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101 Dalmatians (1996)
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  • Mr. Torte: My client is not a laboratory animal, Dr. Pavlov.
  • Dr. Pavlov: Your client wants out of prison, Mr. Torte… and with my behavior control therapy… freedom is… I have patented a humane cocktail… of electric shock treatment… Aversion therapy, hypnosis… drugs… And plenty of green vegetables. But, of course, the real challenge remains. I mean, this is a prison, not a pet shop. And I don’t represent animals in court. - Dr. Pavlov, my client… - Is cured. [Dogs Yapping, Whining] [Woman Laughing] Oooh! [Continues Laughing] Oooh-hoo-hoo-hoo! Brush up your Swedish, Dr. Pavlov. This could be your Nobel prize! Cruella De Vil. Do call me Ella. Cruella sounds so… cruel. Ms. De Vil, I am releasing you into the custody of the probation office. You will perform 500 hours of community service. Mr. Torte, your client is, I believe, a wealthy woman. After my exorbitant fees, milord… her assets stand at a mere 8 million. Then you will be bound over to keep the peace to the sum of 8 million. If forfeited, the money will be donated… to the dogs homes of the borough of Westminster. Which means, if you repeat the offense… your entire fortune will go to the dogs. [Chuckles] [Sighs] Alonzo. - My ever-loyal valet. - [Chuckles] My only visitor… stuttering sweetly on the far, far side of the bulletproof glass. [Gasps] [Sighs] Oh, Miss De Vil, I’ve w-waited for this d-day. I hope it’s not too presumptuous, but I’ve brought you a g-g-gift. Oh, Alonzo, how considerate. [Gasps] Oh! [Whines] Oh! [Gasps] - [Continues Whining] - I think I’ll call him Fluffy. - [Laughs] - [Growls] Oh, he’s smiling at me. - [Snarling] - Oh, what a sweet voice. [Cruella Laughs] Wrong side, Alonzo. Come, Fluffy. Mummy will drive. [Bell Chiming] - [Chiming Continues] - [Man] I told you you wouldn’t believe the truth. [Woman] The dog ate your pay stubs. Ewan, can’t you do a little better than that? - [Clock Chiming Hours, Loud] - I was abducted by aliens. - Put me out at Piccadilly, they did. It was a… - [Chiming Continues] How can you work here? I can’t even keep me own story straight. Listen. I won’t say it again. No pay stub, no probation. - Dog shelter suits me. - [Squeaks] - L-I think I found meself. - Mm-hmm. Here’s a snap of me with the dogs. Uh, that’s the boss. He’s a top bloke. You’d love him. Ah. Told ya. Drooler got ahold of it. Ewan, this is an I.O.U. - Well, we’re a bit tight on funds at the moment. - Chloe, this is… - I’m sorry. - It’s okay. Ewan was just off. All right. Thanks, miss. Uh, next week, then? Yes. With pay stubs. Am I being clear? Uh, supremely. - Keep the photo. - [Squeaks] [Laughing] You do put the fear of God into them, Chloe. - Which is why I’ve chosen you to… - [Phone Rings] - Is it… - Line three! - Hello? - [Dog Barks On Phone] - Is it… - Yes! Stay there! - Keep breathing, and I’ll be there in a second. - [Laughing] Oh! Ah. Oh! [Excited Giggling] Goodness. - Hurry! - [Both Blow Kisses] - See you soon! - Chloe! Chloe! You forgot this. W-What… Ah. [Mumbling] - [Grunting] - [Barking] [Snarling] Oh, for Pete’s sake. Are you two at it again? Kevin, how many times have I had to tell you… it’s pointless for you humans to play tug-of-war against us dogs. Come on, Drooler! Hit him with both barrels! [Parrot] Yes! You got it! He’s ours! He’s down! He’s… He’s getting up! Well, I always say, if you can’t stand the heat, cheat! Hurry, boys! Get in there! We dogs need to stick together. All right, Chomp, sock it to him! - [Snarling] - [Groans] Can you dig it, Digger? Let’s get ready to tumble! Hey! Hey! That’s not fair! Yes, it is! All’s fair in tug-of-war! I took you misfits in out of the goodness of my heart, and this is how you repay me? [All Whining] That’s pathetic, Kev. How many times you gonna fall for that one? I managed to get another week out of my probation officer, boss. Think she quite fancies me. Come on, boys. It’s grub time. Where’d you get that dog food? Didn’t pinch it, did you? No. I’m done with all that. There you go. - Fill your belly. - Come on. Good girl.
  • Ewan: Okay, who’s next? Hey. Fill ‘er up, Kev. I’m a very hungry dog. Oh, thank you. Hey! Hey, wait! Come back with my grub! Come on, Waddlesworth. Today’s the day. Fly up to your house, and then I’ll feed you. Come on, Waddlesworth, fly! No, I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a hundred times: We dogs can’t fly! [Barks] See? Now stand aside, birdbrain. Save some for tomorrow. I don’t know where our next meal’s coming from. Me mum always said, "When the heart hopes, hope comes knocking." "‘Eart ‘opes"? [Knocking On Door] Hope comes knocking. [Knocking Continues] [Gasps] What? Evicted? But you said… You shouldn’t believe what people say. I don’t. You can’t turn all these dogs loose in the city. - Give us another chance. - I’m not the one running a charity here. - [Growling] - Maybe you can get away with this… - [Growling, Barking] - [Laughing] [Yapping] You and your mangy pack are out of here tomorrow! - [Crash] - You’d better not leave any of this junk about! [Waddlesworth] Next time I’ll bite your bum, you smelly little git. Don’t worry. Everything’ll be all right. Oh, Dottie, they’re absolutely beautiful. Aren’t they, Dipstick? You must be very proud. [Squeaking] [Squeaking Continues] You are an odd one, aren’t you? There you go. Now you should get some rest. Come on, Dipstick. It’s smaller than I remember. I k-kept everything just as you l-left it. Oh, come, Fluffy. - [Snarling] - We’ll share a bath. An interminable soak… scented with lavender… and a drop of Sumatran… [Gasps] - [Gasps] - Tsk-tsk-tsk. [Tsking Continues] Never mind. I think I’ll enjoy doing a little dusting. - Oh, Fluffy, a bath… - [Continues Snarling] Followed by a nap… - submerged in feather pillows and satin… - [Door Opens] - [Cruella Screams] - [Yips] - [Gasps] - Alonzo! [Panting] Fur! It’s everywhere! Lock them away! Bury them beyond sight and memory! - Even the Mongolian pony skin trousers and the… - Now! [Grunts] And this! [Panting] Is it safe? [Whispering, Panting] Yes, it’s s-safe. - I do not believe it. - [Barks] How could they release that… that… I pity the poor probation officer that has to look af… Oh, no. No, it’s not possible. - Oh! - [Barks] Well, I refuse. I’m not doing it. - What? - [Whines] You remember her, don’t you? - You remember what she almost did to you. - [Whines] Dipstick. Okay. I’ll do it for you. And for the family. - [Gasps] - [Gasps] - Miss De Vil. - Yes? You’re five minutes late. It’s a good start. Well, perhaps your clock’s fast. I’m your probation officer, Chloe Simon. Yes, of course you are. And we’re going to be such friends. Mmm. Friends. You are going to help me be a useful member of society, aren’t you? Find me a little niche somewhere? Could you manage something with puppy dogs? I see you as a coal miner… or something in the sewers, perhaps. Ah, I see. Oh! You have doggies? Yes, and I don’t want you looking at them. I’m sorry, l… Listen, can we just be sensible about this? Yes! Let’s. Well, must dash. Bye. This is your last chance, Mr. Button. When the press sees what you’re doing to these poor dogs… you’ll be the most hated man in London. I don’t see any press… but I can guarantee the bailiff is on his way. Right! That’s it, Mr. Buttocks! That one’s vicious, he is! They’re here! Everyone on your best behavior. Pick up your signs. Come on. - Here! - Here we are outside the Second Chance… - You’re just in time. - Excuse me. I’m trying to… No, the dogs are over here. These rescued dogs are being evicted… Just one moment! This man has no right… - Here she comes! - Who she comes? - Cruella De Vil? - [Reporters Shouting] Cruella! Cruella! - Cruella! - Cruella! Please! Call me Ella. [Reporters Shouting] Ella! Ella! Well. This place and I were made for each other. - Is it yours? - [Button] No, it’s mine. - And he… - Alonzo. Buy the dump. And give him a little extra for a tie. So, could you tell us how Cruella De Vil became plain Ella? Well, I certainly can. It was all thanks to Dr. Pavlov and his therapy.
  • Reporter: Do you really think that you, a convicted dognapper… are the right person to run this establishment?
  • [Cruella] Second Chance Dog Shelter says it all. And I think I deserve a second chance too. Don’t you? - No, I do not. - [TV Off] She tricked me! [Gags] [Ewan Imitating Airplane] It’s the Red Baron, king of the sky! Stop playing and give me a hand here.
  • Kevin: Look. Another volunteer. See, Ewan? There are good-hearted people everywhere. [Ewan Imitates Explosion] Beautiful good-hearted people. That’s my probation officer! What, that’s your probation officer? - Are you Kevin Shepherd? - Yes. Yes, I’m Kevin… And you call yourself a dog lover? - Well, yes, I do. I am. - He does. He is. I’ll get to you, Ewan. I’m Chloe Simon. Cruella De Vil’s probation officer. Oh! She’s in the back. [Men Chattering] Is there some problem? I mean, uh… Excuse us, Chomp. - I mean, Miss De Vil, she seems devoted to… - [Wolf Whistle] Nice bird! - You are a nice bird. - I’m not a bird. He means you. Where are your manners? - Buried in the yard with my bone. - This is… - Um… - Chloe. Chloe Simon. Chloe, meet Waddlesworth. - He’s a rottweiler. - Hello. - That’s funny, because he looks like a macaw. - [Barks Fiercely] Trust me. He’s a rottweiler. I don’t think I trust anyone who knowingly puts Cruella anywhere near dogs. Well, yes, but she’s changed. - People like Cruella don’t change. - Of course they do. That’s why I started Second Chance… I knew what it was like to need one. And the same goes for dogs. Eh? [Barking] Take Chomp here, for example. He chewed through three postmen before I rescued him. Now he wouldn’t hurt a flea. And Digger, he was banned from every park in London as a menace to roses. And Drooler… Well, Drooler hasn’t really changed much. - Those are dogs. - Oh, but dogs are people too. - But Cruella is… - Changed. [music][Humming] Who’s washing who, Alonzo? [Chuckling] Now, hair must be a statement… a reflection of our inner life. Color is important, of course… but texture is vital. Voila! Oh, darling, darling. - It’s you. - [Whines] - Do you like it? - I’ll be keeping my eye on her. I hope so. [music] [music] Cruella De Vil [music] - Three! - [music] Cruella De Vil [music] [music] Cruella De Vil [music] [music]Just hearing her name used to make you feel ill [music] [music]Now suddenly she’s drippin’ with good will [music] [music] Can this be Cruella De Vil [music] [music]A heartwarmin’laugh [music] [music]Instead of a scream [music] [music]She’s practically human [music] [music] Or so it would seem [music] [music]As playful as a puppy in the snow [music] [music] That’s not the Cruella we know [music] [music] Oh, remember when she lived [music] - [music]Just to be rotten [music] - [Shutters Clicking] [music]How she loved to frighten the little tots [music] [music] Who thought she could be kind [music] [music]Respectful and refined [music] [music]Has the lady really changed her spots [music] [music] Oh, Lord [music] [music] Oooh-ooh, oooh-ooh Oooh-ooh, oooh-ooh, ooh [music] [music] Cruella De Vil [music] - [music]Now check this out You know what [music] - [Yelling] [music]She gave up her bark But will she still bite [music] [music] What’s wrong with this picture [music] [music]It doesn’t look right [music] [music] Unfortunately only time will tell [music] [music]lf Cruella I mean, Ella [music] [music]Is from heaven or hell Ooh, yeah [music] [TV: Announcer] And now BBC 2 is proud to present… the third part in our series, What Makes Big Ben Tick? [Bells Chiming] - [Dog Barking] - [Cat Yowling] - [Loud Banging] - [Duck Quacking] [Chiming Continues] - [Snarling] - [Barking, Yowling Continue] [Pavlov] Turn down the television, quick! [Cat Shrieks] [Burp] What a unique sound pattern. Very loud. That would be Ben on the telly. Yes. It must have jolted their brain waves back into… This mustn’t get out. Do you hear me? It never happened. [Chiming] - [Dog Barking] - What are you doing? You’re… Yes. [Giggling] And this is Domino. Little Dipper’s easy because his tail is exactly like his daddy’s. And I know Oddball because she doesn’t have any… Shh! I don’t want her to be sensitive about her lack of, um… S-P-O-T-S. Oh. Is that normal at her age? Well, like everything else about her… it is a bit… odd. - [Beeping] - [Agnes Giggling] [Ringing]
  • Woman On Phone: Hello? Is that you, Nigel? - [Whimpering] I know you’re there. I can hear you breathing. Will you take them up to your office for a while? ‘Cause I just keep staring at them… and I’m falling dreadfully behind with my paperwork, as you can see. Yes, I can see. It’s probably just as well with Miss De Vil coming in. - Cruella? - Y-Yes. She asked to change her appointment. I thought you knew. Come on, Oddball, Little Dipper, Dipstick. Quick, quick, quick, quick! Cruella De Vil, that wretched… - Philanthropist? - Cruella, I didn’t realize… Oh, please, please call me Ella. Now, Chloe, you can’t stop me. It’s my duty to demonstrate against a fur fashion show. And it’s my duty to inform you that if you go anywhere near fur… I’ll put you straight back in prison. Won’t you even let me heckle that monstrous LePelt? - No. - Just a teensy-weensy heckle? You know… murderer! [Video Game Noises] - [Bell Rings] - [Man] Round two! - [Man] Knockout! - [Barks] [Man] Body blow! Body blow! Bonus fall. Round three! [Video Game Noises Continue] [Whining] [music][Rock] - [music] [Rock Continues] - [music] [Humming Along] [Oddball Barking] [Whimpering] [Barking] I have so much to atone for. [Big Ben Chiming Loudly] - [Chiming Continues, Quieter] - I’m seeing spots. [Gasps] [Bell Clangs] - [Bell Clangs] - Dr. Pavlov! - [Gasps] - [Barks] Oddball! - [Bell Clangs] - [Gasps] [Gasps] - Grab my legs! Grab my legs! - What… Oh! [Bell Continues Clanging] Oddball! Aah! - Aaah! - [Gasping] Ohh! [Grunts] How did you get out? [Gasps] Are these your lovely dogs? Yes. Are you all right? Dipstick, shh, please! [Dipstick Barking] I remember you… as a puppy. - [Barks] - Aah! [Growls] Why don’t I come back later. I’m feeling a little… chilly. [Panting] Aaah! [Whimpers] Aah! Aah! [Sighs, Chuckles] [Gasps] [Whimpering] Aaah! [Whimpering Continues] Aaah! [Continues Screaming] Um, wouldn’t you be more c-comfortable in the c-car? [Groaning, Panting] Aaah! Ella? Not Ella. Ella’s gone. And Cruella’s back! [Cackling] Pull! Pull! Stand aside, worm. Aaah! [Groaning] Oh, mummy’s home, and I’ll never leave you again! Oh, yes! Oh, hello! Oh, yes! [Laughing] [Laughing Continues] Oh! Why do I feel incomplete? What could be missing from my life? Cruella De Vil, who has it all! The softest, the rarest, the whitest, the blackest… the stripiest, the sportiest, the… - Hmm? - Of course. Where is it? Where? Where is it? Oh, there it is. My dalmatian puppy coat. The coat of dreams. The ultimate fur coat… that was denied me by that canine cabal… for which I have lost three years of my life! - [Gasps] - Alonzo! - We are going to make them pay. - Oh, yes! How much? Dipstick, she called him. Ah, what fiendish justice. He escaped me, but I shall wreak my vengeance on the next generation. S-Sounds w-wonderful. Alonzo, I need you. I’m yours. Furnish yourself with a torch… a large sack and rubber-soled shoes. Meanwhile, I need a furrier. And I know just where to find him. [music]Freak out [music] [music]Le freak, c’est chic [music] [music]Freak out [music] [music]Le freak, c’est chic [music] [music]Aww, freak out [music] [music]Le freak, c’est chic [music] [music]Freak out Le freak, c’est chic [music] - [music]Aww, freak out [music] - [music]Look at me in this big spotlight [music] [music]I’ll make this one magical night [music] [music]I am fierce [music] [music]And we are fabulous [music] [music]Freak out, so fabulous So fierce [music] - [music]Freak out [music] - [music]So beautiful [music] - [music]So beautiful [music] - [music]So freaky [music] - [music]Freak out [music] - [music]So fabulous [music] - [music]So fabulous [music] - [music]So hip [music] - [music]Freak out [music] - [music]So beautiful [music] - [music]So beautiful [music] - [music]So freaky [music] [music] Yeah, yeah, yeah [music] [music]Some kind of love [music] - [music]Ah, freak out [music] - [Audience Cheering] - [Woman Shouts] - Murderer! Murderer! - [Crowd Screaming, Yelling] - [Snarls] Killers! - Come on, you. - You’re nicked! [Speaking French] No! No! - Monsieur LePelt! Monsieur LePelt! - Get out! Animals! They are all animals! - They have no class! - Ooh! But, monsieur… [Shouting Continues] - Leave me alone! - No… No… Aaah! Not here! [Snarls] [Gasps] Forgive me. My idiots didn’t recognize you. Only two minions to abuse? Oh, Jean-Pierre, the world is so unfair. Get out! You are unfit to look upon this goddess of fashion! Out! Out! [Sighs] Cruella De Vil… my idol, my inspiration, at my show. I am so sorry for the demonstrators. Demonstrators? I thought they were critics. [Knock At Door] Go away! Jean-Pierre… you’ve come such a long way from poaching weasels. And you, out of prison at last. - [Knock On Door] - [Glass Shatters] Yes. Terrible experience, prison. Who are you, little man? And what are you doing in my trailer? - You shouldn’t have brought them in here, you idiot! - But l… - He’s with you! - Aah! [Dog Whimpering] - What is this? - Your salvation, Jean-Pierre. Monsieur LePelt has clearly run out of ideas. I propose… an alliance… - Mmm? - Between Monsieur LePelt… and the house of De Vil. - You have an idea in the bag? - Oh, Jean-Pierre. Together, you and I will make a coat… so soft, so luxurious, so practical in any weather… so bad that we’ll rip the veils off the eyes of fashion… and write our names in the pantheon of stars. Of course. From "poopies." Ah, not just any "poopies." "Poopies" with… [Together] Spots. [Child] Hey, wait for me! Enjoy the show. One adult, three dogs and one bird, please. Oy, I’m a dog, mate. Four dogs. - Four dogs. - [Waddlesworth] Well, look who’s here. Blimey! I’m seein’ spots! Hello, Kevin. - Chloe! [Chuckles] Are you, uh… - Yeah, I’m going. - And are these your dalmatians? - Yeah.
  • [Kevin] This is Digger, Chomp and Drooler. - [Oddball Barking] You call that a bark? This is a bark. [Snarling, Barking]
  • [Waddlesworth] That’s right. Go hide behind Mummy. And… Oddball. He’s not gonna hurt you. - Your change, sir. - Oh. Thank you. - Don’t you count your change? - Well, why should I? Now it all makes sense. What? How you could actually believe that Cruella De Vil had changed. She has changed. [ Waddlesworth ] Shh! The show’s gonna start. Look, let’s just enjoy the show. - ♪♪ [Puppet Humming] - Let’s. - Hello, everybody! - [All] Hello, Mr. Punch! Hello, everybody! [Children] Hello, Judy! - [Punch] Give us a kiss. - [Judy] Aaah! Everybody would laugh at us! - Wouldn’t you, everyone? - [Children] No! All right, one kiss. Ready? Eeeek! Oh, you are awful! - Th-There’s a little dog around here today. - Ohh! - If you see a dog, will you tell us please? - [All] Yes! - I won’t be long then. Bye-bye! - [Children] Bye! - I don’t see any dog. Where is it? - [Whines] Oh, dear. What is it? Oddball’s obsessed with… S-P-O-T-S. - Spots? - Shh! What? What’d I do? I just said "spots." Help! Help! Help! Help! Oh! - Oh, no! - [Children Shouting] Help, help! Help! Help! Ohh! - [Children Cheering] - Oddball! Oddball, no! [Waddlesworth] Follow that dog! - [Crash] - [Waddlesworth Grunting] Ooh! Oh! What’s that? Oy! They’ve got balloons! - Oddball! Stop! - Get ‘em back here!
  • [Kevin] Where is that dog? Hold on! We’re coming! [Both Grunting] - Waddlesworth. - Oddball! Now’s your chance. You fly up there and just cut a few strings. - Not all of them! - Right, just a few! Come on, Waddlesworth! - You can do it! Fly! - No! Owww! - Let go of my paw, you twit! I told you I couldn’t fly! - Ohh! - [Waddlesworth] Honestly! - Don’t worry. I’ll go. Hey, hey, what you doing? Hey, get off… Oww! [Grunts] [Sighs] Got her. Oddball. Oh. - Oh, Kevin, I don’t know how to thank you. - Oops. Uh, how about dinner? Sorry? I was inviting you to dinner. Dinner would be nice. [Thunder Crashing] A coat to make the world "shuvver." "Shudder." "Shutter"? - Shudder? - Sh… - Shiver? - Exactement. Genius! [Chortles] Yes, but… I need… a special something… for three special puppies. Too dressy? Too dressy. Too stuffy. Too small. Too blue. Dottie, I’ve got nothing to wear. Please help me. - What’s that? - [Dottie Barks] - Dottie, are you sure? - [Barks] It’s completely see-through. Look. Oddball. Yeah, that’s a sweater. But… What a fantastic idea! Thank you! [Kissing] Thanks, Oddball. My brilliance astounds me. [LePelt] No. No. - We should add the "poopies" to the hem. - Oh, you wouldn’t dare. But this is last year’s length! If Cruella De Vil draws it, it defines length. No. No! - No… - [Both Grunting] What? Forty dalmatian puppies… sh-shipped off to Paris… to h-his shop. - Not enough. - We need 102. This time I want a hooded spotted puppy coat. - Hooded spotted p-puppy coat? - "Hooded spotted poopie coat?"
  • Alonzo: But 99 puppies would make a lovely coat. - It’s not that easy to steal… - Steal? Who said anything about steal? What did you think, LePelt, that we’d have time to breed them? Skinning is one thing… but stealing… Oh, stop whining. I have a perfectly good idiot… to take the fall. Not you, Alonzo. Another idiot. [Doorbell Rings]
  • Waddlesworth: On, Dasher, on, Dancer, on, Digger, on, Drooler! Look at me! I’m Rudolph, the red-nosed rein-dog with a present for Miss Oddball. Hello? [Chloe] I’ll be right out, Kevin. Take your time. [Barks] Oh, right. Chomp’s brought his favorite video. Is that all right? Is it suitable for the children? Yes, it’s absolutely fine. Is everything all right? Yes. Beautiful. Um, Waddlesworth, he’s brought a present for Oddball. Yeah, about time. This thing was gettin’ heavy. Hang on, pup. Keep your spots on… Sorry. You don’t have any. - Here you go. There. - [Growling] - [Barks] - Come on. Show us. [Gasps] Mr. Puppeteer and I came to an agreement. Oh, Kevin, thank you. It’s brilliant. Come here, you. Well, I think it’s a success.
  • Waddlesworth: Looking good, girl! Looking… Oh, no! Oddball’s got no underwear! Look away, children! Turn a blind eye! Excuse me, young lady. Is this spot taken? - [Click] - [music][TV] I can see we’re not needed. As soon as the video’s over, straight to bed for the children. No more telly. - Bye. - Be good.
  • Waddlesworth: Anybody wanna order takeout? [Kevin] So, where was I? Oh, yes. I started the shelter… and we were going down for the third time when Cruella stepped in. - Her again. - Yes. But did you know that if she ever goes back to dognapping… all her millions will go straight into the dogs’ homes of the borough of Westminster? Yes, I did. It’s in her file. - Thank you. - Thank you. - How did you know that? - She told me. And did you know… that Second Chance is the only dog shelter in the borough? - You’re joking. - Mmm! Can you imagine what Drooler would do with 8 million?
  • Tony: Now, tell-a me, what’s-a you pleasure? A la carte? Dinner? Aha. Okay. Hey, Joe! Butch, he says he wants two spaghetti speciale… heavy on the meats-a-ball. Tony, dogs-a don’t-a talk! - He’s-a talk-a to me! - Okay, he’s-a talk-a to you. You the boss. Mama mia. [Muttering In Italian] [Tony] Now here you are. The best-a spaghetti in-a town. [Barks Softly] [music][Accordion] [music] Oh, this is the night [music] [music]It’s a beautiful night [music] [music]And we call it bella notte [music] [music]Look at the skies [music] [music] They have stars in their eyes [music] [music] On this lovely bella notte [music] [music]Side by side [music] [music] With your loved one [music] [music] You’ll find enchantment here [music] [music] The night will weave its magic spell [music] [music] When the one you love is near [music] [music]For this is the night [music] [music]And the heavens are right [music] [music] On this lovely [music] [music] Bella notte [music] Aaah! [Crash] [Barking] Ohh! [Groans] [Muttering] - [Barking, Whimpering] - [Whispering] Shh, shh, shh! Get in the sack! - Come on… [Sniffs] - [Barking Continues] Go. Get in. [Snoring] [Yawning] Oh, Lassie… [Murmuring] Oh. Oh! It was a dream. Darn it. I, uh, had a great time. So… So did I. Oh, kiss her, for heaven’s sake, while we’re still young. Look, I, uh… know you don’t believe in second chances… but, uh… do you believe in second dates? I do, a-actually. Good. [Chuckles] Great. Good night. Well, at least he’s good-looking. [Doorbell Rings] - Dogs. - Mm-hmm. [Waddlesworth] [music] This is the night [music] - [music]It’s a beautiful night [music] - Bye. [music]And they call it [music] [music] Bella notte [music] [music] Look at the skies [music] [music] They have stars in their eyes [music] You know, Dipstick, he’s a lot like you. Sweet and solid… funny without meaning to be. [Phone Rings] - [Ringing Continues] - [Barking] - Hello? - [LePelt] There are "poopies." - "Poopies"? - At Second Chance "poop" shelter. - What? - Poor little dalmatian "poopies." - Dalmatians? - Oui. Second Chance "poopie" shelter. - Hello? Who is this? Hello? - [Hangs Up] Hello? Hello? - "Poopies"? - Oui! "Poopies"! - Oh, puppies. Mm-hmm. - Oui. Voila. You will find them by the river at the foot of the bridge. We’ll pick them up right away, monsieur. [Chuckles] Bye. Box of abandoned puppies just around the corner. Abandoned no more. [Groans] - [Whimpers] - [Knuckles Cracking] Oh, blimey! The coppers! [Radio: Dispatcher] Forensics is on its way. Over. Don’t panic, Kevin. Let me handle this. - Kevin Shepherd? - [Waddlesworth] Yes, hello, guv. - I’m Kevin Shepherd. - Waddlesworth! - Sorry. - How can I help you, Officer? A warrant to search the premises. You have expensive taste, sir. - [Whispers] Don’t admit to anything. - What’s all this about? Sixteen dalmatian puppies were reported stolen last night. Sir. You’ll never guess. - [Whimpering] - Oh, no! Busted! [Whimpering] Oh, Miss De Vil. Ooh, I suppose I must. Disgusting creature! Oh! Ohh! Chloe, that helmet. I’d rather have my skull crushed. - Cruella De Vil, you’re under arrest. - [Gasps] - Kevin Shepherd, you’re under arrest. - [Chloe] Kevin! - Chloe. - Hello, Miss Simon. - Is he one of your charges? - No, he’s not the one. - She is! Why suspect Kevin? - Caught him red-handed. And he’s got a record for dognapping. - Mmm. - I can explain. - You can explain where you were last night. - He was home kissing her. Oh! - [Kevin] I was out. - Out? - Out. - I think we’ve established he was out. - Right, let’s discuss this at the station. - He was out… with me. Found this, sir… list of addresses. All the houses that have had dalmatians stolen. Chloe, you can’t possibly believe… This is crazy! - I’m being set up. - Here’s the box of puppies you asked us to… - Whatever it is, I didn’t do it. - No. I sent Ewan to pick up those. There was a phone call and… - Oops. - [Kevin Chuckling] This is crazy. Why would I steal dalmatians? Hmm? What possible motive could I have to want to… - The judge’s order. - What? Oh, Kevin, how could you? - All this for money? - What? Just like you said at the restaurant. Would somebody kindly acquaint me with the facts? If I’m caught stealing puppies, my entire fortune goes to him. Would that be a motive? [Thunder Rumbling] [Man Talking On Police Radio] I’m innocent, I tell you! Innocent! - Couldn’t tear them apart, sir. - Ah, never mind. Just goes to show, a dog will love anyone. Inspector Armstrong! Oh, Inspector, thank you. You and your men do such a wonderful job… protecting the weak and the innocent. Oh, thank you very much. And I must say, Miss De Vil… you are the most remarkable case of rehabilitation I’ve known in all my years on the force. Thank you so much. Bye-bye. - Good-bye. - [Chuckling] [Cackling] [Cackling Continues] Don’t be hard on yourself, dear. We were both fooled. I’m sorry, Miss De Vil. I had no idea that Kevin was a… that I let myself trust him. Oh, this is all so dreadful. You need distraction, darling. I’m having a few friends ‘round for dinner tonight with their dogs. Why don’t you and yours join us? Adults only, of course. Oh, do come. Remember, darling, we have the doggies to live for. [Thunder Rumbling] Smashing. - [music][Piano] - [LePelt] A party? I was hoping we would dine alone tonight. - I can’t be seen dining with a furrier, you fool. - You fool! - Grr! - In fact, you shouldn’t even be here at all. Why do you keep that "job odd" man about the place? - Are you jealous, Jean-Pierre? - Jealous? Of him? Poo! What can he do for you? - Steal puppies. - Poo! - Like taking the baby from the candy. - Oh, just like. Well, now’s your chance to impress me. - I’ve saved the last three for you. - Me? Three very special puppies. The owner will be out. - But, cherie… - Faint heart never won fair lady, Jean-Pierre. [Giggling] The keys, my little c-cabbage. Dipstick. Chloe, darling! Dipstick. How kind of you to come. - [Growls, Barks] - Oh! We’re not still holding a grudge, are we? - [Growling] - Dipstick, be polite. I’m so pleased you’re here, darling. Come with me. Now, tell me. Your little spotted puppies… are snug and safe at home? - Yes, they’re with Dottie. - Oh, with Mummy! - Yes. - How dear. It’s such a relief to have the bad man in jail. - [Snoring] - If puppies can’t be safe in this world, who can? [Snoring, Squawking] [Cruella] Dinner is served. - Alonzo? - [Chair Legs Scraping Floor] Take our guests of honor to their places. I’ve a special surprise planned for you, my dear. - [Whispering] - [Utensil Tapping] Tonight our dogs join us at table… so we can show our appreciation to a magnificent species. My past… has been riddled with mistakes. I pray someday to be forgiven. - [Growls] - Shh. But tonight I will begin to set things right. From tonight… we’ll be closer than ever. - To the dogs. - To the dogs! [All Gasping] [Cruella Clapping] - [Whines] - "Bone" appetit! - Please eat! Eat! - [Snarling] Dipstick. Do you want mine? - [Whines] - [Barks] [Gagging] [Clears Throat] - [Guests Murmuring] - Ugh! Whee! Whee! [Laughing Continues] - Oh, my… Oh! - [Shouts] Everyone, eat! Where’s Dipstick? Dipstick! Dipstick! [Growling] [Barks] [Panting] [Growls, Gurgling] Oh! [Muttering] Oh. Oh. [Grunting] [Angry Blubbering] Ahh, bonsoir, my little ones. I am the great LePelt… and you are… how do you say… dog meat. [Growling, Barks] Oh! Nice. Nice, doggy. Dog nice! Aaaah! Nice! [Blubbering] - [Barking] - Quiet! Shh. Nice doggy. Be quiet! Be nice. [Groans] Naah! [Growling] [Yipping] Hee-hee! Hee-hee! Three puppies, she said, hmm? Yaah! [Whimpers, Barking] Well. [Laughing] Aaah! Aaaah! [Grunting] Oh! [Barking] [Barking Continues] [Howls] [Barking, Howling] - [Dogs Barking] - [Yipping] [Bell Dinging] [Barking] [Barking] [Amplified Barking] Surprise! [Cackling] Earlier than I planned, but c’est la vie. - I hereby revoke your probation. - And I hereby lock you up. With St. Kevin of Assisi in the clink, it just wouldn’t do… if three more puppies were reported missing. - Three more? - Good-bye, my dear. - [Cackling] - No! I’ll think of you every time I wear your sweet little doggies! - No! - [Cackling Continues] Stop! [Barking] [Sinister Laughing] Ooh, not bad. The English can do the knitwear. - [Barking] - [Grunts] [Barking] Shh! Be quiet! [Horn Honking] [Snores] Ooh! Hey, what’s that? Listen. Hey. - Do you hear that? - What? What is it? Uh, best I can make out, they’re all yappin’ about "tubble." Tubble? Oh, trouble. Must be puppies talking. Listen. Hey, wait. There’s more. Uh, "widdle ones"? "Bad man gwab widdle ones. Twee potted doggies." Potted? Twee widdle potted… Bad man grabs three little spotted doggies. Oh, my gosh. Chloe’s dogs. [Growling] Aah! Aaaah! Oh! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! [Moans] The puppies! [Gasps] Thank you, Fluffy! [Waddlesworth] [music] Go to sleep [music] [music] Go to sleep [music] [music] Go to sleep little guardie [music] [Sighs] Dog, James Dog. Aah! [music] Go back to sleep [music] [music] Go back to sleep stupid guardie [music] [Sighs] Taxi! - St. John’s Mews, please. - You know, I could get five to ten for this. That’s 35 to 70 in dog years. Ow! [Quiet Sobbing] They’ve gone. - Where are they? - Calm down, calm down. [Growls, Barks] - Whoa! - Aah! Hoo! Aaah! I’m so sorry. I should have trusted you. No, I should never have trusted Cruella. - With my police record… - It doesn’t matter. Yes, it does matter. Look… I broke into the lab and freed those dogs. They were being used for experiments. That was your dognapping conviction? Yes. - That’s all? - Yes. What’s this? "The Orient-Express." - Paris. - [Barks] They’re going to Paris! Come on! [Cruella] Oh, Jean-Pierre, you’ve outdone yourself. I am the Napoleon of the fur, and you are my… - Waterloo? - My Josephine. Together we’ll… Aaah! A rat! I need spotted puppies, you idiot! But it is not a rat. I know rats! - It’s a "poopie." - Alonzo! - Yes. - Find the rat and kill it. - LePelt and I will be on the Orient-Express. - K-Kill? The last time I underestimated a puppy, I wound up in the pokey! - Go! Go! - Why not him? Oh! Yes, I see. Thank you. Ahh. There. [Barking, Whining] [Barking Continues] Yaah! [Grunting] [Dog Yelping] Oh, oh. Ohh! Ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh! [Gasps] - Excuse me. The Orient-Express? - Platform nine. Paris! City of Lamour! Of la mode! - Of LePelt! - [Both Cackling] [Barking] [Barking, Whining] [Whimpering] - [Grunts] - LePelt, with his slippery Frenchman ways. She’ll see. She’ll see that I’m the loyal one. - Alonzo. - Oh, joy. Le petit homme. - You took care of the rat? - [Ice Cubes Rattle] You will never… see it… again. [Bell Dinging] [Kevin] This isn’t the Orient-Express. - [Waddlesworth] We’re on the wrong platform! - There she is! Come on. Oddball! Oh, no, I can’t look! She’ll be killed! [Yipping] Somebody, do something! Oh, what am I doing? Help! Help! Your wings! Flap your wings! Flap wings? Oh! Where did these come from? Blimey, they work! I can fly! Dogs can fly! [Barks] Whee-yah! I just realized I’m not a rottweiler at all! I’m a retriever. - [Yips] - [Barking] [Whining] [Clattering] - Where are we going? - Paris! - We’ve missed the train! - Then we’ll catch the next one! You think he saw us? We better… We better hide. But where? - What? Bad wady’s cow? - [Barking] Oh, good idea, spotty. [Whistle Blowing] - Vive la Paris! - Careful now. Careful. Careful. Uh, careful! Mustn’t harm the "poopies." [Chuckles] [Tires Screeching] [Horn Honking] The p-poopieman gets to ride in the c-car. Is Alonzo keeping up? The little man is too slow. This traffic is too slow. The French are useless behind the wheel! [Cruella Laughing] [LePelt] Aah! You’re going the wrong way! - They’re going the wrong way! - [Horn Honking] We’re going to die! [Horn Honks] [Whimpering] - [Screams] - Shut up, Jean-Pierre! - [Bicycle Bell Dings] - [Tires Screech] Jean-Pierre, our next challenge: Reinventing the poodle skirt. [Woman Complaining In French] [Dogs Barking] - Nothing. Nobody saw anything. - Oh! [Dog Barking In Distance] I didn’t know you spoke French. [Horns Honking] Come on! Come on! Taxi, stop! [Horn Honks] So what did they say? - [Barking] - Follow les chiens. [Waddlesworth] It’s spooky, all right… but you’d have to be a sniveling, whimpering, cowardly little Chihuahua… not to barge right in there and take charge of the situation… with no hesitation at all. After you, then. Ohh, I’m gonna regret this. What do you look at? Work! Work! - Illegal immigrants? - Of course. Hmm. How much? - Fifty francs a week. - Oh. [Chuckles] That’s not much. It’s all they can afford. Sure hope you know where you’re going, pup. - Bingo. - [Barking] Don’t worry, Oddball. I’ll have ‘em out in a jiffy. [Grunts] Hmm. Tastes like chicken. [Panting] [Whimpering] Ooh. It’s no good looking at me like that. It won’t do any good, you know. Sorry. [Hatch Closing] - [Door Closes] - [Whispers] Okay. Go right through. Did you hear something? It’s just your little man outside. - [Barking] - Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh! Hey, I thought I told you to wait outside. Hey. I know, but they were worried. Oh! Hello! Hi! Okay, let’s get them out of here. - Come on. - [Cruella] Well, Miss Houdini. Aren’t you in a tight spot? Ooh, what fun to get away with murder! Ta-ta! [Cackling] [Cackling Continues] I’m really beginning to dislike that woman. There’s got to be a way out of here. - Hello, nice bird. Aah! - Aah! Waddlesworth! Is Oddball with you? You bet she’s here. She’s commando leader. - Now, pass up the pups, quick. - Okay. One. Have a seat. Two. Good, good. Join the other one. Come on. Hurry up. Hurry up. [Sewing Machine Engines Whirring] One hundred. In a bunch. Come on. In a bunch. One hundred and… Are you 100 or 101? - Great. Now we have to start all over again. - That’s it. Bring me the "poopies"! Come on! This is my favorite part. The skinning? Not the strangling? Ah, I like the strangling also. The mark of a great furrier, Alonzo, is that he does his own strangling. - Remember that. - Thank you. Shh. [Sniffing] - Wha… - [Alonzo Grunts] Aaah! It’s the little rat! You lied to me. M-M-Me? Why should l… Ugh! Does she look dead to you? Does she? You worm! I’ll kill her myself. You are a wormy little man. Oh! [Grunts] Aaah! [Growling] [Angry Grunt] Whoa! Oh! You’re both idiots! [LePelt Laughing] [Waddlesworth] Aah! Excuse me! Work! Now I crush you, little man! - [Chloe] Aaah! - [Growling] [Workers Chattering Excitedly] Who’s the little man now? [Growling] Aaah! [Workers Cheering, Laughing] [Panting] I’ll wear you on my sleeve. Here, puppy, puppy. Puppy. Sweet puppy. Uhh! [Yipping] [Gasping] Oh! Oh! - [Alarm Blaring] - [Whistle Blows] - [Buzzer Buzzing] - [Gasps] Oh, oh! No! Aah! Aaaah! Ugh. [Clucking Sound] Oh! Oh! Oh. Aah! Oh! Aah, aah! Ohh! Aah! Aah! [Motor Speeding Up] Aaah! Aaah! - Quickly! To the bakery! - But can we trust him? Now is not the time to count your change, Kevin. Come on! She’s after the puppies! [Gasps] I’ve got you now, you little rat! [Frustrated Grunting] - [Buzzer Buzzes] - [Cackling] Oh. [Cackling] Without spots, you’re just not worth the trouble. Chop, chop. And now to my coat! [Oddball Barks] [Screaming] [Chloe] Domino! Little Dipper! - Oddball! - Oddball? Where are you? Come out, come out, wherever you are! [Bell Dings] [Gasps] Ahh! [Blubbering] [Low Bark] Aaah-aah! Oh!
  • Waddlesworth: And now for the topper. You may now kick the bride. [Quiet Moan] I’m ruined! This is the fall of Maison LePelt. How do we get out from this mess?
  • Cruella: Piece of cake. Look out, everybody! It’s the bad lady’s cow. Oh, no. Hello, all. I’ve come from Miss De Vil’s solicitor, Mr. Torte. I asked if I might have the pleasure of delivering this. - Eight million pounds? - Yes! - It’s the judge’s orders. - Eight million quid? - Eight million pounds! - Eight million quid. - It’s for the dogs, of course. - That’s eight million. And for the best, unless… unless she’s rehabilitated. [Chloe] No, Alonzo. Cruella will always be Cruella. Hope springs eternal. What’s that puppy doing up there? - No, Oddball! - Oddball! Oh, Oddball! Ohh! - What have you been up to now? - What have you been doing? Hey! Hey. Ohh! Dirt. Kevin. Look. These won’t come off. She’s got her spots. Oddball’s got her spots! Look! [Dogs Barking]
  • Waddlesworth: S-P-O-T-S!
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