• Britney-Ann: Mr. Grant, look.

  • Mr. Grant: What's gotten in to you today?

  • Mr. Grant: I'm not sure what's going on, young lady.

  • Mr. Grant: Hmm. Looks like I left your juice boxes on the box. Gad, will you come with me and let me help me get them?

  • Gad: Well, hurry up.

  • Mr. Grant: Where are BG and Alex?

  • Britney-Ann: Guess what I found out, Mr. Grant.

  • Mr. Grant: What is going on here, Gad?

  • Mr. Grant: BG, Alex. We've been looking all over for you. Thank goodness you're safe.

  • Mr. Grant: Gad explain what happened to your glasses.

  • Mr. Grant: Oh, you think so do you? Well, we're not quite finish here.
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