[ Chirping ] [ Engine Revving ] [ Whimpering ] [ Engine Rattling ] Oh, darn it ! [ Groaning ] Okay, mutt. Show time. Okay, come here.|Hold it. Hold it. Hey, do not make me|use this, okay ? Hi.|"Clown and the Hound." Ow !|[ Whimpering ] Hey, kids,|it's happy, slappy time ! [ Clown Laughing ] All right, now,|I tell ya what we'll do. We'll start off with a little bit|of plate-spinnin', okay ? I bet you won't be able to guess|what this one is. Hoo-hoo-ha, hoo-hoo-hoo.| Hula, hula, hula hoop Pick a card, any card. Now we put the plate|in our mouth ! [ Wheezing, Coughing ] [ Coughing Continues ]|It went down a little bit... far. [ Humming ] - [ Clown Groaning ]|- [ Boy Groaning ] Okay, dog, your turn. - [ Panting ]|- [ Laughing ] [ Children Gasping ]|Oh. Oh. Oh. - One more.|- [ Together ] Yeah ! And now|for the grand finale, kids ! - [ Grunting ]|- [ Shrieking ] - Where are you ?|- [ Crowd Shouting ] - Come back here !|- [ Screaming ]|- [ Whimpering ] [ Grunting ]|Ow ! [ Clown Shouting ] - My cake !|- [ Screaming ] - [ Children Screaming ]|- [ Mother ] Oh ! [ Grunting ] Would it be okay|if I get a couple references ? Come on ! Get up here !|I warned you. You had your chance,|you flea-bitten mongrel. You're going to the pound ! Do you hear me ?|You're going to the pound ! I hate birthday parties ! I hate kids !|I hate being a clown ! I can't stand birthday cakes ! Yeah, dog pound ? I got a vicious dog.|No, it's a horrible dog. It's a menace !|I'm bringin' him in now ! No, I don't know where you are.|That's why I'm calling ya. What ? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,|yeah, I know where that is. I could be there|in 15, 20 minutes. Yeah. Well, no, I got a map.|I got a map here in the truck. - [ Whimpering ]|- [ Mooing ] [ Truck Horn Honking ] Oh, my God !|Oh, my ! - [ Baby Crying ]|- You okay ? - You okay, sweetie ? You okay ?|- No ! Well, jeez,|almost gave me a heart attack. What on earth is that box doing|in the middle of the road ? We're okay. Everyone's okay.|We-- We're okay. Fine. Isn't it cute ?|Oh, don't forget: My new job is just|ten minutes away. Did I tell you that|the Fernfield Napkin Factory... is the third largest manufacturer|of napkins in all North America ? Well, here we are. [ Sighs ]|So what do you think, huh ? [ Thunder Rumbling ] [ Owl Hooting ] [ Mother ]|I am concerned about him starting|three months into the school year. He doesn't make friends|very easily. Not that he's not friendly. It's just--|Well, he doesn't talk much these days. You see, when his dad|passed away last year-- - Oh, I'm so sorry.|- Thank you. It's been difficult.|So, anyway... I used to spend a lot of time|around here because my grandparents|lived here. So I thought that the move|would really be the best thing|for us, especially for Josh. I understand. I'm sure he's|going to do very well here. But tell me about|extracurricular programs. Does Josh have any interests|or hobbies ? Well, he used to like to play|basketball with his dad, but he's lost interest|in that too. Well, let's see.|We have an excellent band. Oh, I used to play the flute|when I was his age. That was fun. [ Bell Ringing ] I think an instrument|would be just the thing ! [ Man ] No, no, no.|Don't blow so hard. Okay, blow a little harder. Okay, blow a little harder. [ Chattering ] Hey, Mike, pass ! - Pick up. Come on.|- Come on. Go ! Come on, shoot ! Shoot ! [ Grunting ] [ Dog Growling ] [ Dog Whimpering ] I know, Mom. It's not called|moonlighting. Oh, I found it. Yeah, it's--|It's-- It's-- No ! It's not moonlighting.|You're allowed to have two jobs. Hmm ? Mom, would you hold on|a minute ? I have another call. - Hello. Oh, y--|- Q-R-S, T-U-V - Yes, Mrs. Grayson. Hi.|- W-X I figured out why Bolivia|didn't get the napkins.|Venezuela got 'em. Yeah. - [ Knocking ]|- [ Door Opens ] Sorry, sweetie,|that was Grandma on the phone. - How was school ?|- It sucks. How was the trombone ? Aw, sweetie. I'm sorry. You know, we've all been|through a lot in this last year. But I know we're gonna|get through it. This is a good place. All we gotta do is just give it|our best shot every day. Your dad would've wanted it|that way. I guess. Sure. He wouldn't have|wanted you being all mopey. I love you. Check out the new kid. It looks like he stole that ball|from the Harlem Globetrotters. [ Chuckling ] How you doin', buddy ? [ Man ]|All right, listen up ! Now, you're here today to try out|for the school's finest tradition: basketball. Now, I've got five of my boys|back from last year, including leading scorer|Larry Willingham. Raise your hands, gentlemen. This year, we are goin' all the way.|Why's that, Willingham ? - 'Cause we're winners, sir.|- That's right. We are here to win... 'cause if you can win|on the courts, you can win at life. Get your butts out here.|Let's see if you can play ball. [ Children Shouting ] What team you playin' for ?|What team you playin' for ?|Who's gonna win ? - Who's gonna win ?|- [ Together ] Timberwolves ! - I can't hear you !|- [ Together ] Timberwolves ! What team's gonna win ? - Good night, Art.|- Good night. Hey, kid,|you're new here, right ? Well, uh, I could use|a manager. - Well--|- Manager works his butt off. He arrives before the team.|He leaves after the team.|Think you can handle it ? Practice is Friday afternoon.|You be here. [ Whistles ] [ Barking ] Hey, boy. Want me to get|those rags off ya ? - [ Growls ]|- [ Gasps ] Yes, Mrs. Grayson, I know,|but that account needs to be zeroed out. [ Gasping ]|Mm. I know. Could you hold on a minute ?|I have another call. Thanks. Hi. Hello ? Oh, hi ! Weren't you guys|supposed to start wallpapering today ? -Josh, would you eat something, please ?|- I don't know why [ Grunting ] Whoa. [ Dog Panting ] You like basketball ? Hey, boy, come and get it !|Come and get it ! Hey, boy. Good boy. Okay, in you go. Come on. Come on. [ Grunting ] Come on. My mom's|gonna be home at 5:00. Wait a minute. Hey, boy ! Yeah, good boy, good boy.|You want it, boy ? You want the ball ?|You want the ball ? Yeah, go get it,|go get it. Splish, splash|I was takin' a bath Long about a Saturday night Rub, dub|Just relaxin' in the tub Thinkin' everything|was all right Well, I stepped out the tub|put my feet on the floor I wrapped the towel around me|and I opened the door And a splish splash|I jumped back in the bath Well, how was I to know|there was a party goin' on There was|a-splishin' and a-splashin' Reelin' with the feelin'|movin' and a-groovin'|rockin' and a-rollin' Yeah Bing, bang|I saw the whole gang Dancin' on|my living room rug, yeah - Flip, flop they was doin' the bop |- Stay, buddy. All the teens|had the dancin' bug Yeah, there was Lollipop|with Peggy Sue Good golly, Miss Molly|wasn't even there too With a splish, splash [ Blower Humming ] Rollin' and a-strollin'|reelin' with the feelin' Movin' and a-groovin'|splishin' and a-splashin' Oh, yeah - Josh, I'm home !|- Buddy, stay. And don't move until I come back. - There you go.|- [ Mumbling ] Hi, Mom !|Can I help with the groceries ? - Excuse me ?|- Can I help with the groceries ? How was your day ? Okay, what's going on ? What's wrong ? Nothing ! Can't a guy even help|his mom with the groceries ? What did you do ? Mom, do you remember|when I used to have a hamster ? - You want another hamster ?|- No ! - Not exactly.|- Josh, spit it out ! Oh, my God. [ Mom Screaming ]|Oh, my God ! [ Screaming Continues ] No ! Buddy ! Ew ! So, can I keep him ? [ Barking ] Oh, here. I got an idea. Josh, would you|come in here, please ? Uh-oh. Buddy, you gotta|stay here, okay ? Buddy, no. - You gotta stay outside.|- [ Dog Whimpers ] - Hey, Mom, you wanted to see me ?|- What are you doing ? - What do you mean ?|- The box. - The box ?|- Don't get funny with me, Josh. - I know what you're doing.|- What am I doing ? You are making a home for him,|and this is not his home. - The next thing you know--|- Mom, we can't leave him|out in the rain. - That's totally inhuman.|- That's just the point, Josh. He's not human.|He's a stray. Do not get attached|to this dog, Josh. Do not ! No, I have way too much|on my plate as it is. - I'd take care of him.|- Josh, we don't know anything|about this dog. We have your little sister|to think about. No. The answer is no. One week, and if nobody claims him,|he goes straight to the pound. - Three weeks ? Two and a half ?|- Two. - Josh !|- Christmas. That's like two weeks|and a couple days, right ? That's perfect.|We can't dump him before Christmas. - Please, please, please.|- All right, all right, Christmas. But the minute after,|he's outta here. Meanwhile, he stays outside. And if you|try to sneak him in here just once-- Mom, Mom, Mom.|I swear. All right.|As long as we're clear. I swear, you're gonna grow up|to be a lawyer someday. [ Bicycle Bell Dings ] - Josh, did you see my newspaper ?|- No, Mom ! Morning, Mom ! - Buddy, how are ya ?|- [ Barking ] How are ya, boy ?|Did you have a good sleep ? Did ya ? - That's a good boy.|- [ Barking ] [ Brushing Teeth ] - [ Barking ]|- [ Josh Giggling ] [ Kids Shouting ] - Don't drag your feet.|Don't drag your feet.|- I got the shot. - Down, down. Let's go !|- [ Whistle Blowing ] Stewart, don't try to be a hero.|Your job on this team is to get|the ball to Willingham. - Let's go !|- [ Whistle Blowing ] - Pass it off. Let's go !|- [ Boy ] Move it, move it. Back. [ Coach ] That's it.|Let's go, Curtis. What's the matter, water boy ?|[ Laughing ] Let's go ! Hey, get out. Can't you see|this is wet paint ? He shoots... and scores ! - [ Barking ]|- Here ! Good boy ! [ Door Opens ] Cool. Pizza. [ Baby ]|Me too. Who is it ? What's with Josh today ? Whoa ! How did you|get up here ? Hey !|[ Grunting ] Josh ! - No !|- Are you okay ? - Josh !|- I'm fine, Mom ! Josh ? Josh ! - Is everything okay in here ?|- Yeah, Mom. Everything's fine.|Just doin' my homework. Why don't I take care|of that laundry as long as I'm here ? No ! I'll do it later. You work so hard, Mom. It'll be good for me. [ Phone Ringing ] Hello ?|Yes, this is Mrs. Framm. Yes, my son put up|those flyers. Oh, no, no. I'm sure he didn't mean|to put one up on private property. Oh, I'm so sorry. Oh. - Yeah !|- [ Dog Whimpers ] [ Alarm Clock Ringing ] Hey, Jackie ! What's new ? I wouldn't know. - Bye, Mom. I got practice.|I'll be home late.|- Bye, honey. That's it, gentlemen.|Showers ! You tried to get that slam dunk.|Yeah, right. [ Sneakers Squeaking ] - Cold water.|- Huh ? Make sure you use|cold water. They'll come out all miniaturized|if you don't. Okay. I don't get it. You don't get what ? Why are you puttin' yourself|through this ? I guess I just like basketball. Whoa ! -[ Bell Ringing ]|-And have a wonderful holiday, children. We'll see you all in two weeks. [ Shouting ] [ Metal Clanging ] Excuse me, sir. Could you sign this ? [ Sighs ] You think this is me ? - It isn't ?|- No, kid. That guy's dead.|Died a long time ago. Oh, okay. Thanks anyway. [ Basketball Bouncing ] "Yes, Virginia,|there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love|and generosity and devotion exist. And you know that they abound|and give to your life... its highest beauty and joy. Alas, how dreary would the world be|if there were no Santa Claus. There would be no childlike|faith then. No poetry, no romance to make|tolerable this existence. Nobody can conceive|or imagine... all the wonders that are unseen|and unseeable in the world. The most real things|in the world... are those that neither children|nor men can see. No Santa Claus ? Thank God he lives,|and he lives forever. A thousand years from now,|Virginia-- nay, ten times 10,000 years|from now-- he will continue|to make glad... the heart of childhood." [ Ringing ] Hey, Buddy, it's Christmas. Buddy ? Buddy ? [ Panting ] Buddy ! - Merry Christmas, Josh.|- Buddy ! [ Dog Whines ] Thank you, Mom.|Thank you, thank you,|thank you, thank you ! I gotta get these flyers out|to the boys who tried out|for the team and didn't make it. The Simmons twins moved to Canada.|God knows why. I got two slots open. You know which lockers|belong to which boys ? [ Chattering ] Don't even waste|your time, water boy. [ Laughing ] I wish my dad were here. He always knew what to do. No, Buddy ! No. I don't wanna play. Fine. You can play. No way. I don't believe this. - [ Barking ]|- Come on, boy. Sit, boy. [ Gasping ]|Whoa ! Yes ! [ Giggling ] I don't know where|you learned to do this, but just to be on the safe side,|our secret, okay ? Yeah, that's|a good boy. Yeah. All right, gentlemen,|listen up. Now, we're off|to a rocky start. We're two and two. If we're gonna make it to the play-offs,|we're gonna have to start winnin'. Which is why I'm lookin'|for a couple of winners. There's nine of you here.|Only two of you are comin' back. Framm ! You're late !|Bring over that rack of balls ! I'm here to try out|for the team. - [ Laughing ]|- He can't try out. He's the water boy. Framm, where did you get that ? It was in my locker. Well, it wasn't supposed to be. Would it be too much trouble|if I tried out anyway ? Coach, just let him. All right, but if you slow down|my tryout, I'm gonna have to|pull you out. Fast break, fast break ! [ Grunting ] Yes ! [ Cheering, Shouting ] Look at my new shoes, man. Nervous ? This always brought me good luck.|You should carry it tonight. - An orange peel ?|- Not just any orange peel. Scottie Pippen dropped this orange peel|at the Sonics game. I picked it up. - I can't take this, Tom.|- It's okay. I got this|out of Shawn Kemp's trash. Water boy. Just stay out of my way. [ Barking ] [ Dog Whines ] [ Crowd Cheering ] Josh. Hi !|Josh ! - Yea, Josh.|- [ Buzzer Buzzing ] Be a man, Larry ! You make the basket,|then you draw the foul ! Come on ! [ Cheering ] - Pass, pass !|- Over here, Larry. Over here. [ Whistle Blows ] They're killin' us on the transitions.|Full-court press. - All right ? Timberwolves !|- [ Shouting ] Stewart ! I don't wanna see you|drop the ball again. You got it ? - [ Whistle Blowing ]|- That was our ball, ref ! - Hacking number three,|hacking number three.|- Get your butt over here ! The only one allowed to mouth off|at the referee is me. - Framm, check in !|- Me ? Do you see any other Framms|sittin' here ? Check in ! Yea, Josh ! Framm, number four,|now entering the game. - Pass it off !|- Go, go, go ! - Buddy !|- [ Crowd Gasping ] Get him ! Buddy, no ! Buddy, stop ! Hey, gimme that.|Gimme that ball. - Excuse me.|- Get back here ! Buddy, get over here ! Buddy, no ! [ Cheering Stops,|Crowd Gasping ] [ Cheering ] Buddy. Bad dog. Sorry, Josh.|Come on, Buddy. - Hey, boy.|- Josh. Did you know that Buddy|could do that ? - Did you know that he could|play basketball ?|- There he is ! Oh, the man of the hour. And the dog ! I swear I wouldn't have believed it if|I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes. A basketball-playing dog !|[ Laughing ] A regular|Michael "Woof" Jordan. You've been keeping this under your hat.|[ Chuckling ] Oh, but I'm going on like a faucet.|Melissa, this is Mrs. Framm... and her talented son, Josh. - Hi.|- Hi. I'm the president|of the Booster Club, and I wondered if, maybe,|you and-- - Buddy.|- Buddy-- could do that trick|at the next half-time show. Wouldn't he be|a great mascot ? It would be great|for school spirit ! Buddy ? Buddy. You're never gonna drop|another ball again, Stewart. You could do that.|Just meet the ball.|Just catch the ball. What's going on here ? - Just running Tom|through a little drill.|- That'll be enough, Joe. That'll be enough. Good boy. Hi, I'd like to report a problem|with my morning newspaper delivery. I'm not getting one.|No, I haven't gotten one for weeks now. I keep calling and calling. Look, my neighbors have them,|and I don't. Oh, no, I'm sure he's|a really great, great paperboy. - [ Glass Shattering ]|- Josh ! [ Knocking ] - Miss Pepper ?|- Mm-hmm. Um, have you found|a basketball coach yet ? Mmm. Larry's father volunteered.|Just until we find a new P.E. teacher. Okay. - Mmm.|- Um-- Would it be weird|if I made a suggestion ? [ Clears Throat ] Afternoon. Uh, let's get started. You see this ball ? - I don't see nothin'.|- Well, I do. It's a good ball. Regulation weight, size. A little worn, but still has|a nice bounce to it. Don't-- Don't hang on to it, Josh.|Pass it on. Nice catch. - Uh-oh. Fumble.|- This is stupid.|Let's get a real ball in here. A ball is nothing|but rubber and air, Larry. Basketball...|is what you do with it. Before you play with this, you gotta learn how to play|with your teammates. All right, all right.|Pass the balls. Stop the dribbling.|Pass the ball. Good, good, good.|Looking good. - [ Larry ] Two points !|- Fine. - Only you didn't have the ball.|- What ? You're not watching|your teammates, Larry. You're|playing with an invisible ball. You gotta get your information|from somewhere else. Now, let's try it again. [ Crowd Chattering ] - [ Cheering ]|- [ Buzzer Buzzing ] It's half. [ Feedback ] [ Clears Throat ]|May I have your attention, please ? Uh, we have a real treat|for you tonight, folks. I'd like you all to welcome|our very own guard Josh Framm... and the new mascot|for the Timberwolves' basketball team... Air Bud ! - Great !|- [ Cheering ] [ Feedback ] [ Crowd Laughing ] Come on. Come on. Good boy.|Yeah, good boy. [ Exhales ] - [ Laughing ]|- [ Moaning ] [ Sighs ]|Let's go. Let's go. Come on.|I'm just playing. Yeah, good boy.|Just like we always do. You can do this. You already showed me that. Don't worry about|all those people. Hey. Good boy. Yeah. Good boy.|Let's go. Come on. Let's go, boy. Come on. Let's go.|You wanna play ? Good boy. [ Cheering ] [ Stewart ]|Pass the ball. Let's go. I'm open.|Larry, come on ! Larry, out ! What ?|Why are you taking me out ? - Josh, go on in for Larry.|- Huh ? What the hell|do you think you're doin' ? - Time, ref !|- [ Whistle Blows ] - Why are you takin' my kid out ?|- 'Cause he's playin'|like a one-man team. - This boy is the team.|- Maybe he is to a worked-up father, but to me, he's a player|who's got a whole lot to learn. Now I'll kindly ask you to take|your seat, Mr. Willingham. Let me get back|to coaching my team. Come on, Larry.|We're leavin'. - But, Dad ?|- Now ! Check in, Josh. - [ Cheerleaders Cheering ]|- [ Whistle Blowing ] Chris ! Chris ! [ Cheering ] [ Buzzer Buzzing ] A lot easier when the pressure's off,|isn't it ? I thought if I made the basket,|the guys would've, you know, accepted me. You took that shot for|the wrong reasons, Josh. See that dog ? - Yeah.|- Toss him the ball. Okay. That dog couldn't give|a rat's behind... about his point average,|whether he's M.V.P. He just loves to play the game. I've seen a lot of players|in the pros... Iike that guy Chaney,|for instance, make the same mistake you made. If you're just out there|for yourself, you lose. It's all in here, Josh. You gotta play|from the heart. [ Cheering ] That's it.|Concentrate on the ball. Good. Good !|Now you're gettin' it. Yeah ! That's great ! Go, Buddy ! We're here|at Fernfield School... where the Timberwolves|have just qualified... for next week's final|against the Warriors. Even more amazing than the Timberwolves'|miraculous mid-season turnaround... is their mascot's|incredible abilities. His name is Buddy, but this is no ordinary|golden retriever. He's more of a golden shooter.|Don't believe me ? Take a look. [ Humming ] Buddy. [ Sighs ]|Oh. - [ Gasping ]|- Oh, hey. Sorry to disturb ya.|Name's Norm Snively.|I believe you've got my dog. - Huh ? What ?|- My dog. You know, Old-- Old-- Old Blue. - Uh--|- Uh, here. There's a picture of him.|That's him and me. - You see, I'm a clown by profession.|- Um-- - Maybe you'd like to see his papers.|- Uh-- Uh-- - [ Gasping ]|- [ Growling ] - Josh.|- No ! Blue, yes.|Now you're comin' home with Daddy. - No ! You can't take him !|- Josh ! Honey, honey ! - [ Dog Whines ]|- Josh, there's nothing that we can do. - He's got papers.|- He's my dog ! -Please, sir, could we pay you ?|-Look, lady, I just want|my dog back, okay ? He hates you !|He hates you ! - Baby, it's okay.|- I'll tell you what, kid. On your next birthday,|me and the dog, we'll come out,|we'll do a show for you cheap. It's okay. It's okay.|Baby, it's okay. Josh ! - [ Engine Starts ]|- Please, just talk to me ! Please ! Wait ! A beer commercial ? No, I don't want|my dog to do beer commercials. - Psst, Buddy.|- [ Whimpering ] Look, what do you think|I am anyway ? I got-- I'm-- I got--|Look, I got ethics. - Buddy.|- [ Whimpering ] [ Barking ] Just for curiosity's sake, though, what are we talking about for|one of those beer commercials ? Would you shut up out there ! - [ Grunting ]|- What's that ? - We're talking about how much ?|- Hey, Buddy. Oh, that kind of blows ethics|right out of the water, doesn't it ? I mean, hey, he's just a dog.|What does he know ? No, April's not good for us.|We're booked on a tour. Wait ! Is that Oprah woman-- Oprah,|you know, the Oprah woman-- Does she like dogs ? I'd love to do Jay Leno.|[ Chuckling ] Hey !|Get back here with my dog ! Buddy, come on. Run ! You little darned kid !|That's my dog ! - Go, Buddy !|- [ Groaning ] I got you, kid ! - Go, Buddy, go !|- [ Shouting ] Hey ! Get out of my way ! Hey ! You can't run fast enough ! I needed that ! [ Screaming ] [ Screaming Continues ] [ Coughing ]|Hey ! I'm gonna get you,|you little-- Thanks. Here, boy. Come on, boy. Buddy ? I know you're only a dog, so I don't expect you to understand|what I'm gonna say. You can't come home with me. That guy'll just come|and take you back. You gotta understand that-- Well, Buddy, I found you. Somebody else|is gonna find you too. I know they'll love you,|so I'm gonna set you free. Here, I got you|a little something. Stupid thing. I wish I could go back to before I|ever knew you could make a basket. Maybe none of this|would've ever happened. Go on, Buddy.|You're free now. Go ! Go on. [ Sighs ]|Buddy ! Get. You have to go, Buddy. Please, Buddy. Go. [ Crying ]|Get ! Go ! Get out of here !|Don't you understand ? Get ! I don't want you anymore ! Get ! You wanna play, Buddy ? Yeah, good boy. - Come on, Buddy. Yeah, good boy.|- [ Barking ] Just like we always do. [ Whimpering ] [ Band ] [ Cheerleaders ]| Let's go, Wolves Let's go, Wolves You know, they say|a team is a community, which means when one boy|gets the chicken pox, half the team is out. - You boys have got your work|cut out for you tonight.|- Let's go, Wolves These last months have been|some of the best I've ever had. I owe that|to you boys here... and maybe to a dog... who isn't here. Because whatever|happens tonight, this is a team, and that's a victory|right there. - Now, are you ready to play ?|- [ Together ] Yeah ! All right, let's go get 'em ! [ Together ]|Yeah, Timberwolves ! [ Buzzer Buzzing ] You're goin' down tonight,|water boy. - Larry plays for the Warriors now ?|- Yeah. Hawkes just told me Larry's dad|moved the whole family to Spokane... just so he could play|for the Warriors. - Great.|- It's okay. I'm packing Dennis Rodman's|Juicy Fruit. - [ Buzzer Buzzing ]|- What's the most important word ? - [ Together ] Teamwork !|- Let's go. [ Cheering ] Come on, Lar ! That's it !|Show 'em how it's done, boy ! That's my boy ! Sean, left hook, Sean. [ Laughing ]|What's the matter, water boy ? - Nice job ! Nice job !|- [ Laughing ] Pass the ball ! Pass it ! - Time, ref !|- Let's go, let's go, let's go.|Come on. Sit down. Sit down. Rest.|Here we go. I'm tired, Coach.|We're dyin' out there. You gotta let the ball|do the work. Come on.|We're only down by ten. - We got almost a whole|second half to hit 'em.|- [ Buzzer Buzzing ] All right, put those hands together.|Come on, come on. [ Together ]|One, two, three. Let's go ! [ Whistle Blowing ] Josh, down low, down low. - Way to go !|- [ Cheering ] Defense ! - Yes !|- Hey, all right now ! All right ! [ Crowd Sighs ] - Cover him, cover him.|- What was that, Greg ?|- [ Groaning ] - That's five, son. You're out of here.|- [ Grunting ] - Time, ref ! Time !|- Huddle up, huddle up, huddle up. Come on. No more fouls, guys.|We can't afford to lose anyone else. All right,|the game's not over yet. A whole lot can happen|in seven minutes. Remember what got us here ?|Teamwork. Up high ! Yeah, yeah ! [ Groaning ] - [ Gasping ]|- [ Whistle Blowing ] Injury. Time-out. [ Referee ] Come on, guys.|Help 'em up. You okay ? All right. Okay, fellas,|you did your best. It's over, Coach.|Let's forfeit. We've only got four players.|What are we gonna do ? Hold your head up|and do the best you can. - We'll beat 'em with four guys.|- [ Barking ] Come back here !|Hey, get out of there ! Buddy ! Buddy ! Hey, fellas, I got an idea. [ Pep Band Playing ] Let's go, Wolves K9 checking in. Let's go, Wolves What the heck's goin' on here ? - I'll handle this, Josh.|- The Timberwolves wanna|substitute a dog. - What are they, nuts ?|- Dog's a registered member of the team. He practices with the team.|He travels with the team. You check in your rule book.|Bet you won't find anything|that says a dog can't play. He's right. Ain't no rule|that says a dog can't play basketball. This is a joke.|I mean, dogs don't play basketball. What's the matter, gentlemen ? Afraid|your team might get beat by a dog ? [ Together ]|Put him in. [ Announcer ]|Now entering the game, new player... K9. Okay, boy,|we're just playing. Stay. - Stay.|- [ Whistle Blowing ] Yes ! Yes ! Yeah !|Nice shot ! - Does he dribble ?|- No, but he might drool a little bit. Won't somebody cover the dog ?|Don't just look at the dog. Cover him ! Come on ! Come on, Larry.|Let's have a little hustle. [ Groaning ]|Come on. Let's go ! - Get it, Buddy. Get it. Get it.|- [ Whistle Blowing ] - Let it go, Buddy.|- Come on. Break it up. Break it up.|Give me the ball. Give me the ball. [ Crowd Laughing ] Aw, jeez. Come on. You ready ?|Here we go. - [ Barking ]|- [ Gasping ] Yeah ! All right !|That's great ! That's the way ! [ Warriors Coach ]|Yeah, okay. All right, all right. - [ Cheering ]|- Yes ! Yes ! Would somebody cover the dog ? - Cover him.|- My mother could cover that dog. Dog's in for two minutes,|he's got three assists. [ Crowd Chanting ]|Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy ! Buddy, Buddy, Buddy ! - Can someone cover that dog ?|- I don't believe this. - Oh, he's traveling. He's traveling.|- Traveling dog. Don't let him go to his left.|Don't let him go to his left. [ Shouting ] - Good dog, Buddy !|- What are you doing ?|- [ Groaning ] - Would you look at that dog !|- Go ! [ Dog Whines ] Foul, number six.|One and one. [ Cheering Stops ] Come on, Buddy ! T-Toss it to him,|I guess. That's it, Buddy. Go on.|You can do it, Buddy. You can do it. Larry, get in there ! Teamwork ! Teamwork ! [ Buzzer Buzzing ] That's my son ! Yes ! Water boy ! Nice shot. I'll take my dog back now. - He doesn't wanna go with you.|- What's the problem ? There's no problem, Ms. Framm. Your son's had his little fun.|Now I think it's time to give me|back what's rightfully mine. You know what, Mr. Snively,|I believe my son is right. That dog doesn't like you.|So the answer is no. [ Chuckling ]|You don't have any choice, lady. I got papers. I'll see you in court. Next case:|Snively versus Framm. [ Grunting ] This one of your high-profile|divorce cases ? - No, sir. Custody.|- Oh, custody. Holy Toledo, what is that dog|doing in the courthouse ? That's the, uh, child, sir. That's a pretty ugly kid. - [ Observers Laughing ]|- It's a dog. - What ?|- The case is about custody of a dog. All right, I'll take it,|but we have to do this seriously. I will not have my courtroom|turned into some kind of a circus. Who the hell are you ? Mr. Norman F. Snively,|Your Honor. I'm the plaintiff. - You look like an idiot.|- Why, thank you, sir. See, I'm a clown by profession.|Happy Slappy's the name.|Clown and the Hound. Begging your humblest pardon, I thought|it might be helpful to Your Honor... if I appeared here today|in the guise most pertinent... to the cogent and unequivocal|stating of my case. Whatever, whatever.|Y-Y-You go first, clown. Well, the fact is, Your Honor,|that dog's my property,|and I have papers to prove it. Well, would you show them|to me, please ? Well, actually, Your Honor,|l-l had papers to prove it. But that boy--|that young hooligan-- because of his irresponsible|and criminal activity,|is responsible for what you see. - Order !|- [ Barking ] You see, sir, when I lost|my dog for the first time, it broke me up real bad. When I lost him the second time,|it darn near killed me. Hell's bells, Your Honor,|all I wanna do is get Old Blue back. So it can be him and me together|just like it always was. Why ? So you can|abuse him some more ? - That will be enough, young man.|- [ Barking ] I raised that dog from a puppy.|I wouldn't harm a hair on his head ! - Bailiff, what is that ?|- The dog, Your Honor. - Order !|- [ Barking ] - Quiet !|- [ Barking ] - It's the gavel, sir.|- What ? Speak up !|- [ Barking ] - Bailiff !|- [ Barking ]|- You said "speak." - Speak !|- [ Barking ] Will somebody please|suppress that dog ? - Shh !|- [ Observers Laughing ] Oh, what a day.|What a day. - [ Glass Thuds ]|- Now then-- Young man,|have you any evidence... that this man|abused your dog ? Did you ever see him|hit the dog ? Well... no. Then how did you know|the dog was abused ? Because Buddy doesn't like him.|Buddy's my friend. I know what he's feeling,|so he knows what I'm feeling. - He's telling the truth, Your Honor.|- Who's that ? - The boy's mother.|- Oh, it's all right, you may sp-- You may address the court. When we first moved to this town, uh, my son... was very unhappy. And then he found Buddy here. Buddy's given him something|to look forward to. Please, please,|don't take Buddy away from my son. Mrs. Framm, as far as|this court is concerned, - the dog is property|unless you have evidence--|- Your Honor. All these people here did not come here|because of a piece of property. They came here because of Buddy.|He's part of this town. He's part of the team, and he's part|of our family now, Your Honor. - Well, he's part of my family too !|- [ Booing ] He's like a son to me ! - Shut up !|- [ Barking ] Why not let the dog choose,|Your Honor ? They say a dog|is man's best friend. If that's the case, shouldn't the dog be able to choose|who he wants to be friends with ? Who are you, Barnum or Bailey ? - Arthur Chaney, Your Honor.|- Mr. Chaney, do you reali-- Arthur Chaney ?|New York Knicks, '56 ? Huh. I was at that Celtics game|where you did the turnaround|jumper at the buzzer. I spilled beer|all over my wife. - Your Honor.|- What ? - Oh, yes, yes, yes.|[ Clears Throat ]|- [ Barking ] - Mr. Chaney.|- Well, I've been thinking. This dog's what,|three, four years old. That makes him an adult|in our years. - I say let Buddy decide.|- [ Observers Murmuring ] Mr. Chaney, during my 40 years|on the bench, I have heard a lot of lamebrain|cockamamie proposals, but this one... I like. Move back, everybody ! Way back.|Come along now. Way back. Gentlemen,|stay on your spots. If you'll take just one single step|toward that dog, you lose. Do you understand ? Now, begin calling the dog. Old Blue, come to Daddy. Buddy, come on.|Buddy, come on, please. Buddy, Buddy. Buddy, Buddy ! - Daddy loves ya, baby.|- Buddy, Buddy. - Buddy, come on, please.|Buddy, come on.|- Daddy loves ya. - Hey, Buddy !|- Come on. Come on, boy ! - Buddy, come on. Come on.|- Don't pay any attention to that boy. - Come on. You wanna come to me.|- Buddy ! - Buddy ! Buddy !|- Come to Daddy ! - Hey, good boy. Come on, Buddy.|- Hey, Blue ! Blue, Blue, come on. - Come on, Buddy.|Please. Please, Buddy.|- Blue ! -Come on.|-Blue ! Hey, over here. Come on, Blue. - Look what Daddy's got for ya.|- No, Buddy ! Buddy ! Buddy ! Old friend, come on.|Come this way. Come on. - Buddy, no. Buddy, no !|- Get over here ! That's right, boy.|Come on. Come on. - Come on. Over this way.|- Buddy, don't ! - You're gonna get it.|- Buddy, no !|- Get over here ! - Get over here !|- [ Growling ] [ Screaming ]|What are you doing ? Stupid dog ! Yeah, come on ! By the powers vested in me, I award|custody of the dog to Josh Framm. Case closed.|Thank God. You can't do that ! That dog is my dog !|I got pictures ! Will somebody suppress|that clown ? [ Shouting ] Hey, Buddy, do you wanna play ? Yeah, just like we always do.