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I think I lost him. Think again. Kevin, don't! It's me, Alan! I know. What did I ever do to you? You have something I need. I'm made of fire. I don't have anything else on me. It's mine! Whatever you're looking for, I swear, I don't have it. All mine! More. Goodbye, Alan. Enough, Kevin! Let me go, Tennyson! Um, no? Alan, can you hear me? I want your power. Yes. Come and get it. I'm gonna crack you like an egg. Let go of me! Shouldn't have let you go. You were doing me a favor. Only one of us is walking away from us, Tennyson and it's not gonna be Alan! Your time is coming, Tennyson. You're gonna be okay. No, I'm not. None of us are. I got off easy. You should have seen what he did to the others. Pierce? Helen? And Manny. And some guy named Dr. Vicktor. I didn't understand what Kevin wanted from us until now. Your energy. And he's never gonna stop unless I stop him. For good. No, I won't help you. If you won't use your powers to track him down, I'll just go find him myself. But it's Kevin! Wake up and smell the end of the world, Gwen he's out of control. He's our friend. Was our friend. We'll figure out some way to save him. He's too far gone. Either we save Kevin, or we save the world. I won't let you hurt him. Out of my way. He's come out of this kind of thing before. Remember what he was like when he was little? Do you? He's worse now than he ever was, and you know it. There has to be something we can do. He's beyond our help. We have to think about the safety of everyone else. I'm not letting you out. Yes, you are. Chromastone! I won't let you do this! Go back inside, Gwen! There's no way you can beat chromastone with your kind of powers! Think so? Facio Gravis! Now you'll stay here. Yeah? What do u think Kevin's doing while you're wasting my time? Tabesco Caix! Terraspin! If you think for one second that Kevin wouldn't drain you dry Some friend you are. You won't even try to help him. What if it was you? I'm not going to argue with you anymore, Gwen. Tardus Motus! Nrg! Ben? Nanomech! I dodged between the lava droplets. Cloudo Doris! Aah! Game over, cousin. Check and mate. Waybig. You know why you lost? Because you care about not hurting me. And that's exactly why you can't do what it takes to deal with Kevin. Kevin Levin. Where do I find him? I said, where is he? I'm sorry to bother you while you're still recovering, grandpa. I'm always glad to see you, Gwen. Anyway, I don't have a lot to do in this re-gen tube but float and heal. We can't let Ben destroy Kevin. We've got to find a way to cure him. Ben is right. I know, he wait, what? You are a plumber, Gwen. A lot of people are depending on you. You've got to put your feelings aside and do what's right. This is Kevin we're talking about. If you can't be a professional, then just stay out of the way and let Ben do what needs to be done. But, grandpa I can't help you, Gwen. Then I'll find someone who can. Look at you. I never thought I'd see you like this Michael. You're not catching me at my best. Perhaps if you'd bothered to call first before just dropping by. It took a lot of going through police reports to find your hunting area. Hard to believe you've been reduced to draining energy out of dogs in back alleys. We all do what we must to survive. Where's Tennyson? He's busy. And Levin? Busier. Enough with the chit-chat. Your manna. It's as intoxicating as ever, lovely Gwen. You think I'm defeated? I I can still I'm not here to fight you, Michael. I'm here to help you. Restituo Navitas. Argh! Vis penetro intus. No! Vigoratus per vita. Why would you do this for me? Because I need your help. I'm done talking, Gwen. I'm not Gwen. But we are gonna talk about her. She couldn't convince me, so she ran to you. Something like that. You agree with her? No. Kevin's a menace. Your friendship aside, the only responsible move is to take him down with all necessary force. Then I don't understand why you're talking to me. It's the logical move. It's the safest move. It's the sensible move. But? It's not the Ben move. You trust people. You give them second chances. And they live up to your expectations. Kevin was a sociopath when you were kids, but you trusted him anyway. And look how that worked out. He's turned into a fine young man. A hero a dozen times over. But now he's a monster. True. And I'd put him down like a mad dog. But I never thought you would. You always find another way. Not this time. When I thought you were dead, I had to do a lot of growing up. You did fine. For a while. But then I let my fame go to my head. I've been as big a jerk these past few months as I ever was. Aren't you gonna argue with me? Not when you're right. I've had fun, but I always told myself that when the situation got serious, so would I. I'm not going to argue with you, Ben. I just wanted to make sure you'd really thought about this. I have, grandpa. I'm sorry about what's going to happen to Kevin. Really, I am. But this isn't kid stuff anymore. Playtime's over. Why do you keep following me around?! You've done business with Kevin before. Sure, you know I have. He really puts himself into his work. If you know what I mean. And I think you do. Where is he?! Watch it! I'm still paying for this! Answer me! Not the arms! They're the hardest parts to replace! They're always on backorder! I am not playing games, Vulkanus. Where is Kevin?! Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you. You didn't say please. Toodle-oo! Nobody likes a bully, you know! Stop holding out on me, Vulkanus! Spill! Oh, if you keep it up, I'm gonna Huh? Gwen! Let him go, Ben. You tell him, sister. Just listen for a second, will you? Out of my way, Gwen. I'm gonna find Kevin, no matter what it takes. You'll never find him, but I can. What are you doing here?! Why, I'm merely offering you my assistance with your osmosian dilemma. Isn't that right, lovely Gwen? Don't push it, Michael. You brought Darkstar into this? And he's going to act like he's our friend again, right? He's the only one who can help Kevin. Sure. But I can help, because you don't understand Kevin, and i do. You're making even less sense than usual. Shh! Give him a chance. I can help you, Tennyson, because I can predict Kevin's next move. Kevin and I are the same. Uh-huh, you're both evil. We both have an insatiable craving for energy. And you're evil. Kevin's not evil. Somewhere deep down, he's still our friend. No, lovely Gwen, he's not your friend anymore. He just looks like him. He's An empty shell, knowing only a hunger that must be fed. That craving is his weakness. Michael has a plan to cure Kevin. I already don't like it. When the Dominus librium was destroyed, I managed to save a piece of it. The energy-absorption thing you used to cure Kevin before? Precisely. Great! Unfortunately, it no longer works. Great. But with a large enough power source, we may still be able to tap into its inherent abilities. You're kidding me, right? Gwen's already wasted enough time trying to find a cure for Kevin. It's too late for that. Every moment he's on the loose is a moment too long. Now, for the last time, are you going to help me find Kevin?! 'Cause if not, whatever else he does, it's on your head. Kevin? Bad idea, Gwen. What is? Tracking me here. I had to. Ben's after you. You brought him here?! No, I came so we could talk. You and me. Yeah? Yeah. Ben is gonna do whatever it takes to stop you. Do you understand? Whatever it takes. But I've come up with a way to help you. If you just trust me, I really think I can cure you. You shouldn't have come here! Don't you realize I've been trying to stay away from you?! Why? Because I knew what I'd do to you if I had the chance. Incendia absum! Don't make me hurt you, Kevin. Give it your best shot. Silicis Miles suscitatio! You summoned Charmcaster's pet monsters? I got to say, I'm impressed. I'm so sorry I had to do this to you. Thanks, Gwen. And I didn't get you anything. Hello, lovely Gwen. Kevin! Stop! You're hurting me! This is your fault. You could have helped me with your magic. No! I tried to You tried. Everybody tried. But here I am, a monster, and if I look the part, why shouldn't I act it? I'm here to help you now! Help yourself. Punctum contego! Kevin, please! Talk to me! I'm coming for you, Gwen. Abeo exorior! Thought we were gonna have to come in after you. Not quite. I suggest we prepare ourselves for what's coming nextAnd quickly. It didn't work, Michael. Kevin's just as dangerous as ever. And I thought for sure you'd be able to just talk him out of his mindless revenge spree. It worked perfectly, lovely Gwen. Levin has had a taste of your power. He's going to want more. Okay, she's the bait. What's the hook? I still don't get it. What's supposed to happen when Kevin gets here? I think that's where I come in. Do I know y Cooper? I had a growth spurt. Yes, you did. Hi, Gwen. Always glad to, uh, y-you know, help out. Our twitterpated young genius has agreed to help build a machine that will allow us to use the powers inherent in this. The Dominus librium again? Still a bad plan. If they can get it working, we can use it to cure Kevin, just like last time. And if it doesn't work? You already know the answer, Tennyson. There is but one way to deal with a mad dog. But it's not going to come to that. It's going to work. I'll do everything I can, Gwen. It's obvious why Cooper's helping. You, not so much. The same as always, Tennyson power. I promised him manna, Ben. If he helps, I'll give him enough to keep him at full strength for a year. Yeah. Great plan all around. It was the only way to save Kevin. We are way past that, Gwen. No. All we have to do is There's no "we. " Not this time. I'm the one who put Kevin in the position where he had to absorb that energy. It's my fault that he's lost control. And everything he's done since, all those people he's hurt, al those people he's going to hurt, that's my fault, too. You got to let me try. I will, but only because i know you're going to fail. Paradox already told us how this one was going to end I'm going to do what needs to be done. If you can get Kevin to come here, fine. It's as good a place as any to end this. How long before that thing's ready? Um, a couple of hours? You think we can delay Kevin anywhere near that long?! UmLess? In one hour, you get one shot. Then Kevin belongs to me. Gwen! I know you're in there. I can smell your manna everywhere. She can't come out right now. Can I help you? Unless you want another trip to the hospital, old man, you'll step aside. Not before we talk. We got nothing to talk about. Move or die! Your call. Sorry it had to end like this, kid. Not as sorry as you're about to be. You think that's gonna save you? I've had enough of your tricks! Too bad. I'm just getting started. Fire! Don't know why I ever looked up to you. You don't even have any power to steal. Put him down, Kevin. You don't tell me what to do! I said, "put him down"! Are you listening to me, son? You're not my real father! You don't tell me what to do! You're right I'm not. But you were 4 years old when I married your mother, and I raised you like my own. So? So? So you're going to listen. You got nothing to say to me! You've tried to take my real dad's place, you convince my ma to kick me out on the street when I was 11 years old. We didn't kick you out, Kevin. You demolished our house! Whatever. If ma really loved dad, she would have never remarried. You watch your mouth. Your mother loved your late father more than she loved me, and you more than either one of us. Step aside, Harvey. I'm here to see Gwen. So you can drain her powers? Max told me what you've been doing. I'm not gonna let this happen again. How are you gonna stop me? You hiding my ma in there? No. I'd never let her see you this way. She was so proud of what you were becoming. I won't let you break her heart again. I'm not afraid of you anymore, Kevin. I'll take it from here, Mr. Hackett. Figured you were around here somewhere, Tennyson. Yeah. Gwen had this plan where we'd all talk to you, and you'd see the error of your ways. Sounds like Gwen, all right. But you and I know better. We both know there's only one thing you understand. Big chill! Good shot. But I suppose that's cold comfort. I'm sorry I had to do this to you, Kev ungh! Always so sure you're gonna win. What do you got to say for yourself now? Spidermonkey. Where are you, Tennyson?! It's going, going, gone! That's Tennyson's 250th home run this season! Tennyson! May have to call that a ground-rule double. Ben! Uh, sorry, grandpa. What are you doing?! I said I was sorry. Anyway, you're supposed to be hiding. And you're supposed to be delaying him, not dropping r. V. S on his head! Uh, actually, it was the other way around. I know what the plan was, but since I already beat him, we don't need the plan. Gwen? Quick what was that plan again? You're in my way, Tennyson. Ben! So, how's the plan working? Like a charm. Can you call me back? I'm a little busy. Okay, I ditched him for a minute. You sure this is how you want to play it? It's how you want to play it, too. Just let me try. If we fail, then Look, we won't fail. Kevin's a good man. We have to trust that. What's happening? Gwen? Gwen?! Run. I'm starting to think you're deliberately avoiding me. Kevin, you're not well. Think about what you're doing. I'm getting revenge on anybody who ever did me wrong, and I'm stealing your powers because I want them. I'd say I'm pretty clearheaded. Tempestas serrectum! Stay back, Kevin! I'm not afraid of you. You should be. Tempestas impetus! Ah, thanks for the pick-me-up. I still believe in you, Kevin. That's where we differ. Echo echo! Get off of me! Wall of sound! Oh, no! Kevin, you wouldn't! Now, where were we? Ship! Ship! Ship! Slow down, ship. We don't want Kevin to catch us, but we don't want to lose him, either. Ship! Ship! I can't believe how hard Ben was fighting. He was really trying to hurt Kevin. Kind of looked the other way around to me. You're sure he's okay? This is Ben we're talking about. Luckily, I always keep a spare in the trunk. That should be enough of a head start. This is Cooper. Go ahead. We're almost there, and Kevin's right behind. We're not ready, Gwen! We will be. I can finish from here. Just slow him down. How am I supposed to delay Kevin? This is an abandoned military base. Think. That's it. I'm out. Are you sure about this? Not really. Ship? This is the only way to save him. Go! What's it gonna be this time, Gwen? You gonna run, or you gonna fight? You stay away from her! Trying to make time with my girl, huh? Ben? Yeah, it's me. This is a new one. Do it! You are really starting to bug me. I'm sorry about that, but I can't let you hurt anyone else. Ben, you promised we'd try it my way first. Yeah, I lied. I've had it with you, Tennyson always beating me when we were kids, everything always going your way! I get turned into a freak, you become a world-famous superhero! I don't even like being famous. Between you and me, I wish I had my secret identity back. My heart bleeds for you. Now you just bleed! Ultimate echo echo: Nice. But I've got all your powers. Sooner or later, you're gonna make a mistake, and that will be the last time. I'll try to make this as quick and painless as I can. Sonic doom! One more should do it. Ben, don't! He's our friend! He was going to hurt you. It's not Kevin. It's the power. It's not his fault! Paradox said I was the one who will do what has to be done. I got to! Then do it. Protect the innocent that's Kevin, too. You better be right. That's it. We're ready to go. Are you sure it will work? Pretty sure. I meanYes. Kevin! You pathetic imbeciles! This was my plan from the beginning! The power is mine! Nothing can stop me now! Like everybody didn't see that coming. No! WhatHappened? All the power you stole and all the power Kevin stole, it just went back to where it belongs. And that's the least of your problems. Nice work, kid. You saved his life! Ben figured out Darkstar's plan and told me what to do. Hey, since you're kissing people Now, that's what I call a happy ending. I guess. You don't know the half of it. We expected heatblast and the others to get their powers back But even the energy Aggregor stole went back where it belongs. And returned us from oblivion. Thank you, Ben Tennyson. Wasn't me this time. It was all of us. Listen, uh, when I was, uh, out of control, I said some things No need to apologize. We're both kind of jerks. That's why we get along. I'm not a jerk. Good point. If I were you, I'd apologize. Yeah, well, if I were you, I wouldn't have been such a wuss! Wuss?! If you ever lost it like I d, I would have taken you down right away. And if I had, you wouldn't be here to call me a wuss! So it worked out great. Who wants to go with me and help explain to my folks what happened to their house? Mr. smoothie? You buying?