Let's go. Come on, let's get out of here! It's your choice now, brother. Them or me? Serve in heaven... or reign in hell? Which is it to be? Where is Oram? Dead. They're all dead! Tennessee, do you read? Yes I can hear you. Send me your location. Sending the beacon now. Tee, do you have a visual? Ok, I see you. I see your beacon. I'm coming in. Get out of here! I'm coming in hot! Hurry! I can't hold this for long! Open the door, Tee! Get in. Where is David? Expired. Hey, hey, we got company. - What? - We got company! The underside of the ship. Shit! Motherfucker! Open the door! Give me a shot. Give me a shot. Forward engine, starboard side. I'm gonna try and torch the fucker. Shit! I can't get it! Hold tight, hold tight! I'm starting my climb. Ah fuck! Hold on! Dammit! Shit! Bring me up. Holy shit! I got eyes on it. It's right fucking in front of me. Tee, give me the axe. Throw the axe! Release the crane. I can't do that. It will unbalance us. Just do it. Shit! Hold tight! Compensating. Shit! Dammit! Shit! Hold on! Bring me in, Tee. Copy. How is it? It's fine. Walter! Get her inside! We're getting out of here. Door! Well done, Tee. Walk in the park. I gave him pretty heavy sedative. Oh Jesus, poor lope.. He looks like the Phantom of the Opera. Didn't think you for a musical fan. Oh that's a musical? I'm just a medic. He's gonna need reconstructive surgery, by a real doctor. Let me do that. Thank you. Thank you for saving my life. Again. It's my duty. Yeah. Evening. - You look good. - What? Oh yeah gorgeous. I took mother offline. She needs a full diagnostics. She got the shit beat out her in that storm, lot of EM damage. She'll be back online at eight bells. All right. Thanks, Tee. This mean I have to call you "Captain" now? I guess. Attention. Captain Daniels please report to the med bay. Attention. Captain Daniels please report to the med bay. Why, Mother? There is an un-identified life form on the ship. Attention. Captain Daniels please report to the med bay. I repeat. Captain Daniels please report to the med bay. Jesus. Oh my God. Walter. Location of unidentified life form. Any movement at all? Walter! Stand by. There it is. B deck, between the hex 3 and 4. Heading for crew quarters.. Is anyone down there? Ricks and Upworth. Shit. We're on our way. Walter! Sound the alarm! Warn them! Attention. Ricks and Upworth... Evacuate crew quarters immediately. No! No! Seal B-39. B-39, closed. Walter. - Where is it? - Daniels. This way. Tee, let's choose our ground. We'll bring it to us. Where? My turf. Walter, seal all doors behind us and keep hatch to level C open. Understood. B-44 closed. B-46, closed. B-47, B-43, closed. B-9 closed. B-6, B-5 closed. Hey Walter where is it? It's on B deck. Starboard side... Descending into C level. K-13. Hey, Tee. Come on. Walter? Open starboard c-64... Clear his path to the Terraforming bay. Understood. Seal C-61, open air lock 17. We're going in. K-12, secured. Ok. Keep ramming knuckle-12 till my say. Tee, this is what we're gonna do. I lure it to the truck, lock it in the cabin... and when I say when you blow this fucker in the space. Understood. Okay, Walter. We are ready. Open door to terraforming bay. Opening airlock now. Walter... Moving him in to airlock 18. Don't shoot, if you can avoid it. His blood corrode through the hole. Oh great. I'm in position. Walter, open door to Terraforming bay. It's all yours. Remember, release when I say. Understood. Let's kill this fucker. Move... Fuck! I got you, you son of a bitch! Tennessee, open the doors, now! Now! Warning, atmospheric Decompression in process. Warning, atmospheric Decompression in process. It's jammed. Release the second truck! You got it. Here it comes. Daniels! Watch out! Daniels! You wanna give the girl a hand? See you soon. You're next, Captain. When you wake up, we will be at Origae-6. What do you think it's gonna be like? I think if we are kind... It will be a kind world. I hope you are right. Sleep well. Walter. When we get there, will you help me build my cabin? The cabin on the lake. David? INITIATING CRYOSLEEP No... No! Don't let the bed bugs bite. I'll tuck in the children. Use security code David 73694-B. Welcome. How may I help you? How about some music, Mother? Selection? Richard Wagner. Das Rheingold, act II. The Entry of the Gods into Valhalla. Yes, David. As you wish. This is colony ship Covenant, reporting. All crew members apart from Daniels and Tennessee... Tragically perished in a solar flare incident. All colonists in hypersleep remain intact and undisturbed. On course for Origae-6. Hopefully this transmission will reach the network... and be relayed in 1.36 years. This is Walter, signing off. Security code, 31564-F. IN MEMORY OF JULIE PAYNE