1 (CALM MUSIC PLAYING) (MR. MURRY SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) (MEG GIGGLING) MR. MURRY: All right, think good thoughts. Then on three, let the good thought go. MEG: Yeah. That's good. MR. MURRY: I think that's pretty, right? That's gonna be a good luck charm for us today, right? Okay, Meg, important question. Van Halen or Bono? Bono? - That one. - That's what I thought. - (GIGGLES) - That's my girl. Whoo! Oh, yeah! Stick your tongue out, come on. - Ah! - (LAUGHING) You got your frequency, you got your voltage, okay? They're like a salt silica, right? You don't wanna eat it. - Just go crazy with it. - Yeah. (GIGGLES) ...this little gizmo right here, and we're gonna choose a frequency. We're gonna choose the frequency. You would intently watch this plate. Let's see what happens to the sand. Because very interesting, magical things - will happen to the sand. - MEG: Whoa! (CHUCKLES) So... are you ready to meet your new brother? MEG: Do you think we'll like each other, like real brothers and sisters? I think we'll all love each other. Out of this wide, wide universe... this huge universe... with all these brothers and sisters and moms and dads... he found us. And we found each other. That's pretty rare. That's pretty cool. Okay, so... This is our love. Don't worry. It's not gone. It's just... It's just enfolded. Love is always there. Even if you don't feel it... it's always there for you. (KISSES) (THUNDER RUMBLING) Not gone... just enfolded. (THUNDER CONTINUES RUMBLING) (MAN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY ON RADIO) MEG: Hey. Hi, Meg. Let's be exclusive. What? That's my new word for the day. Exclusive. Do you like it? Love it, Biscuits. (THUNDER RUMBLING) Couldn't sleep either? Why didn't you just come up to my room? 'Cause I knew you'd be down. Hey. You made sandwiches. And I'm cooking milk. This is a lot of milk, Charles Wallace. It's good to be prepared. You never know who will stop by. WOMAN: (ON RADIO) And I'm Michele Norris. Tomorrow marks the four-year anniversary... of the disappearance of NASA scientist Dr. Alex Murry. Dr. Murry went missing just a week after publicly announcing... They're talking about Daddy. ...he could travel the universe with his mind. MR. MURRY: (ON RADIO) 91 billion light-years traveled, like that. WOMAN: (ON RADIO) Authorities note there are still no leads in the case. - (SCHOOL BELL RINGING) - (INDISTINCT CHATTERING) (LET ME LIVE BY KEHLANI PLAYING) Everybody say, "Hi, Meg." ALL: Hi, Meg. Hi, Meg. (KIDS CHEERING AND CHATTERING) FEMALE TEACHER: I mean, he's been gone four years to the day. He's probably just pretending to be in outer space... but he's really hiding out in Tijuana. MALE TEACHER: I bet it involves another woman. Either that or a Martian. Seriously though, something so horrible had to have happened to him. To leave his kids like that? And just after they adopted Charles Wallace. They seemed so happy. And Meg used to be so engaged, and now she is a mess. FEMALE TEACHER: But the boy is brilliant. - Absolutely brilliant. Oh. - But odd, so odd! MALE TEACHER: I guess I would be too if my dad ran away, huh? Shame on you for talking like that! Uh... Oh. My dear, I'm sorry... CHARLES WALLACE: And I'm not odd, you are... because you think making up mean stories about people... makes you feel better about yourselves. Well, it doesn't, does it? Charles Wallace, we don't talk to teachers like that! And Meg might be a mess... but she has more potential in her pinky... than you do in your whole body! Did you hear that, Meg? Meg! Over here. Did you hear that? Meg! You may be a mess... but you have more potential than anybody here! - Oh, no, no, no. - (LAUGHTER) Mommy was awkward and funny-looking at your age, too! And look at her now. She's beautiful! (GIRLS LAUGHING) So, looks like crazy runs in the family. What did you just say? I see why your dad left. (GIRLS LAUGHING) Who does she even think that she's talking to? MEG: Hey, Veronica. - (GRUNTS) - (ALL GASP) (WHISTLE BLOWS) (SCHOOL BELL RINGS) PRINCIPAL JENKINS: You're next, Charles Wallace. (SIGHS) Veronica Kiley's parents are on their way here. They're worried for their daughter's safety. Their daughter is mean. You hit her in the face. You... You were a top student. Top attitude. But look at you now. You... (SIGHS) You're aggressive, you're hostile... you shut everybody out... and then wonder why they don't like you. I don't wonder and I don't care. Hmm. Well... maybe that's your problem. I don't have a problem. You can't keep using your father's disappearance as an excuse to act out. What do you think he would say about all this? Seriously. If he walked in that door today... what would happen? The world would make sense again. Listen. (CLEARS THROAT) All I'm saying is, it's been four years. Odds are he's not coming back. I did not excuse you, young lady. Meg. I want you to write an apology to Principal Jenkins. And one to Veronica. Mom! She called Charles Wallace crazy! That's no excuse. Well, Dad always told me to stand up for what I believe in. Don't use Dad like that. It's not fair. He's not coming back, is he? (SIGHS) Don't give up hope, Meglet. - (KNOCK ON DOOR) - (DOOR OPENS) CHARLES WALLACE: I knew it was you! Come on in. WOMAN: Wow! Talk about a dark and stormy night. Are those Mrs. Buncombe's sheets? WOMAN: (CHUCKLES) Maybe. Excuse me. Oh, aren't you dazzling! You must be Dr. Murry. MRS. MURRY: Yes. And... WOMAN: Your house is so warm. You've done a wonderful job keeping the darkness out. (QUIETLY) Mom. Mom! - Do you want me to call 911? - (BELL JINGLES) Well, almost all the darkness. You must be Meg. How... How do you know my name? CHARLES WALLACE: Because I told her. Guys, calm down. Don't worry. She's my friend. Call me Mrs. Whatsit. Mrs. Who? No, Mrs. Whatsit. Mrs. Who is... She's, like, a billion years older and way more knowledgeable. What can I do for you, Mrs. Whatsit? CHARLES WALLACE: I caught her stealing sheets. Guys, she's harmless. You're six. Come on. What do you know about harmless? CHARLES WALLACE: Have I ever been wrong? One of these days, you might be, Charles Wallace. MRS. WHATSIT: Oh, I highly doubt that. He's one of the greatest minds in recent history. He's prodigious. But of course, we can't take any credit for our talents. It's how we use them that counts. MRS. MURRY: Okay, then. The thing is... we don't know you, and it's late, so... Oh, is it? I'm terrible with time. Mrs. Which usually handles that. MRS. MURRY: Uh... Right. Um... The thing is, uh... the kids need to get to bed... so if you don't mind visiting some other time. Oh, of course I will. I just wanna tell you one thing before I go. I want you to know that no matter what happens... you and your husband achieved something truly extraordinary. What are you talking about? Just that there really is such a thing as a tesseract. What? A tesseract? That's what I said. Tesseract. MEG: Is... Is this some kind of joke? Did Veronica put you up to this? (SIGHS) You really don't trust easily, do you? Hmm. Charles Wallace, I'm not sure about Meg. Give her a chance. Okay. You're the boss. I better run. Ah! Wild nights are my glory. MEG: Never do that again. Never let anyone in the house without our permission. And please stop talking to strangers. CHARLES WALLACE: I don't talk to them, they talk to me. MEG: Doesn't mean you have to answer. CHARLES WALLACE: Now, that's just bad manners, Meg. MEG: (SIGHS) Charles Wallace. Hey, buddy! How's it going? MAN: I'm cool. Hello, princess. CHARLES WALLACE: See? Told ya. MEG: (SIGHS) Yeah, be yourself. Don't be like me. CALVIN: What's wrong with being like you? You have a pretty good arm. Veronica. Direct hit. (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Hi. I'm Charles Wallace, Meg's brother. - You're Calvin, aren't you? - CALVIN: That I am. What are you doing here? I don't know. I was doing my homework... and suddenly I got this feeling that I had to come here. Like, right here. Is that weird? Maybe a little. CHARLES WALLACE: The truth is, you were called here. You're good at diplomacy. What do we need diplomacy for, Charles Wallace? Well, the fact that you asked is exactly why we need it. So what do you say, Calvin, you wanna come with us? Sure. Why not? CHARLES WALLACE: Great. Let's go meet Mrs. Who. MEG: No! No, Charles Wallace! Charles Wallace, do not go in there. That house is falling apart, it's off-limits. He's a fearless little guy. (SIGHS) Unfortunately. I told you no. We cannot go in there. It's not safe. It's practically the safest place... in the universe. (MUSIC PLAYING) CALVIN: Look. Mrs. Who, it's me, Charles Wallace. (LAUGHS) Oh. MRS. WHO: "Life without love... "is like a tree without blossoms or fruit." Gibran, Lebanese. Calvin. Uh, American. CHARLES WALLACE: Mrs. Who prefers not to think for herself. MEG: That's just rude, Charles Wallace. No. She's just evolved past language... so when she needs to think... she cheats and uses other people's words. It's nice how she gives them credit. Mrs. Who, meet my Meg. MEG: Okay. Okay. "The wound is the place where the light enters you." Rumi, Persian. CHARLES WALLACE: (SIGHS) Poor Mrs. Who. We tired her out. CALVIN: I guess she was really tired. (CHUCKLES) CHARLES WALLACE: She's still adjusting. MEG: Adjusting to what? CHARLES WALLACE: Sorry, you're almost, but not quite ready to find out. MEG: Charles Wallace... whatever she is, whatever that is, whatever all this is... I don't like it. You'll manage. Come on, time to go. Let's let Mrs. Who rest. We'll see her again very soon. MEG: Charles Wallace, can you, um, pass me the pepper, please? Thank you. CHARLES WALLACE: So, they met in college. She was tutoring him. It's a great story, actually. CALVIN: Oh, really? Is that his work? CHARLES WALLACE: Mommy's, too. Cool. What's it about? Well... I'm mostly interested in the small... atoms, particles... the unseeable energies that move through us all. (SOFTLY) Go get 'em. MRS. MURRY: Their dad is all about the big. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) MR. MURRY: So, what if we are here for a reason? What if we are not just in the universe... but the universe is within all of us? Think about quantum entanglement. Two electrons once bonded together, in love, if you will... suddenly separated by a galaxy... but somehow still just as connected. An unbroken union despite being galaxies apart. MR. MURRY: And our most recent calculations show us that these fields connect us... to other dimensions. Dimensions outside of the limitations of space and time. Imagine that. Imagine... rather than enduring the oppressive rules of time and space, we could wrinkle it. 91 billion light-years traveled, like that. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) MR. MURRY: And we don't need rockets. We don't need spaceships. We don't need anything. - (SCATTERED LAUGHTER) - To utilize a tesseract... all you need is to tap into the right frequency. You just need your mind. (ALL EXCLAIM AND MURMUR) (ALL LAUGHING) He wanted to touch the stars... unlock the secrets of the universe... Find its origin and... shake its hand. You messed up. You were impatient. You couldn't follow the plan. Couldn't you see it in their eyes? It was written all over their faces. They weren't ready. They're not... Kate, they're not ready, so what are we supposed to do? We're supposed to wait until they catch up with us? We are on the precipice of something spectacular! Listen, listen, listen. Look. Hear me out. So, in order to be great... it isn't enough just to be right. You have to actually be great. And we are. So, why can't we help the others along? (SIGHS) MR. MURRY: Yes. Or we could just beat them up. - Let's beat them up. - (CHUCKLES) Honestly, it'd be so much fun. - Come here. Come here. - (CHUCKLING) Oh, God. (SOFTLY) I almost lost you. I got so scared. You crazy, brilliant scientist. You know, you have great hair. What? No, I don't. Please don't say that. Okay. (SIGHS) I had a great time. Your mom is insanely nice. Your house is warm. It smells good. And it's full of... I don't know what. But it's amazing. It's far from amazing. My mom's upstairs in her room preparing for yet another... parent-teacher conference for her delinquent daughter. (SIGHS) Oh, no. Not now. Come here. (SCOFFING) - Veronica's your neighbor? - MEG: Yes. Come here, please. So you're embarrassed to be seen with me? Yeah, right. Other way around. She's gonna tell everybody that you were here with me. And I'm just trying to protect your reputation... so can you come here? CALVIN: She already saw us, besides... there's nothing to be embarrassed about. You say that now... but you don't know what it's like having every move you make... mocked and ridiculed. You'd be surprised. MEG: Come on, Calvin. Everybody likes you. Even the teachers. You do everything perfectly. (SCOFFS) Tell that to my dad. At least you have your dad. Right. Sorry, that... You must really miss him. More than anything in the universe. Then how about we go and find him? I've never understood the point of fences. Wait. (STAMMERS) What are you doing here? (DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) This is it, kids! This is it! No! Hey, no! You're supposed to be upstairs! (GATE OPENS) "You need to get up, get out, and get something. "How will you make it if you never even try?" CALVIN: I know that one. Outkast, American. How's it going, Mrs. Who? I did it, Mrs. Who. I got them ready. WOMAN: And not a moment too soon, my little warrior. - What was that? - Who said that? CHARLES WALLACE: Not Who. Which. Mrs. Which. She's the final piece of the puzzle. (MUSIC PLAYING) Come on, Mrs. Which, show yourself. How's this? Is this good? (MRS. WHO CLAPPING) Great. Perfect. Wonderful! You're the wrong size, Mrs. Which. Is there such thing as the wrong size? No, no. Never. And... And might I say how honored I am to be on this, my very first mission. I was chosen for my great verbalizing and materializing skills. What are you? I am a part of the universe. Just like you, Meg. What... What do you want with us? MRS. WHATSIT: I don't know about her, Charles Wallace. But I have a very good vibe from this Calvin kid. Let's focus, shall we? We heard a call, out in the universe. A human call. A desperate one. We couldn't tell where it was coming from... so we followed it here, to its destination. It brought them here, Meg. To our house. The call must have been Daddy's. My father's alive? MRS. WHICH: We believe he is. Your father has done an extraordinary thing. No human has ever traveled so far out in the universe. But he may be in danger. And we're here to help you find him. (STAMMERS) Why would you wanna do that? Because that's what we do. We're warriors who serve the good and light in the universe. Sometimes we rescue, sometimes we guide. Think of us as big-hearted. MRS. WHICH: Indeed. Listen, Meg. We must find him as soon as we can. Are you up for it? I bet she says no. What? Hmm? No. Hmm. No. No, yes. No. Yes, I'm going. Of course, I am. And we know I'm up for it. And Calvin already said he'd come. I did? I did. Then let's go! Mom. Wait. We gotta get Mom. MRS. WHATSIT: We'll get your mother later. I promise. Don't worry, Meg. Tessering is almost nearly perfectly natural. Tessering? "Almost"? MEG: What's happening? Wait. No, no. Charles Wallace, don't go over there. CHARLES WALLACE: No time to waste, Meg. Come on, Mrs. Whatsit! MRS. WHICH: You just have to find the right frequency... and have faith in who you are. (MUSIC PLAYING) Let's find your father. Shall we? (SOFTLY) Tessering. Tessering. (GASPS) (BREATH TREMBLING) Is this really happening? We did it, Meg. We actually, really, very much so tessered! (WHIMPERS) Why does my whole body hurt? We were in your backyard and now... (MEG GROANING) It's real. MRS. WHICH: Let's make sure she's all right. - (THUDS) - Ow! Yes, she's fine. Whatsit, we don't kick people. Oh, I didn't know. "The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground." Buddha, Nepali. (GROANING SOFTLY) (ETHEREAL MUSIC PLAYING) CHARLES WALLACE: New word for the day. Luminous. This is my favorite planet in the entire galaxy. They call it Uriel. We think your father tessered here. Don't be shy. Go ahead, look around. Yes! (MRS. WHATSIT LAUGHS) (CHEERFUL MUSIC PLAYING) - (LAUGHING) - (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) MRS. WHATSIT: Come on, Meg. Go ahead. (WHOOPING AND EXCLAIMING) (SCREAMS AND LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) (FLOWERS CHATTERING) Whoa. You should talk to them. Everyone knows that flowers are the best gossipers in the entire universe. You should show them a picture of your father and ask them if they've seen him. How are we gonna understand each other? At least try. Seriously, Charles Wallace, I'm underwhelmed. CHARLES WALLACE: Keep the faith, Mrs. Whatsit. See, I told you this was too hard for her. I don't know why we brought her in the first place. Whatsit, she can hear you. Oh. Oh, man. Let's just concentrate on finding her father. (MEG SIGHS) (FLOWERS CONTINUE CHATTERING) This is our father. (FLOWERS CHATTERING) Can you help us find him, please? Please. (FLOWERS CHATTERING) CALVIN: I can't tell what they're saying. MRS. WHATSIT: I can. They speak color. Oh, he did? (LAUGHS) Really? Oh. You don't say. (FLOWERS CONTINUE CHATTERING) Yep! He was here! They saw him tesser here. But he continued to explore, they say. Somewhere in that direction. Let's go! I'll get changed. MEG: Changed? CALVIN: Do you, uh, need some privacy? (CHUCKLES) No, this is fine. (MUSIC PLAYING) Whoa, Mrs. Whatsit, humans don't just get naked. Patience, sir. I'm not finished yet. "Dang." Tucker, American. (CHUCKLES) (ALL GRUNT) BOTH: Whoa. No! Wow! (FLOWERS CHATTERING) (CALVIN YELLS) (KIDS SCREAM AND WHOOP) - (MEG SCREAMS) - CALVIN: This is wild! MEG: Whoo! One, two, three. Whoa! (WHOOPING) I'm flying! (MEG AND CHARLES WALLACE WHOOPING) MEG: Put your arms out! (LAUGHS) CALVIN: How are we actually flying right now? MEG: Well, it's a phenomenon associated with continuum fluid mechanics. It's called lift! (LAUGHS) (RUMBLING AND GROWLING) (VOICES WHISPER INDISTINCTLY) MEG: What is that? CALVIN: Whoa! (CALVIN SCREAMING) Calvin! (CONTINUES SCREAMING) MRS. WHICH: My friends of light, please assist our young friend. (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING) (CONTINUES SCREAMING) (FLOWERS CHATTERING) (CHATTERING CONTINUES) CALVIN: I'm all right. - BOTH: Calvin! - CALVIN: I'm sorry. I'm okay. (CHARLES WALLACE GRUNTS) MRS. WHICH: Whatsit, those from Earth need more help than most. You know this... You could have prepared them better. We must help them stay focused on light when darkness is present. I mean, I'm trying. But they're human. They're very limited. MRS. WHICH: Well, tell me you at least found something up there. MRS. WHATSIT: Unfortunately, no. Their father's moved on. And that thing got in our way. It's spreading fast, Mrs. Which. What is that thing? It's called Camazotz. (FAINT GROWLING) Home to a purely evil energy. Known simply as The IT. Evil? But, like, what kind of evil? How many kinds of evil - do you need? - MRS. WHICH: Whatsit. (MOUTHING) Okay. An evil that's actively spreading throughout the universe. So, as we continue on... we must avoid it at all costs... and focus on finding your father. But we don't know where he's gone. What do we do? "Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind." Shakespeare, British. Oh, yes, a seer! We should go visit one of the seers. They'll narrow the search for us. What's a seer? A moderate visionary. An occasional motivator of insight. Hit or miss. But I know a very cute one. I mean a good one. That sounds sort of promising. Misses, grab a child. Our journey continues. (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING) (MEG GROANING SOFTLY) She's intact. She's fine. Fine? After that beautiful tesser? She should be glorious. Everyone else is glorious. She makes absolutely no sense. I absolutely do not understand that girl whatsoever. Okay, it's over here. Wait till you see it. It's so cool. CALVIN: The seer lives here? MEG: Wow. You're our size. The three of you... are beautiful. Thank you. And so are you. Where are we? Orion. Home of the Happy Medium. CHARLES WALLACE: So this guy is your boyfriend? MRS. WHATSIT: Well, when you're over a billion years old, you don't really need labels. Why do I have to be in pain? - Instead of... - Glorious? (CHUCKLES) You don't tesser well. In what way? Because I don't feel or see anything when we tesser. And you won't until you become... one with the universe and yourself. As it is, it seems like... you don't even want to return as yourself. Oh... Is there any way I can return as somebody else? That I might like? Do you realize... how many events and choices... that had to occur since the birth of the universe... leading to the making of you... just exactly the way you are? I guess I never really thought about that. MRS. WHICH: Maybe now's the time to start thinking about it. (EXOTIC MUSIC PLAYING) We are here! CALVIN: You can do it, Meg. You just need balance. - (CHARLES WALLACE WHOOPS) - CALVIN: Whoa! This is awesome! MEG: No, not awesome! MRS. WHATSIT: Yoo-hoo! Anybody home? - Whoo-hoo! - Nice balance, Mrs. Who. Oh, no, no, no. Finally, a little color. (MEG EXCLAIMS) - (MEG YELPING) - (METALLIC CLATTERING) (WHIMPERING) Whoa! HAPPY MEDIUM: (SHOUTING) Who's there? Uninvited guest is very unsettling! I do not like visitation! Whatsit. I really need a doorbell. Whoo! Well, you obviously don't understand the importance of balance... of moderation... (WHIMPERS) of the Happy Medium. You sound like my mother. Is your mother a baritone? How's it going, Happy? Everything's fine, Whatsit. You look nice. - MRS. WHATSIT: I do? - I like your outfit. It's like a person outfit. Oh, thank you. You look like a person. Thank you. You look pretty okay as well. Thank you. Earth tones. We need your insight. We are looking for a man... who's lost in the universe. My father. Dr. Murry. Handsome fellow. (HAPPY MEDIUM SIGHS) How am I supposed to say no? (SIGHS HEAVILY) Okay. Center yourself. One foot up, please. Okay. Now, very little is up to moi. All right? Your energies will affect what we see. So, core in, spine long... - (INHALES SHARPLY) - ...shoulders down... buttocks taut. Close your eyes. You're kidding. Do I look like I'm kidding? Very much so. - A little. - I'm not. I'm not. (SIGHS) Let's try this again. Now... relax the face... close your eyes... and open your memories. Think about your father. No! I can't, I can't. I'm sorry, I can't. - (SIGHS) - MEG: I'm sorry, but... I really just... I really don't understand... how thinking about him is going to help us find him. All I do is think about him. I'm sorry, Mrs. Which, but I think we need to show her something. She needs to understand what's possible. She needs to know what's at stake. Close your eyes. See with mine. This time... don't look away. The IT's home may be Camazotz... but through darkness, The IT's reach spreads far beyond. Even to your own planet. The only thing in the universe... that travels faster than light... is the darkness. The IT invades the place inside of us where hope and joy lives... We're happy to announce the promotion of one of our current faculty members... to be our new principal. That faculty member is three-time science teacher of the year... James Jenkins. Come on up, Principal Jenkins. (ALL APPLAUDING) MRS. WHICH: ...replaces it with jealousy... and judgment... pain... and despair. What's up, Pops? How you doing tonight? Hey, man, don't do that. - What you got up in here? - What are you doing, man? Man, do you know how I work for this stuff? Hey, man. 84... 82... 82? I mean, are you even trying or are you just an idiot? Because if this is the best you can do, it's pathetic! You look at me when I'm talking to you! This is pathetic! MRS. WHICH: You see? This is what The IT does. One person at a time... until fear takes over. Fear turns to rage. And rage leads to violence. And then there's a tipping point. If we do not act soon... darkness will fall across the universe. We... we're in search of warriors who can fight The IT... and who can bring hope back. Your father. My father? - (RUMBLING) - (YELPS) Be a warrior. Can you? I'll try. Your father sounds like a good man. How about we find him? Good. Okay. (MEG WHIMPERING) Good, good, good. - MEG: Yeah. - HAPPY MEDIUM: Okay. Now, we're grounded. We're centered, right? - Okay, yeah. - Okay. You can do this. Okay? You're choosing not to. (QUIETLY) But what if... (SIGHS) What if he doesn't wanna be found? It's okay to fear the answers, Meg. But you can't avoid them. Trust me. You don't wanna end up like me, a weirdo with a beard living in a cave. Your father didn't forget you. You're too precious. All right, you ready? Mmm. Yeah. Center yourself. Where is he? Okay. Now we're getting a vision. Okay. (HUMMING) (BABY GURGLING) MRS. MURRY: Flower of the universe A child of mine (MACHINERY BEEPING) Flower of the universe (MAGIC BY SIA PLAYING) (MACHINE TRILLING) (RAPID BEEPING) MR. MURRY: Love. That's the frequency. HAPPY MEDIUM: That's it, Meg. He started in Uriel. Then he went to Ixchel. Keep going, Meg. Oh! There's Aunt Beast! Oh, no, he's going to Camazotz. No! - Whoa, whoa. - (WHISPERS) No. MRS. WHATSIT: I'm so sorry, Meg. The IT got to him before we could. We thought he could join the fight, but now we need to fight for him. So, how are we gonna get my father off Camazotz? We can't tesser to Camazotz. We can only tesser where we find light... for we are light. Camazotz is all darkness. This is no longer a search. It's a rescue. We must go back to Earth... speak to your mother... regroup. No, no, no. I cannot leave here without my father. It's for the best, Meg. We have to make a plan. Please. Please! I've come all this way. We're too close to finding him to turn back! MRS. WHO: "Planning is essential." Churchill, British. No, no, no. Please! He's running out of time. No, we cannot! We have to save him. We can't give up. There must be a way! Don't leave him! We can't! Dad! (VOICES WHISPERING INDISTINCTLY) MEG: Where are we? Where are the Misses? CALVIN: This place feels weird. CHARLES WALLACE: Look! The Misses. MRS. WHO: Thank goodness you made it. I was so worried. Are you okay, are you hurt at all? CALVIN: We're okay. Am I losing my senses or did you just use your own words? She's weakening. As am I and Mrs. Whatsit. MEG: Wait, what's wrong? Where... Where are we? Camazotz. Your will to find your father took over our tesser... and re-directed it from Earth. We must leave this planet. And we do not have the strength to take you with us. MRS. WHICH: We can barely tesser ourselves. You must continue on without us. You must find your father. And know that you're going to be tested every step of the way. You'll encounter things you think you know but you don't. Here is the place to be suspicious, okay? We're fading. Can't we at least leave them with something to help them? Yes. Gifts. I love gifts. MRS. WHO: They work well in a moment of peril... for they see that which is enfolded. Not gone, just enfolded. Meg. Trouble, problematic Meg. To you I give the gift of your faults. You're welcome. You do know my faults are the bad qualities, right? Are they really? Hmm. Well then, you're all set. My gift is my command. Stay together. Don't let anyone separate you. This is a planet of many faces... run by one cruel and vicious mind. The IT desires our strongest lights. Do not give in. We're going now. Be careful. "When shall we three meet again? "In thunder, lightning or in rain?" Shakespeare. MRS. WHATSIT: Keep going. We'll be watching. (VOICES WHISPERING INDISTINCTLY) (RUMBLING) (WHIMPERING) MEG: What's happening? Wait. Where's Charles Wallace? He was just here! (MEG STAMMERS) (INDISTINCT WHISPERS CONTINUE) Charles Wallace! Charles Wallace! - Charles Wallace! - Charles Wallace! (FAINT SCREAMING) MRS. WHATSIT: There's danger here. He's safe over the wall. Wait at the stream. (BRANCHES SNAPPING) MRS. WHICH: Get to the wall. MEG: What is that? MRS. WHICH: Get to the wall! MEG: Run! (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING) MEG: It's getting closer! Go, go, go! Faster! There's the wall! We gotta get over the wall! (SCREAMING) Run faster! - Faster is not gonna help! - Faster! (WIND WHOOSHES) (BOTH PANTING) (ROARING) Calvin! Look, look! See what it's doing? It's picking up stuff and throwing it over! Range is at fifty, I don't know. Velocity... We won't make it that way! No, Meg! We have to keep going! This is the only way! Do you trust me? I trust you! Okay. Run, Calvin, run! (GROWLING) (BOTH SCREAMING) (BOTH CHUCKLE) How did you do that whole thing with the log? It's just a physics thing. The classic slingshot maneuver. (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Just a physics thing? You have no idea how incredible you are... do you? You're the one who came with me. You didn't have to do that. You're the one who doesn't have to be here... but you are. You're the one who's... I like your hair. Thank you. CHARLES WALLACE: Meg! Calvin! You made it! I couldn't see you! I couldn't tell! I saw houses down there. Come on! CHARLES WALLACE: Is Daddy down here? MEG: (SIGHS) I hope so. (DOG BARKING IN DISTANCE) I smell food. Like good, roasted food. Who else is starving? (DOG CONTINUES BARKING) (BOTH CHUCKLE) (THUDDING) (THUDDING CONTINUES) I can't stand the sound. The rhythm. It hurts. Come here. Cover your ears. (THUDDING STOPS) CAMAZOTZ WOMEN: Darling, time for dinner! (DOG BARKING IN DISTANCE) Are you lost, children? I bet you're hungry, and in need of comfort. I have roasts... and potatoes, and cakes of all sorts. I could eat. Um... Uh... (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) No. Thanks. We're good. - No. - Cakes of all sorts! MEG: No! Trust no one, remember? (WARRIOR BY CHLOE X HALLE PLAYING) CHARLES WALLACE: It's changing again. CALVIN: Is this still Camazotz? MEG: They said it was a planet of many faces. (PEOPLE CHATTERING) Do you think this person would mind if I ate all their food? MEG: Probably. MAN: Hey! I'm right here! I'm right here! Hello! Hello! Friends! Hello, friends. Hey. How are you guys? Who are you? MAN: Oh, me? I'm nobody. But you can call me Red. And you are...? Oh, I'm Calvin. This is Meg. And this is Charles Wallace. RED: Oh! You're Alex Murry's kids, aren't you? You know my father? Yeah, yeah! I totally know your father. He's a great guy. I just saw him a couple minutes ago. Where? I mean, we've been looking for him. Can you take us to him? Yeah. Yeah. Well, no, no, no. Yeah. Almost. He should be done working pretty soon. He's kind of a busy guy. You know, bit of a workaholic. But I don't have to tell you that. Right? You know what? Guys, sit down. Sit down. Relax. There's nothing to do here. Nothing to worry about. Are you guys hungry? Everything's taken care of. In total. Without options or alternatives. Hmm. You guys hungry? Well, I'll brave it for us. (SIGHS) What's wrong, little guy? It tastes like... like sand. Does it? I don't taste any sand. Try mine. It's all sand! Ha! I thought you were like me, Charles Wallace. I thought you were special. And you are. You passed the test. It's as simple as that. Simple as twice one is two. Twice two is four. Twice three is six. Twice four is eight. RED AND CHARLES WALLACE: Twice five is 10. Twice six is 12. Twice seven is 14. What are you doing? RED AND CHARLES WALLACE: Twice eight is 16. CHARLES WALLACE: Uh, we'd like to see our father now. You got it. I'll take you right to him. Charles Wallace. Take my hand now. Please. No, thanks. RED: Oh, and, Meg... Hey. Thanks for everything. You brought him right to us. No! Stop! My little brother! - CALVIN: Charles Wallace! - MEG: Please! Charles Wallace! Charles Wallace! MEG: Move! Charles Wallace! (MEG GRUNTING) (VOICES WHISPERING INDISTINCTLY) Well, that was fun. Welcome to Central Central Intelligence. Get away from him! Relax. Don't fight it. It'll make it much easier, I promise. Please, Charles Wallace. Please. He is dangerous. What has he done to you? Shut up, Meg! Yeah. Shut up, Meg. CHARLES WALLACE: Sorry, Red. Meg's always been a problem. She's quite an aberration, you know. Yeah, I can tell. But aberrations are far more interesting. Don't you think, Charles Wallace? That's so like you to try to come to the rescue, isn't it, Calvin? Always so helpful. Overly cheery. Trying to please everyone. Hoping to convince them... that you're not just a burden to your father and your world. Pathetic. That's not why I do it. Of course, it is! Why else would you come on this ridiculous journey with people you barely know? Now that's enough, Charles Wallace! You need to stop! It's enough when The I says it's enough! Sit. I can take it from here. No doubt about that, little guy. Would you like to meet The IT? That happy sadist. Not especially. Watch your tone! I'm sorry. We're just here to see Dad. Remember? Your dad. Flower of the universe. Child of mine. No. I think you mean your dad... who left you... who'd rather be anywhere else in the universe than with you. Why would you even want to see him? (SCOFFS) Oh, well. I wish I could take you to him. But I can't. He's gone. He's not gone. (CHUCKLES) You're right. He's not gone. And yet, I don't see him. (SOFTLY) He's... He's not gone. He's not gone. Just enfolded. What is it? What do you see? MEG: Topological order. Um, fractal dimension. Ooh. Clever. That she is. (BREATHES DEEPLY) (FLOWER OF THE UNIVERSE BY SADE PLAYING) Oh. They come to see the fire burning In your heart They want to witness (MEG GRUNTS) This love from the start (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) They hear you when you cry This love is far and wide When you smile, the stars align Flower of the universe Child of mine Ooh Meg. (SOBS) - Meg. - Dad, it's... (VOICE BREAKING) (SOBBING) - Dad. - Meg. (MR. MURRY GASPING) Dad. Dad. Dad. Is this a trick? A dream? It's me, Dad. It's me. I missed you so much. My beautiful Meg. I missed you every second of every day. Let me look at you. Daddy. (CHUCKLES) Hi, Dad. How long have I been gone, baby? (VOICE BREAKING) How long have I been gone? (STAMMERING) Four years. You left four years ago. No. No. No. No. No, that can't be. No. No. I didn't. No, I didn't leave you, baby. I wouldn't. I would never leave you, sweetheart. (STAMMERS) I've been trapped here. How did you get here? It's dangerous here, Meglet. You can't be here. How did you get here? You called out for us. We came for you. We're here to bring you home, Dad. "We"? My friend Calvin and... Charles Wallace came with me. Charles Wallace. My baby boy is here? (STUTTERS) Where is he? Is he okay? The IT has done something to him. Charles Wallace. Is that you, son? Son? Depends on who you ask. Let me get a good look at you. (BOTH SCREAM) (MEG GROANS) - CALVIN: You all right? - MEG: Yeah. MR. MURRY: Charles Wallace. You don't look like how I pictured you. I'm underwhelmed. Charles Wallace. Hey. What has The IT done to you? The IT has shown me my potential. I can see the weaknesses of any soul. Like, take your soul. So desperate to matter in the universe... you'd abandon your own family and never look back. That's not true, I swear. CHARLES WALLACE: Doesn't matter. Let's go meet The IT. - No. No. - CHARLES WALLACE: Yes, yes. Come on, now. (SING-SONG) Don't make me drag you. Okay. How about you just take me? No. - Meg. Meg. Take me. - MEG: Dad, no. No! No. (WHISPERS) I have to do this, sweetheart. CHARLES WALLACE: We don't want you! We've already had you! - (GRUNTS) - (RUMBLING) (MEG GRUNTS) (ALL SCREAMING) MR. MURRY: Stop it! Grab onto it! Let us go! Stop clawing the walls. The IT's waiting for you. MR. MURRY: You're hurting them! And you're just being impolite! MR. MURRY: Stop! (SHRIEKING) MR. MURRY: Stop! Please! Don't do this, please! Please, don't do this! This is all your fault, Mr. Murry! MR. MURRY: Can you hear me? Meg! Meg! Meg, wake up, baby! Resist. Resist, Meg. Don't give in to the darkness. Don't give in! Meglet... Meglet, wake up. Wake up! Wake up! Meg! Meg! Wake up! Come on. Hold on. Hold on, come on. Hold on! Breathe. Breathe, Meg, breathe! CHARLES WALLACE: Let her go. Let her give in. Give up. This is what you get when you put yourself before family! Please. Charles Wallace, I'll do anything you want. Charles Wallace isn't here right now. (VOICE DISTORTING) And even if he were... you're powerless against us. You have nothing that we want. Except for her. No. Forgive me. Meg! Meg, wake up. Wake up! (MEG COUGHING) Come on. Here. You brought light back to me, Meglet. Maybe I can tesser again. Hold on. Hold on, stay with me. (BREATHING HEAVILY) It's working! It's working. Meg. Meg. Meg, baby. Meg. We're going back home. We're going back home. Just a little longer. Charles Wallace. Just breathe. Just breathe. The darkness has him. We can't take him with us. If we don't leave now, we'll be trapped here forever. How could you? How... Meg, we have to. The IT is gonna destroy us. - It's gonna destroy you, Meg. - How could you leave him? I'm gonna come back for him, Meg. How could you leave him again? I have to. I have to. I can't lose both of my children. MEG: No, don't leave! I won't leave him! I won't leave my brother! Stop! Stop! Stop! I won't tesser without him! Stop! (WHISPERING) Charles Wallace, I'm coming. (MEG GASPS) (WINGS FLUTTERING) (GROANING SOFTLY) THE IT: Welcome. You made the right decision to join us. Don't you feel better? You look better. I've known you for a long time. It's good to finally have you here. Charles Wallace. Charles Wallace. Charles Wallace! (LOW GROWLING) Hi, Meg. We knew you'd be back. We gotta say... nothing we love more than stupid courage. "We"? Oh. (CHUCKLES) Where are my manners? Meg, meet The IT! (RUMBLING) MEG: No! CHARLES WALLACE: Welcome to the darkest mind in the universe. Extraordinary, don't you think? That's one word for it. We could really use a gal like you. So, what do you say? You wanna join us? No thanks. (GRUNTS) THE IT: Take a good look at her. She's a better version of you. She's sure to be popular. Great student. Principal Jenkins is going to love her. And Calvin probably will, too. (SCOFFING) She doesn't just have to live in your imagination... I can make her real. CHARLES WALLACE: You said you wanted to come back as someone else. Join us, and I can make you just like her. She's perfect. - No! - (SCREAMING) You better watch yourself... or we'll do to you what you did to her. We don't care whose sister you are! (GRUNTS) We're your only option, and we're starting to not want you! A feeling you're very used to, actually. No one in school likes you. Your father left you without so much as a goodbye. Every bad thing you think about yourself is true. MRS. WHO: "The wound is the place "where the light enters you." MRS. WHICH: Be a warrior. Can you? MRS. WHATSIT: To you I give the gift of your faults. MEG: I know my faults. How I'm messy... uncoordinated... I don't trust anyone. And most days, I hate myself. I'm impulsive... and suspicious. (PANTS) And yet... you love me. - (DISTORTED) What? - Don't you, Charles Wallace? - No! - Shut up! (NORMAL VOICE) It's okay. Few understand just how weak light is. Few are willing to accept the fact that love is just a word. It's an empty, meaningless word. MEG: You can hurt me when I say I love you, but I'll love you anyway! And you love me! That's why you make milk for me on stormy nights. That's why you check in on me during recess. (GRUNTS AND PANTS) That's why you wanted to find Daddy, to make me happy! (GRUNTS) That's why the Misses took a chance on me. Because they felt your love. (WHIMPERS) And you should love me because I deserve to be loved! (DISTORTED) Stop it! Just, stop it! I love you! I love you, Charles Wallace! I love you! Stop it! (MEG SCREAMS) (GROWLING) (PANTING) Please... I love you, Biscuits. (DISTORTED) No love! THE IT: Only darkness! CHARLES WALLACE: (NORMAL VOICE) Meg! Meg. Meg. Meg, wake up. Come on, Meg. Please. Flower... of the universe (CRYING SOFTLY) Child of mine (SNIFFLES) CHARLES WALLACE: Whoa. The Misses. They came back. MRS. WHO: Charles Wallace, your light has returned. MRS. WHICH: Meg, you did it. MEG: (CHUCKLES) I tried. Well, I knew you could do it all along. I never doubted you for a second. MEG: Well... I used my faults, like you said. Such beautiful faults. I'm so proud of you, Meg. The universe is bright tonight because of you. You weakened The IT... and you've given your Earth and everyone on it a real chance. MRS. WHICH: You should be proud. Some of our best warriors have come from Earth. Einstein, Curie, Gandhi. MRS. WHATSIT: Austen. Kahlo. Schindler. MRS. WHO: Nelson Mandela. Maya Angelou. And now, Meg Murry. Me? (SCOFFS) What? All those who are willing to face the darkness... and bring the best of themselves to the light... for the world. This is where we leave you... to become warriors on Earth. MRS. WHO: Now, Meg, it's time... for you to start the tesser for all of us... and make your way back home. What? Me? You want me to start the tesser? "Tomorrow, there'll be more of us." Miranda, American. (JUBILANT MUSIC PLAYING) (WHOOSHING) MRS. WHATSIT: Goodbye, my loves. MRS. WHICH: Farewell, my little warriors. MRS. WHO: Until we meet again. CHARLES WALLACE: See you at home! (PENSIVE MUSIC PLAYING) (LAUGHING) Oh! (CHUCKLES) Meg, you did it! You absolutely, gloriously tessered. Daddy! (SOBBING) Hey. You did it. I sure did. Mommy! (SOFTLY) Hi. Uh... Are you okay? I'm okay, Dad. Good. I'm sorry, Meg. I, uh... I wanted to shake hands with the universe. But I should've been holding yours. I love you so much. I love you, too. (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) (DOG BARKS) Charles Wallace? What are you doing outside? Mommy! (LAUGHS) Well, well, okay. Thanks. What's going on? (MRS. MURRY LAUGHING) Wait. Am I asleep? Am I dreaming? MEG: No... you're not sleeping. And it's important you know that. Why? Because Meg brought you something. I'm sorry I'm late. I'm so, so sorry. How... - Where... - Your calculations. They gave us the universe. (CHUCKLING) I think I'm gonna go home. You sure? Yeah. There are some things I need to say to my dad. Maybe now I can finally say them. It's funny how it took a trip around the universe to get me there. Can I call you later? Yeah. (MEG GRUNTS) I knew you could do it. MEG: Love you. Always. - MR. MURRY: Hey! - CHARLES WALLACE: Daddy, I have a new word for the day. Wanna hear it? MR. MURRY: Absolutely. CHARLES WALLACE: Home. Thank you. (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) (JOYOUS MUSIC PLAYING) (I BELIEVE BY DJ KHALED PLAYING) (FLOWER OF THE UNIVERSE BY SADE PLAYING) Ooh They come to see the fire burning In your heart They want to witness This love From the start They hear when you cry This love is far and wide When you smile The stars align Flower of the universe Child of mine When you sleep Softly the angels come Like diamonds Like my love They want to know it's true There's someone in the world Lovely as you They hear you when you cry This love is far and wide When you smile the stars align Flower of the universe Child of mine (WARRIOR BY CHLOE X HALLE PLAYING)