Power Rangers Zeo: Episode: 28


  • Red Zeo Ranger: Zordon, come in! Zordon!

  • Gold Zeo Ranger: See ya!

  • Red Zeo Ranger: You got here just in time.
  • Pink Zeo ranger: Yeah, thank you.
  • Gold Zeo Ranger: No problem. Pleasure's is all mine.

  • Gold Zeo Ranger: Don't stop now, Cogs. I was just get it start it. Come on!

  • Gold Zeo Ranger: Looks like they got under control now.

  • Yellow Zeo Ranger: Has anybody seen Tommy and Katherine?
  • Green Zeo Ranger: There they are. Over there.

  • Green Zeo Ranger: Don't worry. We'll be there in no time.
  • Blue Zeo Ranger: Right! Hey, what's matter, Tanya? Something's wrong?
  • Yellow Zeo Ranger: No. It's nothing. I was just wondering who the gold ranger was and where he went. And how he always seems to know when we need his help.

  • Tanya: We have to get Tommy and Tanya back to normal size.

  • Gold Zeo Ranger: It's everybody, okay?
  • Red Zeo Ranger: Yeah.
  • Gold Zeo Ranger: I think I got it.

  • Gold Zeo Ranger: Watch out! That monster is not going yet.

  • Gold Zeo Ranger: Power Rangers, listen quickly. I transmitting data to showing to join our zords together to form one zord. The Zeo Ultrazord. Join together we are ten times more powerful than anyone alone.

  • Zeo Rangers: Zeo Ultrazord, power up!