Ernie: Oh hello! You know, it's such a nice day here on Sesame Street I thought I'd take a walk. You can come along too.

(Ernie walks by the Furry Arms Hotel. he waves hello a girl rollerskating, and looks down)

Ernie: (curious) What do we have here (sees a gold diamond rhombus shaped key with a number 7 on it. He picks it up.) It seems like a key. Somebody must've dropped this. It says here, "Please return to the Furry Arms". Well, I guess we better do that huh? Sure, come on!

(Ernie walks up to the Furry Arms' entrance. Benny Rabbit is shown sleeping.)

Ernie: Hi there, Benny ol' Bunny!

Benny: (wakes up startled) Wha-wha-wha who- wha me?!?!

Ernie: Oh, I'm sorry Benny, I didn't realize you were on your break.

Benny: Well, I waste time sleepin' if I'm on my break! Now leave me alone, I'm workin' here! (continues sleeping)

[Ernie walks inside the furry arms The door entrance makes the sound of a rooster. Cut to: Furry Arms Lobby. Humphrey, and Ingrid are present with some sheep. Sherry Netherlands sees them]

Sherry Netherland: Oh, Humphrey, Ingrid! Remember our policy! Kids; they're free! [leaves]

Humphrey & Ingrid: Yes, Ms. Netherland!

Ernie: I just love the Furry Arms, don't you? (chuckles) Hi Humhrey! Hi Ingrid!

Humphrey & Ingrid: Hi, Ernie!

Humphrey: Hey, look Ingrid, it's Ernie!

Ingrid: Oh, yeah! Hi Ernie!

Humphrey: Who're you talkin' too?

Ingrid: Ernie He just came in!

Humphrey: Oh, Hi Ernie! He must be in a room!

Ingrid: Who?

Humphrey: Ernie!

Ernie: Well, No. You see, I already have a room just around the corner with my little ol' betty by, but the reason I came was because I--

Ingrid: (interrupting) Oh, oh! I know, I know! You came, because you want to have lunch; At our half star restaurant! Today's special is "Peanut Butter green luck"! Mmm!

Ernie: uh. No no, see, I just had lunch with my buddy Bert, I came in because I was--

Humphrey: Don't tell me, Don't tell me. You came in so you can ride up and down the elevator!

Ernie: Well, that sounds like fun, but that's not why I came in.

Humphrey: Then why didn't you come in, Ernie?

Ingrid: Yes! Tell us already!

Ernie: I was just about to do that. You see, I was walking along outside, and I looked down and I found this key.

'Ingrid and Humphrey: A KEY??

Benny: What?! Eh, count, me, out!

Benny: 🎵That's All you really need to-🎵

Blue Monster: WON'T YOU STOP SINGING?! (Benny stops after hearing the blue monster yell)

Benny: M-m-m-me?!

Blue Monster: Yeah!..

Benny: I wasn't singing. I was-- Iwas just about to take my break! Yeah, that's it. Coming through

Blue Monster: But, But I was like--

Humphrey: Maybe WE can help you sir, what seems to be the problem?

'Blue Monster: 'Well, I seem to have misplaced my room key.

Ingrid and Humphrey: A-ha! '(Humphrey runs to the mailboxes, knowing exactly what the blue monster is missing)

Ingrid: Are you by any chance in room 7?

Blue Monster: Why, yes I am!

Scene 3

Benny: Hey, Ernie?

Ernie: Yeah?

Benny: (nicely) Do me a favor will ya??

Ernie: What's that?


Ernie: All right.

Benny: Good! (leaves)

Ernie: I'm gonna ding, THREE TIMES. (chuckles) Here we go. (dings the dinger's head 3 times like so)

Benny Rabbit: Here's the three pillows you ordered. Here you go-- (sees Ernie again) YOU AGAIN! (throws the pillows in anger) GET!..-- I THOUGHT I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU WEREN'T GONNA DING ANYMORE!!!!!!....

Ernie: I said I wasn't gonna ding TWICE anymore and I DIDN'T. I dinged THREE TIMES> (chuckles)


[Benny leaves while Ernie and the Dinger (The dinger doesn't sounds quiet because comminucates by dinging) laugh at his bad mood. Cut to: Counting Crows: Count it 1-2-3]

Crows:1 and 2 and 3 counting is our favorite thing, we think about beautiful numbers and count things, count them as we sing.Counting in the sunlight, Counting things, one and two and three even counting in the Dark night. when we counting we feel so happy!.

Lead Crow: 🎵We were hanging out in Hooper's store, staring at some salt shakers, we stuck up an conversation (with handford) behind the counter. (We say!) Mr. Handford how many salt shakers you got? (you got?) ‘Cause we bet you got a lot! (He said)🎵

Mr: Handford:🎵 There is a way that you can See, come on come rows count them with me yeah!🎵

Crows: 🎵1 and 2 and 3, counting all the shakers that there be we counted everyone, counted them all and found that there were three! counting in the sunlight counting things 1 and 2 and 3.. even counting in The Dark night when we counting we feel so happy..🎵

Lead Crow:🎵We were hanging out at The Fix-It Shop, staring at some old toasters. we stuck up a conversation (with maria)who was working on them toasters. (We say!) Maria how many toasters have you got? (you got?) because we bet you got a lot! (She said)🎵

Maria: 🎵There is way that you can see, come on crows count them with me yeah!🎵

Crows:1 and 2 and 3 counting all the toasters that there be..we counted everyone, counted them all and found that there were three! counting in the sunlight counting things 1 and 2 and 3.. even counting in The Dark night when we counting we feel so happy!

Yeah we feel so happy!

Counting 1 and 2 and 3!

[Cut to Number Guy:4]

Number Guy: 🎵How many elephants can you fit in a room, before they fall through the floor?🎵 The answer is 1234, (room collapses) 🎵4 elephants fall through the floor.🎵 (a hat with 4 falls on him) Four!

[Cut to :Elmo's Jive Five. () for the Backup singers' lines.]

Backup Singers: (FIVE! FIVE!)

Elmo: (rapping) (Five!) Yo! MC Elmo's got something to say

' Bout the Sesame number for today

It's the number we're pitching

And that's no jive:

It's cool, It's hip, It's fresh,It's FIVE!

Backup Singers:(Five)


Elmo:Yo, Five...(Yo, five!)

No jive...(no jive!)

Yo, FIVE! (Yo, Five!) (FIVE!)


Give me five now! Five on a clock! (Five on a clock)

Five fingers on a hand (Five fingers on a hand)

We got five on a block (We got five on a block)

And a five in the sand (five in the sand)

Elmo time, HEY! (Five)


Yo, Five...(Yo, five!)

NO JIVE...(no jive!) YO, FIVE! (Yo, Five!) 

[Backup Singers disappear]

Scene 4

[Scene scrolls to Benny and the Dinger with a bar of soap]

Benny: (To Ernie) Well, if you don't want five bars of exclusive Furry Arm's brand soap WITH lanolin, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DING THE DINGER FIVE TIMES! (grits teeth and leaves)

Ernie: Okay, I'll keep that in mind!

[The phone rings]

Ernie: Oh, the phone.

Humphrey: I'll get it!

Ingrid: I got it!

Humhrey: I got--(Ingrid and Humphrey and run and bump into each other, falling)

Both: OMPH!!! (Ernie picks up the phone. Humphrey and Ingrid stand up looking almost hurt from bumping into each other)

Humphrey: Ow..

Ingrid: Ow!.

Humphrey: (rubs his head) ...MAN, OW. Ow..

Humphrey: Thank you. Hello, Furry Arms. How may I help you?

Penguin 1: We're hungry!

Humphrey: Oh well, what would you like?

Penguin 1: A fish!

Humphrey: Fish.

Penguin 2: A fish!

Humphrey: Fish.

Penguin 3: Fish!

Humphrey: Fish.

Penguin 1: How about you guys?

Penguins: Fish, fish, fish!

Penguin 1: You got it?

Humphrey: Oh, well, let me repeat that. Um... Fish, Fish, Fish, Fish, Fish, Fish.

Penguin 1: (gasps in excitement) You got it!

Penguins: Yaaay!

Humphrey: Alrighty. Be right up with order, Mr. Penguin Sir.

Penguin 1: Yum!

[Humphrey hangs up the call]

Scene 8

Humphrey and Ingrid: We want more to count!.. (continues crying and sobbing into each others arms)

Ernie: Hey wait a second! Wait, there's no need to cry, Calm down!

Humphrey and Ingrid: (wailing)

Ernie: Hey, there's always stuff to count!

Humphrey: (sniffles) Really??

Ernie: Come on everybody!

Humphrey: (feeling better and stops crying) Where're we going?!

Ernie: We're going to count!

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