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101 Dalmatians (1961)

101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure is a 2003 animated film.

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Transcript == Pongo: (narrating) "It seems like such a short time ago that my pet and I were just lazing about in our little London flat, living the humdrum, bachelor life, and wishing things weren't so very, very dull. Oh, that's my pet, Roger. My name's Pongo. You remember, I'm the one with the spots."

Roger: Oh, goodness!  No, no, not that one. Or that one.

Pongo: "Ah, that's me, living my new life as a family man. Never a dull moment. I guess I got my wish."

Roger: Ahh! I think I'm seeing spots! Hey, seeing spots!

"Spots, I'm seeing spots!"

"Everywhere, I'm seeing lots,"

"Of those tiny little dots!"

"Yes, it's true."

"They're on the beds and the cots."

"In the pans and the pots."

"And they've left little spots in the loo."

Anita: Roger, are you packing or playing?

Roger: I'm playing at packing, dear!

Anita: Well, quit fooling around. We're moving first thing in the morning!

"We'll have a Dalmatian plantation"

"La la-la-la-la la-la-la"

"I see spots on the walls"

"In the rooms, in the halls"

"On the floors, in the drawers, yes, I do"

"And every morning when I rise"

"And I open up my eyes"

"I am taken by surprise"

"'Cause instead of seeing skies"

"I see lots of little spots"

"We'll have a Dalmatian plantation"

"Spots, spots, spots!"

"And never again shall we roam"

"Everywhere on the beds..."

"Can't wait to begin our sweet living that's in"

"On the walls...

"Our Dalmatian plantation home"

"Dalmatian plantation, we're home!"

Oh, Roger!

Pongo: (narrating) "Yes, tomorrow would be moving day. Only one more night in this little flat which was getting smaller by the minute. I mean, even I was beginning to feel a bit smothered. Really. It was easy to see how one of our puppies could feel... well, just a little bit lost in this... sea of spots."

Perdita: Hello, Patch.

Patch: Hello, mother.

Perdita: Watching the television, are we?

Patch: Yes. Well, I've got to save my spot, now, don't I? It's the best spot, after all!


Perdita: But you know your show doesn't start until after...


Oh, dear.

Oh, not again!

Whoo! Whoa!

Ooh. Ugh.

Ehh! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!

Whoo! Ugh.

Come on, you guys! Make room!


No, you don't, Mr. Roly-poly.

One bowl at a time!

There must be something in here.


Is everybody ready for the show?

My spot!




"The Mighty Thunderbolt Adventure Hour..."

Ahhh! Whoa!


"...the one-of-a-kind wonder dog!"

Kanine Krunchies, the crunch your dog loves to munch, presents "The Thunderbolt Adventure Hour," starring Thunderbolt, the one-of-a-kind wonder dog! And his trusty sidekick, Little Lightning. In last week's thrilling episode, wholesome Tommy was kidnapped...

Wholesome Tommy: Help, Thunderbolt, save me!

...and spirited away by that black-hearted villain: Dirty Dawson!

Wholesome Tommy: Help, Thunderbolt! Save me!

Will our hero arrive in time?

Wholesome Tommy: Help, Thunderbolt! Save me!

What horrible fate awaits, wholesome Tommy?

Oh, I can hardly look!

Patch: Oh, I've seen this one. This is brilliant!

Wholesome Tommy: Help, Thunderbolt! Save me!

Dirty Dawson: That mangy mutt can't save you this time!

Patch: Hold on, Tommy! Thunderbolt's coming!


Ahh! Hey!

Patch: This is just like "Double-cross at Dead Man's Ditch," except that was a mine car, not a train.

Shh! Shh!

Patch: Grrrr! Watch this. Thunder's gonna grab the whip.




Patch, you're gonna spoil it again!

Dirty Dawson: They say every dog has his day... but this' ain't gonna be yours, ya flea-bitten cur! Huh? Ugh! Whoa! Ahh! Ah! Whoo-hoo! Yes! Yes! Huh? This ain't fair!


What was that supposed to be?

Heh heh heh heh!

It was the most pitiful bark I've heard yet.

Yeah, it sounded like someone sat on a squeaky toy!

Wholesome Tommy: Ahh, Thunderbolt, you're one-of-a-kind!

Patch: (whispering) Wow! One-of-a-kind!

"Kanine Krunchies..."

Pongo: All right, bedtime, everyone.




But, Dad, we're not sleepy yet.

Anita: Nanny, do you have the new dog tags?

Nanny: Right here. We'll put them on as they come up the stairs.

Say, kiddies! Is your dog a one-of-a-kind wonder dog?

If you think your pooch has what it takes... ...bring him down to the London set... ...of Thunderbolt's exciting new adventure... "Thunderbolt Versus the Hound of the Baskervilles."

Patch: Thunderbolt's in London?

That's right! Thunderbolt's in London. Just follow a Kanine Krunchies truck... ...down to tomorrow's auditions... ...where one lucky pup will win the opportunity... appear as a guest on the show.

Dad! Dad! Dad!

56, 57, 58... Careful.


59, 60, 61, 62... 63, 64...

Dad! Dad! I have to see Thunderbolt! J- J-Just a minute, son. I'm counting.

But, Dad!

67, 68, 69... I've seen every episode... all 72. 72, 73... 2?

Uh... Not now, Patch. I'm busy losing count here! 76, 77, 78, 79...

But, Dad! Dad! Whoa!

81, 82, 83... Oh! Ohh! Oh, dear. Uh, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104... ...and Patch... 105. 105? Are you all right, son?

Dad, I've just got to see Thunderbolt tomorrow.

Yes, I know, but tomorrow is moving day. You're going to love it on the farm, son. There are big green fields and a stream... ...and a barn and lots of different animals. Hey, maybe you and I can chase some chickens, huh?

Patch: Uh, sure, Dad, but...

Nanny: Here we go! "Cherry Tree Farm, Little Tichfield, Devon." Hmm. Why, I imagine it's the most splendid farm in the whole country.

Pongo: Oh, Perdy... The farm will be such a wonderful place to raise our puppies.

Perdita: And best of all... ...we'll be miles away from that evil, ugly monster...

Cruella: Cruella De Vil! Now, please let me in!

Mr. Fenwick: I can't do that, Miss De Vil.

Cruella: Mr. Fenwick, please, something, anything.

Mr. Fenwick: You know very well that the terms of your probation... ...don't allow me to sell you any more furs.

Cruella: Not even a stole... ...a muff... a pair of mittens?

Mr. Fenwick: No!

Cruella: One mitten?

Mr. Fenwick: No!

Cruella: Could things possibly be any worse?

Radio: "Cruella De Vil" "Cruella De Vil"

Cruella: Shut up, shut up, shut up! Ohh! Ugh! Oh! What does Cruella De Vil have left to live for?

Ugh! - Ohh! - Ohh!

Good grief!

Lars: Tell me... ...what do you see?

Cruella: Everything. Darkness and light, form and content.

Lars: And what else?

Cruella: Chaos and order, joy and pain.

Lars: And there is more than that?

Cruella: The possibility of triumph, the certainty of defeat... ...the culmination of all I've ever reached for... ...but could not grasp! I see everything! I see absolutely everything! I feel faint in the presence of such artistic truth. Where is the artist? I simply must meet him!

Lars: But... You already have. I am Lars... ...and I am an undiscovered genius.

Cruella: My name is Cruella De Vil... ...and I'm an overfinanced heiress.

Your passion for my work both repels... ...and attracts.

Ooh. Could you bear the sweet agony of seeing more? You mean there's more? Spots! Spots! Spots! Spots! I have yet to find anyone who truly understood... ...their bleak but beautiful meaning... ...that is... until I met you. This could be it! This could be|the cure for my craving! My analyst said I should find|something to substitute... ...for my magnificent|obsession. Who needs furs when I can|soothe my tortured soul with art? Something tortures you? Tell me what cloud dares|cast a shadow on... ...the flower? Oh, it's a sad but familiar tale|of loss and disappointment... ...probation,|and a restraining order. But you... can help Cruella|to forget all that. Will you do a painting|just for me... ease my pain? I will create|a masterpiece... ...if you will be my...|muse. Ooh. Oh, darling. Ohh. Ahhh. 6... 7... 26... 202. Dad? 97... I can't sleep. - 98...|- I've been thinking. 90... Do you think|I'm one-of-a-kind... ...or just...|one of 101? 101. That's it. 101. All right, everyone,|into the truck! You're 90,|you're 91, you're 92...'re 93, you're 94. Hold it. Wait.|You're 98, you're 99...'re 100... ...and you're 101. And you're 101,|and you're 101. Hold it. Wait. How many 101 s are there? Well, I've successfully|lost count again. Right.|Anyone not here, speak up. Oh, no! Wait! Wait for me! Well, that figures. They didn't even miss me. Then I'm not gonna miss|them! Well,|what do you think? Why, it's splendid! Puppies, welcome|to your new home! Right then.|That's 1 and 2 and, uh... 37, 36, 5, 50, 8, um...|minus 2, carry the 3, and, um... 101? Finally, no more counting. Huh? Waaa! All this place needs is a proper|dusting, a splash of paint... ...and it'll be good as new. Now, where do you suppose|we'll put the music room? I think you just found it,|darling. "Thunderbo-olt" "Hounding hoodlums|with a howl... Hear his growl" "Thunderbo-olt" "Desperadoes,|cringe in fear..." Ladies and gentlemen,|boys and girls... ...pooches and pups of all ages... ...are you ready? Desperadoes, cringe in fear. Mighty Thunderbolt is here! I don't believe it! It's really him! And here's his sidekick|extraordinaire... ...the ever-trusty|Little Lightning! - Yoo-hoo!|- Hello, handsome! Over here,|you gorgeous hunk o' hound. Oh, uh, hi, ladies.|Nice to meet you. - Oh, no.|- We don't want you. Get out of the way.|We want... Thunderbolt! - Ooh. -|Ooh. - Ooh. Sorry, little buddy, but these ladies|aren't interested in the sidekick. They're here to get|a big eyeful of... ...hero! - Aaah! -|Aaah! - Aaah! Heel, ladies, heel. Thunderbolt! All right, everybody. Line up your dogs|for the audition. We need to hear|their best heroic bark. V- Very good. Hey, that's very... Oh, there's more! Ugh! Well... Go ahead. Uh... What's the matter,|little fella? Cat got your tongue? Oh, that's funny,|'cause, you see, we're dogs... ...and we chase cats, so... Ah, well, it made me laugh. Come on, kid,|we haven't got all year. You're wasting|my valuable limelight. Say, who sat|on the squeaky toy? Hey, Thunderbolt,|over here! "Thunderbo-olt..." That's it, folks! We'll announce|the winner of the audition tomorrow! Have a megafantabulous day! And remember, buy your pooch lots|and lots of tasty Kanine Krunchies! "...only in the night" Nice work, Patch,|just brilliant. Ladies, ladies,|you're wearing me out. Oh, please?|Just do it one more time. Oh, well, all right. I guess|just one more time couldn't hurt. - Aaah. -|Aaah. - Aaah. Golly, I'm good. Hello, boys! - Thunder!|- Lightning, little buddy. It's just awful! - Ooh. Ahh.|- I overheard what they're planning... Growl! Bump! Ah, don't be too harsh|on them, little buddy. I know we don't have|the best writers in television... ...but we can always improvise. I'm pretty good|at improvising... long as|it's written down for me. No, no, you don't understand. Something|really horrible is going to happen. Ooh, ooh, don't tell me.|Let me guess. - The dam breaks. The mine collapses.|- No. No. Do I get an evil twin? I've|always wanted an evil twin. No! Listen, Thunder, what|happens is you... You... Huh? You die. I don't believe it.|I- I die? Oh, Lightning, this is just...|About the greatest thing ever! Ha ha! I've always wanted|to play a big death scene... ...the selfless hero who sacrifices|himself to save the innocent. Ha ha! I'll kick bigger|than Old Yeller! Ha ha ha! So, how do I make my shockingly|unexpected and triumphant return? - You don't.|- What do you mean, I don't? You don't make a shockingly|unexpected and triumphant return. You die. You're dead.|You never come back. N- Not even|for a reunion show? Not even for a cameo|in the remake. They're writing me|out of the show! They're gonna replace you|with a younger dog. Oh, so that's what those|auditions were really all about. Oh, Lightning,|you gotta help me. I can't end up on the street,|homeless, foraging in trash cans. Mange! I could get mange! Well, I... I did have|this one crazy thought. Or ticks!|I hate ticks! They suck all the blood|out of you, do you hear me? They suck all the blood|out of yo-o-o-o-u! What if... You went out|and did something heroic... you do on the show,|but in the real world? You know, get your name|in the paper... ...prove to 'em|that you still got it. Wait a minute. What if... I went out and did|something heroic in the real world? Or... That could work, too. After all, you are the one-of-a-kind|wonder dog. How hard could it be? - Yeah, it'll be a catwalk.|- Cakewalk. Pre-cisely. I'll just go get a little|press for doing some easy hero stuff... ...and they'll be begging|to keep me on the show. But first... I'll have|to figure out a way... sneak past|my adoring public. Hmm? Hmm. Sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak,|sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak. Hide. Hmm. Ha ha.|Master of disguise. - Hi, Thunderbolt!|- Aaaaah! Oh, I'm sorry.|You've got the wrong dog, kid. I know it's you. That's the same disguise|you used in episode 18... "Gambling Gophers|of Gunfire Gulch." Oh! For howling out loud!|Now you've blown my cover. This is champion! I'm your|biggest fan, Thunderbolt! I know every episode by heart. Remember the time when you|fought that grizzly bear... ...and rescued those orphans and|then the dam broke and... And... Hey, aren't you|the squeaky toy? Yeah. Heh. That's me. - Listen, pup...|- Patch. Pooch... whatever.|You've got to understand... ...sometimes danger and I|like to dance alone! Good gracious gravy,|look at that! A cat is stuck|up in that tree! He is? Oh, my heart goes out to|the poor, helpless creature. Now, if I were me,|what would I do? Well, I'd read the script.|That's what I'd do. Oh, no!|I don't have a script! This is just like when Tommy was|trapped on that cliff in episode 29. - That one was a classic.|- Okay, okay, don't panic. You can do this. - Only it's also like episode 64...|- You can do this. - When he was drowning in the water tower.|- You can't do this! - Yeah, that was great.|- You can't do this! Who am I kidding? I have no idea|what I'm doing! But episode 29|is still the best... least|from the first season. - Pooch...|- Patch. - Whatever. I'm trying to panic here!|- Oh, sorry. I just thought you were gonna do|what you did on Raccoon Ridge... know, when you got that barrel|and dragged it next to the cliff... ...and you found|a long plank of wood... ...and got a great, big,|round boulder, and then... Pre-cisely! Whoa! Ohh! Hang on, little kitty! Help is on the way! Heh heh heh.|The press is gonna love this. Aah! Phew. There you are,|my good man. No need to thank me. The look on your face|is thanks enough. Now smile for the cameras. Hey, that's strange.|Where are all the photographers? The press is always around|when I do something. What's the matter|with you English people? Are you all having tea? How am I supposed to get my job|back if you're all having tea? That was champion, Thunder,|just like on the telly! You know, this stuff|isn't as easy as it looks. I mean, maybe if I could|remember what happened... every episode of the show, you know,|like squeaky toy here, then I could... Hey, squeaky toy. Oh, darling,|it's just divine! It's remarkable! It's stunning!|It's grand! But it's all wrong. But... But it... it's|my best work yet... Cupcake. But it simply has to be better|than your best, darling. I mean,|look at these spots. Oh, the shapes|aren't at all acceptable. They're not... Soft enough...|you know, cuddly... something you want|to squeeze the life out of! Oh, no, this one|is no good at all... embarrassing mediocrity,|a complete failure! Your harsh words strike me like blows|from the fists of a large dockworker. I would cry now...|were it not so bourgeois. There, there. I know you'll get it right,|my depressive Da Vinci. You simply have to keep|trying. After all, you're the only one|who truly understands Cruella... ...who can see|into her tortured soul. Yes! Her heart is like|a vast, dark ocean... ...on whose waves|I am hopelessly adrift... my dinghy of passion. I shall not betray|your faith in me! I shall create|another canvas... ...and another and another|and another... ...until I have found|spotted perfection! I shall not stop until|the fires of your craving... ...have been quenched! Junior deputy test?|Which episode was that in? Uh, one of|the lost episodes. But I only give it to pups|who I think might be worthy. And who knows?|If you do real good... ...maybe I'll even let you|be on the show with me. Really? Sure, kid.|I'm the star, aren't I? Mother|of pasteurised milk! That stagecoach|is out of control! This is your first|junior deputy test, kid. Okay. Well... This is|just like in episode 37... "Stagecoaches|of Serpent Summit." Very good.|Now, episode 37... ...was that the one where|I leap, run, and pounce? No, no. That was the one where|you run, pounce, and leap. Pre-cisely! Stand back! "Caboodle lay-dee-ooh-ooh" "Caboodle lay-dee-ooh" Get hold of yourself, man!|You're out of control! - Whoa!|- It's okay! I'll get the brake. "Caboodle lay-dee-ee-ooh" Still no photographers. - How odd.|- Aah! - Aah! "There may be days|when things don't go right" "And your shoes|refuse to dance" "To make the winds of fortune|blow right" "You might need|a second chance" "So if you get one try|and that don't fly" "Stop and count to 10" "And if at first|you don't succeed" "Try again" Here's your next test,|kid. Wow! Banque robbers! Uh... Episode 4. "Beginner's luck|is overrated" - Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!|- " Once you blink, it's come and gone" - Aaaaaah!|- " The only way to cultivate it" "Is to keep on keepin' on" - "Yeah"|- Hmm? Still no photographers? "Try and try and then" "If at first|you don't succeed, yeah" "Try again" "Try, try again" "Yes, my friend" "Try, try, try again" Those men|are frozen with fear. No wonder. Those crazed badgers|are trying to eat their heads! It's just like in episode 27 when|you whupped those two grizzlies! - " Caboodle|lay-dee-ooh-ooh" - Huh? "Eeeb-a-dee-bop|sa-dum-wa-dum" "Caboodle lay-dee-ooh-ooh" "And don't you ever stop, no" "Caboodle lay-dee-ee-ee" "Mimmy-zop ba-dum, wa-dum,|yeah" What is it? Looks like we've stumbled|on a band of cattle rustlers. Uh, aren't those monkeys? Even worse...|monkey rustlers! Sounds like episode 34|to me. Right answer once again...|junior deputy. - I passed the test?|- Think you can handle it? You bet! Let's get|those monkey rustlers! "Now, if you find|you're batting zero" "And a legend you are not" "You can still wind up|a hero" "If you give it|one more shot" "If you don't give in,|you're gonna win" "The only question's"When?" "So if at first|you don't succeed" Blech! "Try again" "Try, try, try again" "Try, try again" "And again, yeah" "Try, try, try again" "Try again" "Try, try, try again" "Try again" Hey, get over on the right|side of the road, buddy! Sheesh! London drivers. I told you, Thunder. This is the best day ever! Yeah. You know, I never knew it|would be so much fun out here... ...doing this real hero|stuff. What do you mean? Don't|you do this all the time? Oh, well, kid, uh... Well, you know, it's, uh... Of course I do! Ha!|I do this all the time. So, let's talk|about you, kid. Me? - Yeah. What's your story?|- Well, uh... Hold on. Okay, go on. Missing? What do you mean,|he's missing? - We've looked...|- And looked... But there's just no sign|of Thunderbolt anywhere. This is a catastrophe...|a calamity... - A cataclysm!|- Ohh! We have to shoot first thing|in the morning... ...and I find out|my star is missing! How can you shoot a show|without a star? How... Can you shoot...|a show without... A star? How do you spell|"cataclysm"? How can you shoot a show|without a star? How can you shoot a show|without a... A star. This is it.|This is megafantabulous! We'll rewrite this episode|and star Little Lightning! I'm a genius! Get the writers!|Fire the director! This is going to be|a whole new direction... ...for "The Thunderbolt|Adventure Hour"! A whole new direction.|What do you think of that? Thunderbolt, old pal... ...finally I'll be able|to step out of your shadow... overrated,|overacting ham! "The Little Lightning|Adventure Hour"... has a nice ring, doesn't|it? Hmm? What do you think? I have failed you, my muse. Oh, fickle bird|of inspiration... what far shore|have you flown? Oh, poor, pathetic Lars,|do not despair. I know exactly where to find|the inspiration we crave. Oh, this is art,|after all. Art! Our creativity|cannot be thwarted... trivial matters|like restraining orders. Yes!|Sacrifices must be made! Gone? They're all gone? How unspeakably rude|of Anita to move away... ...without even leaving|a forwarding address. Oh, Lars,|now what am I to do? Why, you little...|What's this? I know you. Oh, this is delicious! "Cherry Tree Farm,|Little Tichfield, Devon." Oh, no. Freckles, dear,|stop helping. Oh, my! The tea! Uhh! Yes, the paper. No time to read this... ...if I'm going to finish|my new song. Well, I come from|this really big family. I knew a guy|who came from a big litter... 10 or 12.|I forget. There's 101 of us. 101 Dalmatians?|Hey, I heard about you guys. Yeah, you were|on the Twilight Bark. Well, that's just it,|isn't it? I'm afraid all I'll ever be|is one of 101. At least|that's what my dad thinks. Hey, Thunderbolt,|how do you become... ...a one-of-a-kind|wonder dog anyway? Well, in my case, it all hinged|on getting just the right agent. But, you know, kid,|getting there isn't so tough. It's staying on top.|That's the real challenge. You think|you're doing great... ...and all of a sudden there's|somebody trying to take your place. - Crowd you out.|- Push you aside. Steal your spot! Pre-cisely! Pre-cisely! You know,|you're all right, kid. I'll tell you what,|little buddy... I'm planning on doing some|more big-hero stuff today. You stick with me. Maybe you'll get|your picture in the paper... the world that you're|not just another dog. No, no, no, like this.|Ahem. Uh-oh. What? Patch? In London? Don't you worry. I'll|keep an eye on things here. This is all my fault.|If only I hadn't lost count. Oh, stop blaming|yourself, dear. The important thing now|is that we find him... ...before|Cruella De Vil does. It's not fair, Horace,|me lad. It's just not fair. How come she gets off... ...with probation|and a restraining order... While we's left|rottin' away in here. Off your bums, lads. Sprung for your bail,|somebody has. It must be Mum|come to spring us. Mum never liked me. It must be good ol' Dad. Dad never liked you either. Jasper, Horace! - Aah!|- Aah! It's time to finish the job. Oh, no, not her! We always get the worst end|of it with her. Well, if she wants us... work for her|this time... ...we won't be made fools of. You look just like Mum. Shut up, you! I ain't going through|with this, I tell you! I ain't! Here he comes now! Whoa! - Go on, Jasper.|- Go! Go on! Go! Afternoon, love. Something I can... Aah! Hello, there! Uh, uh,|something I can do... ...for a pretty|young lady like yourself? Of course you can,|you naughty man! You can|just give me this truck! What? Whoo-hoo! They're all inside,|Jasper. Go ahead and start it up. Whatever in the world? Hmm? Ow! Hey, where's he going? - Kanine Krunchies!|- Kanine Krunchies! Hey, it's|Kanine Krunchies! Oh, my! Yippee! Mmm! Yummy! Whoo-hoo.|It worked, Jasper. Like a dream,|Horace, me lad. Like a dream. You? I should have known|it was you terrible men! Now let those puppies go|right now... ...or I'm going to knock the|stupid out of both of you! Here now, lady. We don't want to have|to hurt you none. So... Aaah! Uh... Come on! Ohh! Ow! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Whoa! Aaah! - Ugh! -|Ugh! - Ugh! Right.|That's it, then! I've had just about enough|of this! Ohh! Oh, no! There, now. That ought to hold you|right proper. - Jasper.|- What? Can we just go back|to gaol now? Your muse has returned! But I am a failure. You should despise me. Oh, stop being|such a wet blanket... ...and come see|what I've brought for you. A gift... For me? How very "Christmas morning|with the twinkle lights" of you. A gift of inspiration! Well, of course. These are only... ...just about the most adorable|little puppies... I've ever seen|in my whole life! Look at these cute|little darlings! Oh, a fuzzy wuzzy|little puppy poo! Poo-poo.|Little puppy poo. Did you see that? Did you see that? He gave me a widdle kissy! I'm gonna kiss him back. He's havin' a wobbly. And you mean for me to do|a painting of them, don't you? That's an absolutely|lovely idea! It makes me smile a lot. "Painting of them," he says. No, no, no, darling. I don't want you to make art|of the puppies. I want you to make art|with the puppies. Use their coats as canvases. Create a masterpiece|in a new medium. Together you and I will|stun the art world... ...with our ruthless|originality! But that means... How could you do such a thing|to the cute little puppies? - Poison them.|- Drown them. Bash them in the head. I may be eccentric,|but I am not a sicko! - What?|- You'll not hurt one spot... ...on these innocent|little creatures' heads! Not as long as I have anything|to say about it! I thought you were|a man of vision... ...someone who understood|my passions... ...who understood the complexity|that is Cruella! Does no one get the point? Oh, Lars, you're such|a disappointment. Oh, well. If I can't have|a masterpiece... least I'll finally have|a fabulous Dalmatian coat. That's almost as good. Don't you agree? Ooh! What has gotten|into you, girl? - Aah!|- Aah! Kidnapped?|How many? Phew! Oh! Ohh! Ugh! Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Wretched dogs! Oh! Ugh! I just|can't understand it. We've been out here doing|hero stuff all day... ...and none of these|London photographers... ...seem to care. Why do you want|photographers around? Aw, kid. Look, I got something|to tell you. Something I guess I should have|told you a long time ago. Oh, I don't know how to say|this, but the truth is... Thunderbolt, listen! There's an emergency! Sounds like a kidnapping! Hmm.|Being held in a warehouse. A devil woman! 101 Dalmatians. Hey, what a coincidence. You come from a family|of 101, too. What...|what's the matter, kid? That is my family.|Cruella must have them again. Cruella? The devil woman! She's the one|who kidnapped us before. Oh, this is awful. What am I going to do? Wait a second...|Thunderbolt! You'll help us, won't you? Yes... ...well, kid, that's what I|wanted to talk to you about. You see,|I'm not really a... Of course I'll help you,|Patch. Yeah! The world-famous|Thunderbolt... ...rescues the world-famous|101 Dalmatians. Ha! Sounds like|a good story to me. Newsworthy even. Come on! We'll let them know|I'm on my way. The villains|will soon cringe in fear! Mighty Thunderbolt|is here! Oh, it's just wonderful. I heard it through|the Twilight Bark. Tell all. Thunderbolt is going to save|those little Dalmatian puppies. The ones|that were kidnapped? That's right. Oh, isn't he|just a dream? More like a nightmare. What if "Blunderbolt"|gets lucky and succeeds? If the press got wind of that... I- I'd never be rid of him. Look... That must be|the warehouse. Let's try over there. Hey, do you think|you can reach that? No problem. Thunderbolt, old pal! - Lightning?|- Lightning! What are you doing here? I came|as soon as I heard. Thought you might need|a bit of help. Thanks for coming,|little buddy. Wouldn't miss it. What's that supposed to be? Oh, leave us alone, Jasper. I think|it's kind of pretty. So, what's the plan, kid? See those guards? I think you can sneak|past them. Remember the end|of episode 39... "The Flight|From the Forbidden Fort"? The one where I ran,|jumped, and sprang? No, no, sneaked, evaded,|and triumphed. Oh, yeah!|Of course! I get it. Hey, you're a pretty|smart kid. That's a good plan... ...stealthy. But we don't need|any of that. This is Thunderbolt! Villains always cringe|in fear... ...whenever Thunderbolt|is here! So true. What we need|is a full-frontal assault! How hard can it be? That's right.|How hard can it be? Follow me. Oh, I'm right behind you,|pal. It sort of looks like you... ...except you don't have|that much hair. It's Patch! And he's|brought Thunderbolt! He'll save us! Here now.|Where did you come from? Get outta here,|you stupid mutt! Maybe|they didn't hear you. Don't worry, kid.|This will be Take Two. - Aah!|- Aah! Ahh!|That's more like it. Ah! What have we here? Oh, it's you. I owe you a debt of gratitude,|my photogenic little friend. If it wasn't for you... I'd have never found|your brothers and sisters. And now I have you all. Thunder... ...are you playing dead? That hurt. That really hurt. I knew|you were faking it. He's been faking it,|all right. Lightning, little buddy. I am not|your little buddy! And you are|no wonder dog! This kid trusted you,|and look where it's got him. What's he mean? He's been lying to you|all day, kid. He doesn't care about you|or your family. He was just trying to get|his name in the paper... ...and save his job. - Ask him.|- Wha... No. Well, yeah, but...|but... But, but, but. Hey, genius,|you're no hero! You're a fraud! And by the way... ...there never was a plan|to recast you. I just had to get you|out of the way. Now I got to go take|your place on the show... show. Thunder. Thunder...|I don't understand. You lied to me? I put on an act.|I'm an actor. That's what I do. But you said I could be|your junior deputy. I made all that up. I- I just needed someone who...|who knew the script. But you... You said|that you'd help us. Oh, don't you get it,|kid? All that "running around|and saving the day" stuff...'s... it's...'s make-believe.|It's not real. You promised! Patch, I just... You lied. I'm sorry, all right? I'm not a real wonder dog. I just...|acted like one once. I'm hungry. I want to go home.|It's scary here. Where's mother? Patch? Are you okay? Patch? Dad was right. I am just one of 101. I'm sorry, Lucky.|This is all my fault. Hey, didn't Thunderbolt... ...get out of a cage|like this once... know, in episode 13,|"The Flaming Flea Circus"? Episode 18. Episode 18! Did you see|what Patch just did? Wizard, Patch!|Absolutely wizard! Hey! Shut your yapping! I'm trying to get|me beauty sleep. Okay, you guys.|Stick together and be quiet. Oh, don't look|so put-out. My favourite furrier will be|open in the morning... ...and then we'll be|out of your hair. Perfect. Episode 53,|"The Mine Shaft Mix-up." Everybody, stay here until I|tell you it's safe to come out. Aw, what is it with... Aah! - You let the puppies get away!|- You let the puppies... Hold on!|They can't have gone far. Here... Start searching. Oh, when that crazy bird|finds out we lost them again... ...she'll skin us. Horace, Jasper! What are you looking for? Nothing, Mum. We haven't lost the doggies|or anything. You let them escape? Jasper fell asleep. You were snoring|like a train! The lift is barking. The mutts must already|be downstairs. Funny how we never heard|the lift. Shut up, you! Come on!|They'll be back soon! Aren't we going down? Nope, we're going up. Ready, Rolie? Huh? No, no. No, no, no, no, no, no! Whoa! Whoa! Can I do that again? Okay,|now the rest of you. I'm just saying maybe the|puppies are still upstairs... ...and they just tricked us|into coming down here. Come on now, Horace.|Dogs ain't that smart. They haven't got the big|educated brains we got. 97 away! 98 away! 99 away! Ohh! - Whoa! -|Oh-ho! - Aha! - Ugh! -|Ugh! - Ugh! Get him! Who-o-o-o-a! D'oh! Thanks, Gus.|Cheers. Come on.|We're gonna hitch a ride. Here they come! There they are!|Get them! What's happened? - She pushed me!|- Did not! Who-o-o-o-a! - Wee! -|Yay! - Wee! Aah! The crazy lady's|right behind us! Aaah! Oh-ho-ho! Ow! Ohh! Ohh! He had a birdie in his mouth. Oh, you idiots! Here... Take the wheel. Speed up, you imbeciles,|or we'll lose them! Ugh! Aah! Aaah! Ha ha! That's one! Just 98 more to go! Okay, okay!|Quiet on the set! We're rolling! And action!|Wholesome, Tommy! Aw, Lightning,|you're one-of-a... Aaah! Aaaaah! Huh? Hmm? Whoa! Ugh! Patch, help me! Ugh! Aah! Well, well. If it isn't the little|half-pint hero again. Huh? Ugh! Aaah! Ugh! Wow!|Check out Patch! Hmm? Aaah! Aaaaaaaaah! What do we do now, Patch? See those windows? We can reach them|from the upper deck! You go ahead.|I'll hold them off... ...s-somehow. Here's a feisty one. Thunderbolt! How are you doin', kid? But... But I thought... Come on!|Haven't you seen the show? I always arrive|just in the nick of time. Look, I may not be|a real hero... ...but I can act like one. Lightning,|don't let 'em hurt me! Ooh, heart... Ugh! My heart! Lightning,|this might be the end! Give me that! I'll put this mongrel|out of its misery! Ugh! Ugh! Whoa! Lightning, I can feel|the warm kiss of life... 'ere it parts my cheek. Oh! Do not mourn me|when I am gone! It is enough that you were|here at the end. Goodbye...|old... Friend. Good night, sweet prince. Aaah! Aah! Aaah! Whoa! Aaah! Aaah! - Aaah! -|Aaaah! - Aaah! I got to get|through here! - Aaah! -|Aaah! - Aaah! - Aaah! -|Aaah! - Aaah!

(Sometime later, the bad guys are being picked up by the police.)

Dispatch to Car 47. What is your situation? Over.

(Two guard dogs carry Little Lightning to shore.)

Little Lightning: No, no! Fellas, I'm not with them! I was... I was trying to help Thunderbolt! Honest! That's what I do! I'm a sidekick! We're a team! Come on, fellas! Come on! Don't you watch TV?

Thunderbolt: Hmm. Now who's the pathetic ham actor?

  • Lars: I am painting spots, but she doesn't like them so good. And then she says, "No, you must kill them!" And I'm not so sturdy. She's very mean to me, and then I pass out.

(At that moment, Nanny arrived.)

  • Nanny: There they are! Those are the ones!
  • Both: She made us do it!

(Apparently, Cruella has gone insane and was carried by two men who worked at a mental institute.)

  • Cruelly De Vil: Spots? I do see spots, you know. They're everywhere. Spots, spots, spots, spots! Spots!
  • There they are!

Oh, this is wonderful! They're all here! Oh, come now! Oh, stop it!|Stop it! We were so worried about you. Penny, Lucky!|Oh, my darling puppies! Oh, Patch, you're safe! We were so worried|about you. We missed you very much,|Patch. You did? Of course, son. Mum, Dad,|this is Thunderbolt. He saved us. I don't know how to thank you|for saving my family. No, no, don't thank me. It was your son, Patch,|who... Mum, Dad,|the devil woman got us! And we were trapped,|and then Patch got us out! Yeah, and Patch made me|a trampoline! You should have seen|Patch, mother. He was fantastic! Just like Thunderbolt. You know,|they're right, kid. Me, I'm just an actor. But you... are a real,|one-of-a-kind wonder dog.

  • Hey, lads, they're over here! Whoo! Say "spots"!

(The picture was taken and it shows the pups and Thunderbolt and it shows Little Lightning an unkindest cut of all. During the credits, some newspapers show the fates of the characters, such as Lars making splatter art with shadows of Jasper and Horace, the next one shows Jasper and Horace opening a boutique, the next one shows Roger winning a music award and the last one, shows Cruella De Vil in a straitjacket in a mental institute.)

Say, kiddies... your dog|a one-of-a-kind wonder dog?

"A one-of-a-kind" "A one-of-a-kind now, baby" "I'm the one" "A doggone son of a gun|now, baby" "A one-of-a-kind" "He's one-of-a-kind" "A one-of-a-kind now, baby" "I'm the one" "He's the one" "A doggone son of a gun|now, baby" "A one-of-a-kind" "Oh, yeah" Wow! One-of-a-kind! "Kanine Krunchies|can't be beat" "They make each meal|a special treat" "Happy thoughts|for those who eat" "Delicious Kanine Krunchies" You know,|they're right, kid. Me, I'm just an actor. But you... are a real,|one-of-a-kind wonder dog. "A one-of-a-kind" "He's one-of-a-kind" "A one-of-a-kind now, baby" "I'm the one" "He's the one" "A doggone son of a gun|now, baby" "A doggone son of a gun" "A one-of-a-kind" "Oh, yeah" "Oh, yeah" "Oh, yeah" "I'm the one" "He's one-of-a-kind" "A one-of-a-kind now, baby" "I'm the one" "He's the one" "A doggone son of a gun|now, baby" Wow! One-of-a-kind! That's right!|All right! "Caboodle lay-dee-ooh-ooh" "Eeeb-a-dee-bop|sa-dum-wa-dum" "Caboodle lay-dee-ooh" "Don't you ever stop, no" "Caboodle lay-dee-ee-ooh" "Mimmy-zop ba-dum, ta-dum,|yeah" "So if you try that climb|one more time" "You might hit the top" "Now, if you find|you're batting zero" "And a legend you are not" "You can still wind up|a hero" "If you give it|one more shot" "If you don't give in,|you're gonna win" "The only question's"When?" "So if at first|you don't succeed" "Try again" "Try, try, try again" "Try, try again" "And again, yeah" "Try, try, try again" "Try again" "Try, try again" - " Again and again and again, yeah!"|- "Try, try, try again" - " Again and again and again, yeah!"|- "Try, try, try again" - "Whoo!"|- "Try, try, try again" "Try again, yeah!"

(Post Credit Scene: it shows Dirty Dawson laughing maniacally in a desert, until Thunderbolt and Patch barks and all the other Dalmatians formed a stampede.)

Dirty Dawson: Ya-ohhh! Ahhh-ah-ah-ah! Oh, now, come on! Down, boy! Down, all of y'all! This ain't fair!

(They chased the bandit into the sunset.)

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