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WONDER London MALACCA STRAIT - 1874 Lord, no debris on both sides! Sand or reef, I can not say it! Captain, Malays pirates cornered us. We have to surrender! Deliver the boat of my father, neither is guaranteed to survive, Mr. Phelps. The fund is low. Line, extended candles! Captain, the ship will run aground there. That’s impossible! Know my opinion of that word, Mr. Phelps. extended sails. Extended Candles! Candles extended boys. Extended Candles! Harper turns to port. If turns to port with outstretched sails, we will overturn the ship! Exact! Extended Candles! We have not got all day! The bottom line is very low! We need all the candles! It’s going to roll! Do not let go! He did it, Captain. The only way to achieve the impossible … It is convinced that it is possible. It sets the course to London, Harper. Our work here is done. Hurry up my friends! We are going home. ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS WORLDWIDE CHARLES Kingsleigh Captain ground! Captain. - Mother! - Go. Here you are, at last. Miss Kingsleigh? To you. Wonder and the expected a year ago. There were complications, pirates and other things. The letters are in my cabin. And could tell Lord Ascot, I need to talk to him right away? I fear that Lord Ascot died while still at sea. The title has passed to his son. - Hamish? - So is. Now chairs the Council. How unfortunate! Your letters were so rare. I have no idea where were you all this time. Mother, China is incredible! We toured the Yangtze River to the interior of the continent. Many villagers had not seen … a person with blond hair in her life. - Never you afraid? - Of course! But when I had it, I thought about my father. You sound like him. I miss him! I also. But the years pass quickly for me now. Time is a very cruel master. Time is a thief and a villain. I heard the Ascot celebrate Hamish and his succession tonight. Perfect! There you go. I fear that our invitation was lost in the mail. Silly stuff! Lady Ascot once said he would always be welcome. In addition I have a proposal to Hamish. Hamish got married last year, Alicia. It seems that recovered from your public rejection. A business proposition mother. Did you go again? As soon? There … Affairs here that … You may benefit a little of your attention. After my next trip, you will not worry about anything. Are you allowed me worry about tonight? I wish you had used the yellow dress. If he was worthy for Empress Dowager of China … It will be worthy for Ascot. You always have to be so stubborn? No, I enjoy myself more that way. Sorry. How intriguing! It looks like a circus artifact. Miss Kingsleigh? What are you doing here? Vine a dar mi reporte a Lord Ascot. Clear. Well, Sigame. Helen? But what a surprise! Alicia? Whoops! Welcome Home. We feared and never come back to our ship. My ship. Hola Hamish. It is proper to refer to my husband like Lord Ascot. That is why we organized this little meeting, after all. Miss Kingsleigh … This is my wife, Alexandra. The new Lady Ascot. So… Hamish tells me that you traveled the world the last three years. Yeah, I just got back. Well, how was it? - The world? - If. Very enjoyable, you should visit sometime. I apologize for the intrusion Lord Ascot … but I came to give my report. Of course. Miss Kingsleigh follow me. Gentlemen, I present here the young Alice Kingsleigh. Miss Kingsleigh the Council. Good night gentlemen. The world opens before us, but we must move quickly. In my opinion you have to send expeditions to the Wu River and … I’m sorry Miss Kingsleigh, there will be no more expeditions. What? Now, there is a vacancy in our offices. You will start filing … but with time… This is not China, right? Is it because you refused, when you asked me to marry you? I’m sorry Miss Kingsleigh, but this is all we can do for you. No other company is willing to employ women. Much less women, Capitanas boat. You can not do this! I own 10% of the company. Your father chose those actions for me! Correction… He is the arrrived to your mother, then I sold them a year ago, while you were gone … along with the note from home. His house? Which I will deliver you to change your ship. But it was my father that ship! So is! Just give me the ship and recover the house. Report back to work early Monday … and you will receive a salary and a pension. And give the Wonder? If not, we can not help you. Or your mother. Alicia! Alicia. - Alicia … - How could you sell the stock? Everything I do is for you, Alicia. To give you a decent start in life. He was captain of a ship, five minutes ago. Being Captain, it is no job for a woman! Time is against you and you are being careless about it. Before, I thought he could do … six impossibilities before breakfast. That’s a childhood dream Alice. The Wonder is just a ship! It is not "just a ship." It’s my father’s ship! Everything he loved, everything I love! He would never have let this happen! Well, he’s no longer here! You can not do things to be as you wanted. Every woman must face that Alicia. I did. The last thing I want is to end up like you. Wonder deliver. And give up the impossible. Who will I be then? You Alicia, of course. All! All! Step upstream months, dressed like the natives … and we know that makes foreign to the mind of a man things, What will make you a woman? Wait! It’s like his father, a great man indeed. But with a touch of madness. It seems that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Absolute … What curious! It is closed, there is someone there. Who’s there? Someone looked for the key! Lord Ascot, someone in your studio! What curious! Curiosesco, curiosesco! Oh no! No again! my gentlemen, my men, to the rescue! I want the first pieces come together, form a line. Here! How do I look? Tell me, what will endure. It does not seem as full as they say. It is the empty shell of a man. Oh please! You always do that joke. What do you mean joke? I am sorry. Clumsy as ever and twice as naive. I never thought you’d understand dear. All. Sorry girl, need this. You left too long Alicia. And he will be gone … Soon. Who is gone? What else it happened? Everything will be clearer with the passage of time. For now, hurry up! And look carefully where you step. Hi. Alicia. Alice, who like to finally be here! It’s that girl again. Alice, you’re back! Do not you be nice to her! I’m late! Did I come at a bad time? On the contrary, we were afraid you were not ya come. What’s up? Is the Mad Hatter. Or the Mad Hatter is. - The first. - No, the second. Tweedles… - This crazy. - Crazy? Yes, I know. It is your muchness. That’s what makes it so … He. But it has been overshadowed. - It is no fun. - Laugh is prohibited. And no trick us, has made smile a bit. We were hoping you, will help us to save him. What happened? There was a big storm. We ventured into the forest Turgut, to investigate. Let’s see, quadruped. Look for it! Your turn. Bring the wand! The Hatter was the same crazy as ever. Until he saw … In this blue paper hat. Somehow he reminded, the tragedy of his family. Murdered by the Jabberwocky, in horrorefico day. Many years ago. And he is no longer the same. But… If anything can revive him, it is to see you again. - So is. - If. He’s right. Well, where is he? It’s up there. Get away! You can not pass! I’m Mad Hatter, Alice. Alicia! Are you! And you’re here! If it’s you, is not it? Yes, it’s me. Good. You’re the one. But, but you’ve always been Alice. And I know why’ll believe me. You’d be surprised Hatter! It’s my family, Alicia. Your family? Yes, my family. I lost many years ago. Or so I thought. Look. I found this. The first hat I did. I believed destroyed many years ago. It is impossible to be here and yet … Here it is. And if the hat survived … my family should have. But I do not know if … I thought I was not worthy of the name Hightopp. It was someone so severe my father. But in his horribly … When I had the opportunity, I did not tell her I was sorry. But this means … I can now fix things. Sombrerero… your family… You … you if I think, right Alice? You want to do it, is that … Sombrerero… You are not right! What I can do? Of course… My Alicia … You can bring my family. But … Hatter … Happens that… Your family died. Long ago, you told me so yourself. Nobody can recover. No more than you. I am sorry! But it is … It is impossible. Your… Do not you! Hatter, please … Get out of here! I do not know who you are. You’re not my Alice. My Alicia believe in me. Sombrerero! Hatter please! Please! We have to do something. He is seriously ill. I fear that … agonize. Ay, no! Ay, no! Ay, no! Alicia can not lose, we can not … I said back to her family, it will ease. But that, you can not. - Unless other. - What? Unless there was a way. No no no no no. Can not! Can not! What’s going on? It is risky, dangerous. It’s asking too much! That thing is?! Alicia… You must go back in time. Oh no! You return to the past to save the family Hatter. If fantasy becomes reality Hatter … It would ease completely, then. Go back in time? How do I do it? The Chronosphere. Excuse me, what the time trial? The Chronosphere. It is the source of power of the Great Clock of all time. The legend says that only with her … you will achieve cross the ocean of time. We can not use it, because we were in the past. And if you happened to see … your future to go. What happened? He never in history has happened to us, but it is said that if that were to happen, all, history is back. That sounds very dangerous. It is, extremely. Because you’re not from around here, only you can use Alice. It is not impossible, only, not possible. Hatter’s my best friend, if you need me, I’ll help. No matter what. We help, I knew. Exactly where does the Chronosphere is? The safeguards Time is yours. As you say? Is time a someone? He lives in a vacuum of infinity, in a house of eternity. Here, a mile past the pendulum. How cold! Search Castle of Time. Ask the Chronosphere. Travel back to horrorefico day. Save the family Hatter was killed. And so, save the Hatter. If and try not to break the past, present or future. Just I am trying to help. What can go wrong? good trip, Alicia. Hatter counting on you. We all do. Hello? Anyone here? Hello? Stupid corridor, with my silhouette. Perhaps is this day, it never end? It adheres to my sweaty like a pair of pants! INFRATERRANOS ALIVE Who stopped? Who his tic, toc stopped doing? His toc, tic stopped making. Brilliam… Hinkle… Brilliam Hinkle… your time is up. Must be put in the right place. INFRATERRANOS DECEASED A far Hank Henk … Higgins. Highbottom. They have not arrived yet. Highton. Highville, Himbleby. Hinkle! I hope you knew you to be happy and use your time. Goodnight. Who’s there?! Ya the vi! How did you go inside? That’s impossible. Get out and twisted filthy worm! It’s a girl. Please! I do not want to bother you, I just need a moment of your time. Weather! Young lady … I am the time! Infinity, The eternal, the inmortal… The immeasurable. Unless you have a watch. And time being, I distribute a part of me. So you can have me. Do you understand what I’m saying? - If. - Really? - Do you promise to be very concise? - Yes, it will be a pleasure. Because if there’s one thing I hate, are the … people who are ineffective, useless, or … In… In… Incompetents. To form short sentences. My friend is in mortal danger and … Already your incessant babble me sick! I have important work to do. Please… You did not answer my question. One minute, why loads that soldier fallen in your pocket? Show me. This broken, kaput. It was my father, I will never part of it. All eventually they separated from what they most want, dear. Admire… The magnificent Great Clock of all time. It is in me and I in him as well. And all that will be and already was. I wrote that poem. And do not forget, are very attentive. Ah, Wilkins! Shoulders back, eyes forward. How are you, my invincible machine? - As it is … - Silence! Just you talk, when you talk … You just talk to you! Nonsense, the Wilkins machine … How is it going? Hi. And you who would you be? These tiny craftsmen are my seconds. What curious! And I suppose that every second counts. I counting wanted. They are somewhat stupid. How rude of me! Sorry. I’m surrounded by morons. Come on! So… Your question, what is? You have exactly one minute. It is the Hat, Tarrant Hightopp, It is a great friend of mine. He recently became convinced that his late family, still alive. Of course, your family may not be alive. Because the Jabberwocky, killed her in the horrorefico day. And I discovered the Jabberwocky, the frabuloso day. And I want your permission to take the Chronosphere and so … Does Chronosphere? That was not a minute. Do you want to borrow? Evading? Embargarla? And. What you want is to shut history. The Chronosphere energizes the Great Clock. But I need it! Without it, I can not save the Hatter and I have to … Wilkins! Wilkins! - Bolt stupid! - Wilkins! Do I call you sir? Wilkins, please departs this … golden-haired girl here. Right away sir. We do not want intruders. Thank you for everything sir. Walk, walk! My what? For your time. Young lady, you can not change the past, but I’ll tell you something, You could learn something from him. Come on girl! The generation today! Now, you came young. Do not stop until you leave. See you! - Wilkins! - Yes sir? It came Iracebeth is here. - I’m coming sir! - Quick, run! Let’s see here, I have a few good seconds. Behind! Keep in line! - Your Highness! - I’m Your Majesty! Majesty… my lord is waiting in the Great Hall. - Should announce? - Needless! I can announce. Tic-toc, where are you? Tic-toc, where are you? Tic-toc? I’m coming sweetheart. - My gift! - Of course. My heaven… your head today, looks very, very beautiful and large. I present, a gift. Made entirely of love. With a bit of metal and wood, of course … I know how much you love the little things. I will treasure forever. What fun! Ay no! The Chronosphere … What ails my heaven? You already know what I want! But my love, and I did a lot for you … Yes, yes, I know right! But I do not see … With me immense mind and … Your little Chronosphere … I could take revenge for my sister. And then reign in the past, present … and the future. You ask the impossible, dear. I can not give Chronosphere. Whatever you do, if you loved me! Nobody loves Me, - No one fear me … - But … But I do love you. - Kiss? - Oh no! The Great Clock! - Wilkins! - I’m behind you sir.. Tic-toc? The second minutes are made. Tic-toc? Forsake me not when I’m angry! But what about you? The Chronosphere … Alicia…! No! Detnganla! Detnganla fools! Jalam What idiot put a sign? - You, my lord. - Thank you for admitting your mistake. Idiot! How do I address? Alto, enough! Stop, small fretting! No no no! How do I look? Tell me, what will endure. It is the empty shell of a man. It’s like a boat. Straight line. Let’s see, quadruped. Look for it. The Hatter? Milliner neglected … I will save you and your family. Alicia! That Alicia … destructive … My-baby-Jabber Wocky. The full fair reason …! By which I was expelled from my kingdom! - That Alicia? - Moron! I want his head! Sir Are you all right? Has started. Without Chronosphere … the Great Clock will stop working. Time itself will stop me. And all in Underland perish! Did I … said perish? Wilkins, your duty is to prevent the Great Clock stops. I do, but as I will … I mean … of course sir. And I, I will look for the girl. What’s going on? You must have the Chronosphere. Beware dear Alicia. All our hopes fly with you. The horrorefico day! Your! Give me what’s mine! Give it back, or will be nothing left. Came back! Came back! You can not win a race against time. I’m … Inevitable! Sombrerero? Sombrerero? Are you! It’s you again! If I’m not, I would be. - We know each other? - If! Well no, not yet. I feel like I know you, how strange! If we saw once when I was a child. I remember I fear no longer. It is because that has not happened yet. And when it will happen? When you’re older, within a few years. I’ll see you when you’re a girl and older? I know it does not make much sense. It made sense to me. I am Tarrant. I know, I’m Alicia. Alicia, your time is a little confused. He is not confused, in fact it is somewhat angry with me. You really are crazy. It’s what they told me. - The best people are. - Listen out. I know it sounds strange, but, I have to find your family. Oh, you’re in luck. Here. - Magnificent. - So is! Congratulations dear Mirana, for your coming of age. And now the heiress. The crown, for Princess Iracebeth. Ignorant vassals! Silence! What are you’re doing, you idiot ?! Put it in my head. You’re making me look stupid, I already do! You’re incompetent fool. Silence! The next laugh, there will not laugh again! Iracebeth, please! How do you think you’re going to prevent people laugh? Put a bag over his head. Cover your head! Cover everyone’s head! If and sew their lips! We’ll leave without language. Will cut the ears of all! Y van, y van a… - And they lose fits … - Iracebeth, enough! Iracebeth … I never lost hope that one day you showed the necessary qualities, to become the Queen you were meant to be. I see that that day will never come. Witzend village … After my death, my crown will … A la Princesa Miran. Father, no! But is that … It’s not fair! I’m the oldest! You are not able to reign, Iracebeth. I hate you! I hate you all! And you. I’ll never forget, Hightopp derisive. No, I will suffer … a horrible revenge. If! Slow! Iraci? Do not give me Iraci! You you started it! Why do not you tell the truth? Its what I thought… Nobody loves Me! - Nobody loves Me! - Iraci! Iracebeth? If you ever want to deserve the name Hightopp important … You have to be sane, sober … disciplined. Everything that you’re not now! I just laughed, father. I could not help it, your head is … A bit bulky. You cost him his crown Princess! You know what it means to us? Why ever I do anything right for you? Why do you always have to disappoint me like that? Ya … You said … You said father. If you really disappointed, I guess not regret it if I go. No. Tarrant! My hat please, Mom. Tarrant? - Loss, dile. - No! Please tell that you can stay. Zanik, please! Tarrant? Tarrant? Sombrerero? Hatter, wait! I’m not a hatter. Of course, are the Hatter. Or that you’re going to be when I met you. You should meet my friend Thackery, It is crazy like you. Gustas join the tea? Hatter please you must return to your family. What do you know about my family? They are in danger! They need to warn them of horrorefico day. I have no idea what you mean. And if my father sent you to convince me, You do not! If you do not come back and reconcile, sorry. I know you’ll do it! Maybe later. I lost my father. And the strange thing every day. If you turn away now, you miss your father. It is forever for me, but it need not be forever for you. you can still recover and return to being really you again. You’ll be like him! The last thing I want … It is to end up like my father. Tarrant awaits! You lose your family, and do not you will have done nothing to prevent it! Well, I myself am going to warn. Sr. Hightopp! If you could give me a moment of your time? There’s something really important thing to know. Sr. Hightopp? Excuse us. Meet the misfortune, my sister. Apologizing is not necessary Highness. All Witzend, regrets the day of the accident from his sister. The day of the source. When the clock struck 6 pm I will never forget that night he hit his head on the Plaza. She and I … That moment changed everything. But if that time ever happen …! There would be no horrorefico day … and the Hatter save! Excuse me. Who was this strange girl? Ay, no! Ay, no! Ay, no! But do not worry, we can do it! But not with him. Cheer Tarrant. We will have fun now that you live here. It’s tea time! Twinkle, twinkle little star I do not know where you hid By the sky Who? Greetings, infraterranos. I am Time. The infinite and immortal. The personification of time itself. I know it will seem a somewhat unpalatable concept … but please keep their astonishment soon without rambling. - What’s Majesty? - Nice to meet you, sir. Busco, a thief … of measly intellect. - Your hair … - Yes? Yellowish. His name … Alicia. And what has unfinished business with her? She took something of mine. Not tell you it was. It’s not important, it is a trifle. Arman do not know why all the fuss. Seriously, it’s nothing. I must get it back. But it is not that worry me. As much as possible, what happens, but no matter what happens, I agree. Devulvanmelo! Who knows about this? Well, today you are lucky, timeless! Because right now … - Alicia invite to tea. - But… - Wait, what is an "Alice"? - Shut up! So why do not we …? You come with and sit to wait? - If! - There is no place at the table. There is not. There is plenty of room, plenty of room. Tea for our guest. Tea time! It’s been a wonderful time. You want a cookie? - Cookie! - Do not. So… If you are the person in real time, or live or some silly to cry … Maybe you can answer this. Always ask me, how soon is soon. If I get angry more … Perhaps it will be an eternity. The cake is ours! It’s ours! - It makes me think of someone. - But who? - Oh yeah! - I think it looks a bit like you brother. What nonsense! It’s horrible! Looks more like you. Returns! Hey Tarrant, Tarrant, look at this. You can not see me … And now … Wait a minute, wait a minute, no! Where is that cat? I found you! Defend yourself! On the contrary, you defend yourself. It was my favorite spoon! They give nearly 6 pm Hello! What a pretty head you have! Thank you. A cute head, requires equally cute hat. It’s what my father says. He makes the best hats Witzend. Do you want me to Compile one? Friend. You can create any beret or hat or turban, you see … You ate all the pies! I left the banks. I do not want the banks! If they will not get along, there will be no more cakes to none. Now, out of my kitchen. Bye! Is it true that cures all wounds? Time is on my side. And why not expect the good man? It is that I find the time. Smiling, where were you? You’re late. I’m actually on … Time. Is there a time for everything, eh? They are so dumb they think … I have not heard, their absurd and silly jokes in bad taste. His alleged taunts do not bother me. Hey everyone! Time flies! Enough! I will not lose more than me. I have spent a great time! No. Father looks a client with cute head. Just here. What hat cherishes your heart, madame? How many feathers? With many … Buttons? Good afternoon Miss. Good afternoon sir. The purpose of a hatter … It is to stick to the standards of society. Not be fun. Father, this if it’s fun. And what is? It’s a hat. Oh Tarrant, you did everything backwards! Enough, it’ll ruin! Just leave me… Oh God! Anyway! Morning… I will teach you to make a hat, as it should be. Tarrant? Zanik, you’re too hard on him. Hats is serious business. I can not let her … Frivolous thoughts affect their true potential. Now… And… Yes, I think this hat will it … perfect! Thank you very much, Mr. Hightopp, But I have to leave immediately! What pass a beautiful evening! Where is she? - What are you doing? - Nothing. When did she come? Good… I never said I was … come, dear friend. I just said that the invite. Well done, very clever. Well played sir. - Well played. - Thank you. Are you asked me before so early is early? Let me try to explain, when it is now, yes? Now, here … it is just a minute before teatime. And until the young Alicia, accompany them to the tea … here and now, always be a minute before teatime. For you and these … lunatics! Watch out! Enjoy the present. Time to go. I must regain Chronosphere, it can not be far behind. - It is curious that man. - A gentleman. Goodbye, Time. Incredible to say that. Incredible to say that … I can not move. Hey, what did we? The scoundrel froze us just a minute before teatime. The teatime, forever! Here is hormiguitas … Your new home. What I told the two? No more pies! I did not touch the cakes! Why are crumbs next to your bed? She puts it, ma ‘. Is it true, Mirana? You did it, tell! I tell the truth, Mirana … Did you eat the cakes and put that there? No! You lie, you did! The pies are in your bed. Do not blame your sister. No, it’s not fair! It’s not fair! At the sound 6 pm .. The watch… He was hit with him. No! - He hit his head. - We need help. My head. stupid roses. It is Princess. - It’s the Princess! - Oh no! Is your head well miss? Care, it is puffing … Iracebeth. - Iracebeth! - Where is? Oh my girl! My head… - Embrace my neck. - But it hurts me. Miran. Did you see that? Yes, it was an ugly fall. You can not change the past. Although I’ll tell you something, you could learn something from him. The first hat I made, I believed destroyed many years ago. He kept it. It is impossible to be here and yet … Here it is! And, if the hat survived, my family should have. Higgins. Highbottom. They have not arrived yet. No Hightopps. Still alive. You still are alive! Your complete folly, impress me. You have no concept of what … you have been reckless. Of disasters you’ve caused. Oh, what are we going to do? Soon, where the manual is? Who has the manual? I need the Chronosphere now. You must return to the Great Clock. In horrorefico day. Only I will use again. I must find out what happened to the Hightopp. To be able to rescue them! Not redeem anyone. Wherever you go, I’ll find you. The Great Clock should not stop. You will not achieve … Time to escape. Sorry… But I have to save the Hatter. Alicia! … With my Chronosphere returns. Kingsleigh is the girl. - The girl went crazy. - Take her! Tie them good gentlemen! Alicia… Alicia? Alicia. Where I am? You’re in a mental asylum. How long have I been here? Not much. We found high up in a room of the Ascot. Hamish, he made you sent here. You portabas so strange. They say, you wanted to hide under furniture. And you were talking about the atmosphere? The Chronosphere! Hatter! That’s right, Miss Kingsleigh. I have to return. We’ll see… Uneasy, emotional. It tends to fantasy. A typical case of female hysteria. Incurable, according to many. I disagree completely. But there is nothing wrong with me! Recustate Alicia… recustate. Dr. Bennett, do you really need? - There must be another … - Mr. Harris? I can not be here! Mr. Harris, can meet the Mr. Kingsleigh? We have work to do. Do not be afraid, Alice will heal in no time. Where…? Dr. Bennett, I really have to oppose … Alicia… - Help me! - Run! No. Do not let her escape. If I learned anything be three years in a boat … It is great to tie knots. Oye! It’s my coach! I am sorry. Ali demencia. Resistan Hightopps. Corran! The Hightopp! No. Vengeance is mine. She took them. To the next. Sombrerero! Hatter … Your family still alive. Just if you hear. I am afraid you came too late. Sombrerero? It is is fading! I can not stand to see him falter as well. Ven Mally. Better say goodbye, Alicia. - Come. - If. Hatter, please wake up! Please! Awake! Please wake up! I know what this means now. You did it for your father when you were a kid. A sample of your love, you thought you had discarded. But he kept all these years! He kept it … and now needs your help. I am so sorry! I thought it was impossible. I should have believed you. You believe me? I always believe in you! Are you! It is not like this? Always recognize you. - You’re Alice! - Oh Hatter! I missed you a lot. Me too, darling. But if my family is alive. Why they have not come home? Because they were taken captive by the only person so cruel, to arrest them for all these years. Immense headstrong … Now I will look to the Red Queen … and bring my family home. Hello? How about pets? Caven, caven, caven! Work, work, work! Earthquake! Where have you been? Where is Alice? Where is my Chronosphere? He escaped, jumping into a mirror … - he went. - What? Did you leave out? No, I must find her, - Where is? - Why do you think I know ?! Because she is your enemy. She mentioned … an allusion to the Hightopp. Hightopps. He said he was going to rescue them. What could it mean? I know exactly what it means. Guards, stop him! Veras, from now dear, I’m in charge. I’m slipping. Alicia! Mirana! My family is there … I know. Where is the top? Oh, there are many stairs. - Here it is where we … - split! We will divide together. It is a big castle. Maybe if we did not separate, oh heavens! I can not breathe. Mr/Ms. Hightopp? Hightopps. Hightopps? I will… It is closed, like this. This is the last room! They have to be here. I just know. I know. Father? Mother? Whoever? They are not here? They are not here. They are not here… But I was sure I’d find … I could feel. I am so sorry. Father! Mother! You really are you! They are chiquititos, but … yet you are. Hello Alicia. Take it off! No. Thank you, so kind. You, just entertain me … the most powerful artifact … throughout the Universe. Along with your dear friends. And my dear enemy. - Iraci! - Shut up! I knew we had to stay together. Now look at us! Vegetable stuck in a giant cage. And you what happened to you? Wait, Your Majesty, Stop! You can not change the past, Believe me, I tried. Oh Alicia, you were always an irritating …! And fastidiosa, Cock things! When I return, I will cut off your head … all your friends. And then also your head. Adiosito. Walk you! What is not found with herself! If you do, you will destroy everything! Even now I remember, because I do not tolerate. As timekeeping capability yourself … Of course! Seconds, minutes … Come to 347! The time! It’s the time… this is all my fault. I pilfered the Chronosphere. I think you will have to hurtarla. She ate my nose. Thank you. I think captivating lights, without that nose. Absolutely radiant! Stop. What are we going to do? Yes, what’s the plan? Everything depends on you now, Alice. Time you carry your castle. Hatter and recover the Chronosphere … and will restore the universal order. They understand it? - Of course, of course. - Of course. So what are you waiting for? Go ‘! Where we are? You know where we are. Why are crumbs next to your bed? She puts it, ma ‘. Is it true Mirana? You did it, tell! Tell the truth Mirana … Did you eat the cakes and put that there? No! - Iraci … - Liar! That is not true! This is not good. We have to go now. He has broken the past. Just return the Chronosphere … save us now. Its coming! To-Alicia? Brace yourselves well all. - Do not! - I do not wanna hold! The Chronosphere! I brought back. Alice Run! Maybe if they can achieve. Follow me! Here! I will save toddler. Tic-toc, tic-toc, save the Great Clock! I will not leave you! Lord, Lord! Resist sir! It’s here! The girl cheated on him, and he made him look like a complete idiot! Alicia! Sombrerero! - See you soon brother. - Brother soon. I treasured every moment with you all. Time is over. It can not do it! You need more time, sir. I still do not … My last tic-toc! It seems that my invincible machine … No! It really is… beatable. Now. I can not believe it. I lost something? You’re good? And. Wilkins? Wilkins? -!? Wilkins ?! - Yes sir? There you are. Do not stand still, there is much to do. You do not need a butler, a lady? Wilkins! - They did it! They did it! - If! Hurra Alicia! I always liked that girl! Let go! Why…? Does this always happening to me? Why does not anyone love me? Yo te amo Iraci. It is not true. This is all your fault! I know. I pilfered cakes and lied about it, I … if he told the truth, none of this would have ever happened and … I’m so sorry! If it still is not too late, Can you please forgive me? That’s all I wanted to hear. Only that. Majesty? I apologize for this intrusion … My family is now in … a somewhat tight squeeze. Yes of course. I always liked the little things. EAT ME Thank you. Not too, carefully. Excellent! Very well done son! My family! My dear family! Mother! Your father… you kept my blue hat. I make hats father. I’m a hatter. I always knew you’d be my boy. Everything is fine. If? I know you tried to warn me, but I did not hear. I am sorry. I used to believe that time was a thief. I am stealing everything I love. But… Now I understand that you give, always before removing. And every day is a gift. Every hour, every minute, every second. The fallen soldier. I suppose you ask me to repair it? No. I want you to keep it. He used to say that the only thing worth doing … It is what you do for others. I think he would have liked. They say time is no friend of man. But I’ll always remember. And please … never again. Alicia! Alicia! You have to come to see my family. After all you are the very person who saved them, right? Let’s have lots of fun together! But of course, you have your own family. It is not like this? Family is very important. Just one. Sombrerero… not afraid never see you again. My dear Alicia, in the gardens of memory. In the palace of dreams. That’s where you and I’ll see you. But a dream is not reality! And who tells you, which is which? Alicia did. An impossibility. Not as impossible as you say goodbye. My friends. Goodbye Hatter. Goodbye Alice! Now please… Writing ship of her husband. Just sign here and the house is yours. Mr. Harcourt, time is money! I’m afraid it really is not. Alicia! Time is many things Hamish … but it will never be money. Nor is our enemy, Mother. And you of where you came? I walked through the walls. It may not be able to change the past, but if it learn. Signing the papers mother. Do you want me to sign? But what about the Wonder? It’s just a ship, there will always be another. But you are my mother. I have only one. So you decided to be an employee! I knew you would. Stubborn or not. You’re not a nice man Hamish! I’m glad my daughter did not marry you. Kingsleigh Ma’am? Lady Kingsleigh, no, you can not! He can not … He can not! Alice can do, what Alice choose the end. Like me. Good day. Mother! ALL THE WORLD Higher. Higher. Kingsleigh & Kingsleigh - Perfect! Thank you gentlemen. The Ascot will go bankrupt within a year. Mother! Thank you very much. full cargo aboard, Captain. Do you want to start the maiden voyage of Kingsleigh & Kingsleigh? Time and tide wait no man, Mr. Harcourt. And in this case, a woman. Captain on board. Extended Candles! Extended Candles! A translation of TaMaBin DEDICATED TO OUR FRIEND ALAN RICKMAN 1946 - 2016 Time to leave!

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