Steve: What's the weather supposed to be like... in winter?

Viewer #1: Snowing.

Viewer #2: Snowing.

Calender Girl: Yeah. It doesn't snow everywhere but here it does.

Steve: Oh yeah. Heh. I can see that. So, did we fix everything?

Viewer: No.

Steve: No? Okay, well... what else could be fit in this calender picture?

Calender Girl: Ahem! Well I am a little cold.

Steve: Oh. (laughs) I'm so sorry let's help.

Steve: Uh... do you see anything that keeps warm in the winter?

Viewer: Those over there!

Steve: A coat and one mitten.

Calender Girl: Thank you a much warmer now. Something is still wrong in my picture.

Steve: Oh yeah? Do you see anything wrong in this calender picture?

Calender Boy: Wahoo!

Steve: Oh yeah. Heh! He can't swim outside in the wintertime. It's just too cold.

Steve: Hey. What else can you do on the lake... in the wintertime?

Viewer: That one.

Steve: Ice skating?

Calender Girl #2: Whee!

Steve: Hey. Now it really looks like winter.

Calender Girl: Yeah this is much better thank you.

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